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The ordinary monthly meeting of the above was held to-day. Present —Messrs W. C. Walker (Chairman), Taylor Winter, Jackson, McFarlane, Lambie, and Bullock. CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT. The Chairman read hia monthly report as follows :—The Ashburton Agricultural and Pastoral Association has intimated to you that, in view of the difficulty in raising money for enlargement of the Cattle Yards, the Association does not see its way to renewing with the Council the leise after the expiration of the current one. The Government have asked you to explain more clearly how you proprose to obtain grain statistics, especially from persons who have private threshing machines. The Selwyn and Akaroa County Councils have written to you re this subject. You will notice that the Mount Hutt Road Board has recommended the appointment of its Overseer as forest ranger for that district. The answers from the Longbeach and Upper Ashburton Road Boards, and from the Borough Council, regarding the widening of the approaches to the Ashburton combined bridge, will be placed before you today. The South Rakaia Road Board state by letter that they are willing that the boundary road should be placed under the control of the Mount Hutt Road Board. A letter from Mr Murdoch Bruce will be read to you to-day, in which he says that in accordance with a resolution passed at a public meeting held in the Seatield schoolroom, he requests you to instruct the County Engineer to visit the site of the proposed bridge over the Rakaia, at Dobbin’s ford, and report to you as to the practicability and coat of same. Tenders for eight miles of waterrace near Springfield property will be placed before you at this meeting. The return asked for by Mr McFarlane is ready, and will be put before you. The Planting Committee meets during the adjournment, and will report to you in the afternoon its proceedings. The report was approved. engineer’s report.

This report was read as follows : Ashburton-Rangitata Water Supply : The dam in gorge of South Hinds is now very nearly complete, as is also the head-race along terrace connecting the dam with the big gully which opens out on to the plain in the Montalto district. The greater number of falls for this head-race have still to be put in, after which the supply from that source can be led on to the race recently executed next the Rangitata river. Meantime, a good supply has been obtained by the cutting of that portion of the race across the swamp at the base of the hills. The dam at Limestone creek has also been satisfactorily finished during last month, but owing to a delay in supplying the totara timber, the contractor has been unable to finish the flume over the river near dam, thus preventing the opening of the Limestone creek branch race. Notwithstanding the heavy floods experienced during the month, neither the head-works in Hinds gorge nor those at Limestone creek sustained any injury, although being at the time in an unfinished state, they were all the more liable to damage. The dam and weir at south Ashburton river are also uninjured, but as a result of the flood, the river changed its course to some extent near the inlet, rendering necessary an extension of the intake channel for a short distance, and leaving a short supply in the various connecting races during the time occupied with works at intake, which took three days. It will be necessary to have about a hundred lineal feet of sheet piling or other protective work at this point to secure the inlet. The various races fed from this source are now in operation, and between the Hinds and Rangitata the water in each of the races is now in the vicinity of the main line of railway. The percolation in this district is by no means excessive, but some extra expense has had to be incurred in bringing the water through various sections of undulating ground. For the purpose of testing the Mayfield branch race the water has been let into it, and it is so far acting satisfactory ; but the fords on this line have still to be executed. With the exceptions of Mr Fagan and Mr Appleby, the various owners have sent in their contributions to make up the cost of the race. All the owners on the proposed Lismore branch lace have not yet settled the question of route near the lower end, but I anticipate the arrangements can be made to commence the work in about a fortnight. The flow of water in the race which passes through the Westerfield district is still improving. It advances and recedes by turns, but has at length reached to within a mile of Winslow. The Willowby extension races will be ready to receive the water when it arrives ; meantime two of the fords on that extension have still to be executed. With reference to the supply asked for by Mr Boyle and others, it was the original intention of the Council to bring the main race that way, but the fall was found to be insufficient. As, however, the main race is carrying such a quantity of water as provides a surplus at the crossing of the Mount Somers railway, it appears to me that this might be very well be utilised in giving the service required, and it might also be carried in such a direction as would provide for extension on the best possible line hereafter, if the proprietors lower down were willing to carry it on. Messrs Aiken and others are pressing for that portion of the race near their properties, which the Council authorised conditionally on there being a sufficient supply in the main for it. I will at once call tenders for this and the extension of main race in lieu of dry gully, on receiving the authority of the Council. Tinwald drainage— The enlargement of outlet below Great South road for the new main drain made by the Council, is much required for a distance of about half a mile. At last meeting the Council decided that the owners through whose land the creek passes, and which extends for many miles on either side of the railway, should keep the creek clear of weeds, etc., and otherwise improve the course so as to preserve the continuity of flow to the lower end of the summer supply, which is somewhat meagre; but

