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The ordinary fortnight? meeting of the Council was held last emiug. Present —His Worship the Moor, Crs Ivess, Bullock, Williamson, Ro'nson, Harrison, St. Hill, R. Friedlander,W. Roberts, and G. Parkin. mayor’s stathent. The Mayor stated thathe overdraft at the bank had been reducl to L 224 4s 3d, by the County Council lying LSOO, and rates collected, BIGO 1» Gd, into the credit of the Council. '.e would ask the Council to pass the paynnt of L2S9 9s. as a refund to the Wakanui oad Board, that being its share of the lan fund as agreed upon. As the matter vas left in his hands he had agreed to icept the LSOO instead of taking action gainst the Road Boards. A report wouhbo laid before the Council, in referenceo the late fire, from the Fire Brigade. The want of sumps in various parts f the town was much felt, and he hop! strong representations would bo madto the Fire Association for assistance in the matter. The new by-laws would :ome into force that day week. The Comittee re banking account would furnia their report at this meeting. CORRESPOND E;E. From the Colonial Sectary, acknowledging receipt of now by-,ws. From Messrs Jenkimand Sandrey, asking permission to remo two cottages. —Granted, on the usual ciditions. From the Wakanui Roaßoard, stating their willingness to pay ti-sixths of the salary of the Inspectoiof Nuisances instead of two-fifths. From Mr Fergie, askinfor a transfer of license for his vehle from W. Price. —Acceded to. From the Inspector of Nsances, apologising for non-attendance rough illness. 0 From the Engineer, statg his inability to attend this meeting. From Messrs Fooks anSpns, furnishing their charge for supintending the Borough works.—The ierk was instructed to write to th Timaru and

Sydenham Borough Council for information on the cost entailed by them for engineering works. PETITIONS. The following petitions were presented : “ We, the undersigned ratepayers, beg to bring before your notice tne want that exists for the erection of a gas lamp opposite Butler’s Hotel, at the corner of Cass street and Havelock street.’ Signed by George Martin and 20 others. Cr. Harrison said that there was a great want for a proper light in this street. A similar one was then read as follows; “We, the undersigned ratepayers, bog to bring before your notice the want of two gas lamps in Winter street and Burnett street, and at the corner of Winter and Tancred street.” —Signed by R. Lancaster and 13 other ratepayers. Cr. St. Hill presented the petition, and drew the attention of the Council to the necessity that existed for lighting this part of the town, as it was a dangerous place after dark. He said the inhabitants would willingly agree to be rated for this purpose, if proper lamps were crewed. In reply to Cr. Friedlander, Cr. St. Hill said there was no other lamp in the vicinity. Cr. Ivess spoke in favor of the first petition, and seconded it, but considered that the matter of two lamps in Winter street was rather premature. The fact of there being no mains in the street was also against the expenditure. After discussion, it was decided to erect the lamp as requested in Havelock street.

Cr. St. Hill said that the place where he asked to have a lamp erected was a high place, and a light, if placed there, would become a beacon to the neighborhood, especially where the state of the gullies and footpaths were in an unformed condition. He proposed—“ That the prayer of the petitioners be acceoded to.” The proposition not being seconded, The Mayor suggested that the matter be referred to a Lighting Committee to be appointed for that purpose,—Agreed to. HORSES, CART, AND PLANT. The Committee appointed for purchasing a horse and cart for the Council reported that they had purchased Ibell’s for LBO. —Agreed to. THE BANKING ACCOUNT. The Mayor said that the Committee appointed for the purpose of interviewing the Bank Managers in reference to the Council’s account submitted their report that both banks had been interviewed, and that they had informed the Committee that, according to an agreement, the banks would not tender for any account in future. (The letters in reference to this matter from both banks were then read.) The Mayor also said that he had taken care to alter the wording of his resolution, as Cr. Ivess had shown his antagonism to one certain bank. Cr. Ivess said he did so because he wanted the Council to accept the best terms from the banks. The replies before them were both of the same nature. The reply or offer from the Union Bank was a definite one, and was still before the Council, and he thought that the Council would be treated more liberally than they had been hitherto. He hoped that the matter would be virtually decided to-night, and he would have much pleasure in moving the resolution standing in his name, as follows : —“That the Borough banking account be transferred to the Union Bank of Australia, Limited, and that the hank’s offer to grant the Borough an overdraft of LI,OOO, at 7i per cent, on the minimum daily debit balance, be accepted, and that the Finance Committee be requested to give effect to this resolution to-morrow.” Cr. Friedlander asked whether the Council had any assurance that the Union Bank were still willing to take over the banking account. Cr. Ivess said that he had seen the Manager that afternoon, and the Union Bank were still agreeable to adhere to the terms of their former letter.

