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; Annual Meetings, of Ratepayers- ;■ ■: , r ,.; ; v IJ, *■' ‘ The largest meeting that any qhestiQn connected with education; has pver brought together ~in Ashburton, was held in the Sclipolroom last .night,, .when about 150 hodseholders were .present. 'FpL-some time the state of the school has'hewrthe subject of earnest conversation, induced by a Very adverse report’ of the Board’s, inspector, Mr.* Efdge. and as- the efficiditiiby.i _of the school for imparting education is a matter that affects every parent, it was Only to bq expected that a largo number of paroiita would be present. The attendance last night j evinced anj}ixterest,in t ; school *oii the part *of parents which wpj ■were, exceedingly glad to see, and wo 1 would be only too well pleased to see the same interest .manifested in every .school district within bur Central Board’s’jurisdiction.

' Mr. WaVcl, Secretary to the Committee, intimated that the first business would bo to'‘elect'a chairman, after which the annual report and balance-sheet would'be read. ■ " ; V,. .1

■ Mr.! John K>rf proposed that JDir; ’j&etftot be chairman/, and;-Mr; Bpbirason seconded- r- j, Mr. Boyle proposed' .Mr.’ 'JHOdder, 'cxpiaihihg that for so doing was his .desjra il; hayo .one, in. the cjiair that night Who'liadnotbceii amember of the.Comvpittee. f , . . ~t. , , ’ Mr,Felton Becohdc.a. ‘ <4 , ' Oh a vote'binng taken, Di. Stewarlrwas elected. bn‘j'l ■ \rv

:> Dr. Ste Wart rtlieniltookd tlie.'chair,, add read the Board’s advertisement calling the .meeting, ,-and,asked the Secretary to read the-minutes of last'annual -meeting,- which was done, and these were passed.

- THE ANNUAIj REPOST was then read by the Chairman, the leading paragraphs of whichbwere ; —' V. | i The numbers attending the scliool reftmiif. .about the same as Ijist year*, viz.,..ab0ut.240 boys, antf an cqpal jii i|m b c 6f * grid j," jgiyi ng w total number of hbout 480, the exactnwnber of last year giving a total of The staff consists of a head master-■(i\lr." StDtt)p sfccond master (Mr. Mayo), a third teacher (Miss Dynes, recently appointed, to commence duties immediately after the vacation), Stejyart, who will now take sole cha-ge. bfTtlio dnfant department in the new room, which .will be ready for occupation whenj'thfe ' holidays':are over, and six pupil teachers, two males and four females, viz., one cGmnlcll ciit g - tile ‘l6dr 111 and last year of her term, one commencing the third year,- and theTemtUndeid till dn their first j ear. Several changes in the staff have taken place during the past year, whith to' may have had a deteriorating effect Upon the >general( efficiency;;-pf the school. The infant.roogj, which h/tsibeen promised so long/ has. now beep, erected, ,and, if. a coramodidiis Vobih'fol the purpose fdrbvhicH *if is intendedf;(and',isi lexpected to be a gieat benefit to the school generally, and with the addition of a third teacher to the staff, great intprdvcmerft bp|h in.’the discipline and studies of the’ pupils ' may'"’ now fairly be expected. The Inspector (Mr. Edge) visited the school in October lashaud spent three days in the exjamlfcatidS ofthfc different 4 5tandards, and his report was in ’thiTcarly part of December, which,your_Cpnimittee to state is riot 'satisfaclof'y,'-bat With the ichan^e f -and’ addition already alluded to, they sincerely, trust' that Tat itbe ebd. oftaadthferyear.more

