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Public Notices. mHANKS’.- -MESSRS MITCHELL & 1 TURNER, beg to tender their sincere thanks to these friends who so kindly assisted in removing their goods from their premises during the fire on Saturday. Messrs Mitchell and Turner were a -vay from home at the time, and they feel deeply grateful for the kind assistance rendered them. 704 d N o E All ACCOUNTS DUE to the late firm of T. E. Hoddor and Co. must be paid on or before the 11th February, or proceedings will have to be reluctantly taken to recover these debts, as sufficient time has already been given. T. R. HODDER & CO, 30th Jan., 1882. 70ld jG YA REWARD.—The above reward will be given to anyone giving INFORMATION that will lead to the conviction of any person who set FIRE to my SLAUGHTERHOUSE.— R, Lancaster, Somerset Butchery. G6ld u PPER ASHBURTON DISTRICT. ROAD TARE NOTICE. The VALUATION LIST for the seve--1 ral Sub-divisions of this Road District for the year 1 82, is NOW OPEN for INSPECTION as follows at The Road Board Office, Westerfield, January 15th to January 31st County Council Office, Ashburton, February Ist to February 15th. All objections thereto must be left with the Clerk of the Assessment Court, Ashburton, on or before the 15th day of FEBRUARY, 1882, addressed to the Assessment Court, and a copy of every such objection must be left at the Rond Board Office, Westerfield, not less than Seven Days before the next sitting of the said Court. BOBT. D. PULLAR, Clerk to the Upper Ashburton Road District. January 14th,1882. 601 d OUNT SOMERS ROAD BOARD. NOTIFICATION OF VALUATION LIST. TAKE NOTICE, the Valuation List for the Mount Somers Road District for the year 1882 is now open for inspection at the Road Board Office, Mount Somers. All objections thereto must be left at the Road Board Office, Mount Somers, on or before the 15th day of February, 1882, addressed to the Assessment Court, and a copy of every such objection must be left at the Office not less than seven days before the next sitting of the said Court. C. WENTWORTH COOKSON, JtJN., Clerk to the Mount Somers Road Board. Mount Somers, Jan. 15, 1882. 5911 j£> ANGITATA ROAD DISTRICT. TAKE NOTICE. The VALUATION LIST for the Rangitata Road District for the year 1882 is now OPEN FOR INSPECTION, as follows : Mayfield, Post-office.—January 14 to January 20 Schoolhouse, Hinds.—January 21 to January 27 County Council Office, Ashburton.— January 28 to February 15. All objections thereto must be left with the Clerk of the Assessment Court, Ashburton, on or before the 15th day of February, addressed to the Assessment Court ; and a copy of every such objection must bo left at my lionee, U-'innot less than seven days before the next sitting of the said Court. JOHN C. BELL, Clerk to Rangitata Road District. Jan. IS, 1882. 583 d OUTH RAKAIA ROAD DISTRICT. s Public Notices. V, R pROPERTY TAX ACT, 1881 Notice is hereby given that the first instalment of Property Tax for the halfyear commencing Ist April, 1881, will be payable on WEDNESDAY, the 15th day of February, 1882, and the second in stalment of Property Tax for the half-year bomme 'C’.ng Ist October, 1881, in respect of property will be payable on WEDNES DAY, the Ist day of March, 1882, acid in respect of Fire, Marine, and Guarantee Premiums on MONDAY, the Ist day of May, 1882 ; and the place or places where the said tax shall be paid shall be the office of the Property