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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna Est Veritas Et Prevalebit. MONDAY, MAY 30, 1881.

■ TOWN EDITION () {lssued at 5.10 p.m. ]

County Council. —An ordinary meeting of this body will take place cbu 'Wedr. neaday next. Pre -Sessional. —Mr .Montgomery-’.is. “ billed ” to address .the Akarqa electors this evening. • -n—■ Amateur Dramatic Clue,— -A meeting, of this" Club is convened for Thnrsciay evening, at the usual place. Borough Council. —This evening, an ordinary meeting of the members of tbe * Ashburton 'Borough ''Council ; will ' take 1 place; : 1 i 1 j . • ■ ■■. ■ Naughty John. —A Dunedin contemporary relates the fact,that a,, drunken Chinaman was recently* sehn in Princeb4 street.

Musical.—Our readers are referred to Mr H, J. Weeks’ notification re price list at his music establishment, Cameron street westj appearing elsewhere. \/ t Tend Elis. —Particulars ’of tenders required by ;the Mount Somers Road Board and the South Rakaia Road Board are published in the present-issue. Labok Exchange.—An announcement to farmers, : stationholders, and householders requiring servants* and servants requiring situations, will be round in our advertising columns. Out of Session.—Mr- Fitzgerald met the Reef ton electors on Saturday evening, . and was isvelhreceivecl, there being a large : niiniber present. - The usual vote of confidence .was carried. - The Rangitata BkibofeJ—The following telegram on the above subject has > been received by th’e'Clbrk to the County Council from the Under Secretary of Public Works', viz.-:^-J f *lt i i» intended to ! place the Rangitata bridge under the control of the Ashburton County. Ihe formal, documents will be. ,sent to, j yt>,U) : shortly by posh ”, ■ . .p. ; ■ •;; ■ < f: 1 Christchurch R,.j£...Coßßir.i-rAtJJife, Court to-day. R. Richardson, for attempt- , ing to commit suicide by taking strychnine, was committed .for trial, i Ahoy named John Shea, charged with firing;-?*.pistol in a public street, :waa, ; dismissed, with a caution. The evidence wag; to the e'ftect that the bullet from the pistol passed between itwo men. who Wefe, walking ;.aloug,-.the street together. New —Mr T. S. * (WestjAi ha4->fe4J<sl4 n i address to the Reefton electorg,, ift.w.iiich he.says hg ( will 1 fotfowmb, party blindly, ! but 'act fairly' to 1 ■ both Mdes ' the .House. He will support; blithe 'harbor AvdriMsl at! <‘<3*eyU moqtii, .and the’East'anil, West Coast railways,'feforih in pirocddtfre'df'Courts, and will he liberal . and progressive in all matters of- CblbniaU concern.He Ifevors the presefit feectilttr 'system r of’ education! ! Sx ' GttTbA r Rp TusifELV.-*~Dhe total-com-pletidrt'bUlthb 1 St. Gothard; tunnel -wSllvery likely take place mext July ; the rail-* way is to bb opened ’ in. July,' 1882. ofEhec mail-bags are even noW‘ 1 eartiedi througln the tunnel by messengers when rough weather prevails upon-the mountain. Ar- ■ rangemenfs will be inadotoillurninate the whole tunnel by electric light; Dislpyal/ty, “Thosp officially engaged at the!*GWetnment,offices, Timaru, are exceptionally Ipyal. ,Qp last, although' every business -place Mn'ith'e town which'could iraise a bjti <ff bunting was iQrnamonted therewith .in, honor, of ’ Her Majesty’s. 02nd' 'birtHdKl I ,' tile Go- : vcrnment, Bnilfiing* were conspicuous by 1 their ignoring of this accepted rule. The reason - could not have been that they had'no " flag to fly.'nAVhjr then *this"disv .respect? - : ■' ■ ./ ' 'a, \/ Journalistic Troubles.—The plant of the Inverdl Heraid has, been eciEediby th?.-' proprietor' o£.the luverell T,im,es : for cqsfs, in the late libel action, /Bond v< yopk,.; 'The friends of the, latter,; ; with|n., six hours, ordered a complete new plant, wthich v/aS;dispatched the samp, (dn-y-; [ In the meantime, arrangements were made to prMtiithe Herald at Glen Innps, tjn order that the copyright ;of the paper . might be: preservecj, Thus the the plant, ’is in Bond, and the Herald, for the time is Godk-ed.r^rSuUetin,, < . I Proficiency' Difficult; , of, .Okj-ain-! ment.- —Every >; advertisement, : wjiwjlf. appears in leading London: papers , short-hand cleric is alleged ,fo elicit (from TOO to 200 replies, phonography,. become of late a branch of education very generally pursued, while the number of really qualified phonographers is everywhere small gin fact,, the head jof/q dy , partmont in London said that’for verbatim' reports he had blit bne Assistant—qfiite l a young , plicitly. •; 'hh.i-; ; - •■m.ii:.-. 5 Back;' .Frqm .apftjq, ■Templar, schooner, has fe’turped to Dim-" fedin from, the scope of tile' Tatarua wreck. .Ttyere waA a'wery -heaVy ’Aea ali’dhe l time l she* Was there,' and Abb' had hbf%batß - washed away.' : A''diger'Weft t : times, but was unsuccessful in doing anything.' • The captSinistates'that hA gasped, gight over the wreck; IWhiCll iis in three different parts, and.frqm spqndings be'- fimfe i fjopiq jfqfK, : ivater.AU;Jrou 9 di¥r'.tin stqndihg, m- ) 'getbus,iap4;ppqy:©p±^lpn^th;ng ; l%,?vpik r , Mail .of Art amusing mistake made by, a chief in i ithff distfipt.fiM*' J and . VbitiwWMr ' complaifits'i ,p to bAappljed E [ ah ! d f . be/taken internally. Scfmfeh'bHWt'Hb 1 oii%b K . things, eatm&l tile. aWd HThttW ' on the cod iivtm dm ‘“The distingpished ( “ Rangatiia” bjisfMnchbeon serious mMgiviiiga, aef * “to tllU' Cr ( pakoha Q ‘ K ‘ Tind'.haa. depiclbu to lev naturelike its courfiF 1