.encouraging results may be reported. The annual examination for prizes took place on 'the ! 20lh, ' ! aist, arid ' 22nd 1 of' DeGembfer,' was conducted by the • Revkf lieattic, Hands, Fraser, and Mr. J. Ward. These gentlemen ipporiccf,gia.-at satisfaction with the general ihtmiigOnte of some of the pupils and the fair order which prevailed in the greater number of the classes. Some of the papers were reported- to be excellent. About 170 L. 22. There were also some special prizes giyen -by private individuals, of considerable value. 1 The --sewing of the girls was examined by the, wives and daughteis of the members; iof .' tlie l'Clolnmittee, when some excellent work had to be adjudicated upon. The accoitnts show a halarice of LJ4 145/1 od. to-the cre.dft of incidentals, which proves that 1 y6ur Committee have combined strict economy -.with a sufficient,supply of everything required. Tot the use of the schools,;, k ut i M sthother School-to sUpjflV "wjtlr ffferi'-cfe'aniflfej and other requisites, Jitud as : the’gratif for'shet-* dentals-has been diminished by 10 per cent., your Comnaitteo'apprfehertd that the same, if not more strict; will lhe required in the.future ; to kcep -lhe /Cqnrmufjce free from embarrassment*-.iTh^iaccctunts/rfor the treat and prize fund:(to which!there,is a small debit of Li 195.) show the liberal response of the parents.-aud.hjqnds . .the to.lhe appeal of the Committee bh behalf ofthisTiind. Your Committee, in retiring from their year of office, would venture to call upon the parents ,:of the children attending the schools to unite iwith Committee and the teachers in a aijd persevering effort to raise the JschoiM frdm jts present low standard to one which carT be looked upon with satisfaction to ‘ the ctinaiunity,!arid ah example las;it should be} to the surroundinp districts. said it was not quite an unexpected thing for the Committee to find a bad report of the school ,gi van, by. the Kut itTvas h fact thkT chir-' ing the whole year thbi-e liad-Hevef beetr a complete.staff ol efficient .teachers ehcji as a large schqol .like the Asliburtqn. one. required. jPjgf the greater part .pf , the year the stafthad been made .lip',qf‘‘ r first and pupil tekchers; arid 1 every

tradesman knew was to entrast' his best work to inexperienced apg|Oi\-; tices. Another reason for thd ness of the 'school, was the state' in which foj a lengthened p'eriod rt n hadi beep allowed to'-'-remain. Tha;'-waht'of : room had. bpen ; a, improper,discipline. 'it war impossible for anyt;thtener, to be successful in discipline. pupils wereicrowdod together like fwdjnes in a box. Iri'theCnristclinrchschools he' noticed .tlferg riiASfc Jharked tdifefJtMje in* this respect, for, .where ten Ashburton pupils occupied brie disk; in Christchurch thcreiwerebidy twoforiiihrfle.-' . [Elft man then -referred tor-th© ariocessiof , soqra of-the older. pupil toaohersnat the-annual-: ekamiriationV saying that their passes WOrSi, highly < qompli ment&ry to ■ the,; tfclnjnh: There hadi been' many drawback*, to' tljft, school that might vefy eaaily.accpunMPX!; its' riop-succOSs fbh. the: txmfc , thnyf exisled, -; but > lie ! was glad tolearn j ithrib j though - the-;inspector ! B ' report- -WftSinnt, p, t complimentary; one, fchoSe o£Ahe«*«ia»i>iaJ!Jft RdvajAui Mu Beattie «mdi.<Gt •S«mwa»&. spoken very.-highly of the school rin jiheiii reponfej:Bnd:Soi had the Rev-p-Mr- •Jtwidp,'' with tb’ei wxoeptitm-bf i-.oB«-ori;*swv Jgti&ta,., and-MrnWard? i an i-old; wiurdibiißG, ( xnbthfy educatibnaihattle hkdiflJtofripQhejtfohlghJ#! of the ischooii with otie br! Von© lotitihiAraSi:) kchpqlf iexarainecl ia Mytqs months iKfßPfir when (the a P' p.earance woula itenfouht, y 8 loaae by trie scholars. The Chairman 1 concluded with a reference to the, accounts which showed thttll the hadmiln* economical. (ApplauSC^ o fi'nibiMi!) K j The balance-sheet was then read. It

showed a total income of L7B2\lflt for sanies, the chief items of whidjßroere L3|B|6s : . to; the head master, Ll9s» 16b. SdfSLjthe second master, .and Bdy. v stopfer sttiqnco' Mg Rpr infe? cijjmals a lagtherpincoine 7si 10q||bad anafcnjce of.LS||Js. sd v this ajC;'j coqpl * The 1 embraced thjs* amount above mentioned for salaries,; and the following items from the incidental fund ';4- :• : '£ s. Cl. Wild, outside, -,aad -- - . sweeping chimneys ■ d..;- ’q6 •8• - 6 • Pue}-.j'' .-... j ... 17 3 7 "Repairs" " ... ... 21- 9 ° ;Booksydnky.idwpj«%prmffngi^'advef-* ’- - t'ising,’ ' telegrams, .stamps, cheques, &c, . ...... _9 7,4, Auditor’s Fees ... ... ... 2 20 Salary, secretary and treasurer, ... ; O o Special granq painting r"Gy.tUu^ ; ,' .i- '4, .

