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Communication has boon restored on the Port Darwin cable. Sections 2763, containing 19i 8r 12p, and 2819, containing 20ft Or J6p, Spaxton, have been r-eserved for planting purposes. Mr J. Topham, of Ghristohuroh, ia an. nounoed (to leoture in the TempUr Hall on* Thursday evening next. Subjeot •• D.D D." Thero was a very heavy fall of enow on the rouge* last night which it ia feared will play bavoo with the young lambs. The fruit this yoar promises to bo abundant in Tarnnaki, reports from tha various districts being moat favourable. Bishop Novill, of Dunedin, in St Paul's Cathedral tho othor day, wore a cope and a oloth of gold mitre. Sir Henry Parkou bolievea that If our drinking does harm in these colonies, our eating is to ba credited with an enormous amount of mipohief also. It is (stated that hi nil probability Sir William Jervoia will retire from colonial service into private life on tho expiration of his term of office in this colony. A Home paper siya that " a bright red waistcoat with conspicuous white spots is one of the recent fads of attiro sffooted by the Pnnoe of Walec" Tho marriage of Me Chat Shin, a oelestial storekeeper at Sintforl, wiih a young girl named Charlotte Orny was performed by the Registrar at Stafford tho o'bor day. Mr I. Salek, a local bicyclist, made a pretty good run to Timaru yesterday. Ho left Aflhburton at 5 a.m. and arrived in Timaru a few minutes before 1 p.m. He found »he roads rather rough in plocos. The aotual riding time was 7$ hours, whioh is nearly an average of 7 milea an hour. Tho Borough Oounoil last night adjourned its ordinary meeting on aooount of the death of Mr 0. 0. Fooke, the Bon of tho Borough Bnginoer. A motion of condolenoe with Mt Fooks, Bonr., was passed. The members present wore the Mayor and Ors Williamson, Friedlander, Tucker, Scott, MoFarlane, and Bird. A terrible tragedy occurred at Prairie Centre, Ottawa, Illinois, on tho 19;h August, resulting in tho death of eight young men A ball was being held in a house it Prairie Centre, when at midnight two young mer fought about a partner. The men present took sides. Knives wore freoly used, and eight persons were stabbed to death. Thire need be no wonder at tho drunken ness of tho British nation, if there are manj such pubs as " The Hops," Wandßworth. A polioe inspector who visited the house one day found eighty boys and girls of ages from thirteen and upwards in one room, tho whole being more or less drunk— there were 800 ir the house altogether. Two or three Viotorian countrymen were closely examining the elaborately raised geological chart of New Zealand, which is Dr Hector's pride and joy, at the Melbourne Exhibition. They regurdod it intently foi some time, and then one of them observed meditatively — " D n me, if there, is a yard of fiat land in tho bleßßed country." — " Napier Telegraph." It is notified in tho " Gazette " thai BeotiODs 1 lo 21 inclusive of Blook XIII. Aehburton, known as Reserve 1261, are dig. oharged from reservation, and will be sold and disposed of as Village Settlement Landf under Sootionu 10Q and 282 of " The Land Act, 1885/' This moans that they wijl b£ purchasable at any time after the expiry oi three months from the date of the Proola nation, whioh is dated October 23rd, 1388. The banana is the most prolific of fruits Tho produoe of an aore planted with bananai will support twenty-five times as many people as the produoe of an aore planted with wheat Next |o the banana the most prolific tree it probably tha sweet pvangp. Qqe tree at St Michael's, in the Azores, has been known tc bear 20,000 marketable oranges in one year, besides four or five thousand that had to bt thrown away. Aocording to tho 'iManawatu Dailj Times " the evidence in a recent oharge o indecency, heard at the District Court Palmereton North, disolosed a truly alarm ing etato of depravity amongst: some Oi tho young Fieldingiteß, and thoso presont ic Court oofeld not help shuddering at the diq gueting details adduced. The language usec by mere ahildren was of a revolting desorip. lion, and revealed a state of depravity thai one would otherwise have refused to believe ever existed amongst the young obildren oi this oolony. Wo find the following in the "New Zealand Herald: — Tho Auckland members of the Assembly and many others who know bite personally will regret to learn that Mr R. 0, Bruce, the popular member for Rangitikoi has been laid up nearly all thp time Binae hie return from the session with a sort of absoess, which