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The Bey Father Binsfield will celebrate Masi at Bakaia on Sunday at 1} a.m. Messrs H. J. Wood and Co have a new advertisement m tbia issue, to wbioh attention is directed. The wife of a Breton peasant, for whom the dootor bsd proscribed leeobes, fried the leeohea and gave them to her injured husband to eat. During tbfi month of August 13,000 umbrellas were left m the railway carringcs of the United Kingdom, and QB.OOO different articles of all sorts were lost. The programme of the Ashburton Racing Club's Spring Meeting, to be held on Nov. 22nd and 23rd, has been passed by the Chairman of the Canterbury Jockey Club ComAt *n ;„««.. "* fJ *l meeting of citfeena of presidency of the Mayor, it was v. * -°- 1 No V vembe e r. G ° VerDOr t0 a fweWell ba^ uet » „ Rough on Corns. "-Ask for Wells' "Rough on Corns/ Quick relief, comp lete, permanent cure. Corns, warts, bunions" At Chemists and druggists, 3 '

Our Paris correspondent saya that a paper J by the Russian dootor Gamaleia, on the I cure of cholera by vaooinating, whs read by M. Pasteur the other day at the Aoademy of Soiences, and appeared to produce a considerable impression on that learned body. James Foy was handing a loaded gun out of a window to a friend at Hartley Vale. N.S.W., when the charge exploded, wounding three of Foy'a sisters. One was shot m the neck another m the arm, and a third seriously wounded m the side. The •' Hobart Meroury " reports that Louis Bradshaw, a fine promising youth, went out shootiDg and on his way home met a mau about half a mile from Jerusalem, and was speaking to him, leaning on the gun with the muzzle under his arm, when by some means the gun went off, lodging the whole charge m the unfortunate young man's body and causing instant death. A Parisian oab-driver, who committed suicide, left an envelope containing hie last will, by which he bequeathed ten francs to the physician who should be called to certify his death, and ordered his body to the Jardin des Plantes, there to be disseoted and fed to the wild animals to " regale " themselves with. This last named clause, however, is not to be oarried out. According to a telegram from Bastia a man named Antonio Jean Marohotti has just died at Muro, Comioa, at the great age of 113 years 3 months and 21 days. He entered the Frenoh Army m 1793, and followed Buonaparte from the battle of Toulon to the battle of Marengo, where he was wounded. Married four times, he left behind him 73 lineal descendants. The Frenoh Minister of Agriculture has issued a report upon the forests of Europe, from whioh it appears that the woodlands of Russia cover five hundred million aores, or thirty-seven per cent, of the entire area of the country. The Swedish forests cover thirty* nine per cent, of the area, and twenty-four per cent, m Norway. By far the smallest portions of woodlands iB to be found m England, Denmark, Portugal, and Holland. The wedding dress of the Prinoess Letitia, which has just been completed, is m the style of the First Empire. It is of white moire, trimmed with beautiful embroidery m silver,' and festoons of orange flowers. The train, which is blbo of white moire, is three metres and a half m length. Three hundred and sixty bees and one hundred and sixty eagles, emblems of the • house of Bonaparte, are embroidered on it m silver. i The construction of the Eiffel tower is now going on rapidly, the girders supporting the third platform being nearly fixed m their plaoeß. The delay whioh took place lately haß been caused by the completion of the second platform, and the neoesßity of improving the system of raising the enormous masses of iron used m the construction of the tower. The work naturally beoomes more and more difficult daily, and the progress of the colossal construotion will henceforward be Blower. The eminent mathematician Kirkman haß made an exquisite translation of the wellknown definition. "Evolution is a ohange from an indefinite coherent heterogeneity, to a definite incoherent homogeneity, through continuous differentiations and integrations." Aa translated into plain English by Kirkman, it is, "Evolution is a change from a nohowish untalkaboutable all-likeness, to a somehow* wish and m general talkaboutable not-all alikeness by continuous something else*ifioa* tions and