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Alfred Harrison. YTEW ZEALAND RAILWAYS. i\| (Christchurch Section.) ASHBURTON INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION, March 24TH, 25TH, and 26th, 1881. Ordinary single fare tickets to Ashburton issued at Christchurch, Timaru, or any intermediate station, on the 24th, 25th, and 26th March, will be available or return up to and including 28th inst. FREDK. BACK, Traffic Manager. District Traffic Manager’s Office, Christchurch, March 15th, 1881. 880 a PRELIMi NARY ADVERTISEMENT, ALFRED HARRISON has been favored with instructions from the Mortgagee to Sell by Public Auction, at his Rooms, The Equity of Redemption of Rural Sections Nos. 15104, 15510, 15511, 16678, and 17411, now in the occupation of Mr Thomas Prendergast, and containing about 207 acres. Also, Town Sections No. 804 and 805, with two 4-roomed Cottages thereon. For full particulars, see future adver tisements. 434 a ALFRED HARRISON, Auctioneer. To Let. fjl O LET BY TENDER 79 ACRES at Willoughby FOR ONE CROP or for a terra of FIVE YEARS, adjoining the properties of Messrs Scott, Stoddart, and M'Lean, and the School. Only one crop has been taken from the land. It is securely fenced. Tenders will be received up to the Ist of April, to be addressed to WILLIAM CLARK, 358 a Horton Farm, Leeston. For Sale. Poyntz & Co. HAVE FOR SALE, on advantageous and easy terms of payment, the following A HIGHLY-IMPROVED Farm of 600 Acres, Within easy distance of Ashburton. Large Dwelling-house, Stable, and all necessary Outbuildings. Running Creek through the property, MONEY for investment, on approved ecurity, in sums of £SO and upwards, at current rates 595 Railway Notices. V. R. Public Notices. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. ASHBURTON. It is proposed to hold a Gift Auction IN THE TOWN HALL, On WEDNESDAY, AprilJ3t In aid of the Funds of the aJrffcChurch. Mr. T. BullocljjJdskindly consented to be the Auctiqj gentlemen, with the AuctfKneer, will receive Goods up to the eof Sale Mr. Andrew Orr, Mr. G. idd, Mr. G. M. Robinson, and Mr. D. Williamson. A 1 LL CLAIMS against the Rangitata Estate of the late Sir Cracroft Willson, MUST BE RENDERED to'the Manager, Mr Archibald M'Coll, on or before the 26th March, 1881, otherwise they will not be recognised. 3£6a "VTOTICE TO EXHIBITORS AND iM OTHERS. Mr Grant, Secretary to the Dunedin industrial Exhibition, will ATTEND the ishburton Exhibition to receive the istructions of any who may desire to 'ORWARD either their Ashburton exibits or others to the Dunedin Industrial Ixhibition, to be held in June and July 881. Meanwhile, Mr Poyntz will kindly upply necessary information re the lunedin Exhibition. 342 a w iTESTERFIELD MILLS. Having taken the above Mills, I beg to form farmers and the public generally at the MILL is NOW OPEN, and >pe, by turning out a first-class article, merit a share of public support. Gristing on the usual terms. Cash lyer of grain. JAMES CLARK. March 17th, 1881. 376 a Notice to farmers and OTHERS. The AXLE of the WATER WHEEL of the Wakanui Mill having been BROKEN, I beg to intimate to my customers and the public generally, that GRINDING will be SUSPENDED until further notice. HENRY MOFFAT, Wakanui Mill. 14th March, 1881. 338 a Eeid and Gray HAVE much pleasure in notifying that their DOUBLE-FURROW PLOUGH has received First Prize at the Melbourne Exhibition, coupled with a special commendation from the Jurors. It is the only First Prize for D.F. Ploughs awarded to New Zealand exhibitors. Catalogues Free on Application. REID AND GRAY, Dunedin, Oamaru, Timaru, Invercargill 417 a Christchurch and Ashburton. TV/ANTED THE GUARDIAN tolls » » your Wants lor Is., cash. W. J. G. Bluett. CLEARING SALE. MONDAY, 28th MARCH. AT ELGIN, ASHBURTON, OF LIVE AND DEAD STOCK. MR. W. J. G. BLUETT, favored with instructions from J. Stanley Bruce, Esq., will