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Medical, QTEEDMAN’S. soothing powders vJ ■ FOR CHILDREN CUTTING TEETH. CAUTION TO PURCHASERS. The value of this well-known Family Medicine has been largely, tested in all parts of the world, and by all grades of society, for upwards of FIFTY YEARS. Its well-earned, extensive sale has induced SPURIOUS IMITATIONS, some, .of 'whichXin OUTWARD APPEARANCE so closely resemble the-ori-ginal as to haye- deceived many purchasers. The proprietor , therefore, feels-:it due to the public to give a special caution against the; use of SUCH IMITATIONS. , '' * Purchasers are therefore requested carefully to observe the four r following distinctive characteristics, without which none are genuine;— ' ist—ln every i • case the words;*; JOHN STEEDMAN, CHEMIST, WALWORTH, SURREY, are engraved on the Government Stamp affixed to each packet. .. 2nd—Each Single Powder has directions for the dose, and the words, John Steedman, Chemist, Walworth, Surrey, printed thereon. 3rd —The name, Steedman, is always spelt with two EE’s. . . ■ _ ~7 : 4th—The manufacture is carried ’on solely at Walworth; Surrey. ■ i. ,1 S Sold in Packets by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors. : ‘ Sold by Kempthorne, Prosser and Co., Auckland. 63 OWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. P P OWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED OWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. pow Extraordinary testlmo- .... , . NIALS.- ■ : POWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. , Duo de Montabor vroitea :-!-- • “ Chateau de Montabor, -Ayeyron. Sir, —Having suffered" for some’ time from an obstinate 'cough, accompanied with fever, continuous ’ and sleepless nights,. I resolved after having vainly tried several other , .medicines, to have recourse’ to yourBALSAM of ANISEED. I cannot resist, sir; the desire of making you acquainted’with the really marvelous results which I-derived from it. From the first -doa'erl felt'great relief, the bad symptoms grew-fee,bier, the irritation of the i throat was calming 4-own, and I recovered .the sleep which had nearly left me. The’' third.dose delivered me completely, and I am how completely restored ,• , Receive, sir, with the expression of my gratitude the assurance of my distinguished sentiments.' -n DUG DH MONTABOR .. HER MAJESTY S GUN BOAT NETLEY. , ; { Wick, Scotland. Dear Sir, — • r: Having had 1 ai most distressing f 'afid severe cough, which, caused me many sleepless nights and-, restless- *days, D was recommended by his LORDSHIP the, EARL of CAITHNESS ■ to’, try - your most -invaluable Balaam of Aniseed, and ;I; can . assure you, with, the first dose, l ifoupd immediate relief, even without: having to suspend ■ my, various duties.; andicthe first , small bottle completely cured me, therefore-! tl have: the greatest confidence in fully recommending it .to the-million. . Signed,, I W. LINZELL, H.M.G.Bi NETLEY;- - ; ■ ; ; —5 * " FOR COUGHS, .. BRONCHITIS, j inV. FLUENZA, COLDS, OR COUGHS, BRONCHITIS,. : Tn\ FLUENZA, COLDS, &c. ,r -’ ’’ 'OWELL’S BALSAM .'of.'ANISEED.— * The effects of one, teaspoonful 1 taken in a little water before going to bed is extraordinary. No family should be without it in the winter^ - Sold by- Cherirists and Medicine Vendorsthroughout the World, is and_ 2s 3d per per.-bottle; algreati saving! in taking*family^ . bottles,* 1 IS; each.- Established over 50 years. ; Prepared only by THOMAS - POWELL,; Blackfriars Road, London. POWELL’S BALSAM, of- .ANISEED.-* “ Sir,—‘l have for a long timesufieredfrom a severe cough and tried all '.manner : o£' remedies.’ Dr. Liberecht advised POWELf/Sr BALSAM of ANISEED; it cured meafteej ja few days;' You are aMiberij in hflaaajjMiMii

t|reat relief. It is most comforting in.allaying: irritatidn and;giving strength' to th'e Toice; , ’ i ‘'- : Lionel Brough, Esq., the eminent actor, - writes P .think; it ;an-invaluable>imedicine'fbr' l f members of my profession,, and have Always. recqmmended it .to my ; brother and ; ; sister artistes;” Truly an extraordinary ; EXPECTORANT.—Mr. Edward M.Ulktt, of Bury, Hunts., writes to-Messrs;'Palmer & Son,'; Ramsay Having bieen in the habit of using Powell’s Balsam of Aniseed for a’great number of years, I have great pleasure in bearing testimony to .its incomparable-effects as anw expectorant.. I always find a single :dose gives*; immediate. relief,. , and a small bottle, effects a; t perfect cure.” . ,y.l SR for : POWELL’S BALSAM r of ANISEED A COLD by all' CHEMISTS and STOREO KEEPERS.: Observe the Trade Mark,;-! ‘‘Lion, Net, and Mouse.” ; Wholesale Aghnts’ in the Australian'and New Zealand Colonies- -Elliot Brothers;},.,. Evers & Solomon’; 'Felton, Grimwalde,' ;& Co. ;P. and S. Falk, FAULDiNG r & Co. ;"“ Rocke, Tomvsit, & Co. Rosehthall'& Co..} Kempthorne;: PitossEß, Gol ; S. Hoffenung & Co.; Hemmons; Laws, & Co. ; ,Berkley> Taylor, & C 0.,; : and; all other wholesale houses. Proprietor— Thomas Powell, Blackfriars Road London. , -. THE. ASHBURTON.,GUARDI AN’ f €AN be;obtained from the'Tdllowfatg Agents, who will receive orders '’ H. M." Jones *.. -.. v ■ The Triangle /. )Vl ; ’ ;F. Clark , V.., East. street' 3 .\^ iD: 'Wiiliaih3on ...* TSst street-v r ..-r O. Carstena ... .East street v • Mr. McLaUglari ■ .... t Wakanui M. Atkinson' ' ... Seafield- ’ , G.’Leadley, . ; . Wakanui Ore»i; ’J *- Lawiry and'Son'‘ ' 'Seafifetil'' "i ' J. Lanibie , . .„ r . Kyle- : -i ( Ty 1jWm,.C6x. .' ,‘ ...-’v Rakaia--'; , . 5 ‘ | ' W. Harris ‘... . t WihslqTy ( ,l ,;, ~{f ti E. H.' Bp tier ... Whsterfie!4 r . t * ■’ :T. E.' Tomlmson . : ' "Mount - ',P. Tisch . , ; ... .. Spread., r Ai R: Ocf," oMrtsey' r ;. OT ," J? ; ■M. Hudson , r ...... .Watertdn ir ',]£■ ' J. Bowrck M:: ’’ 1 Mayfield -*■ i]&arlsUL aifd jHibbs' Intending please jfillj lopf fotms,.wlncb fs£ur',be obtained-, t «i thWabove Xg-ehtsi.' Theyvwil|£also i obligortff by stating "on the back of the ordeSmto-oi 1 ! which agentjtlrey .pay-their isubscription^T.

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