Tax Com' missioner, Government Buildings, Wei lington, or any Post Office (excep Wellington) which is a Telegraph Station or Money Order Office. J. SPERREY, Property Tax Cotnmiasione Wellington, Jan. 23, 1882. lood s THING FOR REAPERS BINDERS. The Undersigned has a stock of above of good quality and at the 10 1 Market Price. FREDK. PAVITT, East street, Ashburton. ND the vest o ATEN SHEAF CH A I £3 per Ton. 69d AT THE ! ALBERT STEAM FLOUR MILLS, 590 d C U Chaff AT THE ALBERT STEAM FLOUR MILL At 10s per ton. 612 d HENRY BOWER To Let. T° LET—The HOUSE in Tan street at present occupied by Miss Callaghan, Apply, on the premises. T o L E S ;red 03d The OFFICE recently occupied Mr F. P. O’Reilly, Tancred street. Apply, ORR & CO., 675 d East stret T, by LET OR FOR SA LE. NOTIFICATION OF THE VALUATION LIST. TAKE NOTICE, the Valuation List for the South Rakaia Road District for the year 1882 is now OPEN FOR INSPECTION at the Road Board Office, South Rakaia. All Objections thereto must be left at the Road Board Office, South Rakaia, on or before the 15th day of February, 1882, addressed to the Assessment Court ; and a copy of every such objection must be left at the Road Board Office, South Rakaia, not less than seven clear days before the next sitting of the same Court. A MAKEIG, Clerk to the Road Board. Jan. 10, 1882. 625 d y' ONGBEACH ROAD DISTRICT. NOTICE—The Valuation Lists for the sub-divisions of the Longbeach Road District —namely, Wards Nos. 1,2, 3,4, and 5 are now OPEN for INSPECTION, at the Office of the Board, on the Longbeach road. All Objections thereto must be left at the Office of the Board, on the Longbeach road, on or before the 15th day of February, addressed to the Assessment Court; and a copy of every such objection must be left at the same office not less than seven days before the next sitting of the said Court. A written notice setting forth amount of valuation will be posted ci delivered to each ratepayer. | W. CUTHBERT, 647 d Clerk. T° That substantial ten-roomed HOUSE, with Stable, Coach-house, Garden, and three acres of Land, situated in Beach Road, the property of Dr Stewart. For particulars apply to FREDK. PAVITT, 680 d East street, Ashburton. (O LET-Three SHOPS and 3 _ OFFICES, in Saunders’ Buildings, lately occupied by T. R. Hodder and Co., as a Drapery and Clothing Establishment. Apply, Robert Alcorn. 143 d For Sale. FOR SALE. DEERING TWINE BINDER, with canvass elevators, just finished by Expert. Apply to Joseph Clark, East street. 691 d GOD INVESTMENT, FOR SALE—Two Acres of LAND, close to the North East Belt, Wakanui road. F. P. O’REILLY, Solicitor, 673 d Ashburton. ARQUEE ON SALE. Fors ale, a first-class MARQUEE. 33ft by 20ft, with everything complete. .Price £lO. Apply to THOS. B. SHEEN, j 659 d Tentmaker, Temuka. SALE J. T. Ford and Co. 1,200 Store Sheep. ASHBURTON COUNTY SALEYARDS. ESSRS J. T. FORD & CO. have been instructed by Messrs Irvine and Learmouth, to Sell by Public Auction, ON TUESDAY NEXT, 31st Inst., AT THE COUNTY SALEYARDS, 1,200 Really Good Breeding EWES. Thesesheep are all fresh mouthed, and have been bred on the Snowden Estate. 683 d J. T. FORD & CO., Auctioneers. FRIEDLANDER BROS., Agents. F O R OAT SHEAF CHAFF FEED OATS (SHORT) FEED OATS (LONG) BINDING WIRE JOSEPH CLAR K, Ashburton & Tinwald. 557 d B INDER W 1 R E Iff large or small quantities, and best quality, for Sale at lowest ( prices. 