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An Austrian army officer bequeaths his fortune to a nophow, on condition that he shall abstain from reading newspapers. •', Tbe population of Rome grows at tho rate of 18,000 to 20,000 a year. At tho olose of 1887 it was 382,973. Mr G. T. Smith, gardener,, was- suacoßsful m taking two first prizeß for rhubarb at the Obristoburoh Horticultural Show. There are now 13,129 Bands of Hope and othei juvenile temperance sooioties m theUnited Kingdom, with a membership of j 1,718,139. The Church of England Bishop of Honghong thinks tbat toa should bo used by the Churches of China m the administration of tho Lord's supper. The Hereditary Grand ' Duke of Oldenburg, who is staying at Heligoland, jumped into the sea a few days sgjand saved the lives of some persons whoso boat had oapsized. -' It is a curious faat to consider that the metropolitan aroa of Melbourne contains more inhabitants than the total population of any one of tho colonies except New South Wales and Now Zealand. The French papers state that there is a severe epidemic among (bo horses of the German cavalry m Alsace-Lorraine, Upwards of a hundred horses m onoli squadron being' unfit for servioe. In oonsequonco, the grand manoeuvres are countermanded. It is Baid that scales for weighing diamonds ara brought nearly to that delipaoy of balance whioh would enable dealers to detect flaws m the stones by minute variations m weight. They weigh accurately the 640 th part of a oarat. The ohuroh whioh has the largest income, whether raised by the congregation or otherwise, is Dr Hall's m New York, where the amount contributed is nearly £30,000 a year. The largest ohuroh income m Great Britain is £10,000, whioh is raised by Dr Whyto's congregation at Free St. George's, Edinburgh. "The Pagoda Tree," writes a oorreßpondent, is not quite dead m India yet. Dr Freyer has received a fee of one lakh of rupees for hiß successful treatment of the Nawab of Ranipur under a malignant attaok of rheumatio fever. This is said to bo one of largest, if not the largest, fee ever received by a medioal man. An opera, entitled " Pomare ; or Love m Topsyturveydom "—the libretto by Mr John L. Kelly, and the Booro by Mr Barnett, both of Auckland, Now Zealand— has been sent Home for tho consideration of- metropolitan managers. Tho story resembles that of Gilbert's " Wicked World," save that it is more humorous, and the lyrics are particularly neat, : — Bulls-Sandon road ; dramatis pcrsonoo ; two spoons. —Ho (agitatedly) ; •* Mary, will you be my darling wifoy ?" — She : " Oh, Henry, I cannot."— He : Wby, not ? " — Sho : You — you oould not love me if — if you knew all." — Ho (alarmed): "Holy Moses! what's the matter?"— She: "I— l am not perfect." — He calmed himself with a mighty effort. "Go on," he said, "with your ghaßtly confession." — She : " I— I — Oh, heavens 1 how can I tell you ? I haVe a corn on my little toe." — "Rangiiikei Advocate." ■' Buff and Blaok," of the " Hawke's Bay Evening News," last year was suooessful m placing the first, second, and third horse m the Melbourne Gup. This year he has been nearly as suooessful, having tipped Yeoman and Tradition for places m the great Viotorian handicap. In regard to our own raoes he has been nearly as euooessful. He tipped Manton for the Oup, and also for tho Derby, placing Chain Shot second for the last mentioned raoe, This indeed is a good record for a sporting prophet. The separator is proving itself very indispensable m Australia, where the climate prevents milk from being kept for any length of time, Already m New South Wales alone there are six faotorios and over seventy private dairies using these machines. In addition, they are having a vory rapid Bale m Viotoria, where increasing attention is being devoted to dairying pursuits. Three De Laval separators Are running m a model dairy at the Melbourne Exhibition, and a considerable quantity of the skimmed milk is sold as a beverage to visitors at 3d per long glass. Quite a series of aooiden's happened to the express train on its journey from Ghristohuroh this morning; When at Dunsandel there was oooasion for some shunting. One of the carriages was derailed, but it was speedily placed m position again. - The train bad not prooeeded far beforo tho ooupling of this Carriage broko, whioh necessited its boing left behind. A short distanoo further on the bearing, of a first-class carriage became hot, but at Rakaia they were oiled, so anything m the shape of a fire was prevented. The mishaps resulted m nothing mora serious than tho train being delayed about half an hour. In another oolumn will bo found the seventy-sixth report and balance-sheet of the Bank of New South Waleß, the shareholders of whioh must again be congratulated on the very suooessful results of another half year's work. There are probably but few m this colony dirpotly interested as shareholders, but the Bank's business is now so extensive throughout New Zealand that its prosperity iB no small factor m our own oommeroial welfare. At a time when some other finanoial institutions are complaining of depression and consequent lesß and reduoed profits, these figures speak eloquently of the .kill and prudenoe of the management and the stability of the institution, It is, we presume, soaroely necessary again to call attention to the fact that the Rev T. Spurgeon is to preach at the Oddfellows' Hall at 8 p.m. to-morrow, _fr Spurgeon iB the son of the celebrated London divine of that name and is himself a preaober of no moan oratorioal powers. He also possesses muoh of his father's energy of oharaoter as will be understood when we mention that he set bimsolf tho task of opening tho Taberaaole at Auckland, whioh is the soene of his ordinary ministrations, and whioh cost £10,000, free of debt, and succeeded m accomplishing it. As the hour for the Service to-morrow does pot clash with tho services of other churches it may be anticipated that there will be an overflowing -congregation. There will bo a collection m aid of the funds of the Baptist and Presbyterian Sunday Bohoolß, and the hymns used will be from Sonkoy's book. Tho direotors of the Madame Berry Goldmining Company, Croawick, last week declared the 100 th oonsocutivo monthly dividend of 10a per IB,oooth share, or a total of £9000. This brought tho total dividends of the oompany up to £500,-00, and there is likoly to bo a continuation of rioh dividends for Bomo timo. This is undoubtedly the most suooessful alluvial mine m Victoria, and the manager challenges any other oompany, either past or present, to show a like recordthat iB 100 dividends without intermission. In addition to having paid this largo amount m dividends to shareholders, there had aIBO been paid to date of balance, lst Ootober, £66,728 4s 6d m royalty, which must be added to tho profits of the time. Altogether, only £15,975 was called up prior to the company entering tho dividend-paying list. — •• Argus."

