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Medical. /COCKLE’S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS—\_y These Pills consist of a careful and peculiar admixture of the best and mildest vegetable aperients, with the pure extract of the flowers of the camomile. They will be found a most efficacious remedy for derangement of the digestive organs, and for torpid action of the liver and bowels, which produce indigestion and the several varieties of bilious and liver complaints. They speedily remove the irritation and feverish state of the stomach, allay spasm, correct the morbid condition of the liver and organs subservient to digestion, promote a due and healthy secretion of bile, and relieve the constitution of all gouty matter and other impurities, which, by circulating in the blood, most injuriously affect the action of the kidneys ; thus, by removing the causes productive of so much discomfort, they x’estore the energies of both body and mind. To those who indulge in the luxuries of the table : these pills will prove highly useful, occasioning no pain in their action, unless they meet with an unusual quantity of acrid bile and acid matter in the stomach and bowels. To Europeans on their arrival in India or China they are recommended as a preservative against the fatal disorders peculiar to tropical climates. Their occasional use, if combined with the strictest attention to diet, will be frequently found to remove at once, by their influence over the secretions, that congestive and unhealthy condition of the liver which is so often the earliest antecedent of severe febrile and constitutional disturbance. It must be understood that these pills are not recommended as containing any new or dangerously active ingredients; on the contrary, they are characterised by a remarkable simplicity of combination, and whatever merit they may be found to possess depends as much upon the selection of pure drugs, and the unusual labor and attention bestowed upon their subsequent preparation, as upon the acknowledged peculiarity of their composition, They'are not recommended as a panacea.' nor are they adapted to. all complaints ; but as a .mild and efficacious aperient and tonic in the various forms of indigestion, it will hot, perhaps, he an exaggeration -to state that they have been resorted'to 1 under all systems of diet, changes of climate, or atmospheric ' alternations with an extraordinary degree of success for upwards of seventy-eight years. This celebrated family , aperient may be had throughout the United Kingdom in boxes at Is 2s 9d, 4s 6d, ; and 11s Ocl, as well as in India, China,.New Zealand, ;apd the Australian- Colonies.- ' Keating’s Powder. Keating’s Powder. Keating’s Powder. Keating’s Powder. Kills Bugs, Pleas, Moths, Beetles This Powder is quite harmless to ANIMAL LIFE, but is unrivalled in destroying fleas,, bugs, cockroaches, beetles, moths in furs, and every other species of insect. Sportsmen will find this invaluable for destroying fleas in their dogs, as also ladies for their pet dogs. TfllS ARTICLE has found so GREAT a SALE that it has tempted others to vend a socalled article in imitation. /The PUBLIC are CAUTIONED that the tins of the genuine powder hear the autograph of THOMAS KEATING. . . •- Keating’s Worm Tablets. Keating’s Worm Tablets. Keating’s Worm Tablets, A PURELY VEGETABLE SWEETMEAT, both in appearance and taste, furnishing a most agreeable method of administering the only certain remedy for INTESTINAL or, THREADWORMS. It is a perfectly, safe and mild preparation, and is especially adapted for children. Sold in tins by all Chemists and Druggists. Proprietor, THOS. KEATING, London. ' 9S<lc ENO’S. FRUIT SALT. . THE PHYSICAL BASIS OF LIFE GOOD FOOD. How to enjoy good food that would otherwise cause Bilious headache, , disordered Stomach, Poisoned Blood, &c,—- use . ENO’S FRUIT SALT. A NATURAL APERIENT. ENO’S ii FRUIT SALT, when taken with water, acts as a natural aperient, its simple but natural action removes all impurities, thus preserving and restoring health. If its great vaide in keep . ing the body in health weVe universally known,' no fam should be without it. : Fagged, weary, and worn OUT ! : M Anyone whose duties require them to undergo mental or unnatural excitement or strain— ENO’S FRUIT SALT is the best known remedy. It acts like a charm. It allays nervous excitement, depression, au<] the injurious effects of stimulants and too rich food. Its power in aiding the digestion is most striking. It also restores the nervous system to its proper condition (by natural means). Use ENO’S FRUIT SALT. You cannot overstate its great value in keeping the blood pure and free from disease. ENO versus STIMULANTS. An 1 ■hsufficient amount of exercise frequently deranges the liver. ENO’S FRUIT SALT is peculiarly adapted for any constitutional weakness of the livei. A world of woes is avoided; by those who keep and use ENO’S FRUIT SALT-— “ All our customers for Eno’s Salt would not be without it upon any consideration, they having received so much benefit from it.— Wood Brothers, Chemists, Jersey, 1878.” Every travelling trunk and HOUSEHOLD in the world ought, to contain a Bottle of ENO’S FRUIT SALT, prepared from Sound, Ripe Fruit, as a Healthgiving, Cooling, ■ Sparkling, and Invigorating : Beverage for any Season. : It is the best Preventive and Cure for Biliousness, Sick'Head ache, Skin Eruptions, Impure Blocd, Fevers, Pimples orr the Face, Giddiness Feverishness, Mental Depression, Want of Appetite, Sourness of Stomach, Constipation, Vomiting, Thirst,. &c., and to remove the effects of errors in Eating and Drinking. ' : • ’ . ■ ENO’S FRUIT SALT.— From the Rev. Dr Hurst, Vicar of Collorly:—“ I have used your Fruit Salt for many years, and have verified your statements. The thanks of the public are due to you for your unceasing efforts to relieve suffering humanity. . Long may you live to be a blessing to the world.” ENO’S FRUIT SALT.—" After suffering for nearly two and a half years from severe headache and disordered' stomach, and after trying almost everything and spending much money without finding any benefit, I. was recommended by a friend ; to try ENO’S' FRUIT SALT, and before I had finish •! one : bottle I found it doing me a great deal of good;' and now ; I am , restored to my • usual health; an;] others I know that have tried it,have nqt enjoyed such good health for ;yeiu - s.—Yqjirs! most truly,. Roisert Humphreys, Post Office, Barrasford. ”■ . . ' . ’ j AGENTS FOR New ZgAI^NfY MESSRS. KEMPTHORNE, BRQSSER , AND CO/ ‘ '

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