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The last meeting of the Wakanui Road Board for the year was held at .the Agricultural and Pastoral Association’s rooms to-day. Present—Messrs. Winter (chairman), Friedlander, Earle, and Brown. A letter was read from the County Council, enclosing the correspondence that had passed between them and the Railway Manager on the tariff question. It was resolved to endorse the action of the County Council. A letter was read from the Treasury, advising payment of LI 86 4s. of subsidy. From the Bank of New Zealand to the same effect. From P. Stewart} asking for ten days’ extension on his contract at Wakanui township road. Granted. Mr. G. P. Cox was appointed assessor in the arbitration case of Leadley v. the Board. The claim had been reduced from LI,OOO to L3OO. engineers’ eeport. , The Engineers’ report was read as follows: , : ■ Btach Road. —Forming topfull width- -This contract has been finished ssktisfactofi Iy, .with the exception -of some large clods on the roads which tJwPxontractor will put a roller over. THs wds held over On account of grass . seed that Was intended to be sown.on the road, limes' Road. —The contract for forming this road has been completed. ■ -We found it necessary on account o£ .running shingle in some places, to modify the contract. Buckleys Road. Formation and metalling from side drains. ■ ;A considerable- portion of this work has been executed. Wakanui Township Road. — Formation to full width.—This \york should have, been cbm-; pleted by now. The contractor is making fair progress, and we believe had not unforeseen circumstances happened, would have finished the contract near the specified time ; he sends an application for extension. S'tLji Milton Road. —'ln accordance with (he Board’s resolution,'we have had fords made over the creeks on this road. ■ Maintenance of Roads. —The cont ractor has been employed, clearing thistles off the roadi, and also taking off large stones that had worked up during the dry weather. Filling up Gully and Making Footpath East Side of Beach Road. —A c cord! ng to instructions, we called for tenders for this , work, and accepted M. Nerin’s at 4s. 3d. per chain, it being the lowest. We would ask the Board iT they desire that contracts in hand during harvest season be allowed to stand over fora certain period: Fooks & Son, Surveyors, &c, .

It was resolved to allow the contractors till March 31st to finish their works, the extension to be given only to those who apply for it. After the Surveyor’s report, had been, approved of, several ; accounts were passed for payment, and. the Board adjourned.

The Annual Meeting of Ratepayers . was' then held. There were only eight ratepayers present, and Mr. Winter presided, who read the following report and balance sheets:— I have to present to you the second annual statement of receipts and expenditure, &c., of the Wakanui Road Board, also a statement showing lengths of roads formed and metalled in the district. In doing so, I may state that the Board have carefully endeavored to distribute the funds at their disposal to the best of their ability in carrying but works benefiting the district as a whole. For the future, as the Board will have but litte more than the amount collected for rates, I trust that, the ratepayers will only petition for improvements in those places which will be of public utility. The principal roads in the district are formed and metalled, and as these will require considerable expense in keeping them in good repair, it will behove the Board’to expehd their funds only on those new roads situated in parts where the settle-* ments ai - e numerous, and where Biere will he considerable traffic. I mentioned in my- report last year that it would be likely that tho County Council would give us a grant, in aid of drainage works, lam no iv glad to state that they have given the sum of' LBBI 18s. 2d., which covers the amount expended by us in such works. The Board, considering the unfairness of levying a rate under the existing roll, which with regard to the annual value of properties, is not at all uniform, resolved not to strike a rate last year, and, taking into consideration the depressed state of ; fiie times and the available funds in hand, I think it was a step you will approve of. YdlT are called on to-day to elect three members, in the place of Messrs. Fried- ‘ lander, Hunt, and Winter who retire by rotation. In conclusion, I trust the depression that has lately existed will rapidly disappear, and that tho ensuing year will be riiarked as one of prosperity to this district as well as the country at large. Statement showing lengths of roads formed and metalled in the district.

