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Consultations. ,'i a *44— J. L. FLEMING’S (jtrand Consultation, no. 3, ON THE DUNEDIN CUP, 1881. 3,000 Subscribers, at £1 each. First horse ... ... ••• £750 Second do. * ... 500 Third do. 250 Other Starters (divided) ... 500 Non-starters (divided) 1000 If cheques are sent, exchange must be added and stamps for reply and result. J. L. FLEMING, Auctioneer, &c., High street/ Triangle, Christchurch. N. B. Note change of address. 613 a ONSULTATI ON No. L ON . ; DUNEDIN CUP, iSBi. j STAR PROBLEM. 2,000 MEMBERS. AT £l. First ... ... ... £BOO Second 400 , Third ... ... ... 200 Starters ... ... ... 250 Non-Starters ... ... 350 Total ..; ... ...£2,000 39 Nominations. Address —STAR PROBLEM, Care of .O. J. HARRIS, , Star and Garter Hotel, Or, Box 10, P. 0., Oamaru. No. 2 Consultation will be opened :ihi 4 mediately after No. 1 closes. £SO PRIZE. 1. A, Special Prize of, £SO . will be awarded to any correspondent who First places the first three horses in their relative positions in the Cup. 2. Letters received each day will be kept distinct* and opened after the race, in order of priority, as received, until winner is found. 3. If the horses be correctly placed by more than one person on the same day, such persons to divide prize. Each letter must have a 2d. stamp enclosed, or not eligible for competition. Letters received from November 22nd, 1880, to February 23rd, 1881, inclusive. : 4. A Committee of five to superintend their decision to be final. Address —D. G. PRIZE, Care of C. J. HARRIS, Star and Garter Hotel, 602 : Or, Box 10, P. 0., Oamaru. MedicaL DEAFNESS, &c. DR. GRANT, Member of Royal College of Surgeons, .England, and of the Medical Boards of Victoria and New South Wales; also registered in New Zealand, OCULIST, AURIST, & SPECIALIST, (From Europe), may be consulted upon alt Diseases of the Eye, Ear, and Throat, Deafness,, Noises in the Head, Defective Sight,-.* Squinting, Cataract, Amaurosis Ophthalmia,, Quita Serena, Loss of Eyelashes, Inflammation, and all Diseases of the Eye, Ear, and Throat; treated upon new and scientific principles., DR. GRANT has arrived in Christchurch, and may be CONSULTED at’his Consulting Rooms, 4 HEREFORD TERRACE, Hereford Street East, Christchurch, Near St. John’s Church. Hours of attendance: Morning, 10 till 1; afternoon, 2 till 5. Saturdays, morning only. Dr Grant’s consultation rooms, during the four months of his successful practice in Auckland,: were crowded to excess, .and attention is confidently and particularly requested to the following cases of the Eye,. Ear, Throat, and other special aL factions. CHRISTCHURCH TESTIMONIALS. New street, Madras street north, Dec. 1, 1880. I beg to state that Dr. Grant has operated on my. daughter for squinting, and she Is now seeing as straight as possible with both,eyes. . I am very much pleased with it, as she is perfectly cured. —Ellen Lester. Third street, Sydenham, Dec. 1, 1880. T have been under Dr. Grant’s care for deafness of both ears, of five years’: standing. lam happy;to shy that my' hearing has greatly improved under, his treatment) in the short space 1 of brie week only. Jansen. Colombo street south, Sydenham, Nov. 16, 1880. I have great pleasure in' bearing testimony to the efficacy of Dr Grant’s treatment in regard to deafness. I have been deaf for upwards of twenty years, and am glad to say that he has done me great benefit within a few days.—W. J. LkVbookne. Waterton, Nov. 9, 1880. I have been deaf in the left ear for'thirty-four years, with great imises in my head. • Dr. Gran* has this morning removed a polypus fron my ear. I am greatly relieved, and can hear much better.— Rachel Rountree. Rakaia Gorge, Nov. 10, 1880.. •• I have been troubled with deafness for two years, one. of my ears could hear nothing. I applied to Dr. Grant, who has removed a great quantity of obstruction from my earsjibefore I left his surgery I could hear very well indeed, and I recommend anyone so troubled to consult him.