sell by Public Auction, on the above date, at THE HOMESTEAD, ELGIN, The whole of his LIVE AND DEAD STOCK, AS UNDER — A STACKS OF HAY. A SMALL PARCEL OF OATS KA PURE BRED ROMNEY ft A MARSH EWES KK do. do. do. do. w* LAMBS 55 CROSS-BRED EWES Ol AND WETHERS AL |-BRED LAMBS JQ MERINO 67 4-BRED LAMBS EWES 67 A PURE-BRED LEICES- A TER RAMS 6 Bred by H. Boag, Esq. FIRST-CLAS DAIRY ft COWS u 0 HEAD YOUNG STOCK 0 A GOOD WORKING FARM A UC TTOHSTCS tt 1 HORSES UPSTANDING HAR- J NESS MARE (5 years) -I FIRST-CLASS WEIGHT 1 J- CARRYING HACK - 1 - Bred by the late Mr. W. Tod 1 LADY’S HACK-1 “ Fairwater ” by “ Nutwith,” out of “ Alice ” by “ Figaro,” out of an imported mare, “ Haidee,” very quiet. “ BLUELIGHT,” COLT, Just broken to saddle and harness. Will make a fast trotting buggy horse. BERKSHIRE SOW OYOUNG SOWSO -1 SET SHAFT and ONE "I J- SET LEADING HAR- - 1 - NESS A SETS PLOUGH HAR- A NESS. 2 SET TRAP HARNESS English saddle and bridle English lady’s saddle 2 valises 6 horse covers and horse rug Farm dray and frame Trap Duncan’s double-furrow plough Chaffcutter, for horse or hand power, Beatall’s patent, 30ft 2in, iron pipe and No. 6 Douglas pump, in good working order An 18 gallon copper, boiler and furnace One 20ft. and one 10ft. Baltic ladder 4 and 3 horse trees Avery’s steelyards, 3001bs Large meat safe Bacon pickling trough Large flour bin Dog kennel Harness and saddle rack Churn and dairy utensils, &c., &c. A large quantity of farm, garden, and other tools Lai'ge cucumber frame Cornsacks, &c., &c. Sale at 12 o’clock sharp. W. J. G. BLUETT, Auconeer, 373 a Leeston and Southbridge. Matson, Cox, and Co. 80 80 jDING SITES. BUILDING SITES. BUILDING SITES. MOST VALUABLE Suburban Land. Messrs, matson, cox & co. have received instructions from Mr. Benjamin Ede to offer for sale BY PUBLIC AUCTION. AT THEIR SALE ROOMS, ASHBURTON, ON FRIDAY, isx APRIL, 1881, AT ONE O’CLOCK SHARP, ACRES OF MOST VALUABLE SUBURBAN LAND DIVIDED INTO FIVE-ACRE BLOCKS, Situatedabout one mile from Ashburton, and having frontage to the Racecourse Road and Wakanui Creek, BEING BLOCKS No. 192 TO 195, Inclusive, as shown on Map No. in the Land Transfer Office. The above consists of the RICHEST AGRICULTURAL LAND, AND IS ABUNDANTLY WATERED, Having a frontage on the WAKANUI CREEK, And offers an opportunity not often met with to those in search of sites for SUBURBAN RESIDENCES, Combining, as it does, the advantages of unsurpassed Soil, IN SMALL BLOCKS, - Within easy distance of the Township, at a moderate price, and on most easy terms of payment. For further particulars, and map of pro--337a Ashburton. Matson, (jox & Co., STOCK AND ESTATE AGENTS, LAND & MONEY BROKERS, AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION AGENTS, ASHBURTON. Their business will include the management of Estates, Investment and Procuration of Money, Valuation of Properties, Stock, &c., and General Agency. They will hold throughout the District Public Auction Sales of Land, Live and Dead Stock; also on Market Days at Ashburton and Tinwald, Fat and Store Stock. They are also prepared to make Liberal Cash Advances on Properties, Stock, Wool, &c., placed in their hands for ; sale. MATSON, COX, & CO., Agents for Robey & Co.’s CELEBRATED THRESHING MACHINES 44a T. Bullock. BURNETT STREET. WEEKLY SALE OF HORSES EVERY SATURDAY, Commencing at 1 p. m. F OR SALE. BARGAIN ! A 4ft 6in RANGE. Quite new. T. BULLOCK. T. Bullock, Auctioneer, estate, AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, EAST STREET, AND AT THE BAZAAR, BURNETT STREET, Ashburton. PROPERTIES FOR SALE and TO LET with a purchassing clause : FARMS. 439 Acres, all fenced, and partly improved, situated at Wakanui. 266 Acres—a compact farm ; all fenced, well wate.ed, and part'y in English grass. Improvements consist of a comfortable 5-roomed cottage, stable, stockyard, etc., etc. Situated at Longbeacb. 