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Public Notices. PROSPECTUS OF THE Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Company, Limited. CAPITAL, £IOO,OOO, IN 4000 SHARES OF £25 EACH. . DIRECTORS: > /.j Isaac Wilson, Esq., Chairman, G. H. Blackwell, Esq., E. Parnhamj Esq.,, And Two to be Elected after the Allotment of New Shares. • • BANKERS : Bank of New Zealand, SOLICITORS : Messrs. Garrick and , Cowlishaw. Registered Office ... ... Charles Street, Katapol THIS Company was established in July, 1878, with a capital of £15,000 in 15 shares of £I,OOO each, to carry on the business of Woollen* Manufacturers, and accepted the offer of the Hon. J. T. Peacock, for the purchase of the Premises and Plant of. 'the Canterbury Spinning, Weaving, and Fibre Company at about half its original cost, since which, timebeen made tothe buildings jmdplajit, the latter now comprising four sets of Carding Engines, and shitty-five; 'Looms • with necessary machinery, which, with the addition of machinery -just 1 arrived, makes 'the plant well-proportioned and very complete. The siim of £1,200 'bag been paid'since stock-taking, for last additions to buildings and machinery 3just received per'Doch Awe., . ‘ •- ; " ’ it* 'g ' The Manufactory, with the addition of the machinery per sLoHi Awe ; 'though , complete in Rself, will not however enable the Company to meet r-tfie greatly increased demand which has arisen for their goods, although, as hitherto,...continuing; to rjw.ja large portion of the machinery night and day, and having conclusively present heads of departments are capable of working a Mill twice the size of 'the lpresent one at a saving of at least £2,000 a year on. the general workingof the Company’s business, . they have with a view to providing extended premises and- appliances, decided to increase the Capital from £15,000 to £loojooo, the whole to be represented by 4000 shares of £25 each, of which the existing shareholders will be entitled to 825 fully paid up, in exchange for the shares now held by them (including the accumulated profit thereupon- amounting to £3^744); of the residue, the Directors propdse to issue at present only 1,600. : : _ ; 1 ■■; The increased capital will be applied, to the following purposes,* viz ;—Paying.of existing mortgage of £7,400 ; enlarging , present premises and plant; establishing premises in Christchurch ; and for the general purposes of the Company., - - The following may be enumerated among the special advantages in favor of Sharq* holders, viz.:—The original plant was purchased at about half-cost, the staff is-mow - , well-trained and efficient, which will obviate the difficulties and avoid a repettion’.df the losses experienced during the first eighteen months of the Company’s while the whole of the dead stock was cleared out previous to stock-talon^’ July Ist, 1880. i ; • , : • * r A good and safe .business has been developed, which is steadily increasing, india capable of being worked up to a much greater extent. All the risks and connected with the formation of a new company will be avoided, and, as can hf seen by a perusal of the last balance-sheet, the new Shareholders will at. once pnt« into possession of a good paying concern. The present Shareholders; shew their faith in the concern in the most practical manner possible by taking the amouiit qf.£Ji?44. (accumulated profit, equal to 16 per cent, per annum oh the paid up Capital) hffully paid up shares, instead of drawing the amount which they are entitled to do. ' Tho Company now offers tog investors an opportunity *to develop a Cjlonial Industry which has established for itself a good reputation and meets* with Popular support, and which will, it is expected, shortly employ about 400 hands,: andat. the ißaffle time securing to Shareholders a good return for the Capital invested. Intending Shareholders can obtain any information, with ah: order* to viw -the Factory, from the Directors, or on application at the Office of the Company. ... The Share List will close on October Ist, 1880. ■ . . In making the allotment the Directors will take into consideration the tder in which the applications are made. . -■■■ ■ ,j . -i, , ft. The sum of £1 per share will be payable on application ; £2 10s. per share a allotment; and the balance in calls of not more than 60s. per share at internals ofibt less three months. ■ : ~ In this manner the time for fully paying up will be extended to not less tlh tw6 years and three months. All Applications with £1 per share deposit/to be fovarded to the Chairman of Directors not later than October Ist, 1880. BALANCE SHEET, JUNE 30, 1880.

LIABILITIES. £ s. d. To Paid-up Capital, viz. „ IS Shares of£x,ooo each ... 15,000 o O. „ Mortgage to the Hon. J. T. Peacock ... ■ ... 7.4°° 0 0 ~ Bills Payable ... ... 40 19 2 ~ Debts due to sundry tradesmen... ... ... 282 3 9 ~ Interest on Mortgage, halfyear .. ... 333 o 0 „ Advances on Wool Shipments ; ... 700 o o ~ George Ramsden (Loan)'... 658 15 o „ Cash due Bank of New Zea- - land - ... v ' 2,'24 12 I „ Profit and Loss Balance ... 3,744 7 9 £30,283 17 9 STATEMENT OF, PROFT • ' : , For-' Half-year end £13,475 2 1 Examined and found correