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Business Notices. VT EATING'S POWDER destroys both l\. fleas s moths, beetled, and all o*.her insects, whilst quite harmless to domeatlo animals, In exterminating beetles the BJuoceas of thla povrdei is extraordinary. All is perfectly clean In applioatton. See the. article you purchase Is KKATIFG'S. All imitations are noxious and ineffectual. j oold m tins, tJd, Is, and 2s 6d eaoh, by all Ohemtßte. i, i. ■ r . i ' ' ■ ' - ■ ' ' BLANOAKD^ IODINE OF IRON FILLS .4 PPR6vpi)i>ytho Academy of Medicine jca.' oi Pfttiß, are specially rei ommeDded by flho ,&!eQicoi Celebrities of •. the World fcr $crostila (Tumors, King'e (Evil, etc), tha : vy]j stages of Ootißninption, . Constitutional Weak* ness, Poorness of 8100d v andior Btimnlatiufi md, rpgolnting \pß .periodic icowpo. 'Nol« genuine unless' signed " Blanjard, 40, rneßcnapaite^Parie." Said by) Pmgfjiptt <md GhfhiijiE < T.&rpußUOtn, Jw.CqloihW , . . . .- ........ IVfOUNT SOMISRB A METHVBN rVt KOYAL MAIL 00A0U. On «md after Jannarj lit, 1885, the ioderetgi.ed will run ajQpauh each' Mqniay, Wednesday and, 9»,tnr t d»y r »tartlng at ioon fronx Hopd'a Hotel, Mount Sqinqrß, of Sprtngbutn and Alford 'J?or s e»t, .there pnnectlng With JJuiFs Qoaoh f r f)ro M«thveri jaturning same evening. Fire* —Spring* >urn, 2b, return, 3b ; Alford 'Forest, \ ■eturn, 6*. I; *? „;T.IHSC .; T IN WALD AND MO^WT SQMJSRS 8. RAILWAY . VtOUNT SQMEB ITJISD QAVIINDISH EOYAL MAIL OOAOBL Tne abovd Ooabn ieavea ITood'i hotel or OavondUh Railway Station every day, neetlng each train. . : Pajaei^erß by morning train may pro* jeed by coaoh io A^ord l/"ore«^ jbjbei^ae to Methven In time, for the last train for .hrlstchuroh, or may retnrn In time for he last train for Ashburtbn. Paroels ant Orders will receive every attention; rwe and 1 Buggiea dh hire, m : JOHN HOOD fAYARB AND BLAYN PAPER :^< IXTJ years of § reat rattess proclaim 0 •npflriorioy m tbo treatment of Yioloat Golds, Irritation of the Chest, Aching, Sprain Sprainß, Sores, Scalds, Corns, Bnniom, Sof Coma, etc. This vaedi sine, the property o which has been established more than hall a century by thoaßanJs.of cores, is of an uiyaluable nse m many inflammatory diHeases against which there ere not many- effi-acious remedlee, and m therefore justly conßidored by, a great namber of oar, most eminent phyßioians as the most active and least irritating agent hi the bove affections* In order to .avoid counterfeiting, Messrs Fayard and Blayn's si(snataxo .has to be required on every ro of paper arid on the box. Wholesale 80, Bue Baint-Merri, Paris Franco) and cold by all Ohenusta m the o'oniet: ■»— — M i .i i i ' i Medical r\ N B ■ '. ,"W 0 R D. Diab FBiKfDB~We have bo; ne hdsitatlon In addressing you In the manner following, .but hope that It will not be looked at In any invldlQUß light, Fhen we tstftte; that KU) only, our kßgard L for ypur, he*lHi that oaoaeo ub We We, been a Firm of Analytical Ohernißtß for many, .many years and have m the long oouree of this time manufactured oertain Medicines that being based on scientific formula and absolnte oare and preoislon In manufacture, have enjoyed a popularity . far m advanoe of any other . Pharma9eutU oal Preparations of jkhe day. llow, »uoeessful we have be 9n m this, la only to note the extraordinary amount of the caloa of o«» TTnviinnk ■ New Llvei PlllWe have the pleamir to sir4e that we have aold 28,089 hli of D» flaydock's Ne,w Liver Filbu Tne. reaiop, ©f thU demand la beoause, we findjn BaydopkV New. I4ver Pills a woi>derfut and e^tra, ordinary coDiblDatlon of concentrated medicine. The Ylotoriei of Sb'ieboe^Bleotrle