Roads Formed and Metalled. —Great South road, 57 chains ; Smith’s road, 57 chains ; Beach road, 8 miles 40 chains ; River road, 3 miles 60 chains ; Trevor’s road, 8 chains ; Gibson’s road, 2 miles, 5 chains ; Wakanui School road, 1 mile 77 chains; Wilson’s road, 3 miles 69 chains ; Wakanui road, 4 miles 36 chains ; Christie’s road, 1 mile 8 chains ; Leadley’s road, 1 mile 45 chains ; Stanley road, 1 mile 35 chains ; Bruce’s road, 1 mile 47 chains ; Cochrane’s road, 57 chains; Milton road, 1 mile 69 chains ; Jones’ road, 67 chains; Suburban road, 50 chains ; Seafield road, 9 miles 67 chains ; Denshire’s road, 1 mile 45 chains ; Chcrtsey road,'B miles 48 chains ; Rule’s road, 3 miles 40 chains ; Buckley’s i-oad, 3 miles 65 chains; Gardiner’s road, -3 miles 12 chains. Total, 66 miles 24 chains.

Roads only Formed. —Boundary road, 4 miles 30 chains ; Rule’s road, 2 miles 72 chains ; Fairfield road, 5 miles 65 chains ; Dromorc road, 4 miles 48 chains ; Cochrane’s road, 3 miles 18 chains ; Leßreton s road, 5 miles 7 chains ; Denshire’s road, 70chains; Bntterick’s road, 4 miles l 6 chains ; Lemon’s road, 1 mile 30 chains ; Leatham’s road, 60 chains; Brown’s road, 48 chains ; River road, 2 miles 40 chains ; Fitzgerald’s road, 1 mile 42 chains; Wilson’s road, 1 mile 15 chains ; Trevor’s road, 50 chains. Total, 39 miles 57 chains.

Assets and Liabilities on January Ist, 1881 Assets- - £ s. D. To balance'in hand, January Ist, iSBi ... _ i,372 11 7 Rates outstanding 103 5 6 Rent ... ... ... 80 o o Grant from County Council for drainage ... ... ... 81 18 2 Interest 600 Total ... ...j£i,643 15 3 Liabilities — Contracts in progress : £ s. d. By Beach road re-formation ... 22 10 o Innes road 14 1 5 9 Buckley’s road ... ... ... 205 17 6 Boundary road ... ... .. zoo o o ■ Beach, roach footpath ... ... 767 Maintenance ... ... ... 230 14 o Clerk and Purveyor's salary ) ■ Valuation > 3°° 0 0 Collection of rates ) Advertising, etc. ... ... 50 o o General expenses ... ... 40 o o BalancSj.... ... 67211 5 ' Total IS 3 Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for the year ending December 31st, 1880. Receipts. £ s. d. To balance in hand, Jan. 1, 1880 1,121 18 3 ~ Subsidy from General Government, £ for/'... ... 723 6 2 ~ Subsidy from General Government, 7s. 6d. in £ ... 186 4 o ~ County Council impounded land fund .... ... ... 2,041 6 o „ County Council grant for drainage ... ... ... 860 o o ~ Rates..<••• ... ... ‘ 818 1 8 „ Rents 62 17 II ~ Interest on current account 28 4 9 ~ Interest on fixed deposit for three months ... ... 7 IO o ~ Interest on fixed; deposit for six months... , .<. ... 31 5 0 ~ Deposit on contracts ... 22 18 6 Total ... 5.843 12 3