the improvement of that portion of the creek for flood-water purposes is a separate que’stionj and that is, I understand, more particularly what Messrs Graham, Houston, and others referred to when asking the Council to deal with it. I would set down the cost of this part of the work at Ll 5 to L2O.- Approaches to Ashburton Bridge : The improvement of these approaches can now be commenced as soon as I receive instructions from the Council. The most opportune time to begin would be when the river is fordable, as the traffic would temporarily have to be diverted from the bridge while the earthwork was being done.— Wakanui Flat Water Supply : The recent fresh in the river caused a considerable deposit of silt at the head-works, and otherwise caused a a deviation of the water, which rendered some additional work necessary to restore _ the original supply. With the exception of pitching the channel at sluice and the erection of a small flume on River road in lieu of embankment recently washed away by overflow from river, the works of the various contracts are complete, but I observe that scarcely any of the owners have placed the requisite field crossings over the races, which are generally much cut up at these places, or are partially refilled with earth or rubbish to afford temporary access. The attention of owners to this matter is indispensable to the efficiency and proper maintenance of the races. The lengthened period in which the river has been in flood has mainly caused the delay of opening these races. I understand the balance still due by the owners in connection with this scheme is just about to be paid up, and, so far as I can see, the races can be set in operation in a very short time now. With reference to. the service required by Messrs Jameson, Brown, and others, I have gone over the district, and find that the greater part of it is already supplied from a race connecting with the Ashburton mill race, and distributed on the lines indicated on map by full red lines. The dotted lines represent the extension which would be necessary to supply Mr Jameson and those lower down, and if the owners above kept their respective lengths in proper order, I shauld say there would be water enough for alk Meantime, through inattention to those races, the water is allowed to take pretty much any course which numerous {obstruction may lead it into, and it is, I believe, with the view of having the scheme treated as a whole that the owners wish the Council to take it up. So far as I

can learn, the right to the water was obtained by a few of the owners only on sufferance, so that no permanent right exists, and the Council would probably have to consider this question of water right in the first instance. So far as work is concerned, it would not cost much to put the scheme in a fairly workable shape, but meantime I have made no detailed estimate until the Council decides on what footing the scheme is to be placed.—Rakaia Plains Water Supply : The question of fencing the upper portion of the concrete channel, near the head works, has been left in abeyance till now, but so many sheep are being drowned for want of this, that a fence there seems indispensable. The length required will be about 30 chains only, and I beg to ask the Council’s permission to get it done. _ A con- , siderable quantity of shingle was carried down the concrete channel during the recent floods, and some damage has been caused to the bottom of it, which must be restored. The works of the auxiliary water supply are now well forward. The earthwork of No. 1 contract is already completed, and the earthwork of the other contracts is well in hand. The contract for flumes is considerably behind, the contracfor urging as a reason his inability to piocure the timber long since ordered from Waimate. Tenders will be placed before you to-day for the race authorised for Mr Power and others, and which will connect with the auxiliary channel near its source. Mount Somers Water Supply: I hope to be able to get out the plans, etc., for the headworks of this scheme in time for next meeting of Council, after which tenders could be called for these works. —Rangitata Traffic Bridge ; As requested by the Council, I have prepared plans for the superstructure of this bridge extension, which I now beg to submit for the approval of the Council. I have ordered the iron caps for piles. The decking of the present bridge is now under repair.—Plantations ; Tenders will be placed before you to-day, for the fencing and ploughing of plantation blocks, for which tenders were received last year,* but which the contractor failed to carry out—Certificates : I have granted certificates for works done under the various contracts during the month of June. DAM AND WEIR OVER SOUTH ASHBURTON RIVER. It was resolved—“ That the short piling referred to by the Engineer in his report should be obtained.” WATER WANTED. Mr John Boyle wrote, asking the Council for a branch water-race through hia property near Valetta. This application, with that of others, ia referred to in Engineer’s report. It was resolved to grant Mr Boyle’s request, and, on the motion of Mr Bullock, seconded by Mr 'laylor, it was further resolved—“ That the Chairman and Messrs Winter, Jackson, and Lambie should be appointed a committee to consider applications for looplines within the County.” With regard to the application of Mr Aiken and others, alluded to by the Engineer, it was resolved—“ That the latter should be

