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The ordinary monthly meeting of the Aehbnrton Oouaty Ooancll wag held this ,mornlog. Pr6B9nt — Moaara W. 0. Walkor (Chairman), John Grig?, B. G. Wright, W. McMillan, Jai. Brown and H. Friedlander. I. The absence of Mr Harper was apologised for chairman's statement. The Chairman said:— The Moant Hatt Road Board haa agreed to bear half the cost of the work required at the bridge near the alaughterhouae, Methven, and at the crossing on the Mount Hntt-Alford Forent road at Ohapman'a creek. With refeienoo to Mr Gerard's Application to pat the Btaok Moantalc trnok In repair, the Mount Hafct Road Board is willing to contribute the sura of £S lfh 3d, and with a like Bum from this Oounoil the sum of £19 18a 6d ia available Recording f o -the resolution p^Bsed at the hat meeting of the Oounoil, of whloh Mr Garard baa b9en Infarmad. The Council, however, will eea that Mr Gerard offers to repafr and make passable this traok for £30.— The Mlnlater for Pnbllo Worka forwards, for the Ooancll'fl Information, copy of a BUI to amend the Public Works Acts, whloh It ia proposed to Introduce Into Parliament next aeaalon, and requesta If the Council has any objections to make thereto the sime may be oommunloated to the Mini* ater.— Mr Allan, for the New Zealand and Australian Land Company, writea to object to the propoaed additional wafcor aupply from the R»k«la, and will require oompensaflon for the land taken for the »aoe, and also Btateß his reason for opposing the scheme. — A letter from Mr MoHoey, reporting a fire had taken place Ia a plantation <near to him will be read, nlao the Ranger's report thereon, Thla Is the aecond fire that baa taken plaoe In that locality,— The question of clearing gorß* from the road aide adjoining Gravel Reserve 2132, near Mayfield, aa asked to be done by the Rangltata Road Board, has been referred to theOoancil'a Solloltor.and the OoudoH will ccc that the Solicitor la of opinion that the Oounoil ia not liable for thla work. — The meeting of the Committee appointed to draw np boundaries of the proposed drainage district, South Rakala plaina, lapaed from a want of a quorum, and no further uteps have been taken m thla matter.— The Oommltte appointed to consider the quoation of supplying the Wakanul Fiat district with water from the river, Beach road, have met and will preaent their report to-day.— The aooountß for the six months endfng 30 September last, have been audited and the balancesheet haa been sent to the AuditorGeneral —The annual meeting to elect a Ohiirman for the ensuing year, has to take plaoe on Wedneadr, , 28th November, and on the Bame day a meeting of the Borough Council and this Oounoil is to be held to eleot two membora to represent the Borough and County on the Charitable Aid Board.— Tendera for grubbing gorae and trimming fences, plantation reaervea, have been accepted since last meeting and the work ia now m hand, also the fencing of reserve near the Saleyards, Tlnwald — There Ib the sum of £729 7 s 4d on account of rates outatand-; Ing. As thia balance la being paid In very slowly, I recommend legal proceedings be taken to reoovnr the amount. BNftlMEEB's REPORT The Engineer reported as follows :— Ohapman'a Creek : Aocompanied by one of the mtmbera for the Mount Hutt riding, I examined that portion of the creek at Drayton where Mr Chapman wishes a deviation to bo made, and appended is a further letter from him on the subject. The line he now, proposes is Bhorter than that J reoommtndod, but ia nafc jit «uoh & safe distance from th.a existiDß creek, whioh skirts the garden and haa scoured to a considerable depth, besides being liable to overflow |at one or two points Mr Chapman expressed his willingness to maintain the new channel if the Oounoil mßdoit, and I think the stipulation should not be departed from, though he now Bug, geßts that the Council should undertake tha maintenauge al<jo, Th| now ohannei will scour more pt less, but that will not be a matter of much moment, bo lon{£ as |( does not enoraaoh on the garden ground, which ia the prlnojpal