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The ordinary monthly meeting of the above was held to-day. Present—Mr W. C. Walker (Chairman), and Messrs T. Bullock, J. Jackson, J. Lambie and J. Cameron.

chairman’s statement. The Chairman made the following statement :—ln accordance with your instructions I have called for tenders for fluming over North and South Hinds, and accepted Messrs, Dunlop and Eurneaux’s tender for 1i1,380. Machon, who was the lowest tenderer, omitted to send in another deposit with his fresh tender ; I therefore felt unable to consider his tender, and decided to accept the next lowest. A telegram from the Treasury, Wellington, stating the amount of subsidy to be paid to this Council has been received, and will be placed before you today, but the sum appears to me altogether inadequate to the amount the Council should receive, besides, a certain proportion has been kept back on account of charitable aid and hospital expenditure. The contracts for the hospital maintenance' arid the agreement with tire surgeon having expired, it will be a part of your business to-day to consider the question of fresh arrangements for the maintenance of that institution and the employment of a Hospital Surgeon, and at the same time to take under your consideration the matter of the Borough contributing their share towards that expense. You will observe that the auditor has audited the accounts for the six months ended Sept. 30., 1881, with theexception of the item of Ll5O towards the Industrial Exhibition. A letter from him on that subject will be placed before you to-day. The Council will be glad to learn that, on the motion of Mr Wright, a resolution approving the propriety of the Council being represented on the Lyttelton Harbor Board has been carried at a meeting of the Harbor Board. The Assistant-Engineer, working railways, reports that the Ashburton bridge will be closed against all traffic between the hours of 8.30 p.m. of the Bth inst., and 6; 30 a.m. of the 9th inst. for repairs, etc.

ENGINEER S REPORT. This report was read as follows : Water Supply, Ashburton and Rakaia Plains.—The E line of water race, which has its source at. Mount Harding, was opened three weeks ago, and has continued to run satisfactorily from its upper end for a distance of about twenty miles, but the percolation towards the lower end of the race proved greater than might have been anticipated, and the water has not yet reached the teiminal point at Harrison’s, but covers about 30 miles out of the 32 miles of race constructed, so that it may be expected at the end within a week. I have carefully staked out the entire length of supplementary channels marked El and E2 on plan, the former measuring 23 miles and the latter 10 miles in length. I have taken levels over the greater part of the distance between Barrhill and Rakaia, with the object of fixing precisely the routes which will be most serviceable for the various holdings. I beg to state that the E2 line, which is situated below the terrace, is objectionable on account of the porous nature of the soil and subsoil, and from the undulating ground and liability to damage from flood' water, and I should recommend the postponing the work on that line for the present. The expense of formation and culverts would be very considerable, while the permanent source of supply from both this and the line Ei has yet to be determined. In connection with this question, in accordance with instructions received from the Council, I examined the district through which Gunn’s Creek passes, and find that an adequate supply could not be depended on from that source alone ; but it cculd very easily be augumented from a much larger and continually running stream nearer Mount Hutt, which passes through Mr Coster’s and Mr Aynsley’s properties and discharges into the Rakaia. In this way an auxiliary supply could be obtained at a nominal cost, sufficient to ensure the supplementary services required on the Rakaia side of the plains. I understand, however, that some of the proprietors interested in these creeks are averse to any of the water being taken, and there does not seem any other adequate supply available short of the Ashburton river. Mr Mulligan has started the work of extending the D and E races in forked lines towards the sea, and Messrs Dunlop and Furneaux are engaged on the E line in the Acton district. With reference to the •

E line, several of the settlers wish the junction to be formed about three miles higher up than that shown on plan leading in the direction indicated by red line on plan, and so on towards the Chertsey race. I am of opinion that that portion of the proposed deviation towards the Chertsey race ought not to be permitted, as it would afford a very unequal service, and is, besides, unapproachable over part of the line proposed, and should this Council authorise any extension I would beg to suggest that it be as shown by red line. The extension of the Dromore and other races will be commenced as soon as the contractor finishes the works on which he is now engaged south of the Ashburton river. The Chertsey races and test channel are now running freely to the end, but the Dromore and Fairfield races (especially the latter) are still proving pervious in several places after crossing the railway, and the extension of these will be of comparatively small benefit till the present amount of percolation abates. Ashburton-Rangitata Water Supply.—The races between Ashburton and Hinds rivers are progressing satisfactorily. A length of upwards of twenty miles is already formed, and the working culverts, fords, tanks, etc , in that district are also in an advanced state. The head works at South Ashburton river are in progress and are likely to be pushed forward rapidly during the present suitable weather. Between the Hinds and Rangitata thirty miles of races have been executed, end the culverts, fords, etc., a e also in a forward state. Since last meeting 1 taken levels over a_ considerable portion of Westerfield race, which is now in progress, and found that in order to mve the service contemplated it u ill be nec; ssary to have a loop line of about two and a half miles in length from the upper end of R. S. 2896 S downwards. This will involve only a small additional cost, as no more culverts will be necessary than on the single line.

