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A Rumor. — A rumor was current in town yesterday that the body of a man had been found in tho river, and identified as that of tho missing Anderson. The statement proved to be entirely without foundation.

More Larrikxnism at Christchurch. —At the Christchurch Magistrate’s Court yesterday two larrikins, named Ryan and Chamberlain, wero each sentenced to be imprisoned and kept to hard labor, for an unprovoked assault. Police. —There were no police cases today, and probably there will be none tomorrow, with the exception of breaches of the i’orough by-laws, to answer charges of which two or three persons will appear.

Wakanui Ro\n Board. —Tho ordinary monthly meeting of the Wakanui Road Board was to have been held to-day, but owing to some of the members being unable to attend, the meeting was adjourned until Saturday at 10 a.m. Dlsteict Court. —The usual monthly sitting of the above was held to-day before his Honor Judge Ward, but the busi ness did not take very long to dispose of. Mr Purnell applied on behalf of Mr Hay T. Smith for an order of discharge, which was granted. Mr Branson then applied for orders for payment of costs out of the estates of Jas.' Begg and Charles Pye. Both these applications were also granted, and the Court rose.

Political Gossip. —The Press special telegraphing from the Empire City yesterday says : —There is very little political nows or gossip stirring. Members have not yet shaken off their festive relaxation. There are renewed rumors to-day of a noconfidence motion being in contemplation to bo moved soon after the Public Work? Statement is down, but nothing authoritative has been allowed to transpire. There are no fewer than seventy Bills on the Lower House order paper in various stages. A Good Idea. —A meeting of the Oddfellows and Foresters’ Societies was held on Monday night, and it was decided to hold an amalgamated picnic and sports on the Prince of Wales’ Birthday. It was resolved to secure some suitable p’ace, within an easy distance of Ashburton, and to engage a special train to carry the excursionists. Any other of the Friendly Societies in Ashburton will no doubt see that it would ho to their advantage to .amalgamate, and so make the day a thorough gala day.

Methven. —The bazaar and concert held at Methven last week was a great success. Everyone seemed to enter into the matter with great spirit and hearty good will, and as a consequence, a very handsome addition was made to the funds of the English Church in the district. After the concert a very enjoyable dance was held, in which a number of people took part. The net proceeds of the bazaar, concert, and dance amount to quite LGO. Such a result is most gratifying, and the peop'o of Methven have every reason to be proud of the success attending their entertainment of Friday last. Mr Farnie’s Case. —Further correspondence has been published between the Education Board and Mr Farnie, whose case has created very considerable interest. The outcome of the correspondence is that the Board thus declares the conditions on which they are prepared to allow Mr Farnie to re enter the service of the Board—- “ That you express regret fur your attack upon Mr Goyen, and also intimate your submission to the Board’s ruling on the point of discipline, which you have violated—that is to say, you will undertake that so long as you remain in the Board’s service you will not, whether in the discussion of public questions or otherwise, whether in your own name or anonymously, publish anything calculated to injure, prejudice, or annoy any of the Board’s officers excepting in the legitimate way of complaint or memorial to the Board.” Mr Farnie, having replied to this, has now been informed that he does not acquiesce in the Board’s views of his position as laid down by them in their letter, and that until he does so the Hoard cannot allow him to re-enter their service.

Ranoitata Road Board, —The ordinary monthly meeting of the Board of the Hangitata district was held at the office, Hinds, on Monday last. Present—Dr Trevor (in the chair), Messrs Morrow, Fountaino, and Ooskerie. As requested in a letter from the Ashburton County Council, selection was made of a number of reserves fur plantation. On consideration of the Surveyor’s report it was resolved—“ That the contractor for contracts Nos. 10 and 17 carry out his work according to specifications, as any extra work that may be now necessary is considered the result of his own delay.” The Surveyor’s action in warning the contractor that the Board would carry out tha work at his expense was approved, and he was instructed to give written notice that this would bo done unless the works were satisfactorily completed forthwith. The contractor for Chisnall’s road was granted a month’s extension of time. The Clerk asked the Board’s consideration of paying a commission on collection of the rates. A general opinion was expressed that, as the Board’s funds wero expended, they could not afford to pay for collection of rates, or even the Clerk’s services, and that the Board should endeavor to do their own work until they were in funds. It was finally proposed by Mr Coskerio, and seconded by Mr FountainoThat the Clerk have three month’s notice to lerminate his present engagement.” This was ca rriod without dissent, Mr Coskerio proposed, and Mr Morrow seconded—- “ That the Clerk be paid L 25 for collection of rates.” This was also carried. The Chdrrnau wished it to bo publicly mentioned i.liafc tha Board bad no cause for dissatisfaction with their officer, and that the first resolution was arrived at solely as the result of a desire to economise. The Surveyor was authorized to have the stones raked off the road from reserve 2132 to the Hinds, near Mayfield. Mr Morrow was authorised to have a track on Morrow’s road cleared of stones. The Clerk was instructed to produce the Ward account at next meeting. The tender of R. Bennett was accepted for repairing the Rangitata River road at L 26 I Os. Some accounts were passed, and the Board adjourned.

