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Th§ Moat Rev the Primate will administer the rite of Confirmation m St. Stephen's Ghuroh on the last Sunday m December. Not only m London are vegetarians pushjog forward; m Manchester, also, eight restaurant a are flourishing. There are now two vegetarian fjoojeties an d two journals. Up to the middle of the seventeenth century it was customary m Flanders, if a man died who had beoome insolvent through his own reoklessness, to place an empty puree or a bunch of keys on the coffin or m the grave j as a token of disgrace. As an evidenoe of the extent to which that pretty and usefnl little bird the goldfinch has thriven and multiplied m this distriot, we may mention that a flock of no less than nixty-fi ve waß oounted yesterday m a garden m the y centre of th town. The daughter of a well known country banker has caused a fine to-do m the North of England by eloping with a circus clown. Tne pair were pursued by paterfamilias, who, however, was too late to stop the marriage. Keating's Powder destroys both moth, fleas, beetles, and all other insects, wh le quit- < harmless to domestic animals. In extermina ting beetles, the success of this powder is extraordinary. Jt is perfectly clean m application. See the article you purchase is Keatings as imitations are noxious and ineffectual. Sq\i jn {ins, Gd,nis, and 2s 6d by ; aJI chemists. <

The Duchess of Sutherland is a stern teetotaller, and faithfully wears the blue ribbon. This is the explanation of the little part the Duke has played m London sooioty of reoent years. The creed of her Graoe will not I permit hor to offer a guest a single glass of wine. "' _ A proclamation is published m the Wellington papers denouncing the establishment of a German Protectorate over Pleasant Island, and giring the regulations made as to the importation of arms and ammunition into the island. Pleasant Island is situated almost on the equator, to the south of the Marshall Islandß, It is lat: 040 S, long. 167-35 Ei In a recent lecture by Miss Von Finkelstein that lady gave a description of the oity of Jerusalem, its watch towers, gates acd watchmen, and then gave an -explanation .of -the passage which has puzzled Biblioal students 48 to the camel passing through a gate of the oity whioh was compared by the Orientals to the eye of a needle used by farmers to bow up their bags. A novel case haa been brought to the notice of the Paris Academy of Medicine. A man's breast bone was nearly all removed, with parts of several ribs, m order to stop the progress of bone disease. The experiment resulted not only iv saving the patient's Jffe, but has given several physiologists an oppor* tunity for direot investigation of the living heart and great artery, parts of whioh have been readily accessible. Mr W. L. Bees, who is now m England, writing to a friend m the colony, gives some interesting notes of his journey across America en route. Of San Franoisoo he writes : — " We found it a city wholy given to idolatry, under its other name, oovetousness, everything being overlaid by and founded upon the almighty dollar. Even on Sunday evening the churches were empty, and the theatres full." A meeting of the Committee of the Ash> burton Tradesmen's Racing Club was held last evening! The tendei of Messrs Hobbs and Goodwin for working the totalisator at the Club's meeting was accepted. Mr T. Quill was appointed handioapper, and after the transaction of routine business the Committee adjourned. It may be mentioned that the programme of the Club's race meeting has boon approved by the Canterbury Jookey Club. It ia believed that the Dr Gerhardt, of Dresden, who is figuring so prominently m. the squabble between Sir Morell Mackenzie and the German doctors respeoting tfte treatI ment of the late Emperor Frederiok, was at one time a resident of Wellington. A medical gentleman of that name practised there for soma time, -and then went to Dresden, where he. is known to have settled down. The Dr Gerhardt who tffttfs m Wellington made himself very popwar with all classes, and his departure was m'aoh regretted The late Biohard Driver, solioitor, once had a " Wellerian " experience m the Sydney Water Police' Court. He was cross-examining a little girl witness, and believing she had been tutored, he asked if her mother hadn't i told her something before coming to oourt. i " Yes, sir." "Ah I I thought so ! Now, my