The Mayor said that they might as well give the Union Bank a turn, and see what they could do, and he would not oppose it. With reference to what Or. Ivess had remarked, he thought that the Bank of New Zealand had acted in a perfectly businesslike manner, and hoped that the Union Bank would treat the Council as the former had. Cr .Robinson, in seconding the resolution, said he hoped the Council would now fix the matter definitely, as it did not look well to be continually cavilling as to the choice of a Bank for their account. The resolution on being put, was carried unanimously. engineer's report. The report was read as follows : Outfall drain. —This work has been carried on satisfactory. The brickwork is ratber behind, but wo trust the contractor will be able to make better progress with this part of the work in a day or so. —The horses, carts, etc., purchased for the use of the Council, have been delivered. We have, by the direction of the Works Committee, had two of the Road Board cottages brought on to the reserve at the back of the Council’s yards ; one of which is to be converted for the purpose of stables, and the other as a house for the carter or man in charge of the horses. We have, with the Committee’s sanction, engaged a good practical man for this work. It is intended to fence in this half-acre reserve with post and rails now on hand.—Mona Square.—Several tenders were received by the Works Committee for clearing, ploughing and fencing this square ; the lowest, that of Mr James Foreman, was accepted, at a total cost of L 23 Cs.—Alford Forest road. —We have taken the levels and examined this road. Like most of the streets first formed in the borough, it ought to be reformed. As this, however, would be expensive, and not absolutely necessary at the present time, we consider it might be improved by re-forming a few of the worst places, and adding some loads of shingle, at a cost of from Ll2 to Ll 5. As wo "have now the necessary plant, the w< rk can be done by the Council’s own men.—The labor gang have been engaged in spreading shingle, carting, and cleaning up streets, shifting Road Board cottages, etc. —The report was adopted. The following report of the Fire Inspector was read :—I have the honor to report, for the information of the Borough Council, that a fire occurred in Baring square on the morning of Friday, 13th instant, about 2 o’clock a.m., resulting in the complete destruction of the Central Temperance Hotel, and the coach factory of Messrs Baker and Brown. In connection therewith, I beg to state that some delay occurred in bringing water to bear on the flames, in consequence of the state of the side channel in Havelock street, at the corner of East street, it having been blocked to prevent the flow of water to the outfall drain, now in course of construction, thus allowing a great quantity of refuse to accumulate, which interfered with the action of the valves of the engine. The crosasing at the corner (some ten feet) was with groat trouble cleared, and , lastly, owing to there being no sump or . other means of obtaining sufficient depth ■ of water to supply the suction hose pro- i perly, the men having to dig a hole in the i road for the purpose, which required con- 1 stant clearing to prevent gravel being \ pumped up. The Brigade was also con- 1 siderably hindered through the public J being allowed to crowd the scene of action. ’ causing great confusion. I enclose account of disbursements on account of pumpers, t etc., amounting to Ll 3 2s. f Or St Hill said he would like to ask [

what- the items were really for that amounted to Ll 3 2s. It was an [undue aspersion on the part of a local paper to cast the remarks which had been made by it on the Fire Police. The Brigade were to blame to a certain extent for the delay in getting to the tire. He thought! all praise should be given (o the Fire Police. He alluded to the report which had been published in which the Fire Police had been stated to interfere with the Brigade in their duties at the late fire.

Cr Friedlander said he was also very sorry to see the remark which had appeared in print in reference to the action of the Police. He thought it was quite uncalled for. His impression w T as that the Brigade were in a state of great confusion because the engine would not work. As for the Police interfering in the fire, he must say that the Police were the most orderly that he had seen at any fire, and others could bear him out in this statement. Cr Parkin said he could bear out the remarks of Cr Friedlander, in reference to the police, but the buckets which belonged to the Brigade were scattered about among the crowd and could not be found. Cr Bullock said that the Fire Brigade' and the Fire Police deserved the greatest praise for the work done by them at the fire last week. He hoped that more sumps would be put down in several parts of the town. He felt sure that the Fire Association would contribute more liberally than they had. and would do so gladly if the residents here would do more towards the prevention of fire. He would move that the Fire Brigades’ account be passed for payment. Cr St. Hill seconded the resolution. He thought that it was unfair to come upon the Council for assistance, and to pay something towards the cost of working the engine at the late fire, as some of the Ashburton merchants had considerable risk in the neighborhood and they should pay it Cr Bullock asked whether it was true that the key of the reservoir was in Christchurch at the time of the fire ? Cr Parkin said it was not true the reservoir key was in Christchurch. Cr Harrison said that, from his experience at the late fire, it was absolutely necessary that increased means for fire prevention were provided, as, had their been any wind, on Friday last, there is no doubt that considerable damage would have been done by (ire on both sides of the streets. He would suggest that another engine should be procured for this town.

