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Medical. P P P OWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. 0 WELL’S BALSAM of ANISE BIX OWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEEiX Extraordinary testimcp nials. POWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. Due de Montabor writes : “ Chateau de Montabor, Aveyron. Sir, —Having suffered for some time from au obstinate cough, accompanied with fever, continuous head-aches, and sleepless nights, I Resolved after having vainly tried several other mediciiies, to have recourse to your BALSAM of ANISEED. I cannot resist, sir, the desire of making you acquainted With the really marvelous results, which ; I derived, from it. From the first dose 1 felt great relief, the bad symptoms grew feebler, the irritation of the throat was caknii\g-down, and I recovered the sleep’ which had nearly left me. The third dose delivered me completely, and I am now Completely restored to health. i Receive, sir, with the expression of my gratitude the assurance of my distinguished sentiments. DUG DE MONTABOR HER MAJESTY S GUN BOAT NBTLEV. Wick,'Scotland. Dear Sir,— ■ Having had a most distressing and severe cough, 1 which caused me many sleepless nights and restless days, I was recommended by his LORDSHIP the EARL of CAITHNESS to. try your most invaluable Balsam of Aniseed, and I can assure you, with the first dose, I found immediate relief, even without having to suspend my various duties; and the first small bottle completely cured me, therefore I have the greatest confidence in fully recommending it to the million. Signed, W. LINZELL, H.M.G.B. NETLEY. ASK for POWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED SOLD by all CHEMISTS and STOREKEEPERS. Observe the Trade Mark, “Lion, Net, and Mouse.” For coughs, bronchitis, in FLUENZA, COLDS,. &c. F'OR coughs, bronchitis, 'INFLUENZA, COLDS, &c, OWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED.— The effects of one teaspoonful taken in a little water before going to bed is extraordinary. No family should be without it in the winter. Sold by Chemists and Medicine Vendor:, throughout the World, Is I >£d and 2S 3d per per bottle; a great saving in taking family bottles, ns each. Established over 50 years. Prepared only by THOMAS POWELL, Blackfriars Road, London. POWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED “ Sir, —I have for a long time suffered from a severe cough and tried all manner of remedies. Dr. Liberecht advised RO WELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED ; it cured me after a few days. You are at liberty to use this letter in hopes that others may benefit by it.— I am. Sir, Yours. &c., V ■ 7 ALBERT COUNT POTOCKI.” WILL LOOSEN the PHLEGM, immediately.—The Dean of Westminster’s Verger. writes : “ 1,, was advised, to • try the Balsam of Aniseed; I did, and have found great relief. It is most comforting in allaying irritation and giving strength, to the voice. ■ Lionel Brough, Esq., the emmeVit actor, writes : I think it ah ! invaluable • medicine for members' of my profession; ‘and have always recommended it to my brother and. sister •artistes.” • 1 j Truly an extraordinary expectorant.—Mr. Edward M. UlleU* of Bury, Hunts., writes to Messrs. Palmer & ■ Son, Ramsay “ Having bee.n -in thedrabitj of using Powell’s Balsam of Aniseed for-a great .number of years,. I have great pl?isjitje'jn bearing testimony to its incomparable effects as |an expectorant. I always find a single’dose gives immediate relief, and, a small bottle effects a perfect cure.” : 'o > ■; Wholesale Agents in the Australian and New Zealand Colonies —Elliot Brothers,; Evers & Solomon ; Felton, Grimwalde, & Co. ; P. and S, Falk, Faulding & Co. Rocke, Tompsit, & ; Co. ;• Rosenthall;& Co. j Kempthorne, Prosser, & Go,-} 'S.' HoFFENUNG & Co..} . j & Co. ; Berkley, TA.yi.or, & Co.; and all 1 other wholesale houses.’..:'Proprietor —Thomas Powell, Blackfriars Road London. : ENO’S FRUIT SALT p THE PHYSICAL BASIS’OF LIFE 1 GOOD FOOD. : . -, | ' How. to enjoy good food that would otherwise cause Bilious headache, disordered Stomach, Poisoned Blood, Sic.— use - 1 END’S FRUIT SALT. :v " ; A NATURAL APERIENT. ENci’S FRUIT SALT, when taken with water, acts as a natural aperient, its simple but natural action removes all impurities, ’ thus- preserving, and restoring health. If its great value in keep ing the body-in health were universally-known; no fam should be without it, FAGGED, WEARY, ; AND WORN OUT ! M : Anyone whose duties require them to undergo mental or unnatural.excitement or strain — ENO’S' FRUIT' SALT,is the best known remedy. It acts like a charm. It allays nervous excitement, depression, aud the injurious effects of stimulants and too rich’food. Its power in aiding the digestion is most striking. It also restores the nervous system toils proper condition , (by natural means). Use ENO’S FRUIT SALT. You cannot overstate its great value in keeping: the blood pure and free from disease. ■ ■ Every travelling trunk and HOUSEHOLD in the world ought to contain a Bottle of ENO’S FRUIT SALT, prepared from Sound, Ripe Fruit, as a Healthgiving, Cooling, Sparkling, and Invigorating Beverage for any Season. It is the best Preventive and Cure for Biliousness, Sick Head [ ache, Skin Eruptions, Impure Bleed,’ Fevers, Pimples on the Face, Giddiness • Feverishness, Menta Depression, Want of Appetite, Sourness of Stomach, Constipation, Vomiting, Thirst, &c., and to remove the effects of errors in Eating and Drinking. END’S FRUIT SALT.— From the Rev. Dr Hurst, Vicar of Collorly;—-“ I have used your Fruit Salt for many years, and have verified your statements. The thanks of the public are due to you for your unceasing efforts to relieve suffering humanity. • Long may you live to be a blessing to.the world.” ENO’S FRUIT SALT.—‘♦After: suffering for nearly two; and a half years from severe headache and disordered stomach, and .after trying almpst everything and spending' much money without finding any benefit; I ' was recommended by a friend to try ENQ’SFRUIT SALT, and before I had finish cl one bottle I found it doing me a great’ of good/' 'and now I am restored to my usual healtjv; and others ! know that have tried it have Uot enjoyed such good health for' years.—-Yours most truly, Robert Humphreys, Post Office, Barrasford.” . ~ V ; ? ENO versus. STIMULANTS. An lnsufficient amouht'of exercf& frequently deranges the liver.' ENG'S FRUIT SALT is peculiarly adapted for any constitutional Weak-' ness of the liver. A world of woes is avoided by those who keep and use ENO’S FRUIT SALT.-.—“All our. customers for Edo’s..Salt' would not be without it upon any consideration, they having’ received so beppfi't fronj’j^t, 1 Wood' Brothers, i Chemists,, /ersby f I VB7S, ? ' ’ Agents, for . New * i MESSRS. FROSSEiR AND CO. a :

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