270 Acres, well cultivated, situated at Wakanui, about six miles from the town of Ashburton, all fenced and subdivided into seven paddocks, with live fences. Improvements—seven-roomed house, seven-stalled stable, chaff-store, and other buildings. 362 Acres, all fenced, and a portion of it in English grass, on Lagmhor run. 220 Acres, all fenced, partly improved and well watered, Longbeach. Would make a capital dairy farm. 65 Acres, about 3 miles from the town o Ashburton ; fenced and cultivated. To be sold cheap. 150 Acres, near the above, and adjoining Mr. George Aston’s. Fenced and otherwise improved. 84 Acres, subdivided into four paddocks, well watered with a never failing stream. Capital dwelling-house of five rooms, coach-house, store, etc. Situated on Mr Hart’s Run, about eight miles from the township of Ashburton. This is a very desirable residence. 162 Acres Freehold ) A well cultivated farm, 24 Acres Leasehold \ all fenced and subdivided with live, well kept fences. There are also two wells with a plentiful supply of water. The land is also broken up, part in crop, and part in English grass. Improvements consist of a well built comfortable six-roomed dwelling-house, also a four-stalled stable and granary capable of storing 2,000 bushels of grain. 2424 Acres, all fenced, situated near Alford Forest, most of which is in its native state. Improvements consist of a fourroomed cottage and two small paddocks, broken up. 236 Acres, situated near Messrs Gould and Cameron’s, close to the Ashburton Forks railway. 284 Acres, near Dromore, fenced and broken up, price low, a bargain, terms easy. 50 Acres near Winslow, partly improved. 70 Acres near Mr Davis’ Mill, Longbeach. 267 Acres about 1 mile from Hinds railway station, on Maronan run. TOWN PROPERTIES. That Valuable Town Section 159 Tancred str , ;t, will be sold very cheap and on easy terms. 539 —Eighth of an acre, terms same as above. 77 —Kermode street. 32 —Corner section, with a well built cottage erected thereon. 337 —Moore street on which is erected cottage and blacksmith’s shop. 905,906, East street North, also T.S. 77L corner of Wakanui road and Cox street. This valuable section contains about half an acre, and has five chains frontage. TINWALD TOWNSHIP. Lots 187, 188, containing about four acres of really first-class land, close to the bridge and fronting the river. This is a desirable site for a private residence, price low, terms easy. Lots 502, 503, 510, 511, four sections in one block , small deposit cash, balance by instalments. Lot 134 —Quarter-acre to be sold cheap. Lot 89 —Quarter-acre, cheap, and on easy terms. Lots 357, 358, each Quarter-acre, with cottage of four rooms erected thereon. 248, 249, fronting railway station, this is a capital site for a grain store. SUBURBAN PROPERTIES. Lot 2, half an acre on the East Town Belt, near the Parsonage, on which is erected a Dwelling-house of seven rooms ; this is a desirable properly, and will be sold cheap. Lot 11, 12, 13, Alford Forest Road, with 5roomecl Cottage erected thereon. Terms, small deposit, cash; balance on mortgage for a number o( years. Lot 34, 35, each acre, Mayo’s Block ; good land, and capital site for a house. Lot 12. Trevorton, on which is erected a well built 4-roomed Cottage, it is securely fenced. The garden is well stocked with fruit trees. This is a desirable properly, and will be sold cheap, and on liberal terms of payment. 