Tenders, —MrCJ Wentworth Cookson, jun., invites tenders for the erection of two cottages at Methven. Wesleyan. —A tea meeting of a social character is to be held in the Wesleyan Church to-night. The Rev. C. H. Standage, with the officers of the church, will, we under tand, give addresses on tho state of tho circuit, and a large attendance is anticipated.

Messrs Sealy Bros. —Attention is directed to the announcement elsewhere by that well-known firm of seedsmen and nurserymen, Messrs Sealy Bros., who notify that they are prepared to supply thousands of fruit and forest trees, grown at their own nurseries. Persons about to plant are invited to pay Messrs Sealy Bros, a visit, and got a price list with all particulars. Tinwald School Committee. —A meeting of the above was held last evening, all the members being present. _ Mr Smith moved—‘‘That the Chairman apply to the Board for a hanging bell for the school, this being a necessary aquisition to this large and scattered district.” The Visiting Committee reported that the small repairs necessary had been carried out. It was resolved—“ That all accounts relating to cleaning of house, school, etc., be referred to the Board with a request to them to remit the amount under the head of wear and tear. ” Messrs Jones and Smith were appointed a Visiting Committee for the month. Accounts to the amount of Lll 12s 9d wore passed for payment. Respecting a telegram received about an excursion for the school children, it was resolved—“ That the Committee fail to see any concession in the rates, and under these circumstances do not sea the necessity oi closing tho school.” The meeting then adjourned.

“ What’s in a Name ? ” —The residents of Bingaland, a thriving suburb of Christchurch, arc apparently of opinion that there is a good deal in a name after all, Shakespeare notwithstanding. They don’t like tho name of “ Bingsland,” anywaj, and the other evening held a public meeting to consider the matter. One speaker suggested “ Richmond ” as being a great improvement on the present name. He was promptly reminded that there were two Richmonds already in the field, one being in the North Island, and this might, it was argued, load to some confusion. “ Stanmore ” was next proposed, but that being the name of the electoral district, the suggestion was not approved of, as “it might hurt the feelings of tho residents of the other districts comprising the Stanmore constituency.” They might, in fact, imagine that Bingsland wanted to boss the district by proclaiming itself the capital ; so “ Richmond ” was decided upon.

The Land Tax and the Property Tax. —A return was furnished to Parliament last night, showing the respective borough and county valuations under the Land Tax and Property Tax. The totals were as follows ;—(1) Under the Land Tax (unimproved)—Boroughs in Auckland, L 1,331,945 ; Hawke’s Bay, L 565.179 ; Wellington, L 3,941,954 ; Nelson, L 376,032 ; Canterbury, L 2,869,049 ; Otago, L 5,227,419. Total, L 14,361,578. Counties in Auckland, L 4,324,219 ; Hawke’s Bay, L 4,035,374 ; Wellington, LG',075,169 ; Nelson, L 2,857,020 ; Canterbury, L 16.820,333; Otago, L 14,100,170. Total, L 48,212,290. Land Tax (improve 1) Boroughs in Auckland, L 2,743.250 ; Hawke’s Bay, L 1,012,137 ; Wellington, L 6,246,912 ; Nelson, LL,376,826 ; Canterbury, L 6,073,924 ; Otago, L 9,499,45- Total, L 26,953,516. Counties in Auckland, L 7,862,012 ; Hawke’s Bay, L. 5,953,610 ; Wellington, L 10,439,552 ; Nelson, L 4,776,318 ; Canterbury, L 23,311,808 ; Otago, L 20,264,767. Total, L 72.608,163. Under Property Tax—Boroughs in Auckland, L 2,681,775 ; Hawke’s Bay, L 847.956 ; Wellington, L 4,570,760 ; Nelson, L 1,270,646 ; Canterbury, L 4,941,163 ; Otago, L 7,933,681. Total, L22,4?6,981. Counties in Auckland, L 7,423,845 ; Hawke’s Bay. L 4.473.011 ; Wellington, L 7,634,290 ; Nelson, L 3,801,735 ; Canterbury, L 17,257,564; Otago, L 10,936,256. Total, L 51,531,201. Grand total, Land Tax (unimproved), L 62,573,868 ; ditto. ( improved ), L 99,566,679. Property Tax, L 73,958,182.