sium ... ... .. ... 1 9 o Special jgrant; planting-trees; hi ... ;3.12 9 • The receipts for the prizes and- treat fund amounted to L 64 12’s.* did., Which had been all expended, and a balance of Rll9s. was still due. a The Reading items of expenditure had been L2O for prizes, til7 18s. 6d. for toys, and the remainder in small amounts for the refreshments &c*.; forsthe. treat. . . f - . jj The .report and balance sheet were

adopted.,. ' Mr.Boylerieairedthat thereport of the Inspector ■ for 1870 tp read.., Efe would like to know .oomplaints against the school*extended! . ‘ l . Mr. Purnell thought this wpuldUe. upfair to the master.* V* The' master ‘Was ,absent, and it \yas unjust to criticise the .ipHator while ho \vaS !I ribt‘ here' to defend' ‘himself. -What-the..meeting had ,io do with was the election of a-cqjrinuttee v i After a deal of talk it Secretary that,the report, had bdeii' borrowed by 1 the’ master and'haa riot

tyeen returned, { (Laughter,) . .... , ■■ . . ,j Mr. L6ggalt“poititecl out fhHt in 1 the roaster’s last report tortileiOtfmiUitted*it was announced that the items of music an<J difnvdng had'dieeti Itv’ithdrawili i 'Wetei these subjects extra subjects, : br yyaV it imperative that these should be taught. - ; -It 'ifds oxplaihfed -by ;3dr.’lJacobson ithat tips, maater.waa, allowed ■ to, wifchdfaw.bhose subjects, so that the time' they took flight, be devoted to other more important Subjects. It wap better. ,;that, the ; plpldven. shohlcl be able fo;‘sjSell ■-a they should spend time at less important things like singing and drawing.-' . i After Mr. Cates had blaitiedd.nb paroirfs

for thejstate 'pf phe]phiidrpir, -and advised' that the young ones should be sent early |o bed instead, of allowed ’ to 'loaf about the Tojwn'HaU! do6Twheti an entet-; (ainment was going on, the. last-report by. ibet Inspector was read, in respohee to ,a / request by Mr. Boyle, . ‘ ■ • r In peply .to,M^ v Leggatt .the expltdriea that €hh Shatter of the state" of' the school had been t^kbn' -blit ' of the

haijds of,the Committee, as, an extra cxahiinaei<hr * oiNfetect'- fbr ‘ three' 11 months hetibe.d iil, ' ! ’'- i iy •••■•, f - Mr. Leggatt-expressed : a'hbjib' that the hex t Com mitt'eahrafild-ehdeavouJtb have 'a built on the other side of the railway line!

i.-,Mr. Elston had heard,jlite waterf plied to the children was 'ithpure. 1 ' Could it bevatafed hoW"' tirblwatei 1 was- supplied. y ' The Chairman said the children,liadl broken ;tljeFtfot<[etf>Untpl andddl the idcibkl-. jng utensils that had been; supplied. 1 'lt Was impossible to keep the-' fixihjgs 'intact while the children were so wild, i hfy. ->£os jer ipaid jThepq'-iwas •an (Evident ‘Ws.-tfMW? -breakages; Wflßld npt[happen... ? un-it Jawrbspn, said,'the .discipline,must ’be very, mug, vshen ,jt.had • no, jcontrol of