278 —First-class land, good site for private house. TO LET. At a very low rental, two two-roomed cottages. Butchers’ Shop and Dwelling House attached, and situated in Havelock street, lately in the occupation of Mr Geo. Worner. There is a three-stalled stable, and other necessary buildings on the premises. Shop situated in the Triangle, Wakanui Road, near the Post Office. Shop with a comfortable House attached, fronting East street. Four-roomed Cottage, Tinwald, facing the Great South Road, now in the occupation of Mr William Bradshaw. For full particulars, apply to T BULLOCK, 221 a Estate Agent MONEY TO LEND, at a low rate of interest, in sums of £SO and upwards. Apply to T. BULLOCK. T O E T J. T. Ford and Co. Sheep. Sheep. SHEEP. Messrs j. t. ford & co. have received instructions to Sell by Public Auction, on TUESDAY NEXT, 29TH INST., AT THE MARKET YARDS, ASHBURTON, 1000 ME:RINO EWES On account of Frederick Tooth, Esq., Alford Station, 1000 MERINO EWES, On account of W. C. Walker, Esq., Yaletta. 1000 MERINO EWES, On account of E. J. Taylor, Esq., Buccleuch. Also, 1000 MERINO WETHERS - HALF-BRED EWES. 150 Eo Eo And a few well-bred Young RAMS, suitable for crossing with Merino Ewes. The superiority of the flocks from which the Merino Ewes have been drafted is too well known to require comment. The Merino Wethers are forward stores, and the Half-bred Ewes young, sound and healthy, and well adapted for breeding purposes. The Sale will commence at the usual hour —12 o’clock on Tuesday, 29th inst. J. T. FORD & CO., 433 a Auctioneers. Business Notices. WC. DAVIS, BRICKLAYER, &c., , having commenced business for himself, in the above line, is prepared to undertake all work entrusted to him, at reasonable rates. Ranges Set. Workmanship guaranteed. Note the Address— W. C. DAYIS, Bricklayer, &c., East street, south. All orders left at Mr. S. Hardley, will receive prompt attention. 307 a c ASH STORE. J. WARD & CO. desire to intimate to their friends and residents of Ashburton and Surrounding Districts that they have OPENED a GENERAL STORE, in the shop adjoining Mr R. Murray’s, East street. J. W. and Co. intend to Soli at the lowest remunerative rates, and will also be prepared to purchase Farm Produce at ruling prices. Every description of Grocery and General Merchandise in stock. Motto—“ Small Profits and Quick Returns.” J. WARD & CO., 427 a East street MO ATE, AND CO.’S Pure Blended T eas Beautiful Teas Delicious Teas Faultless Teas Genuine Teas Magnificent Teas Agreeable Teas Wonderful Teas ARE Nutritious Teas Splendid Teas Rare Teas Valuable Teas Incomparable Teas Original Teas Useful Teas AND Guaranteed Unadulterated PURE BLENDED TEAS. NELSON, MOATE, & CO., HIGH STREET (Next Ayers’ Baths), Christchurch. At! ent, Ashburton — H. M. CARSO N. 422 a W ASHING DAY REFORM. THE FAMILY WASH IN FOUR HOURS Without rubbing or boiling, saving five hours of copper firing every washing day, by using Harper Twelvetree’s Patent WASHER, WRINGER & MANGLER, Three Machines in one. Price reduced from LO 10s to L 8 10s. Sold by J. HERN, Manchester and Tuam streets, 405 a Christchurch. J. Sherriff, Monumental mason, Manchester street south, and Barbadoes street (near the Cemetery), Christchurch. A largo stock of Head-Stones, Tombs, and Monuments always on hand. Designs forwarded on application. For further particvF s apply to A. Thiele, Ashburton. 323 a Business Noti EATE’S QUININE WINE. That well-finished comfortable COTTAGE, in Tancred street, opposite Mr Digby’s, now in occupation of Mrs Bland, possession can be given in a few days. Apply to T. BULLOCK, TO LET —At a low rental, BOARDING HOUSE, in Tancred street, known as Ansteo’s, Centrally situated. Highly recommended, and acknowledged to be THE BEST TONIC Yet introduced to the public. As a vehicle for the administration of cod liver oil it is unsurpassed. Prepared only by C. Neate, CHEMIST, ASHBURTON. N.B.—Beware of spurious imitations. 793 E XHIBITION PIANOS EXHIBITION ORGANS ! Those very superior Instruments, on view at the Exhibition, are FOR SALE, and can be guaranteed. Apply to H. J. Weeks, Music Teacher ; or H. M. Jones, Stationer. 