Mount Somers Road Board. —The usual monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday, July 3rd, 1882, at the Road Board office, Mount Somers. Present —Messrs A. E. Peache (Chairman), W. C. Walker, and I. B. Taylor. The minutes of the last meeting, after some slight amendment, were read and confirmed. The Surveyor’s report was read and considered. It was resolved—“ That the Ashburton County Council be written to and the estimate of the Board’s Surveyor as to the cost of the works required on the Ashburton Gorge road be endorsed, with a remark that they aie urgently required in face of the heavy traffic from the stone quarries and coal pits, which is likely to increase. The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr McClimont, informing him that in the event of a grant being made by the County Council for roads to quarries and coal pits, the Board will consider his application. Ihe Surveyor was instructed to have a plough furrow drawn on the unformed road near the railway terminus. It was resolved—- “ That tenders bo called for the repairing of the Singletree, Alford Forest, and Schuolhouse roads.” Mr McFarlane interviewed the Board with reference to the grant applied for from the Comity Council towards Ashburton Gorge road. Mr McClimont waited on the Board to enquire what steps they intended to take with regard to tha formation of a road to his coal section, and offered to contribute half of the cost. Mr McClimont was recommended to await a reply from the County Council. The following correspondence was received :—From Mr C. J. W. Cookson, jun., tendering his resignation as clerk and surveyor to the Board, owing tq his intention of commencing in business at Methven. From Mr Alex. Hewson, asking the Board to assist him in defraying the cost of repairs to pile engine. It was resolved—- “ That Mr Hewson should havo represented his case sooner, and that his application cannot be entertained.” The Board, in not being liable, would establish a bad precedent in entertaining Mr Hewson’s request From Mr G. Gould, re: transfer of Clamerou’s road. To be replied to and accompanied with a copy of Mr D. Cameron’s letter on the subject. The Clerk was directed to make out an account of the receipts and expenditures of the respective wards for the next meeting of the Board. From the Mount Hutt Road Board, requesting the Mount Somers Road Board to apply to the Chief Surveyor to reserve the small piece of Crown land near Holmes’ Corner as a gravel reserve. Agreed to. From Mr Philip Tisch, tendering the resignation of his seat on the Board.— The Clerk was requested to write to the Colonial Secretary, urging that the Local Elections Act be at once gazetted as being in force in the district, upon receipt of which the Returning Officer is to bo communicated with and requested to proceed with the election of two members to fill the vacancies caused by the resignation of Messrs D. Cameron and P. Tisch. From the Commissioner of Lands, re the appointment of forest rangers.—The Board decided to appoint their Surveyor ranger for the District. From the Ashburton County Council, re planting gravel reserves.—The surveyor was instructed to forward a list of the reserves that the Board recommend to be planted. The Surveyor stated having accepted the tender of James Brown, at 5s 4d, for formation from Reserve road. Alford Forest. Accounts amounting to L 47 19s 4d having been passed for payment, the Board ad.ourned. J

Personal.— Mr C. J. W. Cookson having severed his connection with the Mount Somers Road Board, to which he has been acting as Clerk and Surveyor, is about to commence business on his own account as a commission agent and timber merchant at Methven. Although Mr Cookson will undertake all sorts of commissions, the timber trade will, we understand, principally occupy his attention. While connected with the Board, Mr Cookson has always proved himself a painstaking and efficient officer, and all who know him (and his circle of acquaintances is not small) will, we arc confident, join with us in the hope that he may meet with every success.

Hospital and Charitable Aid. —An ordinary meeting of the committee of management took place yesterday afternoon, at the County Council Chambers, immediately after the meeting of the Council. Present—Messrs W. C. Walker (Chairman), Winter, St. Hill, and his Worship the Mayor. The monthly returns for the quarter showed that during June one patient had been admitted and two discharged, the number now in the institution being six. No deaths had occurred during that period. Resolved — “ That the committee allow employment of a man until the doctor is communicated with, and Mr Maddison be informed that all applications bo endorsed by the doctor before being ph.cod before the committee. The pay-sheet was authorised. It was resolved that a pint of milk a day and an occasional order for 5 cwt. of coal be afforded a woman in destitute circumstances. The meeting then adjourned.

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Ashburton Guardian, Ashburton Guardian, Volume III, Issue 681, 6 July 1882

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Ashburton Guardian Ashburton Guardian, Volume III, Issue 681, 6 July 1882

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