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; ; .Mr,, Bo.wron ifieliyered’ Jas t OTepijw, lecture on cheese and better; the Town Hall; last*eyemhg,• • satiafaptoryattpndance., , ‘ 'V ‘ ' Mr Joaeph Clarie the-chair, and in afewworda to tbe meeting. ■ T .q rx .rj *•»» . Mrßowrbn, after x rieferrrog to nia long and varied experiencecf.cheeaeand butter making, buying, and selHnjf in the iGputinentuf ißurppe,,,.aM.r-A&erl&, said he proposed that a feiyjnotes which, berbad .put, on the subject. After he. had, 'finMiedj if persons present - wouldr liketp, .question him on what. they would hear ' .He be most happy to, reply to tbern'to thebest of his ability. He then —The prospectus which your Conlmittee have issued inviting public ndropersfibn in this laudable enterpriseiboflymtes" me that the first. difficult in ndbnedtibn with -this factory-systPm of 'cbeese T ifnalapg is passed, that wise;counsels that you are determined ;tb, sbgiw the titdid and the fearful what Can'pe i d o ue,7. , J. can - assure you you with great-pleasure, eybfjthing that I can do to assist you in enterprise to a- suoce«rful,,issiie 'shtdl'm>t be wanting on my part. , beautiful climate, the prolific vegetation, and the, : dairy produce which, T have recently inspected—convinces me that providence has been exceedingly bind! to ybii. The materials for- a . perennial of wealth, spring spontaneously, over hillkand vales, and round your and now it only remains, if or you to utilise every blade of grass, and turpi --it ,-ipto solid, gold. The bbeese iny estimation, must pccupythefirst*, position among the articles of .produce for export. :: 'Now we, wiltlooli pt the.advantageS;Connectediwith,tbefactory system ,of cheese-making, , aa compared with the separate dairy system at. present in-yogueijr Let; us , take ,separate cheese. dairies, and l.’will say that you will not-fin,d-twdii djufiea where the cheeses are equal in size, eolqr, and quality. Suppose one tpn .ftppi eSiCh dairy .should,, be selected-for' exportation, and delivered in London. The merchant ’wbuTdlnspecteverydairy/ancUselect-what suited his purpose bestj-apotJmj: comes and pursues just the—same' course. All the best dairies: wouldj/be quickly disposed.’i:of/;:th«.-;~'in|pßO^j T .yronld re-main-.on hand/ as only. .Bailable 7 |br thS provincial. markets, cpnseqpeiprly.fhe agent has no choice ; he is almost,-cpm-pelled ■ to; take. any price-g thayr jbe offered. This, gentlemen, is no f!imamhation on. t my; part*, for it/js^wpai; T nave oftem/witnessed, and’X rpaja ; testify to aftbr fongtyepra of experiences 7 .itdjy,, bn