tTie,.children ,botwfeon the ; .dDor Qf,.,the : School and the gate of the grounds, r j The Chairman said the parents could r greatly help the teachers if {pey wyrqld. maintain better discipline ftt, llQUie.. . ! After a lengthy talk on the subject of water and the want of it, Mr. HughesjyhdCfl! tlfeipuifaismdsbingl pould be cmetßf w'b they should be. Ifsthe' WJtStpr iwereitpi punish the bov who did the smashing he would.bfe r Inldlcli give the'"young wretches a good scruffing when they were found at mischief they wbuld sotmlbAThrdd. - ) (‘&’anghtef!)' y - 1 prge. family, (Laughter.) The last speaker Was not. (Great laughter.) The master was BObnfl/orattP fitted (or the f position be held. The chirdi’feu did not respect him,

an cl vono’i of ■ -them' had chalked hiS’back actually. He could not maintain,discipline’ atfalL. ;-Th^fppeaketdiked hind■ v6ry well as,ft.jn§il> but-|te was,not'fittedforaOlarge a school. In a’ smaller sphere he believed he would be successful.' . . . - .-p i Mir. had been raised by the Inspector’s reportiThe Board,:: hp wpver,. had . the piatter out of of the Committee, and no; Could be taken mntUilafter the examination tlireo months henqfe;;! I , After classes, aha dtner matters.', a' .vote of., : thanks to the retiring members of Committee was proposed by Mi\v Quill', Seconded by Mr. Chapman, anffjUrhiedr

| Mr. Boyle proposed a vote,of Unmkxtn the Secretary ■*hd-Mr. i Beah Mocottadff. The vote was carried. ! THjJ''K&crKoir I'V’* ”‘ !i: was then pyocp^lqdjiyith; >p»e iPHdtflnCg) gentlemen Were nominated, viz.:—Messrs.Jolmi QrjvjH. .Or. Jacobson, ~E,,.jOoqksou,; H.W.Fellon, St. Hill, Mcßean Stqqart; T. R. Hodder, W.’ R. Boyle, R. S. Bean,.

«jT. Mac Lean Dunn, S. Ppjiter,- B. R. Murray, D. Williamson’ J. Tucker, F. •Mr." Feltoh was desirous that the candidates should explain their views on the subject of the state of tlm school, and what policy they intended toSfdllowJ Bor himself, he meant to do gall he eould, if he iatWlMfli o jnasteiMilii s ' Dr> 'Trevor, the Rev. W. KealQ and Mr. Shury were appointed scrutineers. L 1 The Jollpwing ,iyas, the re§u)t .of the, ' ! t •■» .» .> , « Dr. Stewart rS2t; :>; J. Orr ... ... ... ' 51 • dff. -Felton » i j..; ui.osoiV, >i :!>■' ,]*• .W.'i ’BOi'l-i T. R. Meter 33 I G. M./Bp))inßpnr i.,:-- ... 27 ,G,iA.,Andrews ... ... 25

1 At a [meeting of the Committee held afterwards, wafefleeted Chap;--, hian for the ensuing; y dm) - Elgin. . , i f i-,The, meeting j how was - adjourned,. ; foe want of attendance. , : ! G^F 0 ;WWI? at,ithp wmiilf.' more important consideration than the election ol a School Committee. Mr. Thomas Walsh was voted to the . qhqir ,of ihg meeting, and at his request the* W 0!? w # s re 9 Ms‘ L?)arlq, ,and..waß ! hgiinyitejpr passed. T)t» pT&txqxx ,11x0%, ppoppeded -With, arid: the' following wire chosen members for the year :—Messrs. jLeadly, - Walsh, Stewart, - Kilgour, Clephane, Trevurza, and Paynter. At a Committee,’Mr. Eeadly was elected chiiir-'' tapn. [j • lir -if«ify--rywwtg:( , .'Uwrff‘ ion f Mr. William eMlrnlin ki' jthe nieetlftg of ratepayer* 'laßb'-migiit, ini Ithe schoolroom, and read the balance—shOOti UdhcK • vfoiS adopted.,! [Afteyoi HVobeioWthdrfkss'ftoAitlutl rararing: fcommittee, the fallowing were chosbri fcK the ensuing year, out oh oletifenr' nbmi,'o.Olephson, 'R. Beeves, W. H. Smith, 'Stalker, and Ennis.

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SCHOOL COMMITTE ELECTIONS., Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 251, 25 January 1881

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SCHOOL COMMITTE ELECTIONS. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 251, 25 January 1881

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