PoliticalJForeshadowino. —Mr Henry Clark is of a candidate for Bruce seat, at the next election. V The Pabarua Enquiry.—The decision of enquiry is not expected ter :be •!^dnpsday,; i Capjtain jMoGJojytaii'j not liavihg returned from. Lyttcdortf ■' ■- ticENHENG CouKT.y-Iti will, be seen by appearing,dlsewherb that the' sitting of the Licensing Commissionera for the Ashburton district has been postponed from Tuesday, the 7th, to Friday, the 10th inst. The Man Goldberg.—The man Goldberg, rMhobODu Safeiwday was. recreated on 3f charge of vagrancy immediately following, Kis.Uberation on the charge of swindling, was brought before the It. M. that evening l aSa r lS!jsfa:d3ect t ® Tb-molrir#; In Bankruptcy. —Mr Frederick Pavitfc has. received the appointment of trustee in; the estate of William Paterson, farmer, Hinds, a debtor ; and Francis Le Breton, 1 farmer, Seafield, and has accepted the I same. / ' r

Reserving of Consideration. A writer in a Southern paper protests against the cruelty occasioned by the use of phosherous for rabbit poisoning,' the in agony.if or four days before they die. * New Weekly In Ohristohuec h. — The proprietotf of the Christchurch Telegraph has started,a'-tlireepenhy weekly in connection 1 therewith under the ititle of the Canterbury Standard. The first issue made, its appearance on Saturday last. Retrenching.— -The Dunedin Corporation are in difficulties, and have recently amalgamated the offices of Town Clerk and' City Treasurer, thereby effecting a saving of L 550 a year. l ' They liave also reduced the City Surveyor’s salary by L9O pel" annum. J 'Promising Very. —The Dunedin Evening Star, speaking of the new 'publication by Mr Ivess, the Wairarajxt, Stfcr, says : ..—“lts editorial columns are controlled by Mr A. W. Hogg, formerly of Dunedin, ,7Wd fancy that the Wairarapians will have lively times of it ere long. Pedestrianism, talking .matched! s-: .tancei seven mile's,-for 1i36 a-side,‘ has -been iarranged to come off on June 16th, .-at Timaru, ,• between John Laurie and 'Henry Lambert, both of that place. EcH I ■. Tiitß Changes All Things.—Toe foreign demand for black walnut timber' is very large. Agents for English manufacturers have recently been through ilowa, Indiana, and Missouri for the purpose pf buyiugThis wood, which a quarter of a century ago was but little appreciated for apy purpose. .Circulars. —We have to acknowledge the' fedeiptaof Ja ,circular ifrom Messrs Haxton apd with.; photographs of thei'ri flexible harrows; also one from Messrs Kell, Meats, and Co. of their patent, drills; through Messrs Poyntz and Go. who arc tiro local agents fo both firms.

