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At the R.M.- Coiirt.thianiorning, before ,; Wood, Esq., R.M., James White, Jaijies Carey,, Jane'Brown,.and.,Maijgaret , Sutton, were charged with highway , robbery frttm; -James -Kelly, at - south ;Rftkaia. . , V " ' ' \ ; Sergeant Feltbn ptosefcutedi t - 1 i : • ; James Kennedy, a laborer at Rkkaia, • deponed-” I. went'“to, ‘Rakdiia last jnreek. •< ijt don’t live at any particular placet but travel from place to place: Kfcst Monday week I- arrived ,at ; Rakaia about haff-past £i,ye or<s.ix:,o’clock.,.l had about.L26 in ihy pbcket ; there were, three,XJ notes!, and the rest, LI notes. ' I fyerii- to the | Railway Hotel at Rakaia.- I'saw the prisoner , White,there ; he, was-in -the bar mien' I went in., .lie asked vyhere £ paipefrom. ! I’Said I came down front 1 the cDuht|y. I , asked hips,k> have,a drink.. He saijd he would. He was going outside when I called him, but he came hick. I teildered a Ll note to the barmaid’while 111 was present. I.gdt.change. '-The notes} were in my left hand.trousers’ pocket, wrapped together in 'n'rroll.-i White asked me tp come aertiss th’e,,Rakaia bridge andf have some te« -. with hifn. He said ha was,, camped there. He said he had a coupleof “ Chrisfchurch pith| him. He meant women when he said - “; f«wls. ” He said his mate was over there’. Invent. I saw the two women; there, * aha the other male prisoner.- The. - was about two. chains, from the -bridge cm the' north side of. the river. . I, had tea? with them. I ..and White and jane. Brown went, back to Rakaia after.tea. ; I went to the Railway. Hofei again. Jane and I went, inside, and White stayed, outside. We, Imj several drinks ,there. : I patd for them in silver. The silver was ip the right, h a ud waistcoat pocket We | went to.,the South Rakaia-Hotel. ’ Had two .drinks 1 .there. ; I bought a bpttje :.of ibraudy and a, bask of brandy as well. |Gaye the barman,a L 5 npte. Got four soyefeighs , in 4ia,ng®> • and some, silver. Puf the sove.roigps among the notes ip .myftrou,-, aers.,pocket, and the silver in the Waistcoat pocket. We. went outside, and had some drinks, , an,d White said he| was going to the play, and asked me td give .-him two shillings. I gave him 2a 6dJ then lav I went hack to the camp with the female Brown. Carey and Maigaret Snttiin were there when I got back.F We had-some more drink, ; Jane wokelthem iip, and,Ve drank the fUbSt' pf the brandy. I got the ■worsefgjV|ipUor *•, and |wnt asleep. White ipainPaapd >oke I p,id noV%e&> lira Ilemaleft ' ,4fter jthat. Carey had holdofmy armsin the sight- ' time. That was -before I-Went (p |leep. I could not B£JfR Jw long that was] after T drank the brandy:? 1 Carey 'had: my farms pinioned behind; me: Two women fwere there. A female ohadholdof me By the , throat It was Jane -Brown .■ wh| had' 1 hold of me- I did hot notice thelpther i fetaale. Jane got the money put at my 1 Scket. She did not take the alver.; argaret was in bed when X wont Jhere. ' Jane called out to-herj and asked Her to ■She\saidi 6he^o’uldh ! t-iv : After- ' wards she did. . 1 .hw ’ getting out of bed. When I wu being 1

roViv-d. i struck out and tried to get awaj-hot couldn’t. I was nearly choked and silly. I was beaten. The femal e Jaii j scratched my face and hit me. I can’i recollect how long it was before they sid- One said (I don’t know whether male or female), “ Fling the b in the river.’’;; Another said, “ Don’t do that ; let hinfelay where he is.” I lay where I was. p When I got up, the two female prisoners and Carey were gone. 1 lay down again quietly. White then came along and shook me, and said, “ Where are they?” I said, “They have cleared ■ out.”mey'“Where»t#eyour money ?” I said, “ it from me.”- He them turned ;mb over and ransacked my sockets, aijd .took all the •‘s^v^lKef^’iros) my waistebat pocket;' I tH police station at Rakaia. ... White"4mpt Sui'ef for .a - tifde,! tiifd. then When I returned f found White asleep.* *1 shook him and said, “ T^lbney.” He Said, -“Keep quifet-’l!'*'plS on them.,’ Keep quiet, or I’lJ. make ybu. ” I .lay dowtt alougside of hyp; ap4yVehij^ ee P.When I wpke in the gone. 'Besides'“the money ! raissea’ a new knife which Cost me a shilli n£ the’’saihe'evening. Itj was like the one produced. Can’t say in whicli pocket it was.’ ' Attest li&ft tea I did"not Margaret; next morning. ;yI. don’t. recpl,le§t jivhat the brandy bottle and flask wore like. 1 don't think Margaret Sutthn htni do with the robbery, except that she was there. I saw the blraft'dy bott>e* the next morning., . " By the Bench; There i R tyftfe- drop ! of*-brandy in she h-tih.v -1 *drußtAft.

