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Tuesday, June 2L

The Oouncsl met at 2.30 p.m. The Companies Bill, Diseased Cattle Bill, Employment of Fsmales and other Bills, Friendly Societies Bill, Inspection of Machinery Bill, Parliamentary Privileges Bill, Public Domains Bill, Crown BditS'Bilhafrd'Public'Reserii'es Bill were" received by message from the Governor.; Being Statute Revision Bills they were 1 and--ordered for second reading next day? / : The Hon. Q. M. Waterhouse moved the second reading of the Married Women’s Property Protection Bill, which, after a short debate, was carried, and the measure was then, on the suggestion of ihe Honf F. Whitaker, referred to a Bblect Committee. / i . All the other business on the Order Paperwaa postponed, and the Council rose at 3.55. , ■

l-■ : 1 " . . ■ HOUSE GP REPRESENTATIVES. Tuesday, June 21. - The House met at 2.30 p.m. PETITION. ; The Hon. T. Dick presented a petition from the Otago Bible ; in Schools Society, praying that provision might be made for tbereadibgof the Scriptures in schools. f f i\ » ) NOTICES OF MOTION*; i_ j ■ , ' Mr Tole gave notice that he would-in-troduce a Bill for the Incorporation of an Institute of. Surveyors. j .‘Mr Pitt gave notice of a .hew clause iii the Licensing Bill, providing for com-pensation'-to houses deprived of their licenses. Mr Hamlin gaVe notice that he would ask when the investigation into the working,of the insurance department would be teidApublic. NEW BILL. . The Post Office Act Consolidation Bill was ] ! introduced by message from the Governor, and read a first time, i 1 '■ y;: ‘ ! ' LhA^E,OF ABSENCE. | Two weeks’leiye ojE absence was granted, to , V , l : '‘questions.; In replying to questions, various members of the Ministry stated: That the official - designation of High Commissioner of the Western Pacific was- a personal title oL a descriptive character, like the G.OjtG. Governors were usually allowed to choose their own descriptive titles for use in official documents, and it was always customary for such titles to precede the designation of the office by virtue of which the act was being done. Thus in official documents signed by. the High Commissioner in that capacity, the descriptive title of Governor of New Zealand preceded the title of high Commissioner. Aarrangements would be made for the fortnightly pay of all wages to railway workmen. —The wages of platelayerp and, laborers on certain railways had been re-adjusted, in accordance with the current market rates. The reduction made, in conformity to the re-adjustment, ranged from 10 to 15 per-cent.—Govern-ment would (take into consideration the question of introducing a Bill for the endowment with waste lands of hospitals iad 'chariteble similar to that introduced last session by Mr Stevens, if r Mt'Sfevfehs bad determined not:toreintroduce it himself. —The provisions of the law would be strictly enforic&Tto provide against the introduction of small-pox from the Australian colonies. They, would hot be prepared to impose ‘a tax of LlO, qr any other sum, Upon immigrants likely to introduce it, : as-they, would prefer 1 keeping away such persons' altogether.— Government would be_ glad to 'introduce tbtffeTbff# DiStrictrßiU; 'mtKdrawii lasl Session, provided the progress of business warranted; such, a step;-—Government proposed to introduce a Local Public Works Bill tHiAsessidh; thfe pnrovisibhs' of which vyould .be more ample than the Bill of last Session.—Steps had and would continue ho be taken with the view, of carrying out 1 recOhimendatibhs ' of the ‘ Colonial Industries Commission as to* the assistance tSo be given for the development of coal, gold, iron, and other material on the West Coast of the Middle Island. The steps taken were not of a specific character, but ejvery facility and encouragement had beoq, and wonld, be,'given to payry ,out tnmrefedmjmendauona of the Commiss|oh. 4-Prelimhiary enquiries- would be made relative to. the best means and cost of improving the’ outer h'arbor of Nelson in order •to obviate any damage from the Waimea river having altered its outlet. j THE VACANT hbRTFOLIO. '* 1 Mr. J. 0. Brawn, wihout notice, asked the Premier if he would take the House ihto his confidence and inform it"whether it was intended to, fill up the vacant public WbrkS portfolio without farther delay. # ■ , - The Premier, in reply, said he feared ii would be scarcely constitutional to rjOplj’ such a question without notice.” ■; , , iMr Brown' gave notice of it for tomorrow. ■” 1 ! CHINESE IMMIGRATION BILL. !■ tin i the . motion for agreeing to report oh the Chinese Immigration Bill, . ; Mr Reeves moved that the Bill be racommitteed for, the of altering clauses 3 and 5; so as to ;tequire ships hot to carry more than one Chinese passenger fen every fifty, instead' of. ten ,tons burthen, And to make the tax on arrival jLSO instead of LlO. . A j The amondment waa opposed by Major Atkinson, who thought such amendmedt would probably prevent the Bill receiving the.Queont’s assent.A ! After . discussion,, .the ■ motion for recomniittal of Bill was rejected by 36 to 23. The following is the division list : ” Ayes, 23—Messrs Allwright, Andrews, Balance Barron, Brown, De Lautour, Fisher, J. T. (Heathcotel Sir W. Fox, Sir G. Grey, Messrs Harris, Hutchisqn Jones, Montgomery, Moss, Ormond, Pyke, Reeves, Shepherd, Stewarty .Thomson; Tole Whitaker. ; V I Noes, 36—Messrs Atkinson, Bain, Beatings, Beetham, Bowen, Bryce, Bunny, iColbeck, Collins Dick, Fisher, J. B. Hgtiller); Gibb's, Hall; Hamlin, Hurst, H. (Wallace), Hursthouse, Johnston, Kelly, Levestam,- i Levin, Lundon, McLean, Murray, Oliver, Pitt, Reid, Richardson, Rplleston, Seymour, Stevens, Studholm, Sutton Swanson, Wallis, White Wood. The Bill was reported, read a third time . and passed* A . , , LICENSING BILL. ' f;Thei Hquse went into .Committee, and the Liceriring Bill tfas further considered. On clause 81, bottle licenses, Mr Swanson moved that ihe clause be struck out ( altogether. ; ; ’■ A , Mr "Fulton and Sir W. Fox spoke in support of the clause being struck out. The former it as his experience as a' Resident Magistrate of Otago, ‘this form of license was in operation, that it was a great abuse, and had been the means of encouraging drunkenness op the part of -women and familiep. ;{| 1■ i J Messrs McLean Barron, and Moss spoke in support of the clause, stating it as their opinioti that s good' deal of blame had been aitribied to the system, which did hot proporlyboldng to iA . . .n • f The Hon T. Dick said that, in objecting toi this system, members had overlooked thjs fact that ii was subjected to the local option clause, and rthat rthesef licenses would not‘be-granted fn ; placet wHdre the danger referred to existed. * Mrl as 54* proviso— '* i “ That these licenses should only be issued within the provincial districts where thjjy at present exist, ” . He. sfud, in sup-, pokt of the proposal; that 'it appeared’that thpse districts where the licenses existed were in favor of them, and where they

