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Ashburton Borough Council.

The usual monthly meeting of the Borough Council was held last night. Present—His Worship the Mayor (presiding), and Messrs, b. M. Robinson, Friedlander, Harrison, and St. Hill. The Mayor said the credit balance at the bank was L 473 6s. lid. The Government; had very promptly remitted the amount of subsidy promised to the Borough by the Colonial Secretary. FINANCE. The manager of the Bank of New Zealand wrote, advising receipt of LBB4 Is., amount of subsidy ; and. the Under Secretary, Treasury Department, wrote advising the despatch of the money. FIRE BRIGADE. The Secretary to the Associated Insurance Companies wrote, desiring information as to the maker, power, the. length of hose, and cost of the steam, fire engine the Borough purposed obtaining, and also how much money would be likely to be contributed towards its purchase in the district. He also intimated the intention of the Association to increase its grant to the Borough, for fire prevention purposes, to LSO. The matter of the steam-engine was deferred for consideration till next meeting. THE SCHOOL TREAT. The application for a grant in aid of the school treat and prize fund was made by the School Committee. 5 , Mr, St. Hill moved that the sum of L 5 I be granted, quoting the example of [ Lyttelton as a precedent. r Mr. Harrison seconded. ’ Mr. Robinson thought the Council had , no power to grant the money, and he did i not like to establish a precedent. Mr. St, Hill said no precedent would be established, and giving the money this year did not bind the Council for next year. The motion was carried. I THE BELT FOOTPATHS. A letter from the Wakanui Road Board asked the Council to undertake the formation of footpaths on the South-east Town 5 belt, the Board bearing the expense. The - matter had been under the consideration of the Board, where it had been pointed 3 out that the Board received the rates from , the residents, whom this work would benefit The work, however, could not i be done by the Board without the sanction of the Council, as the borough’s street, E &c., were involved. The Board there- ; fore asked the Council to do the work at , the Board’s expense ; the probable cost to be submitted to the Board’s overseer f before a contract was taken, j The proposal was accepted by the 3 Council. r Leave of absence was granted to Mr. I Ivess for three months to visit the Melbourne Exhibition. ", , WESLEYAN PARSONAGE. I The trustees of the Wesleyan parsonage asked for leave to remove certain soil to fill up a hollow iu the parsonage section. The application was not entertained. ’ THE CLERK’S SALARY. The Town Clerk wrote agreeing to the reduction made in his salary. THE ENGINEERS’ SALARY. I The Engineers wrote on the subject of their salary. They would undertake the direction and supervision of all Work done out of ordinary. Borough work at : the salary of L 150; all work done out of borrowed or other extraneous funds to be paid for at from 5 to 7 per cent., as may , be agreed on; arid the preparation of the rate roll for L 25, as in connection with the above propositions, but .the sum was ■ not to be looked upon as an equivalent . for the work. ~ Mr. St. Hill was of opinion that the proposal of the Engineers should be accepted, or at least that considerable modification should be made in the terms sent to Messrs. Fooks. Since these terms were sent to Messrs. Fooks the funds of the Council had largely increased, and the Borough was in a better, position by far than it was then. Consideration of the letter was deferred till next meeting, and meanwhile the Engineers were to be asked to prepare the rate roll. A WASTE PIPE. An application was made by R. Walters andGo.y contractors for the Courthouse, to lay a pipe from a urinal now being erected on the Courthouse section, and to cross the East street footpath. The Engineer explained that the pipe was only intended to carry off the overflow from the pump. In the course of a discussion on the subject of drainage, it. was stated by the Engineer that a tank at Baldwin’s hotel was 14ft., and had no concrete bottom, so that the refuse thrown in did, more harm than if it had been spread on the surface, as the tank, being 14ft. deep the water was actually reached that supplied the town. The matter was left in the hands of the Engineer, with instructions to prevent the refuse froiri the urinal in question to be drained into the street; but to allow the pump overflow. ; . MORE MONEY. , Albert Mulford found the contract for clearing tussocks not so profitable as it would have been had the ground been less stoney, and he asked for more money. The Clerk was instructed to express the Borough’s refusal as gently as possible. ■ THE OUTFALL DRAIN. A petition from the -residents near the outfall drain wasyrhad.; (It/prayed that the drain be covered in, with a view to remove the nuisance it created, and the danger it created to children and adults. The nature of the drain at the bottom was such that solid sewerage was hot carried away, and the unprotected drain was dangerous to those passing. L Mr. Friedlander. supported the prayer of the petition, as did also Mr. Harrison. Both dwelt on the nuisance and danger that the drain was, and the latter speaker pointed out that the value of property; along the line of the drain had seriouslydepreciated. Mr. St. Hill was of opinion that the Mayor should urge the County Council to give the control of the water supply pipes to the Borough, This would enable ■