The Mayor said that the Insurance Association should he .again appealed to and asked to contribute a large sum of money towards the purchase of a steam fire engine. Instead of the paltry sum of L 25 a-year, the Association should contribute something in return for the large sum of money they receive from the Borough for premiums every year.

The resolution, on being put, was carried unanimously.

Cr Ivess moved—“ That the Works Committee be instructed to construct 20 sumps in different parts of the town—with a view to the storage of water for fire prevention purposes.” In doing this, Cr Ivess said that it was but right to be prepared to meet any further risks from fire, should such again be experienced in the town, and a good supply of water was necessary for its safety. A discussion ensued on the position of the sumps and the mode of their construction.

Cr. St. Hill moved as an amendment that the word “twenty ” be struck out. 5 Cr Harrison seconded the amendment, which, on being put, was lost, the original 7 resolution being carried. , inspector of nuisances. 3 A discussion ensued as to the share due by the Wakanui Road Board on account 3 of the Inspector of Nuisances’ salary. ) The Maj or stated that the Road Board 3 had agreed to subsidise the salary of the Inspector by two-fifths. (Letter read.) It 3 w T as resolved to write to the Chairman of j the Wakanui Road Board, and request 3 them to adhere to the former proposal made by the Borough. 1 deputation. t Messrs C. P. Cox, T. R. Hodder, and . F. Pavitt attended as a deputation from t the Industrial Exhibition Committee, jj Mr Cox stated the object of the deputa--1 tion was to ask the Council for some help . towards defraying the expenses of the E luncheon to his Excellency at the opening . of the Exhibition. The members of the Committee were under the impression . that the luncheon was provided by the 1 Council, and at their expense. 1 The Mayor said that it was one of these , matters which unfortunately cropped up ’ through the iuadvertance of not having a legal meeting to order this expenditure. 5 A meeting was held, but there was no quorum of the Council. At the last meeting of the Council, a sum of LSO was . granted for the purpose of defraying the cost of the banquet to his Excellency. If ; the matter was left with the Council, they . would carefully consider it. The deputation thanked the Council . and withdrew. [ Cr. Ivess moved—“ That the sum of ! L 25 be granted to the Exhibition Com- ! mittee towards supplementing the former i grant.” . Cr. St. Hill seconded the resolution, which on being put was carried, two voting against it—Crs. Williamson and . Parkin. ■ The Mayor .moved —“That a Committee, consisting of Crs. Harrison and Bullock, be appoined to interview the Insurance Association, with a view to get , a contribution in aid of the steam fire engine. Cr Ivess seconded the resolution, which was carried. LIGHTING COMMITTED. Cr. Ivess said the time had now come that a Lighting Committee should be formed in the Borough. He moved—- “ That Crs. Harrison, Roberts, Williamson, and Parkin be appointed a .Lighting Committee, and that instructions should be given them to report upon the matter brought forward by Cr. St. Hill.”— Carried. FIRE EXPENSES. The Mayor moved—‘ 8 That the County Council be asked to pay the cost of working the engine at the late fire, amounting to Ll 3 2s.”—Carried. LEAVE OF ABSENCE. Leave of absence for six weeks was granted bis Worship the Mayor. Cr. Ivess moved —“ That Cr. Bullock be appointed Acting-Mayor.”—Carried. RESIGNATION. Cr. St. Hill forwarded his resignation as a member of the Fire Committee.— It was decided not to accept the resignation. auctioneers licenses. It was decided that the auctioneers residing in Christchurch and doing business in Ashburton should take out a license in Ashburton as well as in Christchurch. PAYMENTS. Sundry accounts were passed, and the Council adjourned.

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ASHBURTON BOROUGH COUNCIL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 346, 17 May 1881

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ASHBURTON BOROUGH COUNCIL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 346, 17 May 1881

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