instructed to proceed with the water-race as far as the Mount Somers railway crossing.” TINWALD DRAINAGE. With reference to the Tinwald drainage scheme (see Engineer’s report), it was resolved, on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr Bullock —“ That the Engineer should be instructed to see the proprietors concerned, and if they contribute half the cost the Council will contribute the other half. ” Ashburton bridge. Letters were read from the Borough Council and Longbeach and Upper Ashburton Road Boards, referring to the proposed widening of the Ashburton bridge approaches. The Borough Council agreed to contribute its fourth share of the cost of the work, ‘ 1 provided the share does not exceed L2O the Longbeach Road Board also agreed to give its fourth share, but the Upper Ashburton Road Board would only consent to contribute an eighth part of the cost (LSO), “ that being as much as in justice they could _ give the work being a public one, the Rangitata and Wakanui Boards, as well as those near the hills, should contribute their share.” —It was resolved, on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr Bullock—“ That the work be proceeded with at onee, and that the Chairman be empowered to accept tenders, also that another application be made to the Upper Ashburton Road Board for the balance of its share. ” WAKANUI FLAT WATER SUPPLY. The building of the field-crossing referred to by the Engineer, was left in the hands of the Chairman to arrange. mb Jameson’s application. With reference to Mr Jameson’s and others applications for water supply it was resolved that the matter be left in the hands of the Chairman. SOUTH rakaia water supply. It was resolved that the Engineer be authorised to fence and restore a concrete channel used in connection with the above supply. want looking after. It was resolved that the Chairman write to the Provincial-Rlantaticn Board at Christchurch, and inform them that the fences of plantation want looking after, as cattle get in. rangitata traffic bridge. The Engineer submitted his plans for the superstructure of this bridge, which were approved, and tenders were ordered to be called for the work, same to be advertised in the local, Wellington, Dunedin, and Christchurch papers. Tenders are to bo in by the next meeting of Council. It was further resolved that the Geraldine County Council be informed of what had been done. RATEABLE VALUE OF ROAD BOARDS. In accordance with the request of Mr McFarlaue, a return showing the rateable value of the County Road Boards was laid upon the table. It was as follows : Wakanui Road Board ... £24,836 13 0 Upper Ashburton ... 24,058 3 0 Mount Somers ... ... 22,440 15 0 Mount Hutt ... ... 28,517 18 0 South Rakaia ... ... 29,225 16 4

Rangitata 7,075 4 < Longbeach ... ••• 36,190 10 < Total £171,344 19 H i the county salbyakds. A letter was read from the Secretary t( the Ashburton A. and P. Association, en closing following resolution :—“ That, it view of the difficulty in raising monej for the enlargement of the cattle yards the Association does not see its way tc renew its lease with the County Council.’ The letter added that the lease expired ir three months’ time, and as it was important that the yards be added very con siderably before the end of the year, and as the Association was not in posse ssion and no power to borrow the funds necessary to carry out the work, the Association thought it desirable that the Council should be made aware at once of their intention not to seek a renewal of the lease. The following report, drawn up by the committee appointed by the Council to confer with the A. and P. Association re lease, was then read as follows :—The Association signifies its intention of not seeking a renewal of the existing lease. The committee therefore recommend the Council to invite tenders for lease of saleyards for a term of 14 years, on such terms as the Council may think desirable, one condition of which should be the refund to the Council of the money already expended on them.—The report was adopted as read, and it was resolved—“ That the committee already appointed be empowered to draw up conditions of lease and advertise same for next meeting.”