grievance. The total coat of the deviation would be about £2Q. Chapman's Creek Extension through Mesßra Holmes properties : In order to make provision for aome additional space alongside the present banks for depositing shingle from channel, whioh at these points requires clear* ing occasionally, it might be well to acquire a narrow strip for the purpose, Mr John Holmes informed me that he will be agreeable to give the Courioil every facility for dealing with the ohannei m that way, or m any other, under an arrangement whioh will combine efficiency with eoonoray, though by doing so l|o would ngt necessarily homologate the Cp.unoiJ'a action. Overflow, North Ashburton River near Greenatreet : With referenoe to the petition on tbia subject I have inspeoted that portion of the river with a deputation from the settlers. The threatened portion is noarly opposite the aohool. I consider all that oould be at* tempted m present oircumßtanceß would be the erection of a flood-bank ten chains iq length, as pointed out, and protected aa described, and also willow facing on river bank, opposite lower end of flood bank- The cpst of earthwork would be about £12, and willow and gorae protection £15 ; m all £27. There ia already a low embankment part of the way, whioh has semd to lessen the overflow during last flood, but it requires to be raieed, strengthened, and extended to be of any material servioe against another flood. Hampstead Water Supply j I have prepared a Beotioh for a servioe from water race at the north-east corner of Domain to Wakanui road by way of north-east and Bouth-ea«* town belts, m length a mile and a quarter. The ooßt of thia with open road oroßßinga would be about £45, and the water would be delivered Bft below the surface at Wakanui road where it oroses the South-east Belt. I have not had an opportunity of conferring with the Borough Engineer as to the proposal for inoluding this Bupply m the soheme for the enlarged main from the Domain, but hope to do bo m two or three days. County Bridges : The timber ordered some time ago for repairs to deoking North and South Aenburton river bridges has oome to hand. The timber for Rangitata bridge is not yet forward. . Plantations : That portion of Beserve 2573 to the £|outh of Anama Railway Station haa been fenced and upwards of 80 sores ploughed — Tho contractor for ploughing, through injuries to horaea haß not been able to make rapid progress, and meantime the work ia at a atand, but will be Iresumed m a few dayß.—The gorse outting and grubbing m the various oounty plantations are being proceeded with satisfactorily,— 3?he fenping of Gravel Boserve 1422, Tinwald, will bs finished to-morrow. Plainß Water Supply : During tht month thi» servioe has been satisfactory throughout with the exception of the E raeei, whioh became charged with slimy vegetable matter i to iuoh an extent as to cause the supply m ' tht diitriot between the railway and sea to be intermittent. These rapea, wbjoh are fed from Pudding Hill stream Been*' more liable than the other raoes to bs affected m this way, I would suggest for tha half-yearly cleaning of races, whioh ia due now, that ths water be shut off the«o E raoau for tht purpose, and that a week henot, as otherwiie there will be trouble with them all through th« season. The overhaul of the other raooa can be accomplished with the water m them, and it would be well not to do so at thii season of the year. Tb,e Ashburton— Rangitata, and Mount Somera water supplies have been well main* tamed daring the mootb. A considerable improvement has reoently been effeoUd m the raoea m the latter district. chapman's oeeek The Engineer's report on thla Bubjtot, and a letter from Mi Chapman, were read and considered. After discussion, It waa resolved to !n r form Mr Chapman that the Connell would have nothing to do with the con■traotlon of a leoond ohannei unleia ac guaranteed to maintain •uoh channel at hla own ooat. CHAPMAN'S OftlEK EXTBOTfIION. Thls'KQatjtor was referred to a Oommlitee ooniletlng of the Ohalrman, Mmbm Grlgg, Wright and MoMlliau, to tepqrtjto next r meeting, " ' J