Important Discovery. —Mr Alexander Adams, one of the technical officers of the Post Office Telegraphic Department, England, has the existence of electric tides in telegraphic circuits.- By. long •continued and careful observations he has determined distinct variations of strength in those : earth currents,., which,are invariably present 0.11. all,,telegraph wires, following the different diurnal positions of the moon with respect'to the earth. Caledonian Society. —A meeting of the Directors of this Society was held on Saturday evening, : at the' Commercial Hotel. ; It,, was, resolved to present Dr Stewart, the President of the Society, with an address, arid to' give ' him a

banquet on Wednesday next, at -the Somerset Hotel, on the occasion of .his leaving the district.' After J passitig a number l of accounts, and transacting

other routine . business, the - , meetidg adjourried. ( . . . Runaway.A 'horsd 1 attached ' to an '(Wpross wagon took fright this morning, jbfifc opposite Mr Joseph Clark’s office, ’and bolted at a terrific pace down East street and then.turned the But-nett street corner jbelow Shearman’s and went into Mcßad’A’yard,‘where The vehicle' came into contact with the gatepost. This brought the animal to a standstill but mot: before the wagon was greatly smashed. Mr Morgan is the owner of the express, as he has just started in business his loss is a severe one. •’ - -.c > MbRTimNC-—The speqiaj cqrrespon-; dent of tb©: Ljticlfon Times telegraphs as .follows The report of Captain Hume, who was .recently; appointed .lusppcfcqr ;qf ,GftQls, is liancts of the ,Government. The IpurjScjft I of' 1 Hume’s recommendatiohahasnot 'leaked 1 oufcj but I have authority that the report is of such 3,11 iKitferahe character that Ministers bkire j undjgi* oobsidefatibn the' desirability of .liaving-it- re-wribleUi by another person before printing, or of .referring it back to ICagtain Hqme.' The report has been me as ! unique in fcaligraphy, Bjihlling, ghammar. ; > ■ i! ' Police Jnews. —This morning, at the Police Coutt, before Robert Alcorn, Esq. , J. P. f the«f|)ll6wing‘ cases. wefo .heard: —■ John, Jottea, who ;mqde his appearance before the Court, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct, was mulcted fnhtho sum of 5s or twenty-four •hours’ imprisonment, A first offender was 'fined:in a Similar qmquntj .Gleorgu Grimble,. for creatpjS a disturbance,, in. a licensed' house, was finiid lOsy brj in ' default,' twenty - fpur hours. Thomas O’Brien, who {on (Saturday evening, having been refused admission to the Royal Hotel, had gonojji for a little amusement in the ■windpw-sffiashingiline, was fined ,20s and costs 10s, or the alternative of one week’s imprisonment. . : A Strange Story. — A contemporary says In Dusky Bay (Otago), close to the* i shore, beneath the clear calm water may be plainly seen,the form ', of a large sfiip of foreign build. There she 1 ieA at'.the bottom of the saa,- under the Shadow of the towering forest-clad mountains. No one knows how she came there, but she is. of po, English or modern make, Ail'd someone who was adventurous enough to dive down and examine her, says she is made of teak, a wood much used by the 'Japanese or Chinese, and this must be the ease, or she would have decayed long ago,' for teak will last for centuries and the old ship; still looks firm and sound in her ocean gravel ' The Maoris have' a legend about her.' They say that their grandfathers told them that in their childhood ond jmorning, a Targe ship sailed into !Duskjf'Bay,-and when close' to the shore she Suddenly sunk and disappeared, that the Crew swam off and lived for some time on a small island, And there, one by one, they died, but who they were, or , where thSyjcame from none can say. From this storjf. it is plain that there .have been -yisitqrs to New Zealand of whom we know mpthing, and who have left no other record .qt'fheir visit than the ship which brought theni to these shores.

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna Est Veritas Et Prevalebit. MONDAY, MAY 30, 1881., Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 357, 30 May 1881

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna Est Veritas Et Prevalebit. MONDAY, MAY 30, 1881. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 357, 30 May 1881

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