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Medical. by Dr. Grant, and am now quite well, being able to hear as well as ever I did.— Arthur Parkinson, Fanner, Opoliki. ;Mangere, Onehunga, Auckland, August 26; 1880. ' For thirty-five years I have been suffering with diseased eyes. Since August 5 I have been under Pr. Grant’s care, and' am rapidly recovering. —J. Nicholls. Symonds street, Auckland, August 27, 1880. I have been deaf for eighteen years (since I was four years old) the drums of both years having, ulcerated away. lam still improving, under Df. Grant’s care, and can; hear much better now, - sometimes : very well.r— Marg'aret Sanderson. - ,;r Auckland LuhaAio Asylum, WhanpA-ug. 28, 1880. ' This' ia to certify that-I "have been under, Dr. .Granite care for hardness of hearing fronvthe 13th instant, and find I am so far improved as to bear the ticking of a vpf(tohV tffliich jlcould not dc before I put irayaelf under his treatment. TAi jam over sixty years old.—John King. . ■ , -

OPINIONS' OF THE PRESS. We can.conscientiously repoinmed those; suffering from deafness or other ailments that Dr. Grant has made a special-study .pfi’to pay him a .-visitor |if^€,urahlo patieiitsj they may certainlynxpe'ct‘relief. ! . An instance ! Came /lender pur notice on in the ! caSo J df a ; in an named Charles Sw.anapnr-jWdio . had ljfe,p deaf fci£ tffyeeyeafsi nut, after"tei^days’ ' treathitent'l’ can 1 fibvV : bbar perfectly* *even the lowest whimper. The cure remarkable dn4 aShe'dad been gmler the card - bf' many'medicdr inerf; 1 nut" has Received no. benefit whatever from their trdatideVit— 3.^19. ■ -'Mr. Earnest Miohad callddiat dir office yesterdays And stated that he Chad been blind-.vfith. the right eydMl his ■lifetime. Hearing about Dr. Grant,‘the oculist, whoiis* how ton visit to this cim 'he delCrffimbd 'a 'trial. ...He > Had- only • been uhdeboDr. r.Grattt'B^eat- 1 ment ten or eleven days' dvheii 'die frkmd that he could see large objects at some distance. MruMidharr slates that he had been unddr’the iateatlhent of some of tpe best mediCal men at home, but had iibfe -received the least benefit. ~~ Wei “are‘ at all times" Char- of 'accepting of

;“ Woriderful ’eusfeS,”'but 'thtnybungaman who called at our -dffi«'e iapp&iPSd'-tct? be telling rthq;,truths, grateful to Dr. Gant for the relief he already experienced, .trJfpw iZea3md Timstve?- m'lmJl'J JI Jjti. i . Dr. Grant haa • recently effected a very -remarkable cure in the; case;pf ’Evans', of Kumara, who lias* been under,' his treatment for'dea^heds : since Feb. Is,*, last.' 'Mmy Evans.has bpeg in ears fof kVefy' long' perlbcft-no less than thirty years-dhehi affliction having been caused, by a-fever, from which she suffered severely; Sincethat'ti me 1 she j- has been’ 'ahnnsft- tqtaii© desrtT’tOfqsbS heEff tbe' uiej ibudest 'sounds. r Since she has been mnder'Dtl GrintV treatment her hearing has gradaally that hPw ! she cam hear plainly in an ordinary voice. She willre-, of which she has been so long deprived, -f----iWw&<SSasTim&j' Marbh lO; Hffltt"’* ] One of the-inmploytffea? Ift ■tK9 fs 'Pii'bhc# Worka'offlce’ here has sent us the follow-ing-testimonial to the skill of Dr. Grant. He says I wish to let you know that r 3DicKC&rant hastg&Atly improved-tße^bla^- 1 ing of one of my ears, the membrahl qf .whiohCivas' in juredr aoiiae iud f&tß a|®. I may-add tHab two '■ BufgCblasi Biiltfed a -short!tdfn& > agoy coiAidarwb ®ib case incurable. ” Dr. Grant EaiSilidbdeb vety 'successful dn several difficult cases or disease of the eye-SoMUM] Tirn&s' f MmcH 1 There are amongst bd - Grant’s* 'sucebss'ful eye cases at'Hokitika, a young ladyj, .at J-l Jack’s, Esq., the Mayor, cured'',l by Jbp>Mation, 6£ squinting-]. and Mrs] Wavent, operation for artificial pupil, i? DrdGrant is also SPECIALIST ifl'hhe DISEASES of WOMENS i and CHILDREN. ■'"42B