the other hand, let us .taker jfeHe. 'factorysystem. Eflererthe cast in the/m®uld' most suitable, for,the: My decided impression isvthat : 'fm-fiiat quality, if cast ina -561 b vat, wfll'-be'the most suitable: for the London, and the factory can make every the same - 'weight ,.p£)upd or two Ini the. second:place, f ypu,, ynll the same color ; and then the important of all ia the* quality. . J^pvf f a 1,000 tons of factory cheese /Uppp-'the market.' 1 ! The r two or the only thing, .to be- done is to*fix “the price, a3od ;heijtakes wWi^yer, just .as:they,,com,e; remains is not- in sl|ghtejßsr degree depreciated :ihy rtthP draft,l yrliich' is' gone, and soi it Would, be.tijl - the. jvhplftjTaffcP l was sold. The.,pgstTa4y^^e the great saying/of- expense, and 'endless anxiety,/ .-I', in. is in this colony, but . ,1, fear of r contraifiptipn that P ’4h'Qthe' “old country . some: of ; ftp- most raiudou§ n and careworn to be fqipid among thelarmers- .wives- who ,have; ths (hpase to make, and the [irentr their like to give a note of warnmg to, the.prppioters of f this: enterprise. It is aMolatelyjiappessary, in order to injure succea?j, ( ',iq,,get some one /whp.oaprbear, tins ,bprdeh well and- ably,- ; You, mnat jvly> is thoroughly practi > c^lj‘,for. [ ,dp,pnr4his your success:,**- ftjiljwo. '“'llus I iconSidefithermost vital-part of concern, and I .dp trust, thatiihe dwsptois also will lopk üßPn' it.laa /Bjiffdj.f iViSrS? 1 give yen ; many T Hlustratipps. , ctma point, 'but/ione/;will'auffipp.--, The j first year' 1 commenced making -Somerset cheese,-a young.woman- recommended to me as • a J ‘ “competent manager, and she came apd .made 'rpe eleven tons of cheese, but I had a great difficulty to sell them even at dfijs per cwt. The next year I had a young !man ■ who had had a good training; his cheese I sold at from 84s to'93s‘ per cwt. Such is’, the difference in the market value of. .cheese. The next point of importance is'tfie packing case.. .This at blio,bfe^innin^Xvks a difficult matter .with- the inexpprfepced Americans ; : . r but, after paying a heayy price for their knowledge, they fouhd; out the best plan,,anfi still stick to i|^'K’ia for yon; to find out a better : oh®-if you -Csp. •Their plan is a, r separate box, eagh cheese. Ido not say but you mfiy a|dd twp f nr. .three, in one, box and but a separate.hpx.fpr, cheese, of considerable .weight ;ia .certainly' the, a best. -Cheeses will -. not,' admit bf. any presSnre upon them, nor must they topch eifch other. The next difficult point tq- be-got over is- the heat of the .Tropics!;;, £! This matter, however, will soon be definitely settled. lam informed from "EMoon ■that a vessel will be,,in,Lyttelton soon ■after Christmas, !wUh ; chambers properly fitted up, and' so constructed that the heat need, never be over 50 degrees. if that then you have nothing whatever toi fear, for 50 degrees is a nice temperature for cheese and butter, v Science ,is making such rapid stride* in-‘thS present fd|jf>f}at every obstacle in the way of transit must soon be removed. Now allow" ine just tp .touch upon the butter question.' : The manufactory of butter is very simple compared with cheese-making. There i are only a few essential points to be observed, and the butter must be gbod. - : Thp making of good butter taxes the physical an the mental powers.: ■;first; .Pjien and a cool dairy' is required, and;-by all means a good supply of fresh oool|W(ater. The milk must not be allowed, fcr, spur before the cream ia takenofi! Then people think that to makcjgood bptterft is necessary that the cream shouldb&first sour. That is a'great mistake,-for when - cream begins to ferment it ia the first, f of corruption, and no person can make, firstclass butter out of fermented •; w™ the milk young and churn soon. thpn the butter must be good. Many people, to avoid labor, heat the cream before qhiwning; That process makes the butter paler t.btn usual and destroys the natural flavor. When dairies are small, and indeed iJjirgo } dairies often keep the cream wx. orisaven .days before it is simply because ■ ;thS do not 18BJM W6fig* ’df'iMpehtqdly