— John Simms. AUCKLAND TESTIMONIALS- : 211 Queen street, Auckland* July 23, 1880. Dr. Grant. —Dear sir,—l have to give you thanks for the great benefit tb my hearing since I have been under your care. —I am, &c., Robert Campbell. Ponsonhy, July 23. Under Dr. Grant’s treatment I am very much improved in my hearing, and should recommend any one to try the same.— M. A. Parker. Tamaki West, near St. John’s College, Auckland, July 23, 1880. Dr Grant has greatly improved my hearing during the time I have, been under'his care. — -Thos. Churches. Brookside, Pakakura Valley, July 23, 1880. I was under Dr. Grant’s treatment for squinting, and was completely cured in ten days. I would earnestly recommend any persons suffering from diseases of the eyes to make a trial of Dr Grant, feeling sure that he would benefit them as he has' done me.— -John Sinclairs,. Jun. Ponsoriby road, Hope Town, Auckland,June 16, 1880. ,1 have been under Dr., Grant’s bare since May 26, for great deafness, for more than twelve years, and am about seventy (70) years of age. Dr. Grant has removed a Igrge and small polypus from my years, rind I can hear much better, having greatly improved under his care, for which I; am very thankful.— Charles Lowe. ■ Hornets Estate, New North road, Auckland, June 16, 1880. 1 have been suffering from a severe local disease. Dr. Grant operated upon me on Saturday last, and I am now quite well, although I had been in an ill state of health for four years.— Charles Muller. -.Cross -street, Now top, Auckland, June 17, iB6O. I have been nearly blind for over seven years* and-unable to viork at my trade (a confectioner). On the first day of this month I went under Dr. Grantb carp,’ and‘already see vary ffiuch better iri; this: shorLspace of, time.-*-JopN Wjri’m.B.-- ‘ J4.4,4830,' I. Dy.i Grant .hasi jusi cured me qf a long-standing, deafness of'riioWi l tt i ari ,, t'en years, fop','which I am, vai^tharik!ul* : irid%bther dbb-■ tors without suocesa; -t-M arIA. J.’ THEpMAN. - Auckland, im id have beßn* deaf in the left ear fori lour, years/ftpd ip l the right also. On August 2 l^aSjtr^a^ Medical. by Dr. Grant, and am now quite well, being able to hear as well as ever I did.— Arthur Parkinson, Fanner, Opotiki. Mangere, Onehunga, Auckland, August 26, 1880. For thirty-five years I have been suffering with diseased eyes. Since August 5 I have been under Dr.' Grant’s care, and am rapidly recovering. —J. Nicholls. Symonds street, Auckland, August 27, 1880. I have been deaf for eighteen years (since I was four years old) the drums of bothyearshaving ulcerated away. lam still improving under Dr. Grant’s caro, and can hear much better now, sometimes very well.— Margaret Sanderson. Auckland Lunatic Asylum, Whan, Aug. 28, 1880. This is to certify that I have been under Dr. Grant’s care for hardness of hearing from the 13th instant, and find I am so far improved as to hear the-ticking of a watch, which I could not dc before I put ■„ myself under his treatment. lam over sixty years old. — John King. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. We can coiiscientiously recommed those suffering from deafness or other ailments that Dr. Grant has made a special study of, to pay him a visit, when, if curable patients, they may certainly expect relief. An instance came under our notice on Thursday, in the case of a man named Charles Swanson, who had been , very deaf; for three years, but, after ten days’ treatment, can now hear perfectly even the lowest whisper. The cure is a rather remarkable one, as he had been under the care of many medical men, but has received no benefit whatever from their treatment —New Zealander, Dec. 27,1879. . Mr. Earnest D'Egville Michau called at our office yesterday, and stated that he had been blind with the right eye all bis lifetime. Hearing about Dr. Grant, the oculist, who is now on a visit to, he determined to give him a trial;' He had only been 1 under Dr. Grants treatment ten or eleven days when he found that he could see large objects at some distance. Mr. Michau states thrit -he had been under the treatment of some of