has oaused him. intense pain. We are pleased, however, to bo able to' state that a private lotter reooived from him on Tuesday, by ono of the Auokland members, oontained the information that Mr Bruce id improving, and hopes to avoid the neoessity of undergoing an operation. A Dunedin man, who has rooently been visiting the Australian oolonies, gives, in a leoture, an acoount of tbo celebrated Mount Morgan Gold Mine, whioh was ostimated to be worth £17,000,000 per annum, and paying its owners £1,500,000 net profit per annum. It was simply a quarry of gold, though the stuff varied in richness. Tho poorest stone yielded sozB to the ton, and, as 1700 tons of it oould be put through in a week, that alone inade a return of 8500oz for half-a-dozen days' work. But there was ono pink vein of extraordinary richness. Tb,B manager told one of the minors to go and fetoh a handful of this stuff, and ho (the lecturer) at onoo saw that it was bo full of gold that he was not surprised when the manager told him it yielded at the rate of 1200oz, to to thp to.n f The " Wairarapa Star " is roßponsible for the following:— A oapital story jb told of a Now Zealand dentist who stature is not in keeping with his professional abilities. In faot, he is so far below the average height that he has had to ereot a .sort of platform in front of tho ohair in whioh his patients sit whilo undergoing the agonising process of having their teeth extraoted. He was visited reoently by a man of the giant agriculturist typo, who wished to got rid of a tormenting tooth. The dentist invited him to the " torture ohair," and then climbed on to the platform already mentioned. When the patient beheld this ho opened bis mouth to a width whioh would have put a negro to the blush, and Boeing that ho „ still continued straining himself to increase tho opening \t possible, the dentist patted him op the shoulder, and, with assuring oalmnesß. gaid, " Don't oxort yourself, my man, for I'm going to remnip outßido." The following Btory reaches tho "Telegraph'' from Montriohard, and iq doclarod, although improbable, to be !• a true bill." short time ago afino sporting dog was found by BQme kind people wandering oollarloss in searqh q'f its master. They gave the animal a homo while they looked far and wide for its owner. The dog, however, was restless.. It ran out at intervals during the first week, but on its return it was always well received. The noxt week, however, it absented itself for some days, and when it came back its host gave it a beating. It started off in the direction of the river, plunged into the water, and struok out until it was exhausted— deliberately drowning itself in the middle of tbo stroam The strange incident was witnessed by several spectators who are unanimous in declaring that this was a decided case olfclo do #c. Tho poor animal is supposed to have been inconsolable at having lost its master, and tho harshness with tvhiph it had been treated by its now friend settled tho business.

Some Australian magpies and laughing 1 jaokaßseß liberated near Gcraldine some years ago have increased and multiplied very considerably. The magpie iB a vary useful bird, a greedy devouror of inaeotß, and withal no mean songster, and the news that it haa been suooosßfully acotimatisad is very welcome. The averages of lambs this season are exoeedmgly high (says the » Woouville Examiner "), and beveral instances have already appeared m our columns, but they are all surpassed by the average attained m the flock of Mr P. McDonald, of Mount Ida farm, whose percentage this season ran up to 151. The runholdera of the North Otago district are going m large for Wolseley'a sheep-Bhear-ing machines. The looal paper understands that about twenty of theso machines will be fitted up at Benmoro, and forty between Station Peak and Otekaiko. Mr Borton and Mr Reid will alßo uae them. Christmas Island, which Great Britain has just annexed, is one of the moat interesting m the world. It is 200 miles from Java, and consists largely of ooral, which rests on a volcanic eruption. The ooral forms almost maoooßßible cliffs, covered with luxuriant vegetation. In the day it swarms with huge oraba, and at night with rats. Man could pot live on tha island, as it dooa not possess fresh water, the rain sinking into the rook. The following invitation has been forwarded to the Volunteer Offioers m this oolony : The offioers of the Naval and Milltary forces of Victoria request the honor of the Commandant and Officers of the New Zealand Military forces company at a ball m the Melbourne Town Hall on Monday, 6th of November at 9 o'oloek. On receipt of your reply addressed Lieutenant Umphalby, The Victorian Naval and Military Olub, 29 Collins Street East, entree cards will be forwarded. There is a passage m the " Daily News " account of the Dijon disaster whiob, for simple tragic Badness, is almott unparalleled even m the terrible annals of railway acoidents .