i (gTEEDM AN’S SQOTHIN<SA , • CO^riJs r & TEETH.’ *' | ITTION T>O=:iPHJ-R<t4«AJS'BWsj TSik-T 1 bun .--t .it'-t*! f. this weU-&ppwnFqAily;MedU cine has been largely testeddlMd partS; byall grades of society, for of FIFTY YEARS. Its well-earned-exten-.stve-sale has'dinddced iSPURIIHIS 'ISIMAn TRONS*; sjflflg of: .which fin'iOU.TWARD i CE, st>, closely ; re|emble i thpi Migindl as’ to ..hayep deceived, manjopOrchSSßES. Tiro 'proprietor therefore feels it due to the public to give a special caution against the use of SUCH IMITATIONS. ,’dj.’ * f ! Piifdfose/is.are therefore' requested carefully g r< distinctive characteristics, withpuj:'■■ ; |\\^iich; r i none.!. are se mEm y : case . the words - JOHN; 'CHEM)ST»T'WALWOjmi,! S,^d4REY»;[are -engraved-‘.on the; Qpternment ptamp fach .packet.) ••. ■ 2nd— Each Single the dosejjaad the, .jKordft, Chein^t,Ara worth j. Surrey; pfintecl thereof, j ; i ! 'jrid—Ttid Steedmah,.:is. always s£elt with ,tWO*JJSffi "" ! Manufacture is carried on solely; ;a| Wfdyyorth, 'SMWi "'.if' J - y.'.M F«;J’ , fn Packets., by all Chemists and cme Vghdors. i ' ‘'Sold by? KEMPT-jiORNE, and- Cp. ,: ' Ahcliiand,' ; . ..$3-

Witfd;W : Mm WINSLQW? As-,tljis '' * y 1; questiori s v i& ftequ&ltly, asked; >te shall shhftly Say thUt’ she 1 Id d‘lady;who fp ( r upwards, of thirty years has ithtirei'ngly devoted : her time and tal9n.ta.aa. a female fthysfdian find i nhrae,; • principally diffolg children-' -She.has tespeciallyhStililied the eoastituti oh * and wants' of' thi s • numerous class, and, as. a result of this effort and practical .knowledge obtained dn a.lifetliiie v as nurse ’and,‘physiciah,''she has com--pounded a SOOTHING :SVR UP for ChiT difen. It, operates likehmagic, giving rest .aftd health, and is, -moreover, sure to regulate the bowels, - In ? Consequence of ithi« r >artiol[©,<| lyCcsi?: Winslow!-is becoifi&ig world-renounedfcas iw-’ benefactor of her j{aso. to Gbildreni cai'thinlyiidd/rise, up &rid bless her. . -JEspSolailyaiS this the case in This city. iiVast quantities of the Soothing Syrup are daily sold and used here. We Winslow has imunfirtajjsed her name byotiiia; invaluable article, and we sincerely. believe That thousands, of children liav.eheeil saved, -frond'an early grave j?yi.tsi tiiSely Use, and that! Anillions yet unborn will share its benefits and unite in calling her blessed. No mother lias discharged heir, duty to her -suffering little OtSA t in! out opiiiioßj .until she has given'it tie; benefit'of - Mrs, Winslow’s' Soothing Syrup. Try it, raothefsj ; try it mow.— ladies’ Visitor, New York-GityiT m- ( iwX

DYICE TO MOTHER§.—Aro you , broken ip your rest .by.a sipk child, auffenn'g' wftlv thp pj«p‘ teeth ? Go at once "bo the - chemist and get a hpttle of Mrs. WINSLOW’S SOOTHBtfS SYRUP. It will relieve the poor suffo&r immediately. - It is, perfectly harmless;; it produces natural, ■ quiet : slebp by relievingT'the, child from pain, and the little cjifgub. aa. bright f as-p fcpttwwy ■jn use in Ampriqa,: andAs by medical men. It is -very, Peasant to Jahe,; Gm rfmtf V u’siftblia'tbe gums, alldtifKy paiL is the best, known remedy ftft' dyifentty and' -1 dihMiOSa, • ’ whether arising from ’«ething toriatlioPTcaukdAi ÜBfei surd 'find afck;soisMra..i Winslow’s CB6atliingsiSyri%, w t«l S ee dhtLt . ‘ < Gurtik ahdj*Herktns>, T NdW york andl’ Londonis -Out tho i outside wrapper- : -Ndi mbther .shuulcbJie-fcitbimit it. Sold ;bV alkm®dioipoiideaterßpi4tf*tei Oxford street.

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