Hinds River Imorovement. —The contractors for this work, have shifted upwards of 25,000 cubic yards of earthwork during the month,' and are making strenuous efforts to have their contracts completed before harvest, but even at the present rate of progress (hey will not accomplish this. Upper Rangitala Traffic Bri Ige.—During the month the workmen have been engaged driving piles and removing the old concrete wall at the end of present bridge. Four piers only require now to be driven. New Water Supply.—-With reference to the increased demand for additional water services from various quarters, 1 beg to state that the works already executed and under contract, with the addition of those recently authorised, will considerably exceed the sums voteu for the supplies of the respective districts, and any fresh contracts could not be well undertaken now until after harvest, except at exorbitant prices; indeed there is such a large extent elwater races and relative works still remaining to be done under existing contracts that I cannot see how these are to be efficiently completed before harvest. Be water supply, Rakaia plains, a motion, proposed by Mr Jackson, and seconded by Mr Bullock, was carried as f olio ws-t-‘‘-That the Engineer bo instructed to visit and report 6n the North

Ashburton at a point about two miles below Pudding Hill bridge, as a source of further subsidising the present water. : Supply of Ashburton and Rakaia plains. —lt was resolved that the Engineer’s proposal, re E line be adopted. Rangitata Plains water supply.—The Engineer’s proposal, re loop line at Westerneld, was approved. Hinds river improvement.—Resolved, application be made to the proprietors interested for the amount, L6BO, their share of expense. RANGITATA PLAINS WATER SUPPLY. Two petitions from Mr Harris and others, and from H. J. Jones and others, re continuation of water races were read, and Messrs Martin, M'Lean and others waited upon the Council re the same subject. The deputation having explained their views with reference to the above, withdrew, and Mr Bullock proposed, Mr Lambie seconded, and it was carried—- ‘ ‘ That the petitions be received, and the Engineer be instructed to report on the continuation of the race at the next meet-

ing.” WATER SUPPLY RAKAIA PLAINS. Mr Walker, as Chairman of the Committee, re extension of water races, read the Committee’s report, which embodied the following resolution—“ That thoraces should be extended as marked in the maps, and that the Engineer should lay the extension off as nearly as possible in accordance with the lines as marked by the Committee. ” —The report was adopted.

NOTICES OF MOTION. Mr Jackson read two notices of motion re storm-water, Highbank, as follows ; “ That the County Council undertake and contribute a sum of money towards the work of diverting the storm-water at Highbank, as proposed by the Mount Hutt and Rakaia Road Boards, provided such scheme is approved by the Engineer County Council: and provided the above Road Boards agree to pay balance in proportion to area of land benefitted in each district. Such proportion to be ascertained by the Chairman of the said Road Boards and Chairman of the County Council. ” —Carried. The Council allowed Mr Bullock to move Mr Grigg’s notice of motion, viz.- “ That in pursuance of a resolution of this Council, that reserves vested in the Council other than gravel reserves, shall be let by tender, and that the following committee draw up terms and conditions of the leases :—The Chairman, Messrs Wright, Winter, and Bullock; and that a survey of the several reserves be made by some competent persons, and this report be laid before the Council at its first meeting in January, 1882.” The motion was seconded by Mr Cameron and carried. FORFEITED. ’■ _ It was resolved that Machon’s deposit on contract be forfeited, owing to informality on the part of the tenderer. ACCOUNTS. The usual accounts were passed for payment. APPROVED. It was resolved that a proposal of the Engineer’s, re alteration D.linp, Chertsey, be approved, provided the persons interested bear additional cost of culverts. WATER. Mr E. Chapman wrote re distribution of i water’ from Pudding Hill through channels for supply of plains lower down, that no provision had been made for the country southwards of the Alford Forest and Mount Hutt road, extending several miles back from the road running up the Ashburton River.—Referred to Engineer to i-eport. Mr Grigg, Longbeach, wrote that some settlers below Tiriwald, who waited on the Council two months since and were promised certain work in connection with a creek on Mr McLean’s land from which they should receive a constant supply of water on their farms, now complained that through a mistake they had been de-