- Esumina' ion ewnuiun •! ; Ihiks<i,and saw tlnr,-, wo y.nsoo-irs,.*' •V: South, Ra,ka. iio l T . T - . u i-o !; " n wlia! * liappehhl V ’ r* ** ■thfe t'H : o iihep/and'ihf .»»♦

ners. .oined i. i-phdo 1» ■_ e i was i'-fi6ther• mail immtd AlciyacJt

That was ' about-- half-past eight^tV: That j’.yas 1 on r the evening .the, '■ h. McKay and the prisoners, were/wro about something. ' f!.iuv,, were going away and l\ s.Vlng 5 TeK tv ii, the padllofct. -’"Hneof Ttfi<sifi- sahi/SC’ Live him a smack on saw the female/ Jane called -to fcei to cohae to me, mid* skill I 'vySnte(i to her. She-'Said, If to’speak com 6 here; ”<’ r weiit' ' I said “There arejno policenerOT i!e said, of the hotel wrote out a and I signed, what he wro.te™ . , By the‘“prisoner’White*:' I’did not ask -the prisoiSer JBrOwntO ,g$ with me. I did not follow hecJn the -njormng ' and ask her to giVe : me part’ of theftnoney, was -hard up.-; i the prisoner-CarpXi.Bcoyyn,took the money out of my pbcket. did not give Mt’l'o'ner. '.' ’ ’*',' 1 .> By the prisdher Bfo wn ;I did . not ask to. go to--Melbourne with/me. I did not say I would buytyom-two gqXcT rings, fl did hot say l-fwotild ddeept yotpjjltogether there. -,I did not say l loved you because ydu wete 1 Scotch; and T wid a' i Sco|chman too. T-mcl -not, gbs L2%. md not ask ybii to go towards Ohmktcmlrch, or down thh : LeeSten’hrdadHb Southhridge. I did not say Ihadteftmjwwife at Timaru. I did not ask you to leave them on the 'qdi§t~M‘~thg ! Bgtfe' ,Ji * #ny : qf the : fl!PßSßrt buy Jane Browaji _nor did I tell her I Would buy hef two gold rings if •she woulddivO hjf I*wife. 1 *wife. Thomas Orphin deponed: latrffjibarman 'at South Rakaia -Hotehr.-X- reOPllect the 4th Juty. I saw White that i evening?; jyhoui, eightftc. / au& > r j)’clock. Therewas a- ma^ ; with him. They came in .tegeihont called for, -drinks.: bottle- ,o£ brandy, Which T*’served him with. ' He then turned to ‘While and asked him ’ if he should take S flask of brandy oiT Hie -roach c -- Whjte said “ Yes. ” He tbokrit-- > and note. He got in ' hfaahge fohr jand some silver., iAI woman was: outside. j!fE»nßedy went away with her. _ The bratfdy was marked Tl. v * The 1 bikndjrproduced is like that I supplied. Heimedyrtook-'lf; away with him.' I did not .nofede'whfeaihe put the silver. ' - -.S; v y. - ■■ James, Waliace, of tha Hbertsey •Hotel/ .deponed: Ii rStaembec' fho sth 5 July. The fpur prisoners pameito my place*about& onA okjlock in the-afsSrnoon. They had ■some-refreshments. The female •dressed in -Jblack (Brown)', a L 5 note in payment. I gave her’four single noteS; halra s6verei§rr, mid 7s 6d in-silver. They called for mate drinks, and then left my diousfcsnd Weni-on- bjfcAhft&MWh train ' : " at Chartsey, deponed : I recollect the si!i July. The four prisionera came to -the slut ion. The female ip black < Jane lir.'ri) for two Timaru, and U-;tiered a One of ike •.; :■> prist nersS^tiw<>tickets ai . .v ; i tendered paynieti; J« -i bridge-keenur a.t* Rak: 4th. ; .ijj&k four pn.x.i!ier<: k.i. day. , They came a%if fr«£uO >• issci.