stiok-together-atioDS." That Modern Haroun-al-Baschid, the magistrate of the Mixed Court at Shanghai, had lately before him a complicated family dispute about land, whion he settled m this way. Finding that only one lawyer was engaged m the case, he had this gentleman haled before him and soundly whipped ; then he invited the litigants to dinner with him, enlivened the repast by having the sermon from the saored edicts on the benefits of harmony between relatives read out, and leotured the parties severely aa obstinato blockheads. An aorobat named Cartanet, who is per* forming at Tours, gave a singular display of courage the other day. He was performing on a tight rope and one of his feats was to ett alight, while standing on Ihs rope, a pieoe of fireworks attached to his head-gear. He was unable to do so, the fuses having been damped by rain, and, after trying for Boroe seconds, he resumed his walk. He had not gone far before it was seen by those below that he had Bet his clothes on fire. Finding that he would be unable to reach the end of the rope without being burned, perhaps fatally, he hung suspended by his legs and put out the fire with his battels. Our Hinds correspondent wrote as follows last night :— The weather has been all that could be desired for lambs, grasses, and crops, until this afternoon, when a most severe hailstorm swept over the distriot. Everything appears to be going on steadily, and farmers rejoice m bright anticipation of a good harvest, and should prioes at present ruling be maintained it will be an incalculable blessing to farmers m this distriot. Inquiry continues to be made for land ; several selectors have taken up allotments and intend at onoe to settle upon them. We had a visit from Trooper Casey yeßterday, and on his return I trust he will give our pare of his distriot a good report. Altogether, inoluding our village settlers, things are forfjag a-head. j Our correspondent says : — A most interesting Missionary meeting was held m the Hinds Wesleyan Ohuroh on Friday evening, Ootober 19th. The Revd J. Burrows read the Home Mission reports, and m a most earnest appeal, pointed out the necessity for liberality amoDg Methodists generally to support so worthy a cause. The Chairman, the Revd J. N. Buttle, with much fervour traced Wesleyan Home Mission work from its early days, and'paid a high tribute to the memories of its pioneers, and others whose names were house-hold words m many homes. Mr MoDowall followed with a humorous but earnest address. S.eleotiops from Sankey's were nicely rendered by the ofioir>' A collection was taken up with gratifying results and a moßt profitable meeting was brought to a close m the usual way. A frightful tragedy is reported from the Philippines. In the village of Antique, near Iloilo (according to a Home paper), the only white men are a priest and a Spanish planter. One day, for np apparent oause, the native inhabitants attaokdd the' priestfa house with the intent of putting him to death, The planter hearing of this, armed himself with a rifle and GO cartridges and went to his defence. Arriving at the priest's house, ho loaded and began a deadly fire on the crowd, Whether on aooount of biß coolness and ekiii, of bppaupe of the number of besiegers offering a mark that could opt be rujseed, l|o had fired off his SO cartridges 50 person's lay on the ground dead or dying, HoKor-strioken with this extraordinary slaughter, the people fled, leaving the priest muoh bruised, but not dangerously hurt. A most enjoyable concert and danoe was held m the Seafield Sbhoolroom on Friday 19 instant. Mr Bruce m the chair. Among those who helped to make the affair ajeuoqe,ss, were Mn Denßbire and Mrs Crisp, whose sieging elioited great applause. Some pretty duets for the piano were played by Mra Redmayne and Miss Ida Herring, and Mrs Redmayne land Midi X SIuGS, sr2 M: '*UM. Riohardeon also played a pianoforte bolo m goou s tv] o. Mr Jmmbie who was loudly encored for his singing, playpd a aeleotion of airs on the violin, aooompanied on the p}ano by Mis> E. Lambie. The following gentlemen contributed songs and reoitations : — Meears Redmayne, Jamieson, and Master Estcourt Parsons, whoso cornio songs oreated great merriment. Mrs Claridge aoted as accompanyiet throughout. After refreshment ghad been served, the Bohoolrcom was cleared for danoing, whioh