546 d JAMESON & ROBERT Ashbu F O B S Three ENGINES, Three COMI and Three ELEVATORS, in working order. Trial given. Api ,r. , JOSEPH; CLARK, , f “ East street 452 d Ashbt rton. of the urrent S, ton. E . INES, mplete •ly to F O R E BRIGHAM’S MOWERS & REAPERS. 314 d JAMESON & ROBERTS, Ashburton M 1 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. ESSRS J. T. FORD & CO. have been instructed by Messrs William Montgomery and Co., Limited, who have disposed of their Ashburton business, to Sell by Public Auction, on THURSDAY, 2 3 rd FEB. NEXT, The whole of their TIMBER, ALSO HORSES, TOWN CARTS, &c., &c. Full particulars in future advertisement. J, T. FORD & CO., Auctioneers. FRIEDLANDER BROS., 672 d Agents. Matson, Cox, and Co. Matson, Cox, & Co. LAND, STOCK, AND ESTATE AGENTS. LOANS NEGOTIATED at Lowest Rates and on most favorable terms. WOOL, GRAIN, SEED, AND GENERAL MERCHANTS. T O STOCK OWNERS, FARMERS AND OTHERS, IN THE COUNTY OF ASHBURTON. We beg to announce that we have COMMENCED BUSINESS AT ASHBURTON, AS AUCTIONEERS & COMMERCIAL AGENTS, For the Sale of STATIONS, FARMS, LIVE AND DEAD STOCK, PRODUCE, &c. We have arranged with ' Messrs Frikdlakder Bros, to receive entries, and to make arrangements for sales on our account in the Ashburton District. Our experience in all classes of Farm and Station Properties, Stock, Produce, &c., and our intimate knowledge of the markets in the chief centres of New Zealand, combined with the close acquaintance with the requirements of the district of Messrs Freidlander Bros., who will carry out the arrangements for sales, is a guarantee that the business entrusted to our care will be well and promptly attended to. J. T. Ford and Co., AUCTIONEERS, Christchurch, Timaru, and Ashburton. WITH reference to the above, our name is a sufficient guarantee that any business entrusted to our care will receive every possible attention. FRIEDLANDER BROS., Merchants. May 23. 1881. 880 a T, Bullock. T. Bullock, UCTIONEER, ESTATE AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, EAST STREET, AND AT THE BAZAAR, BURNETT STREET, Ashburton. F A O R S E F F Second-hand String and Wire REAPER and BINDER, by Walter A. Wood. T. BULLOCK. OR SALE, Cheap, a capital American Buggy. T. BULLOCK. OR SALE, CHEAP. A Buckeye MOWING MACHINE, suitable for cutting grass or grain. T. BULLOCK. Y. M o N E L 2,000 TO LEND, in one sum, on freehold security, at lowest current rates ; also,Ll,ooo on first-class freehold security, in sums to su borrowers. T. BULLOCK. TO LET. —Stable and Loose-boxes opposite the County Saleyards. Also, Dwelling-house, together with paddock, lately in the occupation of Mr Peter Good. These stables being situated close to the Saleyards affords a good opening for a person to cake in horses to bait. The loose-boxes are suitable for entire horses during the season. Apply at once. T. BULLOCK. We have have now on hand FOR SALE— Woolpacks Cornsacks Castor Oil Fencing Wire (7, 8, 9,*lo)|j Barbed Spiked Wire? Stakes Posts Rails Staples Turnip Seeds of all desc tions Clover Seeds do Timothy Cocksfoot Rye Grass Mangolds Potatoes Teas in boxes and OATS, BRAN, CHAFF. &c., *&c. AGRICULTURAL MACHINERYREAPERS AND BINDERS, &c. We are now prepared to purchase WOOL in large or small quantities, or ship same to the Melbourne or home markets, or to sell at the forthcoming Wool Sales in Christchurch, and to make LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES When, in’Our Stores. FORTNIGHTLY SALES OF STOCK Will be held at ASHBURTON AND TINWALD ALTERNATELY. NEXT SALE at ASHBURTON YARDS On TUESDAY, JANUARY 31. Agents for Royse, Stead, and Co. Agents for Robey, s Threshing Machines. MATSOIi, COX, # GO. 35d W. H. Gundry. Public Gomiianies. Scottish imperial insurance co. Capital £1,000,000. Head Office. 