the best medical men at home, but had not received the least benefit. We are at all times chary of accepting details of “ Wonderful cures,” but the yciurig inan who called’at our office appearei to be telling the truth, and was exceedingly grateful to Dr. Gant for the relief which he has already experienced. —Nexo Zealand Times, Dec. 25, 1879. ■ Dr. Grant has recently effected a very remarkable cure in the case of Mrs. D. Evans, of Kumara, who has been* under his treatment for deafness since Feb. ■ 14, last. Mrs. Evans has been deaf in both ears for a very long .period—no less than thirty years—her affliction having been caused by a fever, from which she suffered severely. Since that time she has been almost, totally deaf, for she could only hear the the loudest sounds. Since she has been under Dr; Grant’s treatment her hearing has gradually improved* so that now she can hear plainly conversation in an ordinary tone of voice. She, will re turn in a few days to Kumara perfectly well, and in possession of the full faculty of which she has been so long deprived. West Coast Times, March’ 10, 1880One of the employees in the ' Public Works office here has sent us the follow ing testimonial ’ to the skill of Dr.' Grahf, He says ;—“ I wish to let you know that Dr. Grant has greatly improved the hear ing of one of my ears, the membrane of which was injured some six years ago. may add that two surgeons, whom I’consulted a short time ago, considered the case incurable. ” Dr. Grant has also been very successful in.several difficult cases pi disease of the eye. —Hokitika Times', March 23, 1880. There are amongst Dr. Grant’s successful eye cases at Hokitika, a young lady* at J. Jack’s, Esq., the Mayor,, cured, by operation, of squinting ; and Mrs. Wavent, operation for artificial pupil. Dr. Grant is also SPECIALIST in the DISEASES of WOMEN and CHIL DREN. 428 STEEDMAN’S SOOTHING POWDERS . FOR CHILDREN CUTTING TEETH. CAUTION TO PURCHASERS The value of this : well-known Family Medi cine has, been largely tested irt all parts of: the; world, and by all grades of society, for upwards of FIFTY .YEARS. Its well-earned extensive sale has induced SPURIOUS IMITA TIONS, some -of which in, OUTWARD closely resemble the original as to have deceived many purchasers. The proprietor -therefore feels it due to the public to give a special caution against the use of SUCH IMITATIONS. Purchasers are therefore requested carefully to observe the four following distinctive characteristics, without which none are genuine:—-' ' ' ’ . Ist—ln every- case the words JOHN STEEDMAN,., CHEMIST, ; WALWORTH, SURREY, are engraved on the - Government Stamp affixed to each packet. 2nd—Each Single Powder has directions for the . dose, .and the’ words, JOHN Sterdman, Chemist, WalWo!th, Surrey, printed thereon." ■3rd—The name, Sfeedrrian 1 , is’ always spelt with two EE’s. . ’ ■ ; 4th—The. manufacture is carried on solely at Walworth, Surrey. ! Sold in Packets by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors. ’ Sold by Prosser and Co., Auckland. ' ’ 63 WHO is, M rs - WINSLOW ? As this question is frequently asked, we shall simply say that she is a lady who for upwards rtf thirty years has untireingly devoted her time and talents as a female physician and nurse, principally among children. She has especially studied the constitution and wants of this numerous class, and, as a result of this effort and practical knowledge obtained in a lifetime as nurse and physician,, she has compounded a SOOTHING SYRUP for Children. It operates like magic, giving rest and health, and is, moreover, sure to regulate the bowels. In consequence of this article, Mrs. Winslow is becoming wqrld-renouned as a benefactor of her face. Children certainly do rise, up and bless her! : Especially is this the case in this city. Vast quantities of the Soothing Syrup are daily sold and used here. We think Mrs Winslow has immortalised her name hy ; this invaluable article, and we sincerely believe that thousands of children have been saved from an early grave by its timely use, and that millions yet unborn will share its benefits and unite in calling her blessed. No. mother has discharged her duty to her suffering little one, in our opinion, until she has given it the benefit of Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. Try it mothors, try it now,:— Ladies’ Visitor, New York City. Advice to mothers.