PLANTING COMMITTEE. The Planting Committee was authorised to accept tenders for planting, etc. KEBATE. A . letter wao rood from the South Rakaia Licensing Committee stating that the Committee resolved at its last meeting, to recommend the Council to grant a rebate of LlO on Messrs Hardy and Co. ’s (Rakaia) wholesale license, under the circumstances that the firm held a license which expired in December last, and at the March meeting were granted a fresh one, which expired in June, for which they paid L2O. They should only have been charged for the half-year. The request was granted. ACCOUNTS. The usual accounts were passed for pay. ment. LICENSING ELECTIONS. It was resolved that the members for the district be again written to re expense of annual licensing elections, and the amalgamation of the licensing districts, especially where there are no licensed houses. NOTIFICATION. Mr Lambie tabled the following notice of motion for consideration at next meeting—“ That the resolution passed re collection of rates in connection with the Ashburton Forks railway, be rescinded. ” BAILWAY CHARGES. A circular was laid on the table from the New Zealand Farmers Co-operative Association, showing the rates of freight charged on the Canterbury railways for carriage of grain and other colonial produce. The co-operation of the Council was asked in getting the said charges reduced. It was resolved —“ That the Association be assured of the Council’s co-operation, and that the member for the district be requested to support the Association’s request.” ASSISTANCE WANTED. The Chairman of the Alford Forest and Methven Libraries wrote asking for pecuniary assistance from the Council in aid of the funds of the iustitutions.

Both requests were deferred until next meeting. FOREST RANGERS. The Mount Hutt Road Board and Mount Somers Road Board wrote suggesting that their respective Surveyors should be appointed as forest rangers for their districts.—lt was resolved to communicate the suggestions to the Government. GRAIN STATISTICS. Letters from Government, the Sewyn and Akaroa County Councils were read re collection of grain statistics. The Government asked the council to define more* clearly how it proposed to get in statistics.—-Left to the Chairman to reply. hr wright’s suggestion. MrE. G. Wright, M.H.R., wrote suggesting that it would bejbetter to apply for reserves 10 chains inside along the course of* every water-race through what was now Crown land, instead of applying for reserves half a chain wide. The latter pointed out the great advantages this plan would secure. The suggestion was agreed to. THE BOUND ART ROAD. It was resolved that the Boundary road between Mount Hutt and South Rnkaia be placed under the control of the Mount Hutt Road Board. protective works wanted. Mr Sutherland and others wrote re protective works wanted at . A shburton Foorks to prevent overflow at north branch Ashburton river—Left to Chairmi^ REPAIRS. The Borough Council wrote asking County Council to pay share of certain repairs at Hospital, The Council resolved to pay its share of the cost of the work. r OVERFLOW. Mr Gould wrote re overflow of river. Secretary to forward copy of resolution passed at a previous meeting. EXTENSION OP TIME. 3dr Black was granted an extension of time to finish his contract for auxiliary water supply, north Ashburton. BRIDGE AT DOBBIN’S FORD. A tatter was read from Mr Murdoch Bruce with reference to proposed bridge at Bobbin’s Ford, and a deputation, consisting of Messrs Osborne and London, waited on the Council to point the necessity, for a bridge over Dobbin’s Ford, and to ask that tne Council’s Engineer should go and inspect proposed site, and estimate costs, etc.—The deputation was informed that Mr Baxter could not possibly be spared at present, and recommended them to apply to the Selwyn Council for the services of their Engineer. SLAUGHTERHOUSE LICENSE. A license of this kind was granted to Mr James Smith. TENDERS. Mr J. Black’s tender was accepted at la ter chain for race, and L2 15s for each ford, for water-race through Power’s and others’ property, near Springfield. GOCGB ROAD. The Mount Somers Road Board wrote asking for a grant in aid of the Gorge road. The Co moil could not entercair the application, having no funds at it: disposal REGISTRATION OF BRANDS. It was resolved that the Government b( again written to on the subject of pound keepers being compelled to keep a registe of cattle brands. iFEfITXON. A petition from Mr D. Williamson wa read re drainage at Wheatstone. Sui veyor to report. ANOTHER NOTICE OF MOTION. Mr Jackson tabled the folllowing notic ' of motion: —“ That a grant in aid be vote all the Libraries in the county, similar t that already promised to the Ashburto library. ”

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COUNTY COUNCIL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume III, Issue 680, 5 July 1882

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COUNTY COUNCIL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume III, Issue 680, 5 July 1882

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