151, West George street. Glasgow. General Manager : W. W r . W. Reid NEW ZEALAND BRANCH :] J. STUART REID, General Agent, Wellington. Having been appointed AGENTS for the Ashburton District for the above Company, we are now! prepared Jo accent risks at lowest current rates. ; TUCKER & RESTELL, 248 d Agents for Ashburton. TVTORTH BRITISH & MERCANTILE INSURANCE COMPANY, Capital ... ... £2,000,000, Are now prepared to effect Insurances on Growing Crops and Threshing Machinery. POYNTZi & CO., * Age.its, 424 d j Ashburton BRITISH AND MERCANTILE INSURANCIiI COMPANY. I Established 1809. Subscribed Capital Fire Fund Life Fund... Premiums for 1880 £2,000,000 1,201,243 3,380,10? 951,173 Ashburton Agency: POYNTZ AND CO. East street. 774 c Gazette in Bankruptcy. ip v. jy^OTICE —The Ashburton Guardian is a Gazette for all D.otices under the Debtors and Creditors /rtf Business Notices. jyjj" OTI C E TO FARMERS. ROUNTREE, BRO\’?N & CQ., beg to inform the Farming community that they are CASH BUYERS of FARM PRODUCE, and having first class storage accommodation, they are j now prepared to receive consignments df Produce j either for sale privately, or bjf auction,'or for Shipment in the Home ' Market. Liberal CASH ADVANCES ‘will be made on Produce placed in their! hands fo;: absolute sale or shipment. ;Sacks supplied. All consignments will be entered on arrival at their Stores. i Agents in all principal towns In New Zealand and neighboring colonies. Terms very liberal. ROUNTREE, BROWN & CO., Grain and Produce Merchants, and Auctioneers, Next Tattersall’s, Cashel street. 693 d Business Notices M ETHVEN LIVERY STABLES. John O’Gorman ha' ing just taken the LIVERY and BAIT S TABLES in connection with Mr Patton’s Hotel, is in a position to let Horses ; tnd Buggies out at reasonable charges. P :easure parties from Christchurch or Ashburton, supplied with conveyances at the shortest notice. W. H. GUNDRY, Estate & station agent, LICENSED LAND BROKER AND GENERAL MERCHANT, EAST STREET, ASHBURTON, HAS ON SALE— Fencing Wire, Nos. 7,8, and 9, Posts and Rails, Stakes Turnip, Clover, and Gorse Seeds Station and Farm Stores Boiled and Raw Oil Raddle Lampblack, &c., &c. COAL AND FIREWOOD. Whisky ~j Brandy Port r"® est Brands Sherry } Claret J Lager Beer in Bottle Agent for Joel’s Celebrated Beer, in bulk and bottle. Agent for AUSTRALIAN MUTUAL PROVIDENT SOCIETY. STANDARD FIRE & MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY. STANDARD PROPERTY INVESTMENT SOCIETY. 681 d JOHN O’GORMAN, Methven. F o R S E. FOR SALE.—HaIf-acre Section facing the North Town Belt. Good site for private residence. T. BULLOCK. Lot 81, North West Belt, containing J-acre, with good four-roomed cottage thereon. For particulars apply to W. H. GUNDRY. F O R S E, Section 58, Tinwald, adjoining Messrs Jones and Bradshaw’s grain store. This Westerfield Mill IS NOW IN FULL!WORK. Farmers bringing their Grist to mill can be accommodated all night, and hilve their Grist ready to return the following morning. : | A Night-Miller kept. . Cash Buyer of Grain. WANTED—Ten thousand bushels new FEED OATS, to b® deliveied at any Railway Station. ! Apply to JAMES CLARK, 678 d Proprietor Westerfield Mill. NEW INDUSTRY. A S P H A |L T 1 N G. JAMES BRADLEY is prepared to take orders for ASPjHALTING at very moderate rates. All orders to be loijt at the Works, Park street. | All work kept hi repair for twelv« months. 