churning. Now the factory would obviate all that. There the cream would be converted into butter every day, and at lonce placed in the proper packages for _ export, ready for the first vessel. This point of course have to be regulated by cincum,.. stances. At the beginning of the season, when calves have to be reared, I dd not see how the milk can be sent with vantage to the factory, but the cream! may be sent all the same, and that will artewen , the purpose. This, however, would be one of the many matters of detail fio be r decided by the company. Now, myl impression is that it would pay best to oondense the milk after theSmsafashidn at itißOT j eK6ei^ p *illr fiwer-pay for the^fi^af‘cheese, until all hive*«alvbd &nd ktef bltfett'lojff to erass, ara titveif ftbgood as the summer should be thought bast to export all the cheese made during the season, thesize andmode of manufajctura ing thaAcheefce at the different", J>eti6<W l would have -to- be altered, br conlafiJfidHnableO Ibasl -hould x-probidilyi'Gbej sus-lol-iMkted. luThdrei isOtnoi3iior«point vfhich uclifibn*-growing> and ulairy O&rmers never--vaight that is the Oohflg.XTiPS&-bteeding and fattening Is in Efigland -a eonsiderable source-of-weblth, y; and no/artificial mafflure dan dGJall the droppings from— the pig-sty forf sapid ;2 , vegetaMon^oddtXSabHityMlTM|Cmdi ß i|uted -Itelcnhititid latitatJ thciwheyoft om one jco w v in jW4h will fatten !T t.wftepigft duting tbeisuJnrtiiart/i The value • ofr thsi - whey rifti estimetedohy the profit ,o i«Waiih» ( <pigai.tili3 .viKKjwy important , lilOl quß?tion:iordpexvnp /.here. Safian we pnake tulfig&Bfl dunngj the^ ;0 i-.hotnflWMncrt -as .7they dp in •r and Ireland liosSorne say no, Min feafei » dd l that the advantag9potyepond»r&te in favor OGPf?, H&PPi Zealand, and no arguments - ' —against - my —theory — me to, the contrary, erupting !1 inter a fair tml Let it be remb|tibered ? arp &■; that present systeihiwe'. . 'fet the jfeapi when we tfhnt f the aM age arid' ‘ :io, ti»«; »yi 1. three ,T m ® 8 ; t 0 W h at “vt^eipnfwipter.,i 'll - von 5%, had a ptbpbi" ‘ venturje to predict that’ yqu.ivdulcf have no diffiquKjy in establishing a large, Austral : list; 1 ihddiher places, if yon had a surplus' consnmptlpn was supplied. ;lPhe woqld'be thai.fthere one pigik■ Wjv fed fthere .wpuldi he five. This, “ geritfemen*ia, pd scheme float-- . fng inair,hut it is my firm settled convic- '! "tion, baßed upon what I have seen done in Englffl" ;l i r™Und t and.-Germany. 1 ; It : must come in the natural development of :i fluff vbrinlSeHuLcriloay, and ft*ririllilbe to your interest or that of any other pomi,pany .In replyi to;questionajiMr Bowron isaid' '{■.yi r thatchbJdiH not think i that harm woulfl re : , ' j isuStoihai toilkofcowathat were allowed' jujfiat ruw,trith:isheep.'n Hei would not pay \i ; j Lthat, no>hmmwduUhreault,bnt in his|owtt r experience he hadondfcfboodf' it so. | The , produced from the milk of pbwa feeding with sheep he had found ejvetfjr fait as good aa-the cheese manufactured from the milk of cows that had fed, alone. I'l With regard to the price which the fab* tory would be'able to pay farmer’s for their milk' per gallon,' Mf Bowron jsaid be would not “be mti<sli : alriid- b£ sftyin k 4d> bat in ordbr'-to wouldsaidSd. 4own with rape- and turnips milkltliat, would be very attoiig. all the other milk tvith which it*#as 1 mijxed. With regard to eMored lecturer, thought that pale ch'eddbr Was; thfe most kaleable, provided the quality wpis; really firstolaas, not otherwise. A niceUtraw-colored the best thing he cpuld recommend for the London market, land from 6filbg~to~ir*tbr ~was~ therbest size. Cheese took different times to rip pn,, according to its quality. A _ good . spund cheese would-take about nine months, t mAntifmitnre iiifni-cond'eaßed inilk ~ t!wquU;yihe,thaught;tpay betfcer than anything else,. i! anAnxa:. 1 ; (lucrative trade ,<, ! :ponld r Ldone with the shipping companies in the article, which they cjould afford tn sp.lLat far-lower rates than those ruling at Home. All milk would have to [ tested, and as aooh as it 'arrivfed at the / factory classed,and for this purposetha ser^ I ,- i [ v itbe<lteitiMa | eterv.or ashaipaUeid it, ,7(1- to be j . qnlployei ' : Aldetney. i cow* were iuh-‘ ; v/ dpubtedly; the best -fob butter makingnTiaoaA Annlr) Via saa^* ;tfor 2d Dfiir lb.

Odeluding ipaaking, freight, and landing charges, by 'Frisco. When the refrigbraff —ing-ehamberwasintroducedfor batter and cheese on the voyage thb charge, might be • % TJ a higher' perhaps,' trusted that the railways would soon lower- their mt freight: tariff; ihJ btdaiiathat ;-thfe farmer ~imight eti joylgceater ifacilities . than atpre;.r;lse#t for to • the jeaport as cheaply as possible. j Ul .Jfrjßowron is evidently a man of very f 0x4(888 experience, anditalks to his audience* ) ,ftsif he waa ; chatting old friends ;r Nig, delivery iSirgbod ; his > style very; simple and very forcible, for it carries 5 7 wuvlction With it. ■ He xa a man whose perception©!: thehumoifons is by no means he frequently caused a _ hearty laugh for his quaint way of putting things. At the close of the lecture the usualvoce of thanks, was proposed, and' carried .jrithacclamation, and Jlr Bpw.rpn remarked thai.he had enjoyed his evening '/'with them immensely. ;Hq could only, urge them;, to. gp into thrs ,matter h® a rt] jmd ;wul7(UOt too largely at first; let them feel their way, but with a capable manager and the expenditure of a little time and trouble the venture should turn i out most successfully. Mr Bowron re-

tired amidst loud applause, and a vote ofi . thanks tq the chair terminated the proceedings ‘ . ’

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CHEESE AND BUTTER FACTORIES., Ashburton Guardian, Volume III, Issue 492, 15 November 1881

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CHEESE AND BUTTER FACTORIES. Ashburton Guardian, Volume III, Issue 492, 15 November 1881

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