—Are you broken in your rest by a sick child, suffering with the pain of cutting teeth ? Go at once -‘to the cheriiist and get a bottle of Mrs. WINSLOW’S SOOTHING SYRUP. It will relieve the poor sufferer, immediately. It is perfectly harmless;’ it produces;natural, quiet sleep by relieving the child from pain, arid the little cherub awakes <( as bright as a button. It has been in use in America, * and ishighly recommended by medical meffU'Tf is very ■ pleasant to take itl boritha ; tlie! child ; it softens the.gums, allays all pain, relieves wind, regulates th?; bowels, and is the best known remedy for dysentry md /diarrhoea, whether arising! frriih eething or other causes, Be sure and ask for Mrs.:.,Winslow’s Soothing Syrup, aqd seq that. ‘ ‘ Curtiq au^; Perkins, New York aqd Donjon, ip';on the outside Medical. ENG’S FRUIT SALT THE PHYSICAL BASIS OF LIFE GOOD FOOD. How to enjoy good food that would otherwise cause Bilious headache, disordered Stomach, Poisoned Blood, &c.—use UNO’S FRUIT SALT. A NATURAL APERIENT. END’S TV FRUIT SALT, when taken with water, acts as a natural aperient, its simple but natural action removes all impurities, thus preserving and restoring health. If its great value in keep ing the body, in health, were universally known, no fam should be without it. pAGGED, WEARY, AND WORN OUT 111 Anyone whose duties require them to undergo mental or unnatural excitement or strain — END’S FRUIT SALT is the best known remedy. It acts like a charm. It allays nervous excitement, depression, aud the injurious effects of stimulants and too rich food. Its power in aiding the digestion. is most striking. 11 also restores the" nervous system to its proper condition (by natural means). Use END’S FRUIT SALT. You cannot overstate its great.'lvalue "in keeping' the blood pure and free from disease. * ENO versus. STIMULANTS. An ;n----sufficient amount of exercise frequently deranges the liver. END’S FRUIT SALT is peculiarly adapted for any constitutional weakness of the liver A world of woes is avoided by those who keep and use ENO’S FRUIT SALT. —“Alt our customers for Eno’s Salt would not be without, it upon any consideration, they having received so much benefit from iti— Wood Brothers, Chemists, Jersey, 187S.*’ Every travelling ’trunk ' And HOUSEHOLD in the world ought to contain a Brittle of ENO’S FRUIT SALT, prepared from.S.ound, Ripe Fruit, as a Healthgiving, ; Cooling-, Sparkling, and Invigorating Beverage for ,any,Season. ; the best Preventive aqd Cure for Biliousness, Sick Head ache, Skin Eruptfons, Impure Biped, Fevers, Piriffiles on the Face, Giddiness Feverishness, Mental Depression, Want of,’Appetite,. Sourness of Stomach, Constipation,’■ Vomiting, Thirst, &c., and to remove the effects of errors in Eating and Drinking. ; ENO’S FRUIT SALT.— From the Rev. .DrtHurst, Vicar of Collorly“ I have used your; Fruit Salt for many years, and have verified your - statements. The thanks of the public are due to you for your unceasing efforts, to relieve suffering humanity. Long may you live to be a blessing to the world;”* 1 ENO’S FRUIT SALT.—“After suffering for nearly two and a half, years from severe headache-and disordered' stomach, and after trying almost everything and : spending much money without 'finding any benefi', ,1 was.recommended by:a friend to. try : ENO*S FRUIT SALT, and before I had finish 1 one bottle I found it doipg me a great deal of good, andno.wi I am /"esfored ■ tommy : usual health; and others I know that have tried it have not enjoyed such good health for years.