350( RELIMINARY N OTICE I, JAMES 0. DUjNCAN (late Accoun tant, Union Bank), Itake the liberty of in forming the inhabitants of Ashburton an surrounding district! that I have started business as a Get oral COMMISSION AGENT, &c., in [ the premises lately occupied by Mr Joseph Ivess, auctionee Burnett street ; and in doing so be to say that I shsjll feel glad of support that may b(|i accorded to me, ar CHE NEW Glut MY ESTABLISHMENT, A Si! DUP.TON. [ONEY SAVED IS MONEY GAINED. Andrew Orr I (as much pleasure in informing the pub lie that he has OPENED those premises lately occupied by Mr John Fowler, Tancred street, as a GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT. A.O. would state that his object in arting this New Branch of Business, is > enable his Drapery Customers to have e very article required for a household from one ' establishment, withoht the necessity of opening several accounts. Families waited upon weekly for o rders. I It is needless to quote prices, as every ajrticle will be of the best quality, and at Cash prices. A tHal respectfully solicited. Goqd BUTTER and EGGS purchased in any quantity. ANDREW ORB, East street, Ashburton. The Cheap Drapery Sale still going on, aji the premises East street, (next Union Bank). 957 c N O MORE DIARRHCEA OR DYSENTRY. MONK’S Herbal Extract 3 now acknowledged to be. the only cure >r the above diseases. This is a time of ear when all are liable to be suddenly sized with one or other of these terrible smplaints. >on’t let your children die, but purchase MONK’S HERBAL EXTRACT. Small Bottles Large... ... 2s Ashburton Agent—--578d J. M. CAMBRIDGE. S. W. Alcorn’s NEW DRAPERY STORE. OPENING.ANNOUNCEMENT. GOOD NEWS FOR THE PEOPLE OF ASHBURTON. WONDERFUL CHEAP PURCHASE OF THE ’ STOCK OF DRAPERY OF MESSRS JACOB JOSEPH AND CQ., Wholesale Warehousemen, of Wellington, Amounts to nearly L 4,000 wholesale price, purchased for less than LI,OOO. IMMENSE BARGAINS. IMMENSE BARGAINS. IN announcing to the public of Ashburton and surrounding districts the op ’ling of my new premises in East street as » first-class GENERAL DRAPERY, CLOTHING, and BOOT STORE, and in soliciting a liberal share of support, 1 have to state that >t is my intention to keep a thoroughly Wwll-assorted stock in every department, embracing the newest styles, at strictly moderate prices. JACOB JOSEPH’S STOCK, Bought at 73| per cent, discount. I consider it exceedingly fortunate for Ashburtonians as well as for myself that I am in the position to state that I have purchased the Drapery ,Stock of the above firm, amounting Id L 4,000, at Wholesale Price, at a discount of 73| per cent, tn landed cost, and will thus be able to sell all these Goods at LESS THAN HALF PRICE, and still have a good profit. Amongst this Stock there is a large quantity of all sorts of Infants’ Underclothing, Girls’ Night Dresses and Chemises (plain, frilled, and trimmed), which will be sold at about the price of the material, so that ladies will be saved the labor and expense of making. The following are a few of the articles from the Stock of Jacob Joseph and Co., and their reduced prices;— Boys’ New Dux Collars, red iced to 4d per box Men’s Moulded West End