did' net exist the district members were opposed: them. Mr Pitt objected to the restriction, stating that if the licensewas I good for one provincial district, it must je equally good for the others. In Nelson a number of these licenses were in operation, and not a single complaint had been made of their abuse. After farther debate, the House divided v on Mr Stewart’s amendment. The following is the division list:— Ayes, 37—Messrs Allwright, Andrews, Fox,;Messm : Fulton, George/ Halli Harris, 5 Hirst,* H. (Wallace), Johnson,Atones, - Oliver, ,itolleßton, Saunders,: Shephard, Shrimski, Speight, StewarV-Swaneonf-Tawhia, Tewhero, Thomson, ,Tole,;Turnbull,- Whitaker, White. =■' - 5 u l '* i Noes, 27 —Bain, Bectham,('Bowen, Brandon, Bryce/ Collins, Fishete J. B*. (Buller), Fisher, J. T, (Heathcoto), Gibbs, Hursthonse, Kelly, Leyin, .Dupden,, Mason, Montgomery,- Ormond; Pitt; Rbid t Richardson, . .Russell, Stevens,'-*‘Stud-holme, Sutton,:Tomoana, Trimble, Wakefield, Wallis. . Mr-Tola moved, as a furthen the words “and noimch li(Joq*ee r shall carry oh any other business on the premises.” ‘ 1 iSjl The Honse divided, with follnring nMHB Suit‘ * : >n i ■■ : Ayes, 39—Messrs AUvrright; ;p64rewf, Bowen, Brandon, Bryce, Ool&eok, J. B. Fisher (Buller),,;?. T., Fisher Sir W. Pox,.(.Messrs. Fulton,. 'F Gibbs, - Gisborne, Sir 'G. Grey, -Messrai Hall, Harris, Hurathou'se, Jones, Kelly, * Lundon, Masoh, ' Montgomery/ Murray/ Richardson, Bolledtoh, Saunders; ;Sifephard, Speight, s Stevens, Scudholme, Sut- a , tdhj Thwhiao, Tewhero, Thomson; Tole, : Tomoana, Wakefield, ; Wpllis, Whitaker "■ whyte. aaiaa' ...' Noes, 28—Messrs Atkinson. Bam, Bali lance,' Barron/- <Beetham, <f BraridJn, Brown, Collins, DeEatour, Dick, Haimin, H. Hirst ■ (Wallace), Johnston, Levestem/ [ Levin, McLean,. Moss, Oliver, Ormdtid, j Pitt, Reid, Bollestoh, Shrimski, Stewart, Swanson," Trimble; : Thrhbull. ‘V ; ' ■ Colonel Trimble' thought, they I got into a very ridiculous, poaiUq^/,aß^ ti 1 moved that progress ho reported. ‘ A,/Sir W. Fox said be was opposed to thh

