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The ordinary monthly meeting of the above was held this morning at the Council /Chambers. ['. Present— Mesm-Wj H. Walker (chairman), E. G. Wright, MiBullock, J. Lambie, J. Jackson, H. T. Winter, Taylor, and M'Farlane. The Chairman’s statement was read as follows .-—The election of a Chairman for the ensuing year taking place on Wednesday, the 29th instant (the date of the 'annual,meeting) I knqw^iLthe diri^ry'mining'had ridirbetter be’held oh ;that day instead of the first Wednesday jin December. It will be advisable to call itenders for supply of dog collars for 1882, tenders to be in by-the next Council Imeeting. A letter from the Chairman of the Mount Somers Road Board, together with a petition re the Mount Somers railway, will bg ajinattep iforyout, t,consHTeration. Also the result of my consultation. i wUjhy -Mrif PurpeU enflltWr subject of the Rakaia and Alford Fores|t ; Railway,, rate, which ol 'frill place before you, and also a letter from Mr Machie-qregarding tjiifJ nfce Christchurch City Council invite you to appoint two delpgites. to ,represent this Council at the J proposed Conference re West Coast railway. , . The i law J Coinibittee will meet during the midday interval, and will Report to you. The Rangitata Ferry Committee met at the ferry during last month, and will present ‘their report. The Council has been fur- ' hished with a list of the brands of sheep, Cattle, and horses in this county. The Engineer’s report was read as follows :

Ashburton-Rakaia Plains Water Supply : In order to make provision .for supplyih|j’thfe new races now being formed on the Rakaia side of the plains, ths,mainrrace from Mount Harding to junction ot races at Mount Hutt road had to be minqr P Works,leaSfcutedi These works, 'including' repairs ’to concrete channel, occupied a petjod pf;abpqt tqn>days, din ing which time the water had to be shut off from E and El lines, but these races are again in full operation, and the works on the new lines are also progressing satisfactorily. I have not put in hand the enlarging of creek through Mr Henderson’s R.S. 25109, as I anticipate the formation of branch race proposed to pass through rural sections 30818, 269551 and ollhers lower down may, to a considerable extent, 1 render - that work 1 unnecessary.' ' The auxiliary channel is doing excellent service, and is fully equal to all'the demands likay-td be made on it this season. Five or six more falls will be necessary on a portion of the channel liable to scour on account of sandy veins running through the soil. . The fencing of willows at the intake of auxiliary channel is being proceeded with. The branch race from the auxiliary channel through Springfield has been formed to Mr Reynolds’ property, but he has not yet fed it through his property id as'lo be available for extension further down the I plains, as was stipulated for by the Council, [ for the disposal of the tenth, part of the auxiliary supply allocated for the district. With the exception of some little pieces of finishing, the ' extension of Power’s race has now been completed through Winchmore, and as far down as the racecourse adjoining About the end of this week the water could be turned ,on over,that, length, but ; the supply over the lower five miles cannot be made available until Such of the pwners as have not ■ yet paid furnish their contributions. The question of further extension .of this race , ydll d.ependj ,pn the flbW at the railway line. 'Theire Will ho doubt be considerable loss through percolation from Winchnlore downwards, and already the loss from this cause is apparent on a portion of the . Springfield property , traversed by this race The work on “Back track” race is progressing at fair speed, about eight miles at the upper end being now complete. After this race and Che extension sanctioned for Messrs M'Phail, Megson, and others is finished, the loop-line for Messrs Edwards, Doig, etc., will be put in hand. The water race for Highbank and Cowar is all but complete, and the water has been led down ajmost the entire length of’this branch. The small branch authorised by the Councillor Mr Irwin and others is also on the point of completion; The works on E2 line, through Acton apd others properties, are well • advanced',' 'but the 3 ground there is of such a broken and sandy nature’ abto brifall -comparatively heavy work,' '< and this portion will, I fear, drain off more than its , due share of the supply.: .To .meet this contingency, it may be necessary to form a connection of about two miles in length-be-tween races E and El, extending from rural section 16143 to rural section 15645, crossing the flood-waier channel in section 26107, by a flume, which would be of considerable length. Should this addition be necessary to supply the E2 line when formed, the proprietors who would benefit from that race are prepared to defray the entire cost of the connection referred to. That portion of the Lyndhurgt and Dundas subsidi|i.ryjrace which is.situspefl below the main line oFrailway is how' in' progress, but the twenty miles above the railway which were let to Mr John X>every, a few .days ago, arc not yet commenced.—Although owners in the Wakanui Flat district were almost • unanimous in petitioning the Council to have their races made along the road sides instead of within the' field fences, several of them have, without authority, taken the race into their paddocks at points here and there, so that there are now several gaps in the fences, while the races are partly on the road and partly in the fields a state of matters which does not conduce to efficiency, more especially when the question of flood-water on roads has to be taken into account, and I would suggest that the owners be now asked to take the races inside the fences, along the whole length of same, as is proposed to be done in the upper portion of test channel between Methven and Lauriston. The debris arising from the cuttings of gorse fences all over the plains is another cause of injury to die races. The obstructions from this cause are proving very troublesome, and these accumulations generally occur at some distance below the places where the gorse has been cut, so that the sourse of the mischief is not at once apparent. You will observe, too, from the Ranger’s report, that many of the ploughing contractors, as they migrate from place to place, and camp on the ifery edge of the water-races, generally leave a mess and do damage which it never occurs to them to restore. And occasional injury also results from the diiving of mobs of homed cattle along the courses of the water-races on the unfenced portions of the plains. Owners must be made to exercise greater care n these