Collars, sizes 14 and 14£, reduced to 4d Men’s Oxonian Collars, all sizes, 4d Men’s new Dux Harvard Collars, all sizes, 5d per box Men’s Felt Hats, regular price 7s 6d, reduced to 3s 6d Men’s Drab and Felt Yankee Hats, regular price 15s, reduced to 7s 6d 72 doz. Men’s Printed Border Pockets, finest quality, regular price Is, reduced to fid , 37 doz. Men’s Chintz Silk Pockets, regular price 4s and 4s fid, reduced to 2s and 2s fid 100 doz. Men’s Lambswool Drawers, reduced to less than wholesale price 29 doz. Men’s Lambswool Undershirts, reduced to English cost 43 doz. Puggarees, regular price Is and 2s, reduced to fid and Is Boys’ and Men’s Leather and Elastic Belts, at less than half-price 65 doz. Colored Gossamer Falls, regular price 3s fid and 4s, reduced to Is fid and 2s Lace Falls, Crape Falls, Crape Sets, &c., at loss than the usual price Poyntz and Co. ALTER A. TWINE W O O D’ W Binder & HarveSfißr sft. fiin. and oft. Tin. Out. u.nq OS* Eight of the world’s highest prices were awarded to W. A. Wood’s! Harveatng Machine. ! Special First at the Melbourne Exhibition. The competitors of the “Wood," being dissatisfied with their defeat at ifhe trial, appealed to the Commissioners/of the Exhibition for another trial. .This being granted, a second trial was December 23 last, at Rochester, Australis, when their Machine was again ’ victorious, competing against the McCormick, Osborne, and Deering Twine Binders. . , POYNTZ & CO., ! 'Y: Agents; Messrs poyntz & co. wish to draw special attention to their 1: tievised list of properties, viz., FARMS : 0 300 acres, close to Wakanui creek, well improved, part in crop, balance in English grass. •; /■ j 397 acres, R.S. 26616 and 26655 ; : well watered and close to the, Railway Station. 532 acres, R. S. 27192, 27194 ; ; part i wheat, balance in tussocks. 117 acres, Wakanui, R. S. 28239; to be sold on very reasonable terms. : ' - . W 78£ acres, Wakanui creek ; suitable for a dairy farm. 479 acres, R.S. 34036, and others all in native. •; 564 acres, R.S. 27493 and 27494, capr sheep farm good improvements. 250 acres, K.S. 28111, 28112, partly in crop. j YTO 360 acres, at Waterton, all in crOp&funW • ‘ / /lira 1200 acres, R.S. 25413, and other splehedd sheep farms; exceptionally '.good improvements. •■uirjiioiT 220 acres, R.S. 32367 and 32356, iu/native TOWN SECTIONS : Y T.S. 118, 119, near Messrs Cuhnjhgham’a grain store. : j, J ( - T. S. 465, 466, 467, Tancred street, jT.S. 1011, 1012, 1013, Cox and ! Walker streets. T.S. 822, 828, 818, 689. 675, 518, 316. T.S. 742, 743. - HOUSE PROPERTIES : A seven-roomed, overlooking the Domain within two minutes walk .of the centre of the town and Railway Station, well fenced, and i tastefully laid out. • A four-roomoAliouge in Burnett;street. A five-roomed house in Tancred street. Two well-built four-roomed houses in Peter street. SUBURBAN PROPERTIES ; 3 acres of land, in Walsh’s paddock,''well fenced. . hui: -i:h "jo Several sections on the Alford' Forest road, suitable for building A ten-roomed house, with two acres of land, having long frontage, dn the Wakanui road. ; 1i,:3 Two four-roomed houses, on East' Tdim Belt. . :. v ■'! 4 A five-roomed house on back East Bell.* ■ .. ‘ A good four-roomed house near tlje^as Works. : f 02 01 POYNTZ & CO. Agents, *■ FO R S l ' E. ■ .... bill'; ,ilisß Two good Second-hand SAMUELS©N REAPERS. POYNTZ & CO. F 0 R S A L; -j E . A Strong WAGON, suitable for grain carting. POYNTZ & CO.

