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The Ashburton Gaurdian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

A private cable from Home indicates that New Zealand wheat cargoes may Bell for 40a 64. An exchange says that Ministers expect to meet Parliament next year with a saving on the cost of the public service closely approximating to £100,000. The Mikado of Japan has almost finished his new palace, which oontains 400 rooms ; and the dining room will seat 127 guests. The furniture came from Germany, and a feature of the palace is an American piano. The duty payable on the real and personal estate of the late Henry Miller, of Melbourne, is £75,83'! 0s £d. The value of the estate has been estimated at £1,556,680 83 2d, being £180,000 more than the estimates made on the application for probate. A memo from the Telegraphic Department notifies that a cable message has been received from Madras stating that "all lines to Bombay, Calcutta, and Ceylon are interrupted m consequence of a cyclone. The extent of damage is unknown as yet." Scene : Dictation class at school. Teacher — Now Johnny look at this. Is that the way to spell window? w-id-o-w. Johnny— No, sir. Teaoher-^-What is the difference between window and widow? Johnny — you can see through the one but not through the other That corap again 1 In a local yerterday we had occasion to Bay that " there is no suoh word as ' antiphelles ' that we kcow of." Our friend, however, preferred the inelegant and ungrammatical form "as we know of." We can't stand that as — we abstain from doubling the a. The " Southland Daily News " says r— Someone blundered the other day m telegraphing from Dunedin that the Mararoa had 600 passengers on board. Even after taking on a final contingent nt the Bluff of 3d she carried no more than 375 passengers. The Empress pf Germany has sent to the Czarina a beautiful fsn of violet wood which, when opened, displays the portraits of the four sons of the JSmperor William and herself. On tbe reverse side are texts m tho handwriting of the Empresß, which bid the great ones of the earth to be united m friendship. An Jrißh '* wake " m Southwark six weeks ago, was badly broken up m the small hours of tbe morning. The coffin was placed m a front room with candles 'no u^ual, and tho wake was proceeding m the kitchen, when one of the party went up stairs and found the room on tire, just m time to save a cremation, but anew coffin had to be got, that one being badly charred. Government statistics recently published place the population of the Jtussian Empire at 108,788,735, of which 81,725, 185 are m Russia proper, 10,136,725 are m tbe other provinoesof Russia m Europe, and 16,925,325 m Aaiatio Russia. St Petersburg is the moßt populous city, with a total of 801,303. I'jtyw population of Mosoow is 752,469, of Warsaw £54,293, and of Odessa 240,900.