little girl, tell us wh£t it was," and Dickey leaned over to catch the damaging admission. " She told me, sir, that all the lawyers tried hard to get people to tell lies, and that if I was asked any question I'd better ibe sure and tell the truth." Dickey and his case wbb collapßed. A remarkable story of domestio affliotion domes from Tamumu, Hawke's Bay. A little lad named Westmoreland was drowned m a creek near big parents' house, and the body having been recovered, an inquest was held at the house. While this was proceeding, says the " Waipawa Mail," ." Mrs Westmoreland, who was just about' to give her evidence, screamed and ran away from the room. It appears she saw as she sat there her second eldest son go into the stockyard and lay hold of a horse's tail, and the, horse immediately lashed out and kioked the lad fair m the chest. The poor mother ran to him, and, with other assistance, the lad was oarried indoors. When our informant left, the lad was vomiting blood, and it ie not known how the aooident will terminate," It is related of the well-known divine, Dr John Brown, of Haddington, that he courted seven years without summoning up courage enough for a kiss, muoh less to pop the question. At length, while walking out one moonlight night; he ventured tflsay 'to fais ; bolovod, ."Janet, ma woman, we've 1 gane thegither noo for eight years, and I ncrir huda kiss yet." " Weel, John, it's just because ye never asked it." "Will I Ret ane the noo?" "Ay, twa' if ye like I " HaviDg obtained permission, bis next difficulty was to avail himself of it. At length, folding his hands together, he said seriously, V For what we are about to reoeive may the Lord make us truly thankful ! " After the deed was done he Baid, " Ah, Janet, woman, that's graun," and pronounoed the benediotion. The " Gazette " notifies that on the 30th January next the fallowing lands will be open for application aa Tillage . Allotments for purchase for cash or on deferred payments or for occupation under perpetual lease, viz.;— Seotiona 1 to 20, eaoh containing one aero, m Block XIII., Aahburton. These are situated about a mils from the town, behind thb Saleyarda; The land is m English grass. Some of the sections are broken by an old watercourse. The - cash prioe rangeß from £10 to £25 per section, and no selector can take) up more than one! The deferred payment priceß range from £12 10s to £31 55,. and the perpetual lease rentals from 103 to 25s per annum. Aleo sections Ito 27, Blook V, Alford, areas (generally) ranging from 5 acres to 25 acres, situated at the Mount Somers coalpit. Cash prices per acre from £1 to. £4; deferred payment from 85s to £§, perpetual lease rental Is to 4s per acre. Selectors limited to one seotion, save that a purobaser of either of a few quarter-aore allotments on the flat (cash prioe £7 10s each) can also take up one additional seotion either on the hill or fiat. In ija notes on the exhibition the " Argus " says :-*." Jn the New Zealand court there are a couple of young Sootohmen who havebrought ever with them one of the most remarkable inventions to be seen inside the walls of the Exhibition. It is a side-oatoh burglar-proof window, and it does everything almost that a window can reasonably be expeoted to do. ( And it is so dooile, so obedient, so self-contained m its motive power, that the owner of it merely requires to press a spring to work the upper half, or to pull the same spring irj order to work the lower half, gut this is not all. The window may be left partly open for a warm night, "and' the burglar seeing it is glad. It seems to he a direct invitation for him to step inside and help himself- He catches hold of it gently with both hands to prevent any oreaking, and up it goes, just one single inoh, when, with a oliok, it is as fagt and as firm as the walls of the building. And you may put the controlling spring just as far from the window as you please, and there are no catches to be broken with a cold chisel, or forced back by the blade of a penknife deftly inserted. There are no oords to break, no weights to provide, and the springs whioh control this ingenious mechanical contrivance may he oarried m one's pocket, while the inventors hope to put it upon the market cheaper than the ordinary window frame. As a matter of encouragement to two Buoh olever young artisans the New Zealand Exeoutive might Tiave given them a better Btand m their court." ■ . -.