respects, or be held responsible for damage, same as in cases of tampering with the races. —Water Channel, Westerfield and Lagmhor: As requested by the Council, I have prepared a scheme for connecting the tail-races from Westerfield mill with the creek through Lag* mhor, which passes Tinwald and partially supplies the district below the railway/ Cm this question I have also seen the Hon. John McLean, through whose property the proposed new cut .would pass into the existing creek, which, as far down nearly as Tinwald, also runs through the Lagmhor estate. Mr McLean agrees to give the land required free of expense, on condition the. Council give an undertaking to clear out the existing creek below the ■ junction point as far as it passes through Lagmhor property, so may have sufficient caplcity to convey the additional supply proji posed to be led into it, the Council to become responsible for damages through overflow or otherwise, on account of new works. Should the Council agree to' this arrangement the works' in. the Westerfield and . Lagmhor districts might be put in hand forthwith, and, meantime, the question of distribution in the Wheatstone 'district might also be decided 'on, so. that-the new supply might be made available to the very fullest fexteut as early. as possible. The. cost oi the new ; cut ■ will approximate to probable estimate previously’ given, but I am not prepared to say what the cost of clearing the creek will be.until I can examine the whole course through the Lagmhor property. I presume the expense of these works will be defrayed by the various owners benefited, same as isrioW being done for the various subsidiary races on other portions of the Plain?.*—Mount Somers and Buccleuch Water Supply: The head works for this supply have now been satisfactorily completed, and in a few days, after the completion of some small flumes along the course of the initial main, the wafer can be led down as far as Mount Somers township. The other races, etc., for the district between South Ashburton river and Bowyer’s' stream are to be tendered for to-day. • When these works are finished the scheme; tor the Alford Forest district can be put in hand, if the Council so decide.—Ashburton-Rangitata Water Supply : This system is on the whole proving efficient. ' In a few instances a somewhat better service can be given by the tnakifag of some minor improvements, which will be at once attended to. Arrangements will be made to start the subsidiary race from rural section 28527 downwards as soon as the various owners interested send in their contributions j and the extension of Willowby race to Dawson’s road falls to be made in like manner. 1 i would suggest that the latter be made to _ dis- ■ charge into Dawson’s creek, so tfiat the distri* ; bution from that creek might be carried out a? ; arranged, and obviate the necessity for abani doning the work according to the counter* petition presented by Mr Dawson and others, ;and with reference to which the Council asked, ‘trie to report;—The Council is at present Under ; engagement to make upwards of So miles of jnew water-races in different portions of the County, and I would suggest that these races jshould be fully finished before contracts for more subsidiary lines are undertaken,_ with a ■view-fo avoiding such awkward complicationsas took place last season, through so many Or ithe tices 'being in an unfinished state during harvest, when all water-race contractors arc otherwise engaged, and when, moreover, continuity and efficiency in all the races are more especially required.—Upper Rangitata Bridges ' ( The contractor Vritcs me, '-“Timber just Arrived at Timaru, will proceed with work at once.”- -Wm. Baxter, County Engineer. r It was resolved, with regard to ‘Mr Reynold's case, referred to by the Engi* beer—“ That unless he proceed with the' jvork according to agreement it will be done at his expense by the Council ” ■ It was. resolved that consideration of connection of race E and El he postponed 4 for a month. 1 It .was resolved that the Water Supply 1 Committee be instructed not to eftter into further engagements as to. construction of additional water-races unless they are - thoroughly satisfied that there is sufficientwater to feed such races. _ W;

, It was resolved that the Engineer’s Bug-' gesfcion with regard to the Wakanui flat races be approved. Mr Taylor presented a petition from Waterton residents with respect to-water supply. It was resolved that the matter be referred to the Engineer for a full report and estimate, with a view to the work-' 3 being undertaken at the earliest possible date, and that the bond requited by Mr M'Lean be prepared, subject to approval of the committee, consisting of Messrs Bullock, Wright, and the Chairman. ; The clause of the Engineer’s report re* forcing to the Mount Somers supply was y approved of. •’ 4 ,It was resolved —“ That the Engineer’s suggestion re Dawson’s creek be approved. > The Engineer’s recommendat on re suspension or water races was approved. ’ Mr McLean, Chairman of the Upper

Ashburton Road Board, waited upon the Council re the small bird nuisance, and to urge the Council to take action to abate thp evil. —Mr E. G. Wright suggestedthai a circular should be sent to all the Road Boards advising that proceedings be taken, under the Act to remedy thp nuisance complained of, and that the RoadBoards be invited to co-operate with the Council. This was agreed to, and it was further resolved that a committee, consisting of Messrs Taylor, Wintdr, and Lambie. be appointed to collect information respecting the best means for destroying small birds. Mr Wright then moved, and Mr Bullock seconded, and it was carried—“ That the sum of lOd be paid for every 100 eggs or heads of small birds delivered at the Road Board offices, and that the Road Boards be requested to ! allow their clerks to certify as to the quantities supplied, and make the required' payments on account of the County Council.”

