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An ordinary monthly was hbld tips morning, thb member?; in* 'atteiid!ahee- being MCssts Wright'. Saurideri,^"Jackaonv Cameron, Bullopk, arid Costef; r ; 'J 1 0 ; ■ | ;• ' Thri Chairirian’s 1 stdtetriehtl! ftvaa'ia^’-'fol-lows : —The ( surgeon, 'at‘ 'fbd;;hfc r^ial > has informed hlri that he is Wiling tb ‘ to act as : surgeon' threb-'raoritHS’‘lbn'gfrir : ' beyond.bin preaenkagreeinent on the same terms as now.—-I have made arrangements for signing thOj agreetpenj; by the raj^-, payers on that part of the South Ttakaia ‘ , Plains affected by the water supply, as -■ ,-placfed jh rny hands for execution. All despatch NvitTbc made’to' complete this basirieas. -UA. telegi’am. ftvuri'Vtiliti -U Sooretary fcw. -Eubliq Works, iritiriiating! it is the theGavemmiritJ„ to ijtMifi tliOL^Jßangi- ; tata 1 >tTaffic fridge under the control of.-.this Council, and that the formal dpoupient rtoj-that , effect - wjll, 7- ba j . shqrtilyj; wuli pe. pjacefi- p^qrq t jcmto : aay * A letter from the 'Ashburton Borough Coppell,, ( for settlement an account for expenses incurred by the Fire Brigade during the late fire, will be a subjeah /.for received! la'jietter from the Minister .Public Works, acknowledging your cqraa ioptbridge. inrqpnnection with itbriirailway bridal &verii tlie Hinds, and [Jtoffe* W«l^n ( the Government .pressing this matter. No fuither reply refieyireddYpmj/tbß (GpVWriH .*M»<W-;T#» eight, i ftiwlr report to you.

for an extension of his leave of absence/ was read, and the request acceded to. v, engineer’s report. This report, as follows, was read Ashburton and Rakaia Plaihs-Water —The earthwork of the Jftfetfiven-Cbertsey 1 ; line of water-race, which was let in tracts, and commenced a month-ago, finished. The total length of-Jthis Uge M; 30 miles chains. When. course of this race, I took levelSwer cowsidefable stretches of it, particularly tho?e portions on which it was necessary to make small deviations, in order to obtain a sufficient and tolerably uniform rate of fall, and the inclinasuch trouble or expense from scour on this line T gCfterklly;l T ih£ tgquiled near the course of (he “ dry creek,” other places forces for each of thtf within a reasonable distance of stones suitable /... nUnliSn/v lliam 'PKa i*omriinrlaf nf InA

for pitching them, y of the will have small I3ftoges,Tdf which tendere will be laid before you to-day, the Council supplying Aelimber/ocpme 1£ ; I have had a a small concrete tank put in'at’Dromore, as a sample of thAdippiAg ta'qks fto;be at various.cross roads on that and,the other lines of,, racf s. s Thetoh you have acr- * cepted atLj tfe 8d per tapk, theCouncjl supply- 1 ,bpx culverts would be suitable for these .crossings, laid the full length-of the roads, at a depth just sufficient to permit of the surface Water PPssifg ;t»ver £ thej® without obstruction. . ;£p method would ; be the laying of glazed stoneware pipes, 15 td3tS ,inches diameter, in lieu of culverts ; butj these would be more expensive than tjwi other, MjdUMif mta, thcJ slteW' of.jTw race n ve % c ffl siderabl ? deptfe, ,rit'aha for scrae :aistanc6 on ( each siae, of coVer 'fw the j^^es J be\bw .ihe' ; riiitilral J levels of , the which are,'■for' thfe nibfcfpart; 1

2 fpt foweiitifeivthe' ••dflWii* , -Of»iOaaii • -KThfer would appear to be all the more necessary,-Us-the traffic oninost of the jsites 'bf proposed)" crossingg seerjls,jlo: be, competed, not) iu,/tht[ centre, the sides of the roads. The culv%rts,^l^i%A9t;te ( jess ihan jnphjeS jtm 18 Urmheg,jfiOja^.to provide tor the increase of volume ot c yjsf in the' race itself during periods of ; hravy'rains* } and, for the J*asqn« stated 1 , 'adtiptioA* Of |o* :<Mfwfenv V/ 'T/Wvß, Stiubg the month, ‘ ltahtd ! -bEP tHe ’■llne"oP i the'Mfethven-Dromore J race, which is J ftueS'dri length, and the earthf«otKdfV®ds. ( ->s, A'Aon'tracts are nofwf iin I fahhd. ( iAi''Stnall deviatibn r >iOf'/Mount>Mirditig' /'CiteOkJ 1 IneaiP Meth.Vi6li Jhas I Sheen 1 - irinorddrl fdt ; ipscape the pollution of the stream UriangfronC the too fcloset pibximityl oflhephlaughYethotiseJ.

