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* Ashburton Guardian Office. Friday evening. Considerable quantities of grain are still being delivered at the various stores in the town, but the bulk has now come to hand. Wheat—Prices are not so firm as they were, owing to the decline in the English maifcet. For the best samples of Tuscan, 3s 6d can be obtained, the other kinds ranging from 3s 2d to 3s 4d per bushel. For good samples of oats, prices range from is 3d to is cdperlrasheL Barley is almost unsaleable, and then at only very low rates, ranging from is to 2s pd, according to quality. Rye grass seed is in fair demand, and prices continue firm, 4s 5d being readily obtained for prime samples. It is supposed that the favorable weather thev have had in the great grain growing countries has caused prices to recede somewhat here. Aslilmrton Retail List. Butter, interior to best, per lb, pd to is; eggs, per dozen, is 6d ; cheese, prime quality, per lb, 4d to 6d ; bacon, prime smoked, per fb, is; hams, in cloth, per lb, is to is 2d; flour, in bags, per loolbs, 12s; oatmeal, per 25lbs, 4s ; lard, per lb, yd. The Christchurch Corn Exchange. The following is- the report for the week ending Friday, the 6th of May : Grain.—The market during the week has exhibited no new features. Business on the whole has been quiet, and values are unaltered, but the tone of the market is firm. The weather has been propitious. The want of rain, to which allusion was made last week, Tiac been plentifully supplied, and has been of great benefit—Wheat: Shippers are still in the market;' for good lines of sound milling quality of any description, although tuscan is still the favorite, and tops the market. The latter is readily isaleable at from 3s pd to 3s iod per bushel; velvet chaff and pearl, 3 s ?d to 3s 8d; Hunter’s white, 3s 6d to 3s pd. All these quotations are f.o.b. in Lyttelton. The quotations for Christchurch are to id under these prices, but as the great bulk of the transactions in wheat during the present season have been for shipment, the f.o.b. prices take the pre-eminence. Seconds range between is fid and 2&fid per bushel.—Oats : The increased demand which has been visible for the last few weeks is still well maintained, and the market is firm at last week’s quotations. Bright milling samples are readily saleable at from is pd to is iod per bushel, holders evincing a disinclination to sell at these figures, with consumers unwilling to advance the rates. Feed quality (good), is yd to is pd per bushel.— Barley : There is no alteration to note in the in the value of this cereal, and values may be said to be quite unaltered. Brewers and malsteis continue to show great indifference, and nothing but very prime quality meets with any attention from them. Prime malting is saleable at from 2s pd to 3s fid per bushel; second class, 2s to 2s 4-d per bushel.—Grass seed: The market remains firm at last week’s quotations —viz., 4s fid to 5s for well cleaned farmers parcels, indifferently cleaned, according to sample.—Potatoes: The decline in values which was observable last week has not yet been recovered, and prices remain as before—viz., 32s'fid-to 35s at country stations, within from seven to eight miles of Christchurch, sacks extra.—Cheese and Butter: 3d to for the former, 7d to 7%d the latter.—Hay : L2 15s per ton . delivered at Christchurch. Auctioneers’ Reports. Messrs J. T, Ford and Co. report on the live live stock market for the week ending Thursday, sth inst., as follows :—The Addington market on Wednesday was fairly supplied with fat sheep and fat cattle. Mutton sold at from to and 2)£d per lb., and beef from 20s to 22s fid per loolb. Store sheep are still in excellent demand for grazing purposes, - as - are breeding ewes—the latter are selling from lOS fid to 12s each. Fat crossbreds bring from 14s to 16s each; fat merino wethers from 8s fid to 10s fid each; weaners from 7s to 7s fid each. Mr Ensoris crossbreds brought from 14s pd to 15s each. A line of crossbreds brought 14s each. Fat ewes on account of Mr Pannett sold at 12s and 12s 3d each. Fair conditioned wethers on account of Mr Marsden brought 7s fid each. A line of merino ewes or. account of Mr Fessey, 4s pd ; store crossbred ewes on account of the same owners at 8s fid each. Store merino ewes, on account of Mr Arres, brought 4s 4d each, and others cn account of same owner, 4s yd to each (these were below the average of store merino ewes and wethers). Fat crossbred wethers, on account of Messrs Early Bros., sold at from xis to lis fid each. On account of Mr Garforth we sold fat cattle at fromLfi 15s to L 8 15s each. Pigs, on account Of Mr Amyes, from Li 13s to L2. Privately, during the week, we have placed several lines of store crossbreds and merinos at prices equal to our quotations.