— " The wife of an artillery officer showed singular preaonce of mind. All the lampß having beau put out m the collision, she took Borne matohea from her reticule, and lighted with them her pocket-handker-chief, and then her straw hat. This enabled her to Bee that she had lost her husband and her little son, whom she had placed m a corner seat, and who was asleep when killed. He was her only child." In the ltesident Magistrate's Court this morning, before Major Steward, J.P., Charles Foster was charged with being illegally on the premises of Mr John Newman, livery stablekeeper, on tho previous night. The police deposed to having found him m the stable about midnight, somewhat the worse for drink. Nothing web known of the man, who was a Btrangor. Accused Raid that he had tried to get lodgings at the Commercial Hotel, and thought be was doing no harm m Bleeping m the stables. The Magistrate said that he had no right to be there without pormission, and bad better not repeat the offence. The acouaed was then discharged. A dastardly attempt to wreok a train was made close to Newcastle, New Sonth Wales, on the 14th instant., near the junotion of the Government and the Wallaend oolliery linea. At 7 o'clook, whilst several navvies engaged m repairing the Jines near the tunnel were going to work, they discovered that three iron railway chairs had been placed face downwards on the rails, and m suoh a position bb to throw any train off the line. It ia supposed that the obstacles had been plaoed on tho rails drring the night by soma scoundrels who thought Mr Nellson and the other colliery officials would be brought from their residences to the mine }n a special train early m tho morning. Mr Neilson and the rest, howevor, remained at the oamp all night, consequently no train was sent over tho line until after 8 o'olook the following morning. A Home paper has the following :—'* A curiouH talo of the loss and reoovery of £3000, {hat Qocurod a few days ago, was told me by one of the leading men of Scotland Yard. A gentleman left on the top of an omnibus a leather case containing £8000 m notes. He alighted at Victoria, and about ten minutes later he disoovored his lobb. Instead of going after the omnibus, he rushed to the nearest polioe station and inquired if the oonduotor had brought the notes. He was told " No," and ho then waited outside the station. The oonduotor of the omnibus m the meantime had found the caso and its oontontn, had informed his superior, and started for the police |station. Ho- wob mot outside by the owner, whom he reoognisod, and to whom he gave up the notes, reoeiving nothing as a reward for his services and honesty. The poor fellow, evidently surprised, went into the station, and complained, but be was told there was no redress. Had he givon up the notes to the police instead of tho owner, he would probably have reoeived £l£jO from the Comxaissioners ol Police." Certainly tho Moat Effeotive MEDICINE m tho world is SANDER and' SONS EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Teqt ito eminent powerful offects m Coughs, Colda, Influenza, eto, ; the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. Bead this certificate : — " 24th April, 1885.— MeBsrs Sander and Sons,— lt iB with the greatost of pleaaure that I testify to tho excellence of your Eucalypti Extract. Having had inflammation on tho bone of the leg, wbioh oamo on after a severe attaok of low fov6r, I was attended by Dr J. Boyd, who l^ad mada strenuous efforts to save' my leg, but without success. He found it neoessary to amputate my limb. Having heard m tho meantime of tho wonderful cures worked by the Eucalypti Extract, I pbtained a bottle, and the extraot had not been applied more than an hour when I began to feol greatly relieved. Aft» applying the extract every four boura for nine or ten days I was oijt p| all ..danger. I wpuicj pprauatjo all who may lie affected with any suoh disease to' give the Eucalypti Extraot a irial, and I am oonvinood that they will find tt the most wonderful of medioinea. — Yours, j etc, E. J. Oohnow, Wattl street Sandhurst.'?

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