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Medical. at J Jack’s, Esq.,. the Mayor,, cured,, operation, of squinting; and Mrs* Wavent, operation for artificial pupil. Nelson, May, . 11, | 1880. “I, Thoa. Adams, have been'under Hr. Grant’s treatment for deafness of the left/ ear, from which I have suffered two years'/, the result of a severe tropical fever. I find my hearing greatly improved in the' short time—since April 30.—” 428 Advice to mdthers.—Are you broken in your rest : by asickehilS, suffering with the, pain of • cutting teeth? Go at once to the chemist and get a bottle of Mrs. WINSLOW’S SOOTHING SYRUP. It will relieve the poor sufferer immediately. It is , f perfectly harmless ; it produces natural/.'qdiet sleep,hjdrelieving the child from pain, and the little cherub awakes “ as .bright, as a button.” It has been in use in America, and is highly recommended by. medioabmen* >lt is very pleasant to take ; it. sooths .the child ; it softens the gums, allays all pfdq, relieves wind, regulates the | bowels, ,.ai\d is the best known remedy for dysentry and diarrhoea, whether, arising /from., eething or other causes. ; Be 1 sure"and ask for Mrs. -Winslow’s Soothing, Syrup, that “ Curtis and Perkins/New York and London,” is on the outside wrapper. No, mother should be without it. Sold by all medicine dealers, at Is. l|d. —Depdt, 493, Oxford street,’ / YyTTHO is Mrs. WINSLOW t. this ’ ’ question; is frequently. askecl, we shall simply say that she'is a lady .who for upwards of thirty years’has untireingly devoted her time and talents' as a female physician and nurse/ principally/among childbed; She has especially ;’sWdifed‘ibf constitution and wants of thitf riumCroha class, and,; as a result’ pf this effort and practical knowledge obtained in a lifetime as nurse and physician, she has compounded a SOOTHING SYRUP-for Children. It operates like magic, giving rest and health, and is, moreover, sure to regulate the bowels. In consequence of this; article, Mfs.-f f Winslow*' is ihecoiaihg world-renouhed as a benefactor,of her race. . I Children certainly dd 'tise ; up and bless her. Especially is this, ,t|ie case in this city. Vast quantities of the' So«ffhing Syrup are daily sold and-used here.- We think Mrs Winslow ' has'immortalised her name by this invaluable article; and we sincerely believe that thousands of children have been saved from ari early jjrave by its timely use, and that millions yet unborn will share its benefits and unite in calling her blessed. No mother has discharged her duty to her suffering little one, in our opinion, until she has given 3f tire benefit' bf Mrs; = Winslow’s Syrup. Try it mothers, try it now.— Ladies’ New York Cityi /. ¥ALUABLE- DISCOVERY: for ; .the< HAIR. A very nicely perfumed Hairdressing, s called THE‘'MEXICAN HAIR RENE WER, now being .sold by most Chemists and perfumers througout the coun,try, at 3s. Gd. per bottle, is fast super-y ceding all the old restorers and dyes fddL the purpose of. changing grey .or white p hair to its: natural , original color,..for it'j will positively restore’the hair in every case of greyness to its: originslicolor,.without dyeing it or leaving that offensive smell - which, most of the hair preparations bf’t’Ker 1 day do. r This- preparation has ’never been ft. knownto fail'in restoring the. hair to its’* natural color r and gloss in * from bight tß', twelve days. It promotes growth Slid 15 ' prevents the hair falling out, eradicating dandruff, and leaving, the scalp in a clean, healthy condition. It imparts peculiar vitality to the roots of the .hair, restoring it 4b’ its youthful , freshiiess arid vigor/. Daily applications of'this; preparation for // a week'or two will surely/restore faded/ ’; grey, or white hair to its natural color and “ richness. It is not a dye, nor does ifcoontain any coloring matter or offensive substance whatever. Hence itdoesftnot soil the hands, the scalp, or even ivhite linen, but produces -tbA color 1 within the substance of the hair. Read :the.following from Mr. Nathan' Berry/Chemist, v Walkden : /“One' of ray customersstbld me the other day he had had grey ;hair jlft for thirty-five years) and. after using bottle ofthe' Mexican Hair .Rehewer T ’ - sold him, it was restored to and kept its - natural color. ”j It may be had of /any respectable Chemist, Perfumer, Qr.Dealep in toilet articles iii the kingdom/at’3s. fid- „ per bottle.—/Prepared' 1 by ' 'HENRY ‘Cv ,(51 ' GALLUP, No. 493, Oxford street, London. COCKLE’S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS— These Pills consist, of acarcful.and) peculiar admixture of* the. f best*and;miTd«est vegetable aperients, with the pure extract of the flowers of the camomile. They will be found a most efficacious remedy for derangement of the digestive organs, and for torpid action of the liver and * bowels, which , produce indigestion and'the 0 several varieties df bilious .aixd . liver complaints. They speedily remove^' 1 ’ the irritation and feverish state of the stomach, allay spasm, correct the morbid condition of the liver-and organs subservient to digestion, promote' a due and healthy secretion of bile, and relieve- the constitution of all gouty matter and other •; impurities, which, by circulating in the blood, most , injuriously affect the action of the kidneys ; thus, by removing the causes productive of so much discomfort, they restore the energies of both ; body and mind: To those 1 who indulge in the luxuries of the table these pills will prove highly useful, occasioning no pain in their action, unless they meet with dii unusual quantity of acrid bile and acid matter in the stomach and bowels. To - Europeans on; their arrival in India or China they are recommended as a preservative against the fatal dkprders "peculiar/ to /tropical climates. Their occasional use, if combined with the strictest, attention to diet, will be frequently -foiihd : t'o* remove at . once, by their influence over the secretions, that congestive and unhealthy condition of the liver which is so often the earliest antecedent: of severe>{ehrileand Q constitutional disturbance. It must he. , Y „ understood that these’ pills • are’’ '‘ a recommended as containing any,- newO'-V or dangerously active'' ingredients ; on . the; contrary, ; they ~are,:'characterised/*byi Aft a remarkable simplicity, of combination , and whatever merit they may be found’ id ’ v ’ possess depends as much upon the selec- jjs<[ tion of pure drugs, and the unusual labor. , s; and' attention bestowed- upon their sub'se- - J ' vo queht preparation, as upon.,the acknow- tr r, lodged peculiarity of their composition/ / They are not recommended as a panacea; :t! ’ i! - :a nor are they adapted to all complaints j - but as a mild and > efficacious aperient and- " tonic in'thc various forms of indigestion,. it will not, perhaps, he an exaggeration to : state that they have been, resorted, to, v/ under all systems of diet,' changes of climate,, .or. atmospheric ' alternation? --With' an extraordinary degree of success ■ for. ~t lf upwards of seventy-eight years; 1 'This/’' celebrated family aperient may be had throughout the United Kingdom in boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s fid, and 11s Od, as well as in India, China, New Zealand, anp the Australian Colonies. ANTED.-i-THE GUARDiiNtells -W. your-Wants for-ls.—calhft " d l ' WANTED KNOW—That Visiting : Cards, plain or r mourning,; can be obtained printed in various styles,'at the “ Guardian ” office, opposite the Railway Station.

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