was kept up with great spirit until day light. Mr G. Cox made an efftoient M.G., Messrs Lambie, Jamieson, aud Curtis supplying the musio. Holloway's Ointment and Pills. — Counsel lor the delicate. — Those to whom the changeable temperature is a protracted period of trial should seek the earliest opportunity of removing all obstacles to good health. This cooling Ointment, perseveringly rubbed upon the ekin, | s J:he most reliable remedy for overcoming all diseases ' of the throat and chest. Quinsey, relaxed tonsils, sore throat, swollen glands, ordinary catarph and bronchitis, usually prevailing at this season, may be arrested as soon as d scoyered, and every sympton banished by Holloway's •—•>!« and effective treatment. Thjs Ointment snap. — Mchly commended jfor £he and Pills an. .. — ~*s6fu.Jy contend facility with which they buw ' — * { Mv | with influenza ; they alky m an ina^. short time the distressing fever and teasing I '

The enquiry into the recent fire at Hobday'B 1 buildings at Christchurch was held yester- j day, before Mr Beetham and a ooroner'a jury, r Nothing was adduced to show the cause of ' the fire, and an open verdiot was returned. At the Rink last night the mile handicap raoe for the Bilvor cup preaented by Mr R. Elstsn took place. There was a large attendance and much interest was taken m the event, which was won by S. Clark m smins 29 seo. The handicapping throughout was very good. professor Hugo delivered his last lecture on " Mouths and Lips " last evening, when there was a good house, and at the olose of the lecture four ladies and several gentlemen went up on the platform. Mr Hugo announoed that he would be m attendanoe some days at the Hall, after which he will deliver several lectures m the oountry dist iots. At the R.M. Court thia morning, before the Mayor, John Graham and Isaao Luke, alias Austin, for having been drunk m Burnett street, were fined|2os and costs 7a, m default 48 hours' imprisonment. — Edward Dore, alias Doree, alias James Wilson, who had been m company with Graham and Luke, was, m -consideration of this being his first appearance before the Ashbrrton Court, let off with a fine of 10s and costs 7s, or the alternative of 24 hours' imprisonment. Tbe Oddfellows' Hall is engaged for Thursday, Nov. 15th, for a lecture by the Rev P. B. Monro, of Christohurch, the Bubjeot being " American Wit and Humor." The leoture will be illustrated by readings and sketches of some of the leading characters m Amerioan Humorous Literature. Mr Monro has given th : s leoture m Christohuroh and elsewhere with great success, and all who oan attend should do so. The abilities of Mr Monro as a leofcurer are well known. Yesterday James Buokley, sentenoed to three years' probation and to pay £10 expenses on April 9tb, was brought before Mr Justioe Ward m banoo, at Ohristchuroh, obarged with not having reported himself to the police or paid any of the money. He pleaded that he had been looking for work. Mr Martin, the Crown Solioitor, offered to give him work for a few days. The judge ordered him to begin his probation again from this date. This is the first case of the kind m the colony. We clip the following important testimonial from the " Illawarra Mercury " (N.S.W.) of the 30th March. It needs no comment : — «« Mr John Loved ay, of the Bulli Mountain, writes to us that after suffering for four years with aoute gravel, he has experienced almost complete relief by using Sander and Sons' Eucalypti Extract. He says seeing .the said Extract advertised m the ' Illawarra Meroury,' his intense suffering induoed him to obtain a bottle of the medicine from Mr Hosking, chemist, of this town, and that the use of it gave him great relief at once. He states that between the 10th Marph instant, when he obtained tbe first bottle of the extract, and the 19th, the use of that medioine continued to afford him relief, to which he had been a stranger for four yeara. Mr Loveday writes also that he has found the Eucalypti Extraot a cure for rheumatism as well as gravel. He requests us to publish this information through the • Mercury.' We have muoh pleasure m complying with Mr Loveday's request, whose word cannot be doubted, and who can have no objeot m view other than a pure desire to benefit suffering humanity," — (Advt.) ' 2

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