Tehders wjlfcbei plitbed Ibefbre. you ;td-day for tbit* line' afaacs>m|Hse4uA. «Jp"pJan‘(next the Ashburton, fiver),; in three contracts. I have, shown oh-'-' the plan the proposed sites for special road crossings on this line, and I beg to 'ask the Council’s sanction of these, or any alteration they may decide on, so that the different contracts for the racemight be started at once. ...This is the ..last r ,qf. .the main lines authorised-Vi thin of the rateable district, as presently laid out, but the loop lines, B and D (also within that district), still remain to be made.'’“Th the interests-of several of the setters, it will appear that an alteration of the former to the extent shown by dotted lines on plah would be desirable, and I beg to lay this matter) pe%q< the forfgiefe ’dectfiogv I expect that *in a few days the owners interested in the water-race outside the!present rateable district, bn the Rakaia side of the plains, will have signed the ageeement asked for bk the, Cqimcil: ! which [ them on the joottiAg 'as 'thosfr witrnn'the said district, and, oh this being done, tenders might,shortly be,called,for ooe.or mo.TesecAs shown,on, the plan the length of, this race would Weiabout 39 i rtul&.* In l cohnfectionf with this, several works necessary to avert the storm water would have to be underlafceh hi thi stifle time. During last month there has been scarcely any! difference from; my last' record of .the amonhrof Sf the^'resF channel, ifropi M§|J|yen maii’s creek,-any loss arising from percolation at present, is from the springs, and surface water, which is nour towing^ flovk all'the winter into fiat' creek? it li apparent, however, that the protection of the Jteelcarfckbrrirasa *Usr{eficial effect in .checking the .absprption whic' Hwad fJ hxr»j County,^alßyard^^l^ejf^ingjPf^^nclosures prepared for plantation purposes has now been completed. Thk^<Sll6Wiih^actißnV^^aken u neqtion thei»mth r-rttdi r.Tfo't.j toUnni*. .Rakaia Plains Water Supply.—Moved by Mrj Wright, seconded by-r.-Mr Coster—- ’ That, the paragraph ,j-e, box culverts for special crossings- be referred back to the Engineer for his reconsideration and for

■ estimates re detail foe. comparative cost of ■box a*dk)ipe culfelts /mean while*- h&yp i Culverts where necessary. and that his t iiAtpdtibh* '-hki' l cktled-kb We 111 <>{• [keeping; traffic of side-of roadhyir.twp three panels of fencing.” , ThejSPecial. Crossings, line A were —Tfie consideration of the deviation of lopp lines Eii and D 1 completion of the mam lines.—lt was reiittlyed—“That tenders be : invi,ted for K channel s6“B6on'' ‘ab u lMb 'sbttTtshi tisH the*" agreement,. and the.mat.ter of getting the , 1 signatures , ; b ! ehpreshed' *fdfwifo' f ahd estii mates be furnished forworks ne'ceSSaryto _ divert the VJ st,dr{hJt^tdr ! ' iri bbhnebtibn; witjh such chhbhbl. M, ,J 1 l ’lf-'- t ; SALE vTliiSs PLA’NTtjtOV “ . : '"" The*report of the Committee appointed to ! undertake: 'tjifefhwbrk -wakmfceadoatid; adopted. i i ;'.2-jAjjcQtrNsg..-.-r' !l Trf:-,- 1 .'■ni The pay-sheet*' owVaringsmountS tobhe; extent o£*L743 ; 10a was r passed j fox. payment.] jV . I •. v.all-jviiU / i TARrmO pMDdEi M 0 i - - J The telegram published by its on Monday J laSti'- teceived from l the ■} Under- i SecretAry for Public > Works, - notifying the intention of the Government-to place this work under the -control of 'the Council, 1 was read ; ,! and on the proposal of> Mr .Weight, seconded -by Mr-Bullookidt was Jesolved—“ That the County Engineer be instructed to proceed with the driving of the 6in. wrought-iron piles for the extension of the Rangitata road bridge, four piles to be driven in each pier for 40ft. tt&ansp in accordance d with the: design: ptgpaiedbyiMr.'HigganaQns”'!:- d ■ m-:w i