TpHE LARGEST REAPER AND ~ BINDER TRIAL ever held in the world. TWELVE MACHINES COMPETING. The Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association. HIGHEST HONORS (GOLD MEDAL) AWARDED TO TUB Walter A. Wood REAPER & TWINE BINDER. At the Reaper and Binder Trial held at Fendaltown, Thursday, January 19, 1882, on the Farm of Wm. Boag, Esq., at which all the leading American and English Machines competed, the WALTER A. WOOD REAPER AND TWINE BINDER Was Awarded the Association’s HIGHEST HONORS (GOLD MEDAL) By the unanimous decision of Eight Competent Judges. In every Trial in which the Wood Machines competed season 1880-1881 it won first honors. Special Prize—Moonee Poncls, Nov. 29, 1880. Special Prize—Rochester, Victoria, Dec. 23, 188 C. Gold Medal—Sandhurst, Victoria, Dec. 9, 1880. Gold Medal Oamaru, Jan. 21, 1881; Beating the McCormick in every instance. POYNTZ & CO., I' . ■ -e; ... . Agents n , WOOD, SHAND & CO., ! Bnlft Acrßnt.H for New Zealand. F o R Rural Section 28403 —705 a Rural Section 28404—95 a 28r Rural Section 28405 —103 a 1r Rural Section 28406—387 a2r Rural Section 28407—234 a3i 3p 20n 10p All the above can be had as one compact Farm —is nearly all laid -down in English grass, and well fenced, with plenty of water. A pply j 213 d MATSON, COX & CO Educational. H A S W E L L HO LADIES’ SCHO Peter street, Ashburt USE O L, ON. MRS WOOD will be prepared to receive her Pupils on TUESDAY 1 , the 31st inst. CBsd MRS J. QUINN begs to announce that she is prepared to RECEIVE PUPILS to instruct in Instrumental Music and Ornamental Needlework. Terms on application. Cameron streot, Ashburton. 553 d i ADI ES’ SCHOOL. Hereford street, East Chris tchurch. F o R S A E. Five or Ten Acres GRASS LAND, together with a Dwelling-House of 6 Rooms, situated about one mile from the Town Bolt North. _ T. BULLOCK. T O E T HOUSE in Tancred street, now in occupation of Mr L. Friedlander. Immediate possession can be given. Apply to T. BULLOCK. F O R E Lot 37, half-acre, Hampstead, part of R.S. 7767. T. BULLOCK. ~0 FARM E R S'. FOR SALE. A Second-hand McCORMICK WIRE REAPER & BINDER. T. BULLOCK T MRS HARDY JOHNSTON is prepared to receive a limited number of young ladies (boarders and day pupils) who require superior educational advantages, based upon the best i rodern system. Mrs Johnston is assisted by experienced English and Foreign Governesses. Prospectuses and full particulars ■HI! %piplicationi , > L, : References kindly permitted ~to His ,Honor Mr Justice iJohnstop,jßey. ]E. M. Lingard Rev. J. Elmslie, Re&ul&fiL A. Watson and Rev. W. A. Pascoe. 334 c Tenders. T ENDER FOR OFFICE. Wanted TENDERS for the ERECTION of OFFICE and STABLE for the Rangitata Road Board, to be sent in to the Undersigned by noon on Saturday, Feb. 4. Plans and specifi cations can be seen at the County Council Office, Ashburton. J. C. BELL, 587 d Ashburton. is one of the best sites in Tinwald, either for a shop or grain store, having good frontage to the railway line and being so close to the station. Also, section 133, Tinwald, next to the Temperance Hall, Graham street. F W. H. GUNDRY. F o R S E. Quarter-acre Section, No. 91, Bullock’s Block, East Town Belt. Cheap. Terms easy. W. H. GUNDRY, O N E Y TO LEND. M , t . On approved Freehold security in various sums, at lowest current rates. Apply to W. H. Gundry, LICENSED LAND BROKER (under the Lana Transfer Act.) 478 a Barristers, Solicitors, &c. Branson & Burnell, rjARRISTERS AND SOLICITORS EAST STREET. 