Mr Jackson’s notice of motion tabled at last meeting, was read as follows “That application be made to the Government to constitute the entire county one licensing : district, under the amended Act of 1882.” This being seconded by Mr Bullock, was parried. A number of accounts were passed for payment. A deputation whited upon the Council - re the Rakaia and Ashburton Forks Railway, consisting of about eight residents of JMethven and district. Mr T. Jackson, ' one of the deputation, said the history of the Rakaia and Ashburton railway was a melancholy one. That was to say they - .(the settlers interested objected on principle to the way in winch the promoters of the railway had gained their ends. Altogether the promoters had been guilty of chicaney, if not, indeed, downright dishonesty. On these grounds, they (the deputation and the other interested parties) felt justified in kick- ‘ ing against the whole proceedings of the promoters of the line. If the flatter had only shown common honesty the settlers would have been glad to have met* ;them half-way. —Mr Herring, another member of the deputation, said that they had purchased property in their district on the distinct understanding that the rail- ‘ way should have its terminus at Methven, ' and had they known that it would not come!there they would have gone to the North Island. They found that there was no intention on the part of the promoters to continue the line as originally promised. A small deputation of settlers had been told by the promoters that if they would pay the rate the line should go on. Now they were rather particular upon the point. They wanted to see the line continued before they paid the money. He (Mr Herding) was prepared to bring in a number of .Yorkshire farmers to come and settle in the county, but now he could not conscientiously recommend them to come. He protested on behalf of himself and his friends on the rate proposed being levied.—Mr J. O. Waaon, also with the deputation, said he felt very strongly on the matter. He felt that the settlers -of this county of Ashburton were trying to get out of a liability they had tied themselves to. A deputation had told the Council , the other day that the settlere were breaking faith in trying to evade? their liability. They (the present deputation) wished to resent that as unfair and . 1 unjust. The settlers interested intended,

. if necessary, to take the opinion- of a , court of law on their cose. After some farther discussion, the Council promised 1 to give the subject its consideration, and the deputation withdrew.— The Council &- then wont into committee on the matter, V'»nd diseussedothe Opinion of their legal. *' adviser on the rate.—Mr Lambie asked . leave to withdraw his notice of motion • tabled last month for consideration to-day, and which urged the striking of a rate to oj' ;taise the sum of. L 2,611 10s 5d for the reJlwsy company.—The motion was with■t . -.drawn _ . . -iM - ' The committee appointed to consider t the Rangitata ferry and the appointment . of ferryman handed in a written, report, which was read and adopted ; and it was then resolved—“ That Mr Jackson be offered the post of ferryman at a salary of L4D per annum, and that the reserve on . the island be let.”—lt was further resolved’ to advise the Geraldine County .. . Council of the action taken •in the matter. ' ■ t ! It; was resolved that the Engineer be «;,• instructed to report on the storm-water, , scheme proposed for the South Rakaia l.i and Mount Hutt districts, and confer with

the Road Boards. - I :i ; Messrs Bullock and Wright were appointed delegates to the West Coast Rail- „ way Commission. The Rev. Mr Scott wrote asking for a 1 subscription towards a library for the v Hospital.—DlO was granted. A letter was read from Mr E. A. ■ 5 -’ Peache, Mount Somers, asking the Couh- > - oil’s co-operation on the extension of the railway, and inviting the Council to go V over the line on the occasion of the visit oPtho Minister fbr Public Works. _ (A petition re the line was enclosed, signed ‘by the people of Ashburton.) A resolution having been moved that the request be granted and the invitation ... accepted, Mr Wright took occasion to re- £. mark that the lino should not stop where f it did but should be carried some con-, c riderable distance further, so as to eventu- £ ally serve the Alford Forest district. In any representations they might make to • the Government they should ask that the, line be carried to some convenientpoint, Bowyer’s,. stream, for He (Mr Wright) was supposed to be vitally conjj oerned in the route this line took, but as ' a matter of fset he was not. He had r i done his beat to get the line taken over ',{the cheapest possible route, snd it was sioPnly by representing to Government tbe small-, r. cost of the line that he .suoJ. eeeded in getting it taken off the (,* category of the disallowed railways. After -' farther discussion, Mr Wright moved, .-and Mr Jackson seconded,- and it -carried—“ That Messrs Jackson, Lambie, -' v McFarlane, Walker, and the mover be • appointed a committee -to investigate the of diverting the Mount Somers across the south branch of the river, and to report thereon at V: the next meeting. ”J .r. - Mr Pooka* offer to act as supervisor for i.. public buildings, lately before the Borough Council was accepted. "t 1 ' - [Left sitting.]

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COUNTY COUNCIL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume IV, Issue 782, 1 November 1882

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COUNTY COUNCIL Ashburton Guardian, Volume IV, Issue 782, 1 November 1882

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