-.’.rc'i. Op mUli (Carey) and lire the two females, and white inline last. • - • ;-y asked me to give him-something to t J directed- him bo the ’dti-’Wtisfiipjf'' Rat. na After a time the two females one of the meti alsd- They-wdiil to the breaklyater, about 120 yards Up the river.’ Xbout dark I-saw- sididkeiiKeire'Cas if scuie one was camped there.- Later on, about 7 p.m., I saw Kennedy and some man come across the bridge. They went up towards the breakwater. Kennedy had hiS-swag. with’him. hat more of thepi' that night, The nepct morning I saw a young man 'going “aodd&s the* plain, and there 1 were several rcobi'tyairbridge. E ennedy came to me about 10 o’clock, and face;was dirty.j thqught at the time it Was/dryibloodC Bid hoi <s hdtl<?efif he had been knocked about. Tt~Tookod as if his nose had been , bleeding. • X went that afternoon to the place where 1 had aeon the smoke the day before. ', Picked up a brandy bottle, and flask witli a little brandy in it i alaoua. pannikin... .The pannikin is in the same state as when X picked it up. I also picked up a knife. There were tnarks'in the sands as if there had been a struggle. I went there also again, bnt do not -recollect what day it was. Picked; up thp.-’ifcmfe, when Constable RouSe-iwas'sliorgot what,day it n as. I handed the’knife at once to Conitable Rouse. I gav-3- the bottles also to Constable Xlduse at the feanie tim4 JgGonstabie.- Iteuse, stationed at /Bakaia, deponed Onthe oth inst., I wdi m Ash* hirton. Was in company ydHf Constable ima'rt at the railway station.- I b&w the our priaorieW arrive by the s ‘Second ;rain from Christchurch. The l trSfti gets i a little after 4 p.m. They"wntß in a ecoud-class.,carriage. ; ,Ente|ed the caring e with Constable Smart,, said to he prisoners, “ ,We, . re suspect you of robbery at R|k»ia. ” I aid, “We, want to'search yomfh They aid, “ All right, you can search*da here.” larqy, .ms his,purse; there were hree L 5 potes, . four singles, and one overeign; lotes which he said ho got" from - yiiite. Gareyssaid hi%. latlifc JhA given dm th&tey.* had forked fpy thejmoney..-Oh,,H» Way to - he station he said it was a’ gooa job he ad given receipts for the moneyne had. Vhite said that the fepaale prisoner Brown ad some of his money. She’ took ingle notes out of her poyket/ami gave, hem to me. The prisoner Sutton gave ie A purse. It contained a and a M Jhinese coih The 'prisohers,^were searched y Constable. Smart. / We jjoppdtwo pipes n each'of fhe male -prisoWa;, There' i • ras no' more money found bn^-them. On | he stb I saw Kennedy at the Rakaia, in |