danse j altogether, -but- if- itapawedywttw"' amendmenta made were decided improve - ' mentsf" t ,‘ ‘ .-* - ; The House divided on reporting pro-

gress, which wasnegatieed' , 'by B3;to;U. The House adjourned at 5.30 ptm,*.and resumed at 7.30, when the Licensing Bill) was proceeded with. t ... > The Hon, T. Dick consented' to , clause

31, “ bottle license,” being struck but, and the clause was struck out on the: voien-'oO Clause 32—Efifect ol New Zealan.d,tfine f license. v ; : . /. ; Colonel Trimble moved—“ That the clause be made to read the 1 produce ofgrapes grown in;the ; x |lp opppaitionto the amendment, that a good wholesome: beveragejnithe form of wine was made from other fruitsjf

beside*grape?. ' »l .i 0 IJ ; Mr Wakefield strongly ; supported the clause, which was founded on me recommendation of the Local Industries Commission, .after taking the probable effect on important local industries. - r ! Mr Oliver admitted the; importance of—-bringing-the colonial wine into botrdreaded that the clause, if retained, wonmL open a door to sly-grog selling. r ! ‘The clause parsed as printed. ; ! * ! Clause—Effect of bmkrd table f > Mr ' Moss : moved that' the danse ’he 1 struck out.’ : After discussion, the Hon.- T. Dictsaid'’ 1 that, as the/feeling' was -in favor of the clause being struck out, he had no par- 1 ’! ticular with to-see it retained. f Clause struck opt. Okuse iln reply to Mr Hutchison, . . ' The HbnJ■ 3 T; * Dick- stated that ‘to'pr£- k Vent packets selling’’ liquor On thb Su»-/ days while lying at the; wharf, the words *F diiSmif the passage ” 'had' j. ip the clause; - . f ’ ; s [ Thd ckuse; as printed w&_paasecp‘ i Clause -35—Wholesale 'licenses.; TI J:I Mr ; Andrews moved as ah ‘f That the words' * one bottle ’ .’tiVlnsorted instead of * two gallons,'' make the cknse read * a wholesale licehlie' ■' shall authorise the license to sell one