We would remind our sporting readers tha | nominations close to-morrow night at 9 o'olock for all the events, except the hack race, at the Ashburton Racing Club Spring Meeting. The Master of the Ashburton Old Men's Home wishes to acknowledge, with thanks, the reoeipt of a quantity of oake from tho Churohwardens of St. Stephen's Sohool fo»* the use of the inmates. 1 The train this morning from Timara brought a large number of passengers en route for the show. At Timaru quite a host of magemen, spielers, and little game men took tiokets north working upwards for the Christoburoh races. A number of the fratornity put m the day at the show. At the Education Board meeting on Thursday the Clerk of Works was directed to report upon the application of the Ashburton Sohool * Committee for a grant of £21 to repair tho ; school and achoolhouse. Also upon the water supply at Barr Hill School, An application for painting at Winslow was deferrod. Tho tender of Mr T. King at £525 for a school and sehoolhouse at Dromore was accepted. In volumo 1 of the " Victorian Year Book," just 'to hand, a statement appears which reflects groat credit on New Zaaland. In the table headed " Idiocy m Various Countries," tho United States heads the lis\ having 15-33 idiots to every 10,000. persons, while New Zealand is at tbe bottom of the list with the small percentage of I*lß for the same number of persons. A meeting of tbe Domain Board was held at the Council Chambers yesterday, Mr E. G. Wright m tho chair. A motion, previously tabled, that the Government be asked to vest the Domain m tho Aahburton Borough Council wa9 put and oarried. A mo'ion by Mr W. O. Walker, seconded by the Mayor, " That tha thanks of the Board are due to the Chairman, Mr Wright, for his services/ was passed, and the meeting terminated. The " Timaru Herald " describes a new sheep brand invented by a North Island man as well worth the attention of sheepowners. A suitably shaped vessel containing the branding paint bas the brand formed at the bottom m finely perforated zino, and the act of dabbing on the brand oauses as muoh color to ooze out of the holes as is needed to make the mark. A man should brand with this as fast as they oan get out of his way. A tragic death has just been reported from Her Majesty's ship Oarysfort m tbe Mediterranean. Two seamen were undergoing punishment m the cells, and the corporal of the guard should have visited them each hour to see that all was right. He went at two a.m. and found one of the prisoners dead and the other insensible. The cells m question are situated m the hottest part of the ship, close to the engine below all the decks. Death was due to suffocation. The London correspondent of the " Man-, Chester Guardian " is informed that a deputation is being organised to visit Australia, New Zealand, and India, with the object of interesting Highlanders abroad m the crofter question. The deputation will include one or two crofters, and probably Dr Maodonald, M.P. for Robs and Cromarty, the treasurer of the Crofter Aid Fund. It was intended to visit Amerioa also, but owing to the Preßidental election, that part of the projected tour has been abandoned for the present. The same or a similar deputation will probably visit tho United States next year. . A curioas affair is reported from the south, whioh a contemporary gives as an illustration of the dangers of the Southland roads. A large cattle owner met with a serious loss whilst driving a mob of cattle along a dangerous mountain traok from Kingston to Queenstown the other day. At that part known as the "Devil's Siairoase " one of the bullocks sprang over a preoipioe a thousand feet deep, followed by all the others. There were thirty* three animals m all, and the owner's loss was £400. Genera\ Sir H. W. Honnaio, X.C.8., who haß been offered the Governorship of Queensland is (sayn the " Press ") a distinguished Indian officer, who served throughout the Punjab campaign and Indian mutiny with great credit. He was presont during, the whole siege of Delhi, and at the final relief of Lucknow, where his horse was shot under him. He was wounded during the campaign m Rohilkund, He was formely a member of the Council of India. He has been CaptainGeneral and Governor-in-Cbief of Jamaioa sinoo 1883. The salary attaohed to the last position is £6000. That of the late Governor of Queensland was £5000. The police did a little smart work at, the Dunedin Police Court the other day. Just aa the Court was rising, a passenger by the ship Nelson came to the ata'ion to report that his boxes had been robbed. At that moment a seaman of the' vessel, who had been aonviated of drunkenness and discharged was passing out with his swag. The police I official's eye fell on the swag, and suspicions were aroused. Tho sweg was searched, the' missing artioles found, a fresh oharge-sheet made out, the man was brought again before the Justices just as they wore going, the oase fully proved, and tbe culprit sentenced to a month's imprisonment, all m the space of a few minutes. This is what might be oalled red-hot justfoe, 1 Mr Topham, of Christcburch, leotured at the Templar Hall last evening to a rather small audience, which was aocounted for by a number of counter attractions. He dealt with the drink question m most of its phases, showing clearly how much better the country might be if the drink traffic were abolished. He adversely oritioised Mr Saundera' Stato distillery idea, and showed that neither freetrade nor protection was an antidote for our depression, but rather the saving to the people of about two millions a year now spent'on the drink, and turning the same into more profitable sources for the laborer. He told m forcible language what he saw with his own eyes m Queensland of the doing of drink amongst some well-educated people, and also m Leeds, England. The leoture was well [interspersed with well-timed anecdotes. Those who did not attend lost a treat, for the verdict of all present was that Mr Topham is more than an ordinary lecturer. A very hearty vote of thanks was passed l and a wish was expressed that he might pay another visit to the town at some future time.

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The Ashburton Gaurdian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1886, 2 November 1888

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The Ashburton Gaurdian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1888. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1886, 2 November 1888