Mr William Adams, junr., was tbe disooveror of the celebrated petrified forest of Arizona, now gonerally known as Ohaloedony Park. a This deposit is situated about twenty' five miles south-east of Holbrook, m Apache \ connty. The silifioed trees are - found pro- / truding from the voloanio a_h and lava, whioh is opvered with sandstone Jo the depth of twenty or thirty fset. Seo'.iona of this fallen forest, whose only rivals are the giants of the Yosemite and Calaveras, lie around m profusion, measuring from two to ton feet m diameter, containing all the colours of the rainbow, some of whose hearts are solid crystals of amethyst and topaz, and only a slight degree from tho diamond m hardneßS, Evory colour found m nature or tho arts is reproduced m these fallen agatized monarohs. The usual weekly session of the Htar of the East Lodge No; 62, 1.0.G.T:, was held m the Templar Hall on Wednesday evening last, was fairly well attondod.^ggFive propositions for membership were mado, four candidates invited, and tbe degree of "Charity." was oonferred on sisters Mrs Edwards and Miss Ede, and that of "Fidelity" on brother Dunoan. Tho Secretary's report on the quarter just ended, and whioh was read, shows' that 33 new members were admitted during that period, and 15 left the order, leaving the number on the roll gat 87.' After the newly elected offioera had been installed into their various offioes by brother Dalton, L.D., assisted by brothers Cook and E'ston, the.W.O.Ti brother T. Sawle thanked thi Lodge m feeling terms for the honor dons him m plaqing him m the ohair. From the following douse contained m the Eleotoral Aot Amendment Bill of Victoria, about to be introduced by the Government, it will be Been that voting is mado compulsory. The olauße reads : "It shall be the duty of ever** person entitled to vote m any eleotoral district at the election of a member of the Legislative Assembly for suoh distriot to apply personally for a ballot paper at a polling booth at whioh he is entitled to vote ; and if on any day appointed for the holding of suoh an election m any eleotoral distriot any person entitled to vote thereat fails so to apply as hereinbefore provided for a ballot paper, he shall on oonviotion thereof before two or more justices forfeit and pay any sum not exceeding 20s *, Provided that no person shall be convicted under this seotion who proves to the satisfaction of the justices adjudicating that he had reasonable cause or exouße for not applying for a ballot paper. The first meeting of the shareholders of Mr Pritohard's Morgan's Welßh Goldmining Company— the Morgan Goldmining Company — was held on Friday, AugUßt 81st, the chair being taken by the Earl of Winchelsea. The noble lord has been spending some time on tho Company's property m Wales, considering tho best means of developing the same, and he gave a most glowing aooount of the prospeots beftre the Company. During the previous week, he said, more gold has been drawn from the mine than m ony other week since tho mine was opened, and nineteen dayß' work at the mill produced a result of 6_6oz of gold, worth over £2000, while a freah lode has been struck. Lord Wmoholsea Bays the Oompany oan work to a profit ore containing anything over 4dwt of gold to the ton. The next day after the meeting the Company's Bhares were quoted at one-half dißoount. One would have thought they would have been at a premium. The " Melbourne Herald " ia reponsible for the following :— " A rather laughable aase of pooket-pioking oocurred at the Flinders street Railway Station on the 22nd ult. Deteotive Benjamin, of the New Zealand police, who ii ovor here on special duty connected with the Exhibition, was at the above station looking for pickpooketß, when the tables were turned upon him completely. Some enterprising Knight of St. Nicholas, otherwise a common thief, seized tho opportunity to steal a pocketbook from the hip pocket of the detebtive's troußers. The book contained a speoial pass fox the Exhibition and Benjamin's NewZealand and Viotorian detective cards. When thieve, take to robbing detectives, and especially detectives who are sent hero for the . exproas purpose of oatching thiovos, they , exhibit audaoity of an unparalleled oharaoter. Deoteotive Benjamin will pay £1 reward for tho recovery of his pookettbook and contentß, How that thief must havo chuckled when he oame to look over his haul." Holloway's Ointment and Pills Diseases of the most formidable and chronic characters have been cured by Holloway's remedies. ~ Ulcerations,- which have proved then*slves incurable by any other known means have healed kindly under the purifying and regenerating influence of this exoellent ointment. Sprains, stiff joints, contracted musccls, and gladular swellings can be almost safely and effectually healed by Holloway's Ointment and Pills, which can do no harm under any circumstances. Neither of these medicaments has anything deleterious m ics composition ; both are essentially purifying and strengthen ng m their nature. The c mbined power of these noble remedies enables them successful.*,* to cope with most descriptions of impurities, ani to cure, or at least relieve, most varieties of dieases.

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