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Medical, s TEEDMAN’S SOOTHING POWDERS J FOR . CHILDREN CUTTING TEETH. ij CAUTLCN TO PURCHASERS. The value of this well-known Family cine has been largely tested in all parts of t the world, and by all grades of society, for upwards of FIFTY YEARS. Its well-earned extensive sale has induced SPURIOUS TIONS, some of which in OUTWARD APPEARANCE so closely resemble the ori- \ ginal as to have deceived many purchasers".; f The proprietor therefore feels it due To the;', public to give a special caution against the use , of SUCH IMITATIONS. Purchasers are therefore requested carefully; to observe the four following distinctive.! characteristics, without which none ‘ "ai genuine : • ist —In every case the words • JOHN * STEEDMAN, CHEMIST, WALWORTH^ ; SURREY, are engraved on the Government ’ Stamp affixed to each packet. ' - 2nd—Each Single Powder has directions lorthe dose, and the words, John Steedman, _ Chemist, Walworth, Surrey, printed thereon, -i 3rd —The name, Steedman, is always spelt-4 with two EE’s. 4th —The manufacture is carried on solely at Walworth, Surrey. ■ i Sold in Packets by all Chemists and; Medi*. 1 cine Vendors. t \' j Sold by Kempthorne, Prosser and £O., | Auckland. .03. J Keating’s Powder. Keating’s Powder. Keating’s Powder. Keating’s Powder. Kills Bugs, Pleas, —' Moths, $ Beetles. ■ .4 This Powder is quite harmless to; ANIMAL LIFE, but is unrivalled in destroy-, ing fleas, bugs, cockroaches, beetles, moths in ; furs, and every other species of insect. Sports-, men will find this-invaluable for destroying; fleas in their dogs, as also ladies for their pet: dogs. THIS ARTICLE has found so GREAT a SALE that it has tempted others to vend a socalled article in imitation. The PUBLIC are/ CAUTIONED that the tins of the genuine; powder bear the autograph of THOMAS: KEATING. . 1 Keating’s Worm Tablets. Keating’s Worm Tablets. Keating’s Worm Tablets, 1 A PURELY VEGETABLE SWEETMEAT, both in appearance and taste, furnishingfa most; agreeable method of administering the only certain remedy for INTE S T 1 NA L or THREAD WORMS. It is a perfectly safeand mild preparation, and is especially adapted: for children. Sold in tins by all Chemists and; Druggists. Proprietor, THOS. KEATING, London.. 9560’

VALUABLE DISCOVERY for the, hair. ;> ; A very nicely perfumed Hairdressings l called THE MEXICAN HAIR- RENEWER, now being sold by most Cher mists and perfumers througoufc the conn-: try, at 3s. 6d. per bottle, is-fast super-, ceding all the old restorers and dyes for, the purpose of changing grey or white l hair to its natural original color, for it will positively restore the hair in every case of greyness to its original color, without dyeing it or leaving that offensive smell which most of the hair preparations of the day do. This preparation has never been known to fail in restoring the hair to-its natural color and gloss in from eight to twelve days. It promotes growth and prevents the hair falling out, eradicating** dandruff, and leaving the scalp in'a healthy condition. It imparts peculiar vitality to the'roots of the hair, restoring it to its youthful freshness and vigor. Daily applications of this preparation for a week or two will surely restore faded, grey, or white hair to its natural color and richness. It is not a dye, nor does it con- , tain any coloring matter or offensive, substance whatever. Hence it does-not soil the hands, the scalp, or even white linen, but produces the color withiu the substance of the hair. Read the following from Mr. Nathan Berry, Chemist, 1 Walkden : “One of my customers told me the other day he had had grey , hair for thirty-five years, and after using one bottle of the Mexican Hair Renewer-I sold him, it was restored to and kept its natural color. It may be had of any respectable Chemist, Perfumer, or Dealer in toilet articles in the kingdom, at 3% 6d. ‘ per bottle.—Prepared by HENRY o.‘ GALLUP, No. 493, Oxford street, London. 1 COCKLE’S ANTIBIMOUS PILLS— These Pills consist of a careful and peculiar admixture of the best and mild- 1 - est vegetable aperients, with the pure ex-* j, tract of the flowers of the camomile.' . They will he found a most efficacious-. ; remedy for derangement of the digestive ‘ organs, and for torpid action of the liver. ‘ and bowels, which produce indigestion! and the several varieties of bilious an# liver complaints. They speedily remove 1 the irritation and feverish state of the. stomach, allay spasm, correct the morbid condition of the liver and organs subservient to digestion, promote a due'and healthy secretion of bile, and relievefthe. - constitution of all gouty matter and other* impurities, which, by circulating in the blood, most injuriously affect the action of the kidneys; thus, by removing the; * gauges productive of so much discomfort,!, they restore the energies of both body-;..--and mind. To those who indulge in the;" luxuries of the table these pills will prove! highly useful, occasioning no paindn their 1:; action, unless they meet with an unusual ■ 1 quantity of acrid -bile and acid matter in •; the stomach and bowels. To Europeans ■ on their arrival in Lidia or China they; are recommended as a preservative against 5 ' the fatal disorders peculiar to tropicals climates. Their occasional use, if com-; biiied with the strictest - attention to diet,* will be frequently found to remove at! once, by their influence over the ’ secre-s----tioris, that congestive and unhealthy con-i dition of the liver which is so often ; the ; ; earliest antecedent of severe febrile and v , constitutional disturbance. It must be V* understood that these pills are not i - recommended as containing any new.L; or dangerously active ingredients; on ] the contrary, they are characterised, by > a remarkable simplicity of co nbipation* and whatever merit they may be found - possess depends as much upon the select; tioh of pure drugs, and the unusual labor. , . and attention bestowed upon their subae* *■' queht preparation, as upon the acknow-.;,. ledged peculiarity of their composition,They are not recommended as a panacea?---nor are they adapted to all complaints,; \ • but as_a mild and efficacious aperient-and’!, tonic in the various forma of indigestion,-! it will not, perhaps, be an exaggeration tp; >: , state that they have been resorted to.t, under all systems of diet, changes of cU-A - mate, or atmospheric alternations with f an extraordinary degree of success for j upwards of seventy-eight years. This J celebrated family aperient may be had throughout the United Kingdom in boxes \\ at Is l|d, 2s 9d, 4s Gd, and ills Od, aa f well as, in India, China, New Zealand, the Australian Colonies. -

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