Messrs H. Matson and Co. report on the live stock market, for the week ending May Sth, 1881, as follows ;—For yesterday’s sale at Addington there was a better supply of sheep than on the previous week, though not more than sufficient for trade requirements. The rough weather of the past few days, caused sheep to present a rather weather-beaten appearance ; and this, together with the improved supply, had the eflect of checking last week’s excessively high values, reducing them in most Is per head. Prime crossbred wethers ruled from 12s 6d to 15s, a few pens of extra heavy weight and grand quality selling Up to 17s; fat J merino wethers brought os to I2is; : the bulk of the entry being cleared at the above quotations. Of store sheep the entry was made up of a few small .lines of merinos and call hoggets, and with the exception of the last-named, all were sold at unaltered rates. Pat cattle were in fair supply, the quality generally being good. The tone of the market was quiet, and prices ruled 10s per head upon an average less than on the previous'fortnight’s sales. Prime steers brought L 7 10s to L 9 10s; light weights and heifers L 5 to L 7. J There were less store csl tle on offer than at any market during the past six months, prices (if any change may be quoted) being still D favor of buyers. Fat pigs for bacon-curing

are rather better worth, the trade showin a little more activity. The heaviest weights are most in demand, prices running from 3d to 4d per lb. The totals yarded for the day comprised 4840 sheep, 312 head of cattle, and 243 pigs, of which our entry included 2431 sheep, 103 head of cattle, and 118 pigs. In sheep our principal sales were—so crossbred ewes at 17s, 45 at 16s 6d, 47 at 16s 3d, ICO mixed crossbreds at 13s 6d, 78 at 14s, 40 at 12596, 67 at 12s, 200 merino wethers at 10s, 60 mixed crossbreds at 12s pd, 30 at 12s 6d, 177 wethers at 14s 3d, 175 at 13s pd, 211 at 14s, 42 at 13s pd, 248 at 125 6d. Stores—l 27 merino wethers at 5s 68 at 2s, 152 crossbred ewes at ps 3d, 63 at ps 6d, 103 at 10s 6d, 79 merino wethers at Ss. Fat Cattle—2 at Lp Ss, 2at L 8 12s 6d, 3at 18 12s 6d, 3at L 7 ss, 2 at L 7 10s, 3 at L 7 15s, sat L 6 15s, 2at L 7,2 at L 6 15s, 4at L 3 Ss. Stores —14 head of mixed cattle at L2 10s, Bat L 3 12s 6d, 4 at L2 15s. Springers and Dairy Cows—JL2 to LB. Pigs Longbeach line—B at 365, Bat 30s, 8 at 365, 12 at 21s. Other owners, 10 at 32s 6d, 14 at 255, 12 at 21s, 10 at 17s, 7 at 325, 12 at 26s fid, 2 at 53s 6d, 5 at 31s. Canterbury Horse Market.—For our last Saturday’s sale at Tattersall’s we submitted an entry of 94 horses, comprising 30 head of draught and plough stock, 20 hack and light harness horses, etc. As special entries, we offered several teams of useful farm horses. For these there was a certain amount of competition, and most of them were sold at from Li 7 to L4O, making an average of L2B 10s each. For this class of horses, however, there is still very little enquiry, but the late rains should give ploughing operations an impetus, and if there is to be any demand this season it should soon commence. Good upstanding, well-bred hack and light harness horses are very scarce indeed, and it is but seldom the chance offers of securing one. The attendance at Saturday’s sale was about the same as usual, and between 40 and 50 horses changed hands at current rates. First-class heavy draught geldings, syrs old, may be quoted up to L 45 j ordinary ditto and plough horses, LlB to L3O; well-bred hack and light harness horses, LIS to L2B ; every-day hacks and screws, L 3 to Ll2.

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COMMERCIAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 337, 6 May 1881

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COMMERCIAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 337, 6 May 1881