All ministers of religion of foreign nationality, whether Oatholio or Protestant, have been forbidden by a recent rescript of the Czar from travelling or abiding m Russia* Thiß law haa been applied even to the chaplain of the German Embassy*. '■'■ Among other advantages ol aimed by the vegetarians as a reward for their abstinence from animal food is their freedom from canoer. Dr Hendley shows that instead of .this being true IS la quite the opposite. During the last eight years there have been performed m India 102 important operations for cancer, pf these 41 were performed on flesh- eaters and 61 on striofc vegetarians— that, is, on those whose religious soruples forbade to touoh flesh during their entire lives. A denial, which emanateß from a good source, ia given to the Btatemetft that Mr Spurgeon intends to attach himself to any new religious denomination. It will be remembered that not long ago a rumour was ourrent that the reverend gentleman content platod joining the Presbyterian body. This is now oontradioted, and it is Baid that Mr Spurgeon, notwithstanding that he has definitely severed,) himself and his ohapel from the Baptist communion, will not identify himself -with any other Nonconformist sect, but will retain .his position of independence Professor Bollinsbn gave another exhibition of bicycle riding at the Rink last evening, when |an entirely new programme was gone through. The performance was even better than on Saturday evening, ana our local wheelmen, no doubt, have learnt a few yaluabla wrinkles m the art of falling scientifically. The Professor left this morning en roxite for Ohriatoburoh to fulfil his engagements at the Palaoe Rink. During an interval m. last evening's performance Mr Elston, the proprietor of the Rink, presented Mr S. Clark with the handsame oup won by him m the Mile Handicap Race. Mr Olark, we might mention, also holds the amateur obampionship. The Rink will be open this evening as usual. Sir Robert Stout m the course of an inter, view with a pressman, an ent his recent visit to Victoria is reported to have said :— "Very little is known of New Zealand, ana bo far as the papers are ooncerned very little is published, exoepting speoial correspondents' letters opoaßionally, and they are not always very reliable. The telegraphio intelligence from New Zealand is always very soanty, and it seems to me as though the opinions o* our own press have to be taken as though they were true, and they have certainly been of a very dwponding character for the last three years. I believe that the desponding tone of the newspaper press of New Zealand has prevented, not thousands, but millions of money from being invested m New Zealand.'' A correspondent sends the "Press " the .following extraotß from a letter written by a praotioal shearer at Darling River, New South Wales, m regard to the /Wolseley shearing machines :— •• There were forty machines fitted up here, but there are only thirty-four ; working at present. The manager found the men were making a better average with the machines than they previously had done with the shears, and the number oame down to thirty.four men as the wool was coming off too quickly for the wash. We expect to be cut out here this week. I may say I like the maohines far better than the shears. There is no doubt m & year or so, when the driving gear, etc., is improved upon, the shears will be a thing of the past. The highest tally here is 171 m eight hoars, The anniversary of the Loyal Tinwald Lodge, 1.0.0. F., M.U., was oelebrated by a ball on Friday, 2nd Nov.. m the Temper anos Hall, Tinwald. The Hall was tmtefully decorated by evergreens, and mottoes kindly lent by the Ashburton Lodge for the occasion, EiCollent music was furnished by Messrs Gate 3 (piano) and Ward (violin), Mr J. Rountree aoted as M.0., and discharged the duties pertaining to that offioa m an obliging md painstaking manner. Tha Hall was «t one time of the evening inconveniently orowded, as thflre were between seventy ancl eighty couples present. Several songs were sung whioh contributed to the evening's enjoyment. Danoing was kept up with unflagging spirit until daylight, when the oompay dispersed, bringing to a olpae oqe of the most successful gatherings ever held m Tinwald. - An invitation tea and sooial gathering was given by the members of the Ashburton Orange Lodge m their Hall last evening. There was a very large attendance at the tea, quite two hundred people partaking of ; Itr: Tfao iftbloa wore preairiarl over by the following ladies:— Mrs and Miss Houston, Mesdames Bennett; W. Brown, Kerr, Ranger, Stoddart, Molntyre, and Miss Mclntyre; Baohelors' table: Misses Best, Carter, and Patterson. For the social gathering the hall «?aa orowded almost to suffocation. Musioal items were contributed by Messrs Gates, ityard, Miller, Brooke, Simpson, S. Brown, Pickford, Herrick, and G. Page. A double negro aong and danea, ia oharaoter, was given by Messrs Oullen and Matthewß. Mr 0. Qadd made an effioient M.0., And musio for the dancea was'supplied by Messrs Gates and Ward. Altogether the affair waa of a very en.joyable nature and. was a. pronoqneed suobeus. The members of the Ashburton Oyoling Olub took advantage of the half-holiday on Friday to hold a paper ohase. Considering {bat the show was held on that day a fair number of ridorß turned lip. The "pack" consisted of Messrs Stephens, Salak, Wall, Bennetts, Pickford, Elliott, and Noakeß. The 4I hares," Messrs Jones and Murray, got away from the Post Offioe at 2-20 p.m. and by the time their five minutes. start was up, had placed a good mile and a quarter between them and their pursuers. The hounds hunted well for half an hour until they were thrown off the scent on the Breach Road by the hares taking to some stiff paddooks and fenoes, and the soent getting lest to Bight m the long grass. After considerable casting about however, the trial waß found again on the Wakanui Road, and a start waa made towardß Wakanui; Many of the riden however", had had enough of it and returned home one by one until Mr Stephens was left alone to catch two hares. The rider never? theless pluoljify stuck to "wor.k and. had the satisfaction, although arriving twenty minutes ' behind tho hares, of riding the whole distance. The hares arrived homo at the Post Office at 4*35 p.m., having covered about twenty-four miles.

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LOCAL AND GENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1988, 6 November 1888

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LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1988, 6 November 1888

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