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Ironworks are being started m Taranaki. Now Zealand oured bacon is now quoted m Sydney at 9d to 9£ per lb. It is _ stated that the amount of English capital invested m the Australian colonies m on« way or another exceeds £300,000,000. The largest known flower ia the rafflesia, a nasire of Sumatra. It measures three feet m diameter, weighs 151 b, and has a calyx holding bis quarts. " No, Bir 1 " thundered an irate father — 11 no sir 1 my daughter never can be yours 1 " to whioh the young man quietly replied, " I don't want her to be my daughter; I want her to be my wife. The " Melbourne Age " Bays: — New Zealand is singularly rioh m Btreams that hold mineral salts m solution, and it is surprising that long before this a good export trade m the art'de has not been established. A slight shook of earthquake was felt m Ashburton last evening at 8,19 o'olook. The shook was also felt, m varying degrees of intensity, at Blenheim, Nelson, Wellington, Wanganui, Hokitika, and Timaru. The special reporter of the "Auokland Star" now m Melbourne saya that negotiations with English oolliery proprietors am prooeeding for the landiug of 150,000 tons of ooal m Melbourne within the next eight weeks. According to the "St James' Gazette," English women drink more than their mothers and grandmothers. The evil is said to be due to grocers' lioenses, whioh enable people to get liquor without going to publio houses for it. According to the " New Zealand Times " Ministers have settled the basis of the abolition of the Publio Workß department, the result being that fifty offioers throughout the colony will be dispensed with at the end I of December, and fifty during the next year. Aooording to " The Mirror " a sensational divorce oase is pending m Sydney. The petitioner is a well-known and highly respeoted M.L.A. Several prominent publia men are mixed up m the affair, and muoh sympathy is felt for the husband, who considers himself to be aggrieved. It is reported, says a contemporary, that a speoial settlement for New Zealand eaoaped prisoners ia to be formed either m Australia or San Franoisco. Jonathan Roberts is to be president and Badka seoretary. It is proposed to employ discharged gaolers and ex-detect-ives as farm hands on the settlement. A little fellow of four years of age went to a blaoksmith'a to see his father's horse shod, and was watching olosely the work of shoeing. The blaoksmith bepan to pare the horse's hoofs, and thinking this was wrong, the little boy said earnestly, " My pa don't want his horse made any smaller. " The Mirror " gives the following as the derivation of two well-known slang terms :— 41 Spieler " is derived from the German spielen (to play), and " magsman " from the old English slang word mag (a oopper). Thus "spieler" simply means a player, and " magsman " a man who looks out for ooppers or " mags." By announcement m oar advertising oolumns the New Zealand Glothing Faotory inform the publio that they have now opened up their stook for the summer season, their manager, Mr Webber, having just returned from Dunedin, where he has selected a great variety of new goods, amongst whioh are some Tory taking novelties. Dr Charles Mftokay, who wrote the words of "Cheer Boys, Oboes." and a whole host of songs that will live as long as tho English language, is dying m poverty, whilst the. author of " Two Lovely BJaok Eyes " tears up bank notes to show how rich he is ; and yet people talk of the discrimination of the great B.P. (British publia). We learn from the "Mail" that on Saturday an Oaroaru gentleman, who went well up the Waitaki River to try his luok, suooeeded ia ,ln.nrKrirr — rvnn* fYQlfafl Wfiiflhk at fluh H<» loot several, amongst wmon was one that he estimated to weigh fully 201bs, whioh took away tha whole of his taokle oloso up to tho reel. Mr Spurgeon tells the story of a gentleman who, on his way home one dark night, was encountered by a foot-pad, with the demand : 11 Money or your life." The gentleman's reply waß ;" I haven't any money ; I have been to a bazaar." The highwayman immediately recognised the force of the reasoning and made up a subscription for him, In part of the Fiji Islands a husband and a wife, if they wish to meet, must meet m Beoret, a similar secrecy is or was obligatory among the Circassians, and even among the Hottentots. But the African kingdom of Futa bearß off the palm m these respeots, if an old traveller ia to be credited, who assures us that wives there were so bashful as never to let their husbands see them without a veil for three years after their marriage. Referring to the hint tfcat the New Governor of New Zealand may be the wearer of a ducal coronet, the " Post " runs through the list of twenty-one English dukea, and thinks that there are but two who oan be regarded as possibilities. The first is the Duke of Buckingham and Ohandos, who was Seoretary of State for the Colonieß m 1867, and Governor of Madras m 1875. His name has more fian onoe been mentioned as a probable colonial Governor, The other possible is the Huke of St. Albans, whose inoome hag, it ]b believed, suffered severely from the state of affairs m Ireland. The following from the " Pahiatua Star " is worth reoording : •• Last week Mr D. Knight lost a fine ram ; he hunted high and low, and at last discovered the animal on Mr Tuokey's land m. the ftoofe road wildir. The sheep was not visible, but m turning over a monster turnip there wan a « ba ' Irow the inßide; and there tbo Bb»pn waß » muj" surely says a (oontemporary), i s 'an iindeserved reflection on the North leland sheepput when a North Island paper tells us that the class of B took reared there ib so puny and miserable that a full grown sheep can hide underneath a turnip, we are bound to believe it, A London contemporary says :—lf we may believe all that has been said about the " weather plant," a large demand is likely soon to spring up for it. We are told that this wonderful production of nature is a 11 native of Corsica and of Tunis," and that efter " 32,000 trials by men of soienoo " abroad, it is pronounced to be able to indicate by the upper leaves what tho state of the weather will be forty-eight hours m advance, and by the lower ones all obanges m the atmosphere are foretold three days before they ooour. The plant m question is known as the pater-noster pea. The exeoutor m the estate of the late Henry Churton has contributed to the " Wanganui Herald " •• a Btrange but true story " of " how an eßtate waß melted down." In oonoluding he says : — " As regards the Churton College I say it has been a wretohed failure; the Natives never appreciated it. One of the conditioner was that oaoh ohild should pay £10 per annum, but Mr Ohurton never got a penny from any of them. As it ib the college is more of a johuroh than a sohool, being a rendezvous for parsons, Jlay readers, and hangers-on. At present there are only three ohildren attending the sohool, and they would liketo leav* ; but to sustain his reputation as • prinoipal ' of a oollege it is necessary that they should remain for the sake of appearanoe and to keep up the show." Holloway's Ointment and Pills.— Counsel for the delicate.— Those to whom the changeable temperature is a protracted period of trial should seek the earliest opportunity of removing all obstacles to good health. This cooling Ointment, perseveringly rubbed upon the skin, is the most reliable remedy for overcoming all diseases of the throat and chest. Quinsey, relaxed tonsils, sore throat, swollen glands, ordinary catarrh and bronchitis, usually prevailing at this season, may be arrested as soon aB d scoverod, and every sympton banished by Holloway's simple and effective treatment. This Ointment and Pills are highly commended for the facility with which they successfully contend with influenza j they allay m an incredibly short time the distressinc; fever and teasing cough.

