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A . r ■ n m ■ .M- • RRb Ri A ■■ ..i* - - -SK rT ’),.;.; Mil': - h.VSII ’R ..,.,g,5#R:3 .y t ■■■■,■■■,;■ --i •■■.-■ l . :;f V AIN I:'.*'P .. i ;:, i.y.i;' i.> > ni-a'Uu iu destroy - moths in . y , tf,.c , iji moths ■;> ' ■ ■ -!• »‘h’, .. t-bporis-v! Mi'.! this ’..V-HuaWc f.ii destroying' u-.M i.. . l Jogs, s; P,;:R; tor ! hcir pitvbT’.GLE i’.flis fd-n..i sts' GkEAX a,_ ALE it ,r?.f templet cm-m to -cud a -orI urr.ii!(ijai‘.i;ajtat*i>ri iae PUI<LTC are i.r.i tftat toi the genuine r '•■ it.. . v,i 'tHc’MAS ; J'V or f- ;■; . fei ~ 'Gvatui Tablets. E>ai. .g> vvorai Tablets, CCI Lm '! 'i I.’ ■ ;', Y : S'.Vf E-TMLAT, u\ :v .'--*aaaiv.t:-iir.l taSM, GpnfHbg a most r,-ti-c-l > f "-Ir .t.’ltrmg tif- to*)' • ■ m-iv < ; 'v’" r* t i i '.WOini- It is p.-rteetly sa.e ,1 ~ • m,- , ■ id is csi'Citi- i!;’ adapted 1 ' .v .-{I chemists- and S,-. } : V*K .riMs. -, TKCS. KEATING, London. -V -p L‘JmRLE DISCOVERY for the y,- • hair ; A very nicely perfumed Hairdressing, called THE/ MEXICAN HAIR RFNBWJ&R, now being sold by most Cue- a. Ji mittfi and perfumersthrougout the coon- t ‘ try; at 3s. 3d. per is fast sup.r ‘ ’-f ceding all the old restorers for | till: purpose' of changing grey or "-hue Isair *to ifs natural ' -nrigttw.l color, lor is trill positively restore rhl?- Lvr in ovury case of grevnaaa to its original color, v,-,th-*i*—»—:— ■h a VCCiN Of Vv(', .-llu grey, ta lute 1-air i-.» it? natural color and t’j oi mess. 3 bis- not a %e. nor does it' c ontain any colnnng matter or offensiva substance vdiafcevcr. Hence it does not soil the bauda, ■ tlio scalp, or oven white linen, but, produces the color within the suomnee ci tiie. hair. Read the following from. fir. Nathan Benj, Chemist, Walkden: '‘'Dno of trry customers told me the other dry ho bad had grey, hair for thirty-rive ycur, r.-ui after icing one bottle, of the jlexKiir- Hair Rc-newer I soM him. i' a;r ■. m-. l<> and key. iii naiuval colr,’ j it may bo had of dny re:-) - -* ab.. ‘.‘h-Aimer, or Dealer in toilet artiohs iu tlw kingdom, at U-j. 6d. cmmH. - P ■ .a; -1 by HENRY C. G ALLU?, No. 4!' b lb. fo r •1 street, London. f-HM ;ic le‘; i i v. bilious pii.r.s—-l-bvsc coiids-t of a atrefrl and |kv; a liar cds-ti-xt uro %1 the best r.ud r-iild-c-fr. vogetabiss aptrumts, whii ilio n;nv extract cl" the ilov/ers of the camoniilts. They wiP be forma a most r/Hcaciom remedy for derangement of the ditruoiivo organs, and for torpid -hath-a -'f ihl- Lir-n and bowels, wliich ’produce ir>d.'»oatio;i and the several vatioii'ea of bili nts abE ; lircr complair.rt Titov, speedily re: ,- .c bi'ai.(,i >d .o- .cist, sti o-of >a«r>, correfit tiiC nte . vvV ait-I - rg-»n IpiHnitcte .• (bcgSdc i,: bib, aad volis; >’b Lius .' gou..y matter an : hSSif; • oy Cirr-ui;;: , ;]g in t]!.;" bliioc, inC'.t in; A ‘b.i aisaof' of the kulster.- T- 1"" alia r> ; blit i’-. ttl h. s. consrifciiti i. pur & ]-7- ••• ,;Ai' tb:s:y._ vcsi,,rb' ‘ Hlid. oiil-jj hmiries -•.( higidy action, tu-la’' ouaatity •■f tro Sfonii».ch. ■•. on their ny an- 10. Urn fatal-ijirt’-'i vn, •; v.ili be fvequcr onco, by tre-ir ta tiojjr, that congi-sti,- . dition of tha liver wK; oarlierc nutccednac of s eonstiir.tionnl rustm-baiK;; understood that t).3«,«- v ...-■•nnmujuckd ms •■>ni »aT... nr (Uugeroualy aufTt-s a Ui« contrary, they are cWtwuc'. ,-rised u remarkable simplicity An c j.iUiinah; :*, J any cd ip CM.' jd whatever merit thay/'may bii fi-utv' -.-h m»c>H i nssoss dfiiteads as rough upon the.sehair:.ii of pure drugs. aricbU-ue imuiiViaMalfsr cvul attention b^stow.-Mly‘upon • ’ *pr „ -luu .-, as piwn the a?kr< •-■- judged pecab.-'•■•(/ of tli'eir i»yip'2»t.n.>;i, Thoy are nos r'acouunonded as, a p.brsaeeji. nc-r ara they » dopt.ed to all eranpiamta hut ao a joild a.nd eflicaiKoas apHeu;. and •onH-in the various forittß of indigsiirH i. . will not, peril i >s, be an exaggerauco ■ .\to tJiat ihey , been resort • •;o.!er all system • changes of ijH■:e. or atm.o-.. • :\ r 3 y Z- 'atioaßi wirh .(Xtraordiiiiigb.,;:*. m,vmla of tgr ,v ' v: -T. i-lied fa' tIJ-VV. t (; - Th.n had . ■-

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 8, Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 232, 3 January 1881

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 8 Ashburton Guardian, Volume 2, Issue 232, 3 January 1881