—Yours most truly, Robert Humphreys, Post Office, Barrasford.” ■ Agents for New Zealand, . MESSRS. KEMPTHORNE, PROSSER AND CO. ■pOWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. ►OWELL’S s BALSAM of ANISEED. ppVVBLL’S BALSAM; of ANISEED. Extraordinary testimo“ NIALS. "DOWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. L Duo de Montaboe writes : “ Chateau de Montabor, Aveyron. Sir, —Having suffered for some , tijne from ah - obstinate! 1 cough, accompanied with fever, continuous head-aches, and sleepless nights, I resolved after having vainly tried’aeveral ’other riiedicines, to have recourse to your BALSAM oi ANISEED. I cannot resist, sir, the desire of making you . acquainted* with the really marvelous results which I derived from it. From the first dose I felt great relief, the bad symptoms grew ‘feebler, the irritation of the throat was calming down, and I recovered the sleep which had nearly left me. The third dose delivered me completely, and I am now completely restored to health. j Receive, sir, with the expression of my gratitude the assurance of my distinguishedsentiments. DUC DE MONTABOR - ! HER MAJESTY S GUN BOAT NETLEY. --. 1 , 1 , ■. i f • YViqfc, -Scotland. Deaf-lw/^- 1 - 1 Jt{ '■ l ;-i ’ • Having had a most, distressing and, severe coughyjjwhiqh - uaufed me many! sleepless nigMS fold restless days, I was; recommended by his LORDSHIP the! EARL of CAITHNESS to try your; most invaluable Balsam of Aniseed, i and I can assure you, with the first; dose, I found immediate relief, even •without ■ having to suspend- 1 my various ; duties; ,- and the first, small, bot He. com- - pletely cured' me, therefore I have the greatest? confidence; in Tally tecommouding it to the million. Signed, W.‘ LINZELL; D.M.G.B. NETLEY.' 'OR COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, ' INFLUENZA, GOLDS, ;&c, , 'OR COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, f INr T'LUEN’ZA, * COLDS;- &c, : ; " POWELL’S’ BALSAM of.-ANISEED.'— The effects of one teaspoonful taken in a little water before going to bed is extraordinary. No family should be without it in the winter. Sold by Chemists and •. Medicine, Vendor;, throughout the World, is I j£d and 2s 3d pet per bottle; a great saving - in taking family bottles, 11s each. Established over 50 years. Prepared : only-dby, THOMAS POWELL, Blackfriars Road, London. pOWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED, i- “Sir, — I have for a long time suffered from a severe cough and tried all manner of remedies. Dr. Liberecht advised POWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED ; it cured me after a few days. You are at liberty to use this letter in hopes that others may benefit by it.I am, Sir, Yours. &c., ALBERT COUNT POTOCKI.” WILL LOOSEN -the : PHLEGM imme-diately.—-The Dean of Westminster’s Verger writes: “I was advised to try the Balsam of Anijeed; I did, and have found great relief. It is most comforting in allaying irritation and giving strength to the voice.” Lionel Brough* E4q., the i aifaitient actor, writes ; I think it an invaluable medicine for members of my profession, and have always recommended it to my brother and sister artistes. ” TRULY an EXTRAORDINARY EXPECTORANT.—Mr. Edward M. Ullett, of Bury, Hunts., writes to Messrs. Palmer & Son, Ramsay : —“ Having been in the habit of using Powell’s Balsam of Aniseed for a great number of years, I have great pleasure in bear-ing-testimony to its incomparable effects as an expectorant. 1 always find a single dose gives immediate relief, and a small bottle effects a perfect cure.” SK Hof POWELL'S - BALSAM ?cjj • 1 ANISEED* « .1 SOLD by all ...CHEMISTS . a KEEPERS; ‘ Obserfe* the !“ Lion, -Net,? and-Mouse;”'"- 1, - : ' and STORETrade Mark, , Wholesale Agen(s ip the Australian ; and •New Zealand’ 1 Uolohie’s’ -Elliot Brothers ; Eyers & Solomon ; Felton, Grimwaldr,- & Ca’i P. and S, -- Talk* - Faulpino.&i’Co,'; Rqcke, Tompsit, & Co.-; Ro4BNi*nAlit &.1 Cri.:; Keairthorne, Prosser, '&”Co, ; : U-nrr-ENiHva: t: ? HnnunM:! T.A w-i ■’ Sj Hoffrnung: ; HbmmoNS, ' LAWS, • & Co.;* Berkley^. Javi.ok, & Co.;; arid all other wholesale houses. -Proprietor— Thomas

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