There are twelve entries for the Gap Race to be run at the Rink to-morrow evening. Capt Harvey, of the Salvation Army, who has been transferred, left Ashburton by the express train this morning. Ha had an appropriate "send-off," the members of the Army, with the band, accompanying him to the station. The Most Rev the Primate, Bishop Harper, arrived m Ashburton by the express train, being met at the station by the Rev Mr Scott, Messrs G. Jameson, Bland, and others. This afternoon his Lordship consecrated the Anglican portion of the cemetery; and this evening he will give an address at the social gathering m St. Stephen's Sohooloom. To. morrow morning the ohurch will be oon. eeorated. Professor Graham Bell has been directing his attention to the way m whioh deaf mutes are oared for m the United States. He finds that the ratio of increase of deaf mates m America is ont of all proportion to the inorease m the rest of the population, this being due to the faot that they are taken, m the majority of instances, from their families very young, and are placed m asylums, where they beoome acquainted with eaoh other to the exclusion of the rest of the world. The oonsequence is that 95 per oent. of the deaf mutes intermarry, and that already 33 J per cent, of the offspring are born deaf and dumb, and the ratio will go on inoreaßing until, Professor Bell says, an alarming atate of things is reached. A fatal duel between two young ladies haa taken place at Cannes of whioh the " Pall Mall Gasette " furnishes the following partioulars: — " The two young ladies, who were of good birth and highly esteemed m the town, had fallen m love with the same young man, who was also of good family. Having beoome mortal enemies, the two young ladies resolved to deoide who should be the young man's wife by a duel, whioh was not to terminate till one of them should be killed or mortally wounded. The duel took plaoe at five o'olook m the morning, the weapona chosen being pistols. The younger lady, only eighteen years old, was wounded m the left arm, the bone of whioh was shattered. Her adversary, four years her senior, was mortally wounded ia the breaat. The tragic event has caused a great sensation. Proper appreciation of whole-wheat bread is expressed m " The London Agricultural Gazette." The writer declares that, taken with pure water or fruit, it supplies everything necessary for the support of vigorous life. It is a decided error to sacrifice the bran m bread-making. Bran not only oon* tains a oertain amount of nutriment, but, by adding bulk to our food, assists nature m oaußing doily taxation, an essential funotion to all who deßire good health. Good bread should consist, not of bran and white flour, or granulated or decorticated wheat, but of finely-ground wheat— the " whole " mealnothing added, nothing taken away. This, m the opinion of most food reformers, should be the basis of all endeavors to improve the diet of a people who are fast becoming the victims of dyspepsia and kindred disease. The terms of the munificent offer made bj Mr W. W. Taylor at the Jubilee meeting m connection with the Congregational Union held m Melbourne were inoorreotly stated m our cablegrams. Mr Taylor undertook tc contribute £10,000 a year for three years, making m all £30,000, if the congregation found another £30,000, whioh would suffice for the establishment of an affiliated college m the University. A grammar school foi boys and a high school for girls oould b< established for £20,000 a-pieoe. If thest ttere looked upon favorably, h« would b< willing to contribute £10,000 a year for fiv< years, provided the congregation fount £50,000. The offer was heartily aooepted Mr Henry Lee offered £1000 and Mr Mirami £1000 a year for five years, Mr W. Higgim £500 a year for five years, and Mr R O'Donnell £100 a year for the seme period : and other donations were given. SANDER ana SONS' EUCALYPTI EX TRACT. — In protection of the worte\wd< fame our manufacture has acquired all ovei the globe, we publish the following : — Hazard M.D., Professor of General Pathology anc Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System Bay»in_an editorial published m the " Clinioa BeoordT"— * c Wah&ye examined half-a-dozer specimens of djfferelol"~inaTiu£afltures; the preparation of Sander and Sons was the onlj one that proved to be reliable and correspond ing to Boientifio teats." Another conoootioi called " Refined Extraot of Euoalyptus " hai made its appearanoe sinoe. This produo BtandH, according to Dr Owen, foremost h cniiflinar injurious affnnfn. Tihat tcentlemai communicates, at a meeting of tits Aietiiuts Society of Viotoria, that a child living & Fitzroy beoame -most seriously indispo3e< Inrough its use. In another oase a lad; states on the strength of statutory declaration that she Buffered oruelly from the effeots o the same ooncootion. To guard the higl reputation of our manufacture we fee warranted m exposing the above faots, anc deßire the publio to exeroise oare and precau tion when buying SANDER and SONS.(Advt. 7

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