prived of this water altogether. The writer further stated that he had been given to understand that the mistake could readily be remedied, and at little or no cost.—Mr Bullock proposed, Mr Jackson seconded, and it was carried—“ That the Engineer be instructed to carry out the necessary, work after seeing the Road Board on the subject. WAKANUI WATER SUPPLY. Mr H. Friedlander telegraphed from Auckland that the amount, as per Council’s resolution, having been subscribed, he wished the Council to instruct the Engineer to accompany him over the proposed water races on his return, as a few land-holders desired some extensive alterations made, and as soon as others were arranged to call for tenders without delay. Mr Fooks wrote, in the absence of Mr; Friedlander, asking for instructions to be given to commence the water supply work for Wakanui fiat.; Llls 19s lOd had been collected to date from tho settlers and the balance would be paid shortly. The settlers along the Main Beach Road had contributed their several amounts, and desired that the necessary headworks and race along that road he started at once,' for if longer delayed it would be of little practical use to them until-next sum-

mor.—On Mr Bullock’s motion, seconded by Mr Lambie, it was resolved—“ That the Chairman be instructed to advertise and let the works as soon as the whole of the money shall have been collected.” carter's creek. The Longbeach Road Board wrote re widening of above, and offering to pay half the cost of same. —Deferred until after harvest. From the same re straightening old Ford’s Creek.—Referred to Engineer. RANGITATA TRAFFIC BRIDGE. The Engineer reported that 1 out of 15 of the last lot of piles driven had been broken, but otherwise the work was proceeding satisfactorily. RACE NO. 3. Mr J. H. Twentyman wrote regarding deviation of water race No. 3.—lt was resolved to state that the question could not be disposed of until some further details had been gone into. Meanwhile the race from Limestone Creek had been staked out so as to pass through the centre of Mr Twentyman’s land and within a short distance of his homestead. A NURSERY AT THE DOMAIN.

Ic was resolved, on the motion of Mr W'aiker, secon’ded by Mr Bullock—“ That LSO be (.'ranted to the Domain Board for the purpose of establishing a nursery for trees, etc.” RAKAIA-FORKS RAILWAY. It was resolved with reference to a communication from Government respecting the above—“ That the Council does not see its way to using County funds in the raising of a district railway rate.” THE RANGITAI’A TRAFFIC BRIDGE. It was resolved that the Government be asked to.deduct L 32 2s, together with LlO6 Is sd, from the Geraldine County Council, in order to simplify accounts. NORTH CANTERBURY BOARD OF EDUCATION.

A letter was read from the above, applying to the Council for its concurrence to the transfer of part of R S. 1440 to the Board for the purpose of a school site. It was resolved that the matter be referred to Wakanui Road Board, and, if agreeable, that the suggestion be recommended. CJRA.VRL reserves. It was resolved that the solicitors to the Council be asked whether the Council can let gravel pits vested in it, for say ten years. FINANCE. The balance-sheet for six months ending Sept. 30, 1881, duly audited, was laid on the table. A CLAIM. The Wakanui Road Board sent in a claim for 255, expenses incurred in getting up a memorial re rail way tariff, said 25s being an eighth share of the expenses which,. the BoarcJ: ought to b 9 de%; . 1 mi; J " ■•-■■■■■■

frayed by the several Road Boards and' the County and Borough Councils. The Council refused to entertain the application. ANOTHER DEPUTATION. Messrs Helmore and Alexander waited upon the Council re diversion of water race (South Rakaia Plains). The Council said it would consider the application. With respect to Mr Helmore’a application re diversion of race, Rangitata plains, the Council said it was left with the Engineer to arrange. SUBSIDIES. A letter from Government re subsidy, was read, and stated that the Gbyemmsent did not contemplate this money' going for the Hospital maintenance. Wnat 'was granted wastha, a provision waa made for a payment to the committee, of manige’’— ment of Local Charitable Institutions.^

TREASURER. - Mr W. O. Walker waa appointed Treasurer. . CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. It was resolved that the officej;be closed from 24th December to 3rd January, same*; ■ , to be advertised. HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE. . r .... , Mr E. G. Wright, the Chairman,, and' Mr Cameron were appointed a committee to interview the Borough Council re maintenance of Hospital.

HIGH SCHOOL BOARD. : I Messrs Walker and Jackson, it was" rer solved should be nominated on the High School Board." The Council then adjourned.

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COUNTY COUNCIL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume III, Issue 502, 7 December 1881

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COUNTY COUNCIL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume III, Issue 502, 7 December 1881

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