Expenditure. £ s. d. By Gardiner’s road ... ... 31 10 o ~ CoilmU’s road ... ... 68 18 9 ~ Wakanui Township road ... 12 o o ~ Wakanui road ... ... 149 4 4 ~ Seafield ~ 124 16 9 ~ Wakanui School road ... 20 O 6 ~ Christy’s road. ... ... ‘ 31 17 6 ~ Wilson’s ~ ... ... 38 12 6 „ Chertsey „ ... I3S l 7 . I ~ Leadley’s ~ ... ... 16 2 o ~ Beach ~ ... 656 10 9 ~ Outfall for drainage, Beach road ... ... 79 o o ~ Stanley road... ... ... 59 18 u „ Rule’s road ... ... 372 15 10 ~ River road ... ... ... 43 12 6 „ Gibson’s road '... ... 83 8 7 . .Denshire’s road ‘ ... 189 5 3 ~ Lea dey.and Bulterick’s efrain 730 4 4 ~ Smith’s road... , v 9 2 *3 i° ~ Trevor’s road ... ... 10 O o ~ Ashburton Borough Council, share of subsidy and. dm; pounded Land fund ... 328 010 ~ Seaside road... ... ... 57 0 0 ~ Great South road. .70 17 o ~ Jones’road ... ... 14 13 2 : ~ South-east suburban road ... 67 14 ~ Cochrane’s road ... ... 7 26” Bruces’fbad ... ... 35 6 3 ,7 Road Board cottages, additions and repairs ... ... 194 g 8 ~ Longbeach Road Boad, . excess of subsidy paid to Wakanui Road Board; ■. ,779 o o ~ Salary ... 225 17 o ~ Insurance ... ... ... ij 7 9 ~ Rate roll - ,; etc. 24 18 7 ~ Office furniture .... ... . 17 1 6 ~ Advertising &c. ... ... 67 O 3 ~ Share of old debts owing by Ashburton Road Board .... 12 3 10 ~ Repairs and additions to .... overseer’s cottage, stable, &c. ... ... ... . , ... ■ 41 12 1 8 ~ Plant..; ' ... ...‘ 11 1 6 ~ Incidental expenses ... .... ’ .38 i - d ‘ ,v Painting offices, cottage, and stables .... .. ... 19 9 4 ~ Commmissioh and expenses for Collection,of rates .42 O 6 ~ Transfers, Brokerage, Solicitor’s fees, &c. ... ... 30 19 o ~ Deposits returned’ ... ... 22 18 6 ~ Balance at Bank of New Zealand, Jan. xst, 1881 ... 1,372 11 7

;£5.843 12 3

, Mr. Megson took exception to the expenditure of any of the'Board’s funds outsidp. the .hounds ofthe. distract. He referred especially to the forming and metallingof > the. South-eatt Town Belt. iThey ought to apply-to. the I Borough Council for a refund of the coat Mr. Winter said that no such expendi-

ture had taken place since the last annual meeting. Mr.' Biegson said they had still a right to ask for a refund, even if the work was done before last annual meeting. Ho asked if the Board did really subscribe half cost of the forming and metalling of this road. Mr. Winter replied that the Board did subscribe the money, and the account was passed by the last meeting, so that this meeting had nothing to do with it. Mr. Friedlander explained that the work was done for the benefit of the ratepayers residing in the Wakanui road district. After some further discussion on this subject the balance-sheet and report as read were adopted, on the motion of Mr. Megson. Mr. Megson thought it should be a recommendation to the Board to have the accounts published a week before the annual meeting. After some furtherremarks he moved—“ That it be a recommendation to the incoming Board to apply to the Borough Council for a refund of L 65 15a.-, expended in forming and metalling the South-east Town Belt.” Mr, Allen seconded. Mr. Megson thought the meeting should be called in the centre of the district, and unless they did get a central position, the Board would have to be divided into wards. He gave them fair warning. It was contrary to nature that a man living .at one end of the district should be acquainted with the wants of the other. Mr. Friedlander moved that the action of the Board in paying half cost of forming and metalling the South-east Belt be approved of. The work had been done two years ago, and other Road Boards had agreed to a similar course of procedure. Mr. F. Mayo seconded. The motion was carried, and Mr. Megson’s was lost. After a, somewhat stormy altercation between Mr. Megson, Mr. Allan, and Mr. Friedlander, on the subject of the Board’s entrance upon a plantation in the occupation if Mrs. Ellen, it was explained that the property was Mr. Roberts’, and he had written to the Board giving his consent to the entrance.

Mr. Allan wished the Board to pay Mrs. Ellen for the injury done tc her plantation, but after some more wordy warfare the matter dropped. The election of members of the Board was then proceeded with. Mr. Megson proposed Mr. H. T. Winter, and Mr. Margetts seconded. Mr. Earle proposed Mr. F. T. Mayo, and Mr. Brown seconded.

Mr. Winter proposed Mr. Hugo Friedlander, and Mr. Mayo seconded. Mr. Margetts proposed Mr. Megson, and Mr. Allan seconded, but Mr. Megson declined to stand.

The withdrawal,of Mr. Megson left only Messrs Winter, Friedlander, and Mayo on the list, and these three were declared elected by the Returning Officer, and what had been a somewhat lively meeting adjourned The Board then met, and Mr. Friedlander was elected Chairman, and the Board meeting days fixed for the first Thursday in every month.

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WAKANUI ROAD BOARD., Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 235, 6 January 1881

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WAKANUI ROAD BOARD. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 235, 6 January 1881

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