drain to be laid down that would last for years. ■ The Mayor said he approved of the work being done, but he dissented to the remarks re the levels of the drain which had been made by the petitioners, who were not, any of them, qualified to judge of that subject. He would be glad to lay the matter before the County Council, with a view to getting control of the pipes. Mr. Fooks said some of the clauses in the petition were greatly exaggerated. The filth complained of was not brought to the drain by the drainage system,-but ’ was thrown into the drain itself. The only possible street that could.send down refuse was the one in which the brewery was situated. He had had the rags and tin pots, &c., cleaned out two. or three times. It .was ultimately decided .that the Mayor wait upon the County Council with a view to securing control of the water pipes. ENGINEERS’ REPORT.. Water Supply. - The earthwork required for raising the height of the reservoir has been • carted on the embankment, and the alteration to the sluice-gates and overflow will be com-. pleted in a clay or two. - We have shut off the : supply at the head on several occasions lately, and find there is now hardly any loss of water by absorption in the bed of the gully. The silt brought down by the river in freshes, and which has hitherto been a desideratum for rendering the reservoir and channels in the Domain watertight, will soon be found to increase rapidly, and ought now to be stopped as much as possible. We would point out that if any considerable deposit be allowed to , accumulate in the reservoir and lower part of the channel, it would be difficult and practically very objectionable to remove. To provide against this we would suggest the construction of a dam at the upper part of the gully,; thus forming a silting reservoir. Besides answering this purpose, it would act as a reserve from which a supply could be drawn in case of a' . stoppage at the river, and would serve a still more important service by enabling a portion of the western part of the town to be watered. By taking a small stream from this reservoir through the Domain to the n6rth-easf end of Winter street, the formation of this street, or at least the south-east footpath, could bring a supply by gravitation to the junction of Cameron and Winter streets. could be taken by pipes either along Winter or Park streets to sump at Burnett and through to 'an open channel in Tancred street. :The ' whole ? : of the block, therefore, lying. between Winter street and the railway, could, to a great extent, be provided with a water supply for fire prevention. The cost of dam, ; sluice gate etc., and channel to Winter street, would not, we calculate, exceed LSO.- We have also to re- ; present the advisability of improving the in- , take : of the mill-race at the river. At the pre- , sent time there is a considerable stream running. . at the north-east side of the river]bec£ ; as:_ [ there is not sufficient by-wash, and the sluice- ! gate is defective and not high enough, there is 1 more Water coming dqwn the mill-race than is ' necessary, and is, we believe,' overflowing on < Mr. Williamson land. A by-wash could be Cwsily cut into a blind creek or overflow chin--1 nel, a distance of about three and a half chains, ■ but we presume permission would have to be obtained from the owner of the land. The sluice-gate also ought to be raised in height } and repaired, but to what extent we can hardly r say, as there is too much water for us to examine the bottom and gate and floor of the ■ sluice way. We have seen Mr. S. Saunders c on the matter, and he is willing to pay a share of any necessary work. ConcrdeChqnmllmg.—'iAxi Crum has completed his contract for this work satisfactorily, 1 With respect to the length in West street, beI tween Barnett and Tancred .streets, we were not aware that the resolution re channelling in I West street, passed by the Council at its last 3 -meeting, applied to this portion, as it was iht cluded in Cram’s contract,- and the work hadr; been commenced before our attention had been " called to the matter. In reference to the question of channelling the three blocks between , the reservoir and Burnett street, there is more 1 than enough cement in '.the] shed to. dor.this work. 1 : Burnett Street West.— The shingling of the e ; road and one footpath has been completed in a r satisfactory manner. 1 ; Cutting Tussocks on Streets. —Mr. A. Mul--1 ford has signed a contract for this work at 10s. i 6d. per acre. t ; The Labor Gang have been engaged fa ■j .spreading shingle in Burnett street and raising dam at reservoir, clearing side channels, etc. ’ Fooks and Son, • Borough Engineers. , A motion by Mr, St. Hill to ; adopt the t first clause, as referring to the upper r reservoir should be adopted, jras passed., The channelling of .West street .from • e the reservoir to Burnett street was ordered to be done. ’ It was moved by Sir. Friedlander that the side channelling in Havelock street be done in accordance with a resolution passed on the 18th October, to an extent 3 sufficient to abate the nuisances recently 3 complained of. An amendment, by Mr. St. Hill was carried,• i referring the. matter to the Engineer to report on. 3 NUISANCES. - The Inspector reported the town “satis- . factory,” But he complained against the [ action of a boarding-house keeper, who 3 hhd removed the pans from his closets [ and substituted vaults. ' P The Inspector was ordered to prosecute. b TUSSOCKS. 3 Mr. Harrison moved that written notice [ be given to all owners of sections in com--3 pliance with by-law 130 —regarding, . 1 tussocks. Being seconded, the motion was ■* carried. ' - . . - • • • “ b AITKEN STREET. It was decided,'on-the motion; of Mr, 3 Harrison, to level Aitken street, but an ~ ' estimate of cost to be first received. * ! LICENSES, 5 Several carriage and other licenses were I granted. ; NOTICES OP MOTION. _ : ' Mr. Harrison gave the following notice . . ■ of motion —“ That the sidewalks on East . street be asphalted, from the outer edge to | a sufficient width to allow of two persons ' ! passing each Other, from the post-office to 1 Lancaster’s, and that the owners of .pro? . perty facing thereon be required to' j)ay a ;■ proportion of the cost thereof.” : v 1 , Mr. St. Hill gave notice—“ That the services of W. Brown be; dispensed with,! and that the services of a practical man bo obtained.” ... . .. accounts. ' Several accounts were passed - for pay- 1 ment, and the Council adjourned. j

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