the evening. His left evd’-vm bloodshot * arid Hack* His face was stfol’on n;i<; ‘ • scratched. I went to a place on the no; tii side of the river where there was a camp. - The last witness was with mo, and ho >7. picked up a knife and handed it to mo. ' ; The pocket-knife produced is the one. 1 did not nptice any marks of a struggle . ■' on the spot. ' Commander also showed me the brandy bottle, flask, pannikin, and i tT; tablb'krtife at his place and banned them ft-; to me on the Monday, 11th. ; £ Constable Smart deponed : 1 am , ' stationed at Ashburton. On the sth July, 1 *! - imcdmjteny With the last witness, I went » to the Ashburton Station at half- >' - . past -4 TT-ffi:-.- 'Wa arrested the four ' present. Told .them -we were constables, and that they-were suspected of a robbery 'aT Rakaia. White showed me a purse ■ • cbhtaimng four single notes. Hesairl lie •<*l , hdd-einled the notes at Cabbage Wilsons at Cbcifitchurch., . On, the way to the station he . said" Jane Brown had three .'Hi 'ftStes to him m her possesion. V - *Colinslackay., deponed: lam a laborer .„ •. .jWftckipgat (North,Rakaja.. I recollect the ah-July.: v-Saw the. and two ( • ! " Women in a naddock below the township. “,'j. ’tlw?y,r.were going away they *.;« -seemed-, tp, be .digdlng money between ■ . them, as I hoard. White say, Will that 4 , Kennedy outside the ■: paddock; afiteryvards. . Did not hear him i t ■ say-anything to the prisoners. _ ...., Sergt. Felton .deponed : I am stationed i vat Ashburton. On the sth July I saw the ■ ■>: female; prisoner Jane Brown give some.. money to Constable Rouse. Told her she /would ,have to be searched to see if there is- was .any.moke.. She had four single notes, K" two. sovereigns, and some silver. Slie ■ : said that belonged to Jim (meaning r ...\yhi!o). . Afterwards she handed' mo sixteen shillings and a penny. That vwis when she was going to be searched. .... ~ .■ prisoners declined, to make any 'defence, and wpre committal to take their •(trial at the nest criminal sitting of the i•• Supreme.Conrt .tp be held in, Christchurch. ■,l A SECOND -CJIUIGE. -j; t \ iriie same prisoners were then -, charged Si and robbing Colin Mackay ,:■- ,ff 'atrßakaia.. Colin Mackey deponed I ahi a laborer at North.Rakaia. On the sth July I was at bj)th l^ Rakaia. I saw White at v thbjiakaia Hotel. That was about 9or * dhe; morning. I.met him outside «,first, and he asked me if I had seen two two going ’• psg||- and:he said; it wasn’t them. He then askedme if I had -seen two women. I told sr t . ..him I had not. I. asked him, to' come in . . andhavfe a drint., . He Will you " ' toss?” ( %,pgd a LI note for five drinks. and'gotv!7s 6c( change. Put it in one of : rpy pockets, .White said . something to me and T accompanied him to the place ~ ', where he. was camped. All the four prisoners were there. White told me to i(aitjaoWn. and spread ap'mething to keep me .. from ffiie' wet grass’. ; When I sat down £ .White Caught hold of me by the throat and threw me back. He called Carey to assist him, and one of them searched my ! . pockets anji’tbbk my money I don’t :1 '■ know which of the four did that: White took a kriife duty which was open, and he held it close to my throat. He did not say anything. I got up and said—‘‘l’ll . toll the police.” Ho said—“lf you will.” ■ 1 He did hot hurt me much when he caught hold of my’throat, but I could not sing out or. speak. The two women were f * makirig . Up. the swags at the [time. 1 * [ vifnssed and a knife. T lopt a pipe : 1 and kofne tobaccd and 17s Gd as near as I ■ ’. l can recollect! I showed White: the pipe : ’* s ’jdst before ’we got to the camp, but I have ' ndt'sebn it since. I should .know it again. The pipe produced is the same. 1 H i offered me a drink. I was suspicious ' ’ ' :i afad would not,-until the'dark woman « (Brown) did so first. I drank then. ' By tho prisoner White : When X met ■ ydfl this' morning I did not say I-was hard up.- I might have asked you to buy k watch. ’ Isold a watch that day. I did hot sell yoh a pipe for a shilling., I did ,»- not ask you to pay my fare to’ Ashburton. I sold my watch to a blacksmith at Rakaia; not ask me for a smoKe. • Ahn Stewart deposed ; I am manager of a farm at North Rakaia. I know Colin 1 Mackay.' He is in my employ. I re- ; ; meftiber his buying tw® pipes about two - •' tnbnths aigo, and made me a present of one. It was cracked, and would not ' ■ hold-the ■ mouthpiece. He changed his with me. The pipe produced is the one he took back. v.Thbmas Orphin deposed : I am barman 1 at the South Rakaia Hotel. I recollect tho 6th July. The two male prisoners cam® into the bar that morning about 9 or ■ 10. A. man , named Mackay (present) came in while I was there. He tendered * ■ ■me a pound note for .drinks. I gave him .. . I7s 6d change.: The prisoners left with Mackay and went towards Chertsey. He • returned about half an hour afterwards, I : ■ and said ha_had.baen.-»obbed. _James Kennedy deponed: I am a laborer, out of employment. I remember .the morning of. the sth July. I saw the four prise aers at South Rakaia, and . ; McKay .-■> with them. It was in a paddock about a quar er of a mile from the hotel. I, . ; watched the prisoners and McKay, They , • ■ wer- wrangling, and I heard one .say, ■ r : .‘‘Give that a. slap in the mouth.” They were, in the. paddock just leaving and picking up theirjjwags. < Smart deponed:, I assisted in •.-arresting : the four prisoners on the sth ,;4f« .iJuly. Found the .pipe produced on the • White. It was the- one pro- *• ~;w- . ■ .. ' " The prisoners were then committed for ;f; afe-the: next sittings'of the Supreme Christchurch. •i ■ ffh®. prisoner. Garoy asked if he could be • allbweji bail.'” The" Police Magistrate said ' ‘Tie bduld) fix two sureties of L?SQ each, ‘in addition to his own for LSOO. Carey , looked'crestfallen, but the other prisoners ‘ treated the matter as a splendid joke, and ' indulged in- continued laughter. The ’ '' said in fixed the bail at a.proamount as there were j eight pre- . viqus convictions against Carey and four against White. - "The Court then adjourned

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ALLEGED HIGHWAY ROBBERY AT RAKAIA., Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 396, 15 July 1881

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ALLEGED HIGHWAY ROBBERY AT RAKAIA. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 396, 15 July 1881

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