t , A MODEST BEQUEST. . Wiki' read^U-* “ I have the honor,, by direction ,of this Golmoil (^snWuVtoh 5 -'Bd/oughj to- ! hand you the,.,following .copy . of,. resolution passed at r tf' ihteßtihgt held* ‘the 1 -6th expended by the Fire Brigade at the late fire, as there is no doubt that the County Council’s buildings. -Were,ffifed through thq exertions of ™ 'Brigade. ’ I hope, that this reaspnable demand will be acceded tei i ,=Jfc' is hardly > necessary; to, ■r foint i ipujif ithjat ! the happing. iPi {the; iFire Brigade is a heavy burden upon tha. Borough,. frhioh jshopld in. ad .cases! of fite redeive a refund!of expenditure incurred: id ! BbSaddell, Town Clerk.” ~i; , : The application . evoked considerable: Surprise at the hands of several,, of. (the members, being evidentlyregarded in the light of a joke on the part of the Borough Council. Mr Bullock f%vor, ,6f the claim, of | the Brigade the Council’s property wobld.have been destroyed. .. . Mi bame»«h korrettdd Ml-Bullkch; J &htf ; stated that, these,, building were, saved Jolely by “the Brigade. The .Brigade had not exerted itself in the least in that direction, astsfeasa - .*™"'*' i; l It was resolved—" That the proposal be declined, as the Council has treated the Bqrough and Fire BrigadOlitparulhriindhe/ igiatter of votes for water supply and grants in'aid of the Brigade.”

A ■■|S:|Si ' A petition wqs road from several cattle dealep,; ftp., ohtbo West Ooast road, with refepDcdl'-io demarded on the West Co|i£road the Hokitika County Council, ind asTnpg the co-operation of the Ooutwa| in bmging the matter before the . GovernipMy- It was resolved —‘‘■That of the letter be sent % County Council, with a ‘‘'request that they will supply this Council with any statement referring to the subject of the present charges/” The petitioners to be informed of the same, -end , , VICE JIB WALKER. ' '""'"T # tqpjAhe temporary absence of the Ohairwiftw- . II ,|,H 11l Wallace County tKF — mOßPßttglnw fore thfc solved—“ Thattthdffeiitidn m&&lA byjß. the! Chairman for the-Gouncil, and be IA license O[y f Jdhii > & , own, .Wakamii. ' ~ , T acasii dthtiC JiiafTTi , i 'Jit wm resolved, ; && seaj be alsp that an insurance of IjoOOTwaffected , aiL The consideration of J -<He* Borough Council’s liability toward the msintenandobf theltdepitat ''

retiirn cdtlffiasWocship ithoiMayc*;! >, rj j-After the luncheon ..adjournment Mr TfaMWffiffifen-r .--»■■ T4Z»I .'.Tlufl WirHaliiM’i addptedi. i £i s&tadatl&A .theilDojmnjtteejjvr had decided to plant reservfejMS of peps, MQhhhlQMtLwad BoardsTß ioi acres},. 1114, acres; in, j^akaia' Road 1 BosLrd < ~j4iflttidt.' ‘ R J ahta|v* recommended that by means of a grantur aid to the-' Ashburtbii Dotnaib : ®BSSP aS. 3iv3 .attempt should-bn ithe Council to establish^, a,^ni^ae^y : , i of . treiss! : migfeVi reserves aqd ratepayer* ;tw4iug,J%g)|Wta .bn sucli'terms; as mightjbie detetsn&al & dnjby 4he.oonn6iLyri:,f .. mjuie'qml limrtltong. , tt'ftlsd showed that the|Committe£ had