46a WANTED KNOWN—If you want to Grow a splendid crop of Turnips, Purchase some of Mayo’s Bonedust. r-Addreaa F. Mayo, Hanjstead MillsQKM B can assure those 'ivho may deem it expedient to entrusLany matter to my cap of being honorably and uprightly dealt with, and at all jimes of receiving niy best attention. • I | J. 0. DUNCAN, j , Agent for Acl and, Campbell and Co., Auctioneers, Christchurch. Entries c be made with me for sales at Ashburt and Tinwald, and I am also, prepared arrange for Special or Countyl Sales. Money to Lend on approved Freeh Security, in sums from £SO tp £5,000, lowest current rates. ’ 64 C. W. Ireland, ARRISTER AND SOLICITOR, Saunders’ Buildings, Ashburton. 8a BONES. —Wanted Known, that Mr F. Mayo, is a Cash Purchaser of Bones in any quantity, at £3 per ton. Address, F. MA r o, Hampstead Bone Mills. 8340 M ARS H ALL’S THRESHL MACHINERY. to NG Awarded First Prize at Christchurc’ Show, 9th Nov. last. Sets or Combines seperately, with later improvements, For Sale at low prices by CHRYSTALL & CO., 586 d Christchurch Sole Agents. R E-COMMENCEMENT BUSINESS. OF his the orn pre the The undersigned begs to notify to numerous customers that he has taken Shop lately occupied by S. W. Ale in Wills street,! adjoining . the old mises, where ;he will carry on SADDLERY BUSINESS as heretofore. Jamies Tait, i SADDLER & HARNESS MAKER, Saunders’ Buildings, Wills street. 266 d Railway tariff. Copies lot the New Scaleof Fares and Charges on the New Zealand Railways can now £e -» _j /\fl? __ iLIJt'AWAM u -’ 10d, reduced to 3d and 4d. 75 doa Infants’ Stay Bands, regular price 9d to Is 6d, now 4-id to 10c! 39 doz. . Infants’ Frock Bodies, regula price 2s 6d to 4s 6d, now Is to 2s 3d 65 Colored Lama Long, Shawls, regular price 19s fid and 255, now 11s fid and 13s 6d 400 yards Wools Beigees, usual price Is 4d and Is fid, reduced to Is 590 yards All-wool French Dress Stuff, new shades, usual price 2s 9d, re duced to Is 9d New Prints, new Hollands, at great reductions on account of removal of duty New Sheeting, new Calicoes, new Shirting, at low prices, duty off. to general storekeepers, tailors. dressmakers and cabinetmakers. Amongst this Cheap Stock of Jacob Joseph and Co.’s, there is a large quantity of Braids of all kinds, Hooks and Eyes (black and white), Piping Cord, Stay Tape, Braids and Gimps, Trouser Buttons, Vest Buckles, Coat and Vest and Dress Buttons, Dress Preservers, Chair Gimps, Curtain Lace, Blind Tassels, Silk Furniture Cords, &c., which will be sold wholesale at leas than English cost price. SPECIAL NOTICE TO THE LADIES. Dressmaking. I have the pleasure to inform the Ladies that I have secured the services of a firstclass Dressmaker from Wellington, noted for Perfection of Fit combined with great taste and style. Operations in the Dress-m-lDepartment will commence on ALiiiday,'' the 12th inst., and orders can now be taken in the shop. To prevent disappointment, Materials purchased on the premises only will be made up. S. W. ALCORN, i East street, Ashburton, O R S A A 9-tined Colman’s Patent TOR, in good order. L E . CulTjlJTa POYNTZ & CO. For s a Two second-hand McCormick’s’Readers and Binders, . j ’ ! ALSO, ’‘ ’ One Deering Twine Reaper and Binder, POYNTZ & GOk mHE UNDERSIGNED have L £3,000 to invest on freehold security in sums to suit borrowers, at currentrates of interest '" dl ia :^3 Poyntz and Co. a a b AGENTS | " : ; 'CC ASHBUR r ' lsloA oStfi ■; -1 fajliuda JL

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 2, Ashburton Guardian, Volume III, Issue 547, 30 January 1882

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 2 Ashburton Guardian, Volume III, Issue 547, 30 January 1882

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