Telegraph*, Steam and Printing -—revolutionised the whole system of the globe, and made i mankind wiser and bet-, ter. . . Ho, ; although there are pountleM Pills vied fqr 4lße»se||i and. olalming muqh^ aa to their medt, the remwkable "^Jjj. Ojwwf , o' t>f Haydoek l»aa tiiwed'them all, and has totatf.ti* jNew Medroal Bystem. TheDoptoM, whose vast doses of four of five nilte "enfeeble the itomaoh and paralyie the bowels, muct give way to the manwhoreptoreei health and appetite with pndot two, of;- hla,, extraordinary Vegetable P111i, , , One «r two ot Dr ,JBaj. I dook'i N, ew Liver Pills, su%ea to place the stomaoh In perfect order oreates, an appetite, khd renders the Bpirit light ' and bnoyant. If the Liver is affected its f onetlons are restored^ ' and U< >the > NervousSystem la enfeebled, it Is l&rlgorated and HUitalned. ;•.. . ■■ :1 ,,- ,. * x „• „': v TBANBL^I^iO^. .;■,..■. Aykab,ProvJiioeof BnrmabVßi.l. . Honored and Learned Phjfßiplan~The unworthy due who. dares to addrew j^ou and oooiebef ore you humoly m the dust; bogs for bis people (caste) thai you would deign to; look qpon their Ignoble miseries, and oure them, with your, Llfe-glying grains (Pllla), Illoatilons one your most potent medloir 9 is r life tp them and their ohildren, and all the Drug Basaus are empty and yonr..Saul, ls not In them. Thi» humble petitionei, although he is lowly and no* woithy to be m your high preseno© iprayo , that yon i will' graciously permit. yon» Life grt 'ns (Pills) to come to Aykab. To tue, mtu learned and , wise Phyßiolan Haylook (Haydook) of high name. Native to, the States of Amerloa, united In North Am wlta Oouiiiiy, , Servlely ilgninr foi hlsrt(fei{'Bnd twentythree othera, the Potltttloner plaoes hit •l«n, m Parmk, 1884, , Dr. J, Hayi^pp^ ; Dear Siif —(Ereoeived your Pills a week >go. I have trie'a 'them and must say that I never had sp much good done by aliythlpg as they hare^mei 1 have Buflered for yean with billlousnesß and hr.vobeen bo slbk at ilmea as; udt ito paretollva, but your PiUs have cured me. i. One aged, man here .has ; takpn mo only Up. of your PiUsj arid I twlßh you; could «cc him. He has had no appetite for fife montln, and tc^d*y he ate adlnner such as a pl ; ughma^ J had to oheok hlin, but latighed and caid he ww tipatlng felt irtomachto a hew BenaaUqn, for it. really Trai hungry. I hand you with this lour dollars. , Please send at onoe, a. below, your Pills Mb> Saiuh Ma^hbbb. Oarmi, Illinois, t7.S; i We would gue you if we were tp go ion with them ' as we very wf I) < eotild do, but the abovoi mast suifv^ Haydock's. Npw LJvpr Plllß a^e the true grains and jsienoa of health, and the greatest blessing that Solenoe hi» glv«n to the world. For Nervow Prostratiop, VeakneM, General Laesltade, Want of Appetite and jSlok Headaohe, DrHaydr^ New Liver jPUIa will be found as K^^atual Remedy. Eaoh vial oontalnj " - onty Pills, Prioe Twenty -fivo Oentt, . , For sale by all Drag. gists. Any spcptlo eat have a vial of PUli Sent him Free on receipt o his name and address, for a trial. Send a poflial card for eopjr of pamphlet— "The Liver and lt» Mystery," ♦ furniihes : valuable information to HAYDOOK A 00 ..... Newjork, V.B. . OAimpxt— Druggists are desired to no* tioe that the name of T. H. Pranol*, sols agent, ia written aoros.ieabh 4<>«an paok. ■ages ->f Haydook's iAvn Pills, All with* !WtlUa«j »OMtorifttf f

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 7, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1981, 27 October 1888

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 7 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 1981, 27 October 1888