431 a Hayes’ rjIIMBER YARDS. FRESH SUPPLIES of BOARDS and SCANTLINGS, Flooring, Match Lining, Rusticating, Architraves, Skirtings, superior Totara Shingles, Well Timber, Laths, Firewood, &c., to hand daily at HAYES’ TIMBER YARDS, East street, Ashburton. N.B. —Orders can be delivered at any railway station on the main or branch lines, direct from the Mills, of any size, length, or quantity, 948 S. Naslielski, WHOLESALE AND RET 41 L IRONMONGER, HIGH STREET, CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand. 230 a PICTURE BUYERS and others will do well to call at my Picture Frame Manufactory, where I keep in stock some THOUSANDS OF PICTURES, framed and unframed, from Fine Art Pictures to Cheap Lithographs. Two Hundred Patterns of MOULDINGS to select from. Frames made to order, from Is. each. E. BEARDSLEY, PICTURE FRAME MANUFACTURER, AND Importer of MOULDINGS, PRINTS, &c Manchester street, Christchurch, Near the Station 814 William lie veil (Late of Ashburton Forks), ~|~ j~AS started in Business at Winslow as SHOEING and GENERAL SMITH. All Work done at Reasonable Rates. 359 a TO FARMERS AND RUNHOLDERS IN THE ASHBURTON DISTRICT. We beg to notify to our Farming Friends that we have now OPENED a Branch of our business as AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MANUFACTURERS, in Cameron street, Ashburton, near Cass street, under the management of Mr Peter Walker, where we will keep a stock of our well-known Implements and Fittings, which will besupplied at Dunedin and Christchurch prices. Illustrated Catalogues Free on application. Reid & Gray, Dunedin, Oamaru, Timaru, Invercargill, Christchurch and Ashburton. 360 a Edward George, Boot & shoe importer, & MANUFACTURER of French, English, and Scotch Boots and Shoes. Stores and on the most reasonable terms. CASHEL HOUSE High street, Christchurch. 229 a SPRINGFIELD COAL. THIS SPLENDID COAL may be ordered in large and small quantities, and all orders will be promptly executed. C. A. ULRICH, Cobb & Co.’s Office, Cathedral Square, Christchurch. Agent for Springfield Coal Co. [Limited.] 26 Sewing Machine. MELBOURNE EXHIBITION. The above Sewing Machine has taken First Prize at the Melbourne Exhibition, after a contest lasting over several months; the judges having awarded First Prize to the New Davis Vertical Feed on every point. Come and get samples of the work. Sews any fabric, from lace to leather. Always in order, P.S. —It was also awarded First Prize at the Sydney Exhibition, on every point. It will be seen working at the Ashburton Industrial Exhibition. ORR AND CO., SOLE AGENTS FOR THE ASHBURTON COUNTY. 0 ASH RECEIPTS Printed at “The Guardian office. R. Galloway, TINWALD, WHEELWRIGHT and General AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MAKER. All Repairs neatly executed with promptitude and despatch, and at reasonable prices. 197 a NEW INDUSTRY. ASPHALTING. JAMES BRADLEY is prepared to take orders for ASPHALTING at very moderate rates. All orders to be left at the Works, Park srreet. All work kept in repair for twelve months. 686 Business Notices. B READ ! BREAD ! ! BREAD !! ! The Inhabitants of Ashburton and surrounding districts are reminded that good wholesome Bread can be at all times procured from the undersigned. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS made for Supplying Harvest and Threshing Machine hands. Assemblies, Parties, &c., supplied on reasonable terms. _ _ An assortment of Biscuits, Pastry Cakes, &c., always on hand. A. O. Aitken, BAKER AND CONFECTIONER, Saunders’ Buildings, ASHBURTON 729 A L F O R D FOREST. POSTS, RAILS, AND STAKES, Any length, also FIREWOOD, Bft and 4ft lengths, FOR SALE at Reduced Rates, by Cooper Brothers, Delivered in any part of the District. Orders by Post will meet with immediate attention. 