i plaintmg.a66o,BaeEmia«^j*«M w^S«^ in hlnrlrg nf 20 anrac, dig. — trij)uted 180,000 acres, o blocks; upper do. oa, *. 211,000, 6 b^RKO>i¥opß4A.P°“erß, for: teoderafogieaKiiyfeii^|cKmii^bjßf|d<;i; |s Required. .'• .HOTaUtIHdA , { > T (kSHBUETOW RAILWAY BSIDGX. a^ei|)eAdiiute »in connection Ask* V_ button > vbridjjejl anSlkfiriuK ft ft 1 considered it ji|-iairly w aeffiffl' r , ntniftU t i.M>ii liiiiii. hftffti fail prepared to aanyv WKTra nevYoTewiipjDQg #heTdepartment the cost vf' work already dohe, whichjmp /mfefedtly |£fe>«agdnlihe interests of that further ■frhat U 1 prepared to fMktf of maintaming the decking of the Ashbnr* , i thej woiik tuJw lfr' l hana r^! e6Mne(»ianjriffl* re-deckihg "hasheen cSfefhHy (^timatoi 1 * 1 by Mr liOW^ J <he >, Bn^rie^ :( fOT , n Railways, l atid ViU : atti6tifit td’ aboht' tbisp'" r! thJuifa*<a;fl6^ -^r«rti«^oiP?Uil#ays:^ n< f It was moved^^fWfglitaatebteldap 1 >and carried—“ That tbwCounty Council do pot cont&bgt&tovngrdg Aa coat'of the Ajh^urtoa Railway Bnd*e, and would refer the Ge|i#m“Manager tr/tS& the sth March- 18ro dn tHiaßubfect,.addses»etrto rtheT Ministerftr Mibli?Wofks7 in which' | the Council undertook “ T -a neat J bridge frf V®bt<JML Canterbury Pro'Hriffiil l GOTwhthent to* wardstothe- i constrnetippijbEiatftde pcopontT i -cprjibinedi J ihridgej > ai* DCWas garni) ksdeUtpu the Government from all furthecii < charges/oonriectett. .witfiA thß.v<Mckihgqa£B .thej abridge, and/’-doiAßway t.-#Shrr tbeim ijwhose i »alarieß,t lit: Capitalised, represent about the grant, being supplemented by alike suih from tjm County,Cquncil .funds, r , would’ provider ah independent* bridge *fot/J roap traffic, greatly to'the^convenience of’ * the! public. i telegram wi"S A fTOm of . .thej South Rakaia Road Board, giving resolutions pateed-emrCseingfwOlingaesa f j of , taervJgoaMp to Vie* -* "the Road Board’s of itg effortftii* l upepingsupitlMs owntefte *c

! iJSSSSSMtSmiim*--estimate rtf* dost of 1 fords, (half width q£;rp»d),j J^o? in. glazed pipes (full width of road). L 22; smalt"'bridged ' fencing) Ll 4. Bqx Culverts* 04 acwlfh(fBli;n;) width of road), Ll 4. mahno-I c < pe also.scated that about 80 crossings , r wouldfiie 1 required;- : • a »‘ r « ctnnJbxlqpßn'r ItriWaS resolved, in cross; <rpadbu'fwhe» x s’ ! materials for pitching is not obtainable, coricrete ,for<Js be ptade, fMsCordingvtd r!5 , Engineer’s estimate trabmittOTl,,jand Tor ' 1 ordinary, crossings, Barper; estimate* be adopSdV BeSbf; , of .Wick bitch, totariii >«• h'f n;F• ••---o irtoui.jidaiot f The tenders .Face A, Nos!. x{ 2},TmaoVete accepted. ~ J : *'2i If Mr .Wright-intimated that he should be , . abdept M months, owing xo the sitting of Parkameht; and on his suggestion, the - Chair- . mau l Was i cormtiiiitedTraaanrer : during [ / thall-pafiodt f ij:\:i: b'itMLYilJk, FUS»' '* f’f

; T .;i! . OBMETKKT.I;; ;v.;.4Ui£ eJO'nr It was'rasblved that theDhairman ban. nil power to i reoommomh siteidotl: OemdteiytirJ Res9rvarecbmmeDdedbytJ£ylo..paopl» tannC Government for gazettingpin-poae»>v.!/j. oil i Thaineeting then adjourned: s-tamt*; I j -•iu’.U’X in tioh'iioiiA. f>u:tMufnua wla av.-.-l 't .wo^telO,!», ,j same l * ii . were in attendance .eoJet je-jv/pf edi J* > The businessvWdC thd closing:.oftionr> roads in ..the Mount <.*'u . Hdtt district, and was adjourned tUT aftpr one bf fte jlanJ awky in Christchurch. - rj*.

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ASHBURTON COUNTY COUNCIL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 359, 1 June 1881

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ASHBURTON COUNTY COUNCIL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 359, 1 June 1881

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