bottle. Ml r: a l t *> itm aa o t-: I I On a division the amendment was ’negatiyed by 38 to 23. ( . , . = Ayes, 23—Medan Andrews, Atkinson, Ballancer Barroh, Dick, Fisher, ;;Jv B. r i(BuUer)fr.tHirat, H. (Wallace), Hursthouse, Levestam, Lun- * don, Macandrew, Montgomery, Mobs, Oliver, Ormond, Pitt, Reid, Stewart, Taiaroa, Trimble,; Wallis. n - Noes, 38—Messrs AUwright, Bastings, Bain, Beetham, Bowen, Brandon, Bunny, Oolbeck, Collins, Sir W. Pox, Messrs* Fulton, George, - Gibbs, '■ Hall, Harris, Johnston, Jones, Kefiy, McLean, Reeves, Richardson, Rblleston, Russell, Saunders, Shepherd, Shrimski, Speight, Stevens, Siudholmef Hatton, Branson, T<twhaia, To Wheoro, Thompson, Tole, ; Whitaker. : Colonel Trimble moved that the ,wprdS v “of any tine description of liquor ” b« I struck out. s • t [(I Agreed to on the voices.' ‘ Mr Barron, moved to report prcgne^^ r The motion vrhs lost_ bri. the ‘voiced Mr Lundon moved that the licenses be restricted to towns and boroughs. ' ; This was lost on a division of 32 to, 29, - and the clauso ,passed* > - • , r Ayes, 32 Messrs AtkinsOn, t«h Barron, Bastings, Brown,'Bunny.AWSjP;. 1 - De Lautour, Dick, Fisher, J. B; Gibbs, Hall, Hirst; H. (Wallace), Hunthouse, Johnston, Levistam, ahdrew, McLean, Mosa.jOliv&j'Dmond, Pitt, Reeves, Reid, Richardson 1 , Rolleston, Stevens, Studholme, - Sutton,~~TriniMe, Wallis. Noes, 22—MessrS r Allright, Andrews, Ballance, Beetham, Bowet, Bryce, fisher, J. T. (Heathoote),' Sir W. Fox; Messrs Fulton, George, Harris, Hutchison, Jones, Kelly, Lundon, Montgomery, Murray, Russell, Saunders,., Shephard, Speight, Stewart, Swanson, ; Taiaroa, Tawfaais, Tewheoro, Thomson, Tole, and Whitaker.

Clause 36—Conditional licenses—races, . regattas, etc. The clause was slightly amended and passed. , ~ ~v - Clause 37—Midnight licenses.’ Cairkd. I■ Clause 38— Requirements for family hotels. Struck out. / J : 11 lT, ''h , Clause 39—Accommodation in public 1 houses. Passed As printed. Clause 40—Requirements for Imftran; ;; : outside boroughs. -i: V" ’ :The ckuse was amended so as to read - —“Nothing in last preceding septum shall apply to,any housq or roomiof popth p4«a cricket ground or any other pkce,sot . apart, Ac. ” The ckuse as amended 1 wpp/ passed. ... Clause 41—Quarterly licensing' nibbtinga to be held, - Passed as printed, as also was clause 49.

Ckuse 43—Application to be heard in open Court. Postponed. Clatuse 44?--Pasaecl J . ♦ V v; Jjp' j QlauseA&f as amended, waspawsd. 1 -''' *

Clause 46. , v Sir W. Fox said that he Iptf importing | amendments that would create conaiderablo discussion. < t He. - would ;• move that progress be reported. i) ’Mr Buckley agreed, stating that .quite sure the Pill;.would never pass. The; were only amusing themselves, 'and <. > : there could be no doubt . but that it i would be withdrawn. ... i; ->T 1> oiO Hr Reeves opposed the * but agreed in the opinion that the Bill wbiild not pass. He suggested that, th* - s ■ ■■ .(.a

■ 1 ~— ’ „ boat way would be to witluli..- ni *j;‘ c , for reporting progress was r - withdrawn. On the clause being proceeded with, ';:' Sir W. Fox moved that it be altered so as B"; to read—“ from and after the commsncef, mentofthe Act, no publican’s or other s, -n-license shall -be granted until the rate-./-V-payers of the district shall have previously T\.;: &c.” - He objected to local ' option being confined to r n.ew licenses. Mr* Saunders said that he had supported temperance party up i:o this stage. , If if they adopted the amendment, he could that ft would jeopardise the Bill. '• shaking ' licensing benches elective, really .carried - local option, If ■ ’ ‘licenses , were .taken.-away by elective bench«s,no olaun fpr .compensation could "arise,,but if by direct action such claims t-.- not- ho resisted. He thought the ’ - ,< tempean.ce parte should take what they : could getsand what was just, instead of . jeoNodisiiig the whole Bill, j;*.. The amendment was negatived on the voices. _ * Anhmendment that\all clubs in exist"eficn bh the Ist June last shall remain in ■' operation until they have had an oppor- ‘ tunitifcfor taking out a license after Ist January nextj was carried, and the clause, aswmended,. passed.. ' ’ ■ ■ 'Cause 69-was amended andpaued, and ' claiiiesGO and 61 were also passed. .Clause 62—Objections in. Native Distriets—Postponed. Progress was then reported, and the - House rose at 12.6.

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NEW ZEALAND PARLIAMENT., Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 376, 22 June 1881

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NEW ZEALAND PARLIAMENT. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 376, 22 June 1881

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