226 a B Wood & Co., R EWERS AND BOTTLERS, Ashburton. Winners of First and Second Prizes for Ale and Porter at the Agricultural Show at Christchurch and Ashburton. All orders promptly attended to. 202 a C. Bay, Reaper and binder expert, ENGINEER, &c. The M'Cormick. Deering, Osborne, Harvester King, and Wood’s Machines Repaired and Adjusted, in Town or Country. Engines, Combines, Pumps, &c., Repaired at very reasonable terms. C. RAY, East Belt, near Wakanui Road. 100 a Wm. Patching, East Street Ashburton, Tent, tarpaulin, and horse CLOTH MAKER. Canvas, Calico, and American Due Reaper and Binder Canvases Made and Repaired. Canvas and India-rubber Hosing. Sail, Twine, and Garden Lines, Block Hooks, and Thimbles. Flax and Manilla Rope, of all sizes, always in stock. 931 WM. PATCHING. BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS ! M. NEA LA S HAS just received a large and wellassorted Stock of BOOTS and SHOES of every description, especially suited for the present season, from the best Home markets. Being so overstocked, the advertiser is compelled to sell the same at wholesale prices. M. N. hopes that his numerous customers will take the present opportunity, during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, to furnish themselves with really fresh, new, and cheap goods. Men’s Elastic-side Boots, usually sold at 18s. to £l—at 155.; Men’s Light Watertights, £1 —now sold at 15s. ; Men’s Nailed Bluchers, 13s. 6d. —sold now at 10s. All goods sold proportionately cheap. 764 G REAT REDUCTION IN WATCHES. J. S. QUINN, Watchmaker, East street, Ashburton, having received a large stock of English gold and silver Watches, will offer the same at the following Reduced Prices, viz : —Rotherham’s gold hunting Levers from £18; Rotherham’s silver Levers from £6 10s ; Ehrhardt’s silver English Lever from £5 10s ; gold Genevas (ladies’ watches) from £3 10s ; Waltham watches, in English cases, from £4 ; American watches from £2 5s ; two years’ guarantee given. Also, a choice selection of Colonial-made Jewellery, Brooches, Earrings, Dress Rings, &c., set with Australian rubies, at correspondingly low prices. Particular attention paid to the repairing of every description of Watch, Clock, and Jewellery. Guaranteed for 12 months. Pebble and other Spectacles to suit all sights. 308 a Hotels. CENTRAL HOTEL, CORNER OF WAKANUI ROAD & WILLS STREET, ASHBURTON, SAMUEL BROWN, PROPRIETOR. FIRST-CLASS ACCOMMODATION. Liquors of Best Quality kept in Stock. Good and Comfortable Stabling. 110 a New Eestaurant, MORTON’S HOTEL. High street, Christchurch. FORGE W. COLLINSON (From Carle’s) Proprietor, Luncheon from Twelve o’clock. 264 a G Boarding Houses, &c. NOTICE OF REMOVAL, JjIROM the A 1 Resturant to the ECHO DINING ROOMS, East Street, close to Lancaster’s Butchery, where a good Table will be kept, and the proprietor will be glad to welcome his old friends and customers. Meals at all Hours of the Day, at Is. each. Beds, Is. Good accommodation for Boarders and Travellers. Conducted by Mrs Truckle. 209 a PRINCE ALBERT BOARDING HOUSE, close to the Railway Station, (next to Cookson’s Stables). This commodious house contains 40 rooms, with every convenience. Good Table kept. Every comfort of a home. Moderate charges. S. LUCAS, 210 a Proprietor. The A 1 Eestaurant. PHILLIP HARPER wishes to intimate to his old Patrons, and the Public generally, that he has taken those Commodious Premises in Tancred street known as the A 1 Restaurant, where SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATION can be obtained by all who favor him with a visit. Meals at all hours. Don’t forget the Address— PHILLIP HARPER, A 1 RESTAURANT, Tancred street, Ashburton. 886 rnHRESHING BOOKS printed on 1 shortest notice, at the Office of Paper. ExhibitionsAshburton INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION. THE TOWN HALL, NOW OPEN. Single Fare Tickets Will be issued, available for the time the Exhibition is open. On Friday and Saturday, admission One Shilling; Children Half Price. The Exhibition will be open each day from 9 A.M. TO 10 P.M. Selections of IMITJSXC Will be performed each evening. ADVANCE ASHBURTON. STEPHEN E. POYNTZ, Hon. Sec.

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