BIVER OVERFLOW The Upper Ashbnrfcon Road Board wrote imiaaatiag their willingness to contribute towards the work of preventing ovei flow of river near Greenstraet. A petition on this subj cfc had been raoaived &t the laat meeting from the aefctlorj In tha locality wbo asked for a subsidy of £ for every £ raised among them3filvea. It waa resolved to grant a subsidy of £1 for £1 for an amount np to £27, the amount to be charged against the riding la which tho work is undertaken. HAMP3TEAD TfATBR SUPPLY. The Engineer's report on this subjeot was read. The Chairman stated that the matter was now In tho handa of a conference of representatives of the Oonuty Council, Borough Council, and Hampstead Town Board. The oonferonoe had met once, but the mUter waa abill iv abeyanoe, and auother meeting would be held shortly, • GRAVEL REBKRVE AT TINWALD. It waa deoldod that a gato should be place! In fence lately erected aoaad gravel reaervo at Tinwald, and that the gaie should be left open ao that peroona attending the Saleyards could tether their horses on the reserve. WATER RAOES. The Engineer's suggestion" m regard to the oleaning of water races was agreed to. OBJECTIONS TO IRRIGATION, Mr Wright presented three petitions from landholders m the diotriot between the railway and sea, and Hinds and Ashbarton rivers, protesting against the constitution of No. 4 irrigation district. At the last meeting of the Council a motion appointing a Committee to define the boundaries of No, 4 distrfot, m order that the ratepayers might petition for iti constitution, was carried. « The 6rst petition, which was signed by 21 ratepayers, was as follows :— " We, the anderaigned ratopayera of the Longbeaoh district, having heard that the Oounoll Dropoae to Irrigate the country marked No.. 4 on the sketch maps, beg to enter , our protest against the proposition, and ask you on no acoount to carry It out unless proper drains are provided for the surplus water, and we are guaranteed against damage through the Irrigation scheme." The seoond petition was wordud similarly to the foregoing, and was Bigned by 28 ratepayers. The third petition, dgned by 23 ratepayers waa as follows :— « We, the underiigned ratepayers resident m the LongbeaoU road district, having learned that the Council propoaea carrying out a system of irrigation on the plains above the Southern railway line, and believing that we have already suffered to some extent, owing to the percolation from the present water supply, we therefore beg most respeotfnUy to protest against the eoheme being^arried oat, unless the Oounoil will guarantee as against any possible damage that may be caused to our reßpective properties by the said sohemo," Mr Wright, having read the body of eaoh petition, said that he nßed not ooonpy the tima of the Council by reading the signature*. Tbeie numbered 76, and irioluded praotioally all the larger land ownera m the district comprised between the railway and sea, and from the Hinds to the Ashburtonrlver. It was swampy, low-lying ground, and the ownerß feared that If any scheme of irrigation were undertaken above the railway they would suffer. Many of tba settlers bad seen him, Bi^d they complained of the increased volume of the springs sinoa the water race* were made. They said that they had been to considerable expense m deepening their drains, and, rightly or wrongly, they attributed the increase m the volume of the springs to the water raoes. They, therefore, viewed with alarm the proposal to draw » very muoh larger body of water, from the rlrar. Mr B.rown Bald that a committee had been appointed to define the boundaries of the district, and the petition might be referred to them. Mr Ftledlander thought it would be time enough to ooniiider tho petition when the oommlttee a report came up Mr Wright eatd that m the meantime [he would move that the petitions be reoelved. Petitions reoelved, WATER R.AOB, RIVER EOAI). The committee appointed to consider $ha matter of a water supply at River road for Wakanui Flat reported that they met on October 16. At the meeting m question Me Brown urged that the request of the River Board ha granted, but the committee was not able to agree to the request. Mr Brown strongly protested against the report, and pointed out the hardship to I whloh the settlers were put by tde lack of water. The other members of the oommlttee expressed their regret that they <rere unable to support Mr Brown'sproposal. They were bound to oppose it however feeling that It would be highly dangerous to interfere with the river at that point. [ The report was adopted, and it was resolved on the motion of Mr Wright : " That the ratepayers on line of r*oe cut off by river encroachment, be exempted from any further annual water charged , until .the supply be reinstated." j PAYMENTS. Accounts were prssed for payment. THE PROPOSES ATJXILIABY SUPPLY. The following letter was reqelved from Mr W. L. Allan, the manager of the Acton estate \ — "l am given to understand that your Oounoll Intend taking a supply of water from the Rakaia, to supplement the present water supply. If I mistake not, you intend taking tho new raoe through ouc Sections 7131 and 7132. If such is the oise I beg to Inform you that this oompany strongly objeot to having any of their land out ap as it must bo by a large race, like what yon. are going to oonstruot, running through their paddocks. This company will claim oompeaBation far th* land you will take for the oonstruotloQ of the race, also compensation for the severanoe of the land. I may state that I am opposed to the present scheme, as being too expensive. A very cheap supplementary Bupply could be obtained by taking the water from the river near our Homestead. But I hardly think we want any additional supply at present, Last summer we had a fairly good supply. If your Oounoll would adopt the plan of oleaning out the races themselves, and so make our water system bomplete, we would never be short of water. At preaent oae half of the settlers clean out their raoes and the other half do not ; hence the reason why we are shoi^ of water sometimes. lam sure the Oounoll could clean the rscfs oheaper than wa osn ourselves." It wag stated that petitions for the Bonstltutlon of the water district were In course of signature, and Mr Coster, the jhlef mover In the matter being absent, sonalderatlon of the letter was deferred. PUBLIC WORKS BILL. A letter was read from the Minister nvitlng suggestions m regard to the Bill :o amend tho Public Works Aots, whlqh It was proposed to introduoe Into Parliament nest session. Mr Grlgg,thought It woald be desirable for the Oounoll to draw the atteutlon of the Minister to the argent neoessity for legislation In regard to tho oleantag of oreeks, etc, A Committee consisting of the Chair* man, Messrs; Wright, McMillan rod Grigs was appointed to consider the BUI. BLACK MOUNTAIN TRACK. It was resolved to contribute £15 to» wards th* Black Mountain track. ' SLAUGHTERING UC«NSE. A slaughtering license wai granted to Jae. Gadsell. DOQ COLT.A&I. It was vasolved to invite tendtn for a ■apply of dog collars. ' *' '

MGETING. 'It wes resolved that the next ordinary meeting be held «n November 28. REDUOIION OP BBKT. The Oounoil by five to one deoMned to ood firm a speoial resolution granting a redoctfon of rent to Mr B. M. Goodwin, a leasee under the Oounoll. After the transaotlon'of unimportant baslnees the Coanoil adjoaraad.

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ASHBURTON COUNTY COUNCIL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1885, 1 November 1888

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ASHBURTON COUNTY COUNCIL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1885, 1 November 1888

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