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Medical. STE EDM AN’S SOOTHING POWDERS. S-'i: FOR CHILDREN CUTTING TEETH. CAUTI C N ■T O PUR Cli ASERS. The value! of this well-known'Family Medicine has been largely tested in all. parts of the world, and by all grades of society; for upwards of FIFTY YEARS. Its well-earned, extensive sale lias-induced SPURIOUS.! IMITATIONS, some of which in OUTWARD APPEARANCE so closely resemble the original, as to have deceived many purchasers. .The. proprietor, therefore feels.itdue «.to.»the ‘public to give a special caution against the'use of SUCH IMITATIONS--Purchasers are therefore requested carefully to observe the four -- following distinctive characteristics, without . which: none js are genuine:—., Ist—ln every case, the .-words.. JOHN STEEDMAN, CHEMIST,. WALWORTH, SURREY, are engraved on the Government Stamp affixed to.each packet. 2nd—Each Single Powder has directions lor the dose, and the words, John Steedman, Chemist, Walwoith,-Surrey, printed thereon. 3rd —The name, Steedman, is always spelt with two EE’s. ■ ■ --7 S ■ 4th —The manufacture is carried->;oh solely at'Walworth, Surrey. / \ . Sold in Packets by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors. ; - : Sold by Kempthorne, Prosser and Co., ■Auckland. ;^J 1 1 *• ■pOWELL.’S BALSAM ,pf ANISEED. T>OWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. P OWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. Extraordinary testimoPOWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. "JU • Duo DE*MoNTABqB Svrites “ Chateau de Montabor, ' Aveyrdn.' Sir, —Having suffered for : some time from an obstinate' cough’, .accompanied with fever/ continuous -head-aches, and sleepless . nights, lf resolved 'after- having vainly tried several mother -raediemes, to have recourse to your of ANISEED. I canhbt.fresist,.'sir, the desire of making you acquainted -with the really marvelous results twhich I-derived from it. From, fthei; first-'fdkis'e Ifelt great relief, the bad symptoms grew[feeblfer, the irritation of the throat wastfcalbing frown, and I recovered the .' sleep'! which had nearly left me. Thai third dote delivered me completely, and T am now-completely restored to health; ; C . {! ■»> ■ Receive, sir,: with the eiprbfcsion; of my gratitude the assurance of my distinguished sentiments, : - r:;i■: -1 DUG DE MONTABOR HER MAJESTY S GUN BOAT NETLEY. Wicky Scotland.::. Dear Sir, — Having, .had, a ..most-distressing-and severe cough,which , caused, me . many •sleepless nights 1 and : “restless ' days, 'l’was recommended by' his LORDSHIP, the EARL of OAiTHNBSS to , try---yomr most invaluable Balsam-' of -Anisqed, and I can assure- you j' withdose, I /found immediate relief, even without having to suspend my-yariems duties ; and the firsts small ‘bottle ‘ completely cured mo, therefore' j I have the" greatest confidence in fully recommending it to the million. ’ Sighed, *’•*-' /"■ W. LINZELL, H.M.G.B. ■ NETLE^? F' OR COUGHS, BRONGHITIS, t IN* FLUENZA, CQLES,. &d OR COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, IN? FLUENZA, COLDS, &c.. OWELL’S ; BALSAM ! of l ANISEED]-i-The effects of one teaspooaful taken in 3 little water before-going to bed is extraordinary! No family'should be without it in r the winter. , Sold by Chemists . and: Medicine Vendors throughout the World, is, per bottle; a great saving in taking"family bottles, us each.- Established over 50 years.' Prepared only by THOMAS POWELL; Blackfriars Road, London. , r . • POWELL’S BALSAM , of. . ANISEED. . “Sir,—l have for a long time.suffered from a severe cough and. tiled -alb .manner pf remedies; Dr. Liberecht advised'PO WELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED ;'Tt cured me after a few days. You are at .liberty, 'to use. '.this letter in hopes that others may benefit by it— I am, Sir, Yours. &c;, -' : ALBERT COUNT TOTOCKI.” ' For coughs, bronchitis, inFLUENZA, COLDS, &c.“ OR COUGHS, -BRONCHITIS," INFLUENZA, “ COLDS, &c. : . .....

■OR COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, IN FLUENZA, COLDS,-&C. ' 7 '7 pOWELL’S BALSAM OF ANISEfeli; ILL iLOOSEN the 1 PHLEGM immediately.—The Dean of Westminster?* Verger.:writes : ‘‘l ;was advisedito tryithS Balsam of Anijeed ;, I did; and. .have-found great relief. - It is.rapst, comforting; in allaying' i irritation; strength to the voice.”-. .. Lionel Brough, Esq., the eminent actor,j writes 1 think it an invaluable medicine for members of my profession, and have always? recommended it to my brother, and .sisteri ’artistes.” , , , ~ ...... RULY an EXTRAORDINARY EXPECTORANT.—Mr. Edward Mi; UHeft,'.: df Bury, Hunts., writes to Messrs. Palmer & Son, Ramsay:—“ Having been in the habit of using Powell’s Balsam of Aniseed for a great number of years, 1 ha ve,’great pleasure in heaS-S , ing testimony to its incomparable effects as an ; expectorant.^. I always find; a single ddse.givesi immediate relief, and a.small bottle effects:al :perfect cure.” * : A? SK' for; POWELL’S •• BALSAM',” of- ■ ANISEED' I •'?' .-r<»ois SOLD by all .CHEMISTS and STOREKEEPERS. Observe .the' Trade Mark, ‘‘Lion, Net, and-Mouse;” p: 1 Wholesale .'AgentsUn the • Australian and New Zealand Colonies-,-ELLioT Brothers iEyers& Solomon ; Felton,' GRiMWAtibBS & Co. ; P. and S. Falk, Faulding ( & T Co-^ , Rocke, Tompsit, i*& i Co. i- Rosenthall '&* Co. Kempthorne, .Prosser, . & „Co. j ,S;' Hoffenung <& Cq, j' HEMMONsi 'llA^ys' l3 .ab. Co. ; Berkley; Taylor,‘&' Co. j ■ and, all* other wholesale house's. Proprietor-LTHOMAS' Powell; BlacMriars-Road London. ' ’ {**■.£ THE ASHBURTON. k Price One,, ~i CAN be obtained-from the following . Agents, who wilPrPcbiveJ orders ... H; M, Jones , The Triangle .77 , -Fi Clark.-' - East'street,,/.'.^ ! D. Williamson’ ' .;. : 7 Eastisfxe'et/ j^,’ O. Ca,rstens : ' ; Fast'Street . ■ Mr.-MdLauglan Wakanui'7 f '’ ’• > M. Atkinson ‘ v; v.V ' Seafield ‘' ‘ ”-V. i G. Leadley , Waka?bui Ore?lr ’ ; ■ Lawry and Son' ! 1 SeafifelcTi J. Lambie , . . ..717 Kyle, ( Wm. Cox Eakhia ; .WX Harris - ■ ■..'. "'■ ’Winslow 1 E. H.Butler' ~r~ ; Westprfipld,, | . T.lE.i Tdmlihion ■ •.';/■ ‘hSouh£Boineii \ P. Tisch. , r . Boread Eagle.r 1 ‘Cor ’-Jnerisey * J M. Hudson .*« Waterton j .J.Bowick, , , . { (¥* i M6rgari;arid’Hibbs 7 > - .| Intending* Subscribers j forms; ; whiclr can - "be'obtained fro^tn'hny' of. the' above Agents: ’ ’ Thby will 1 also lobligS : by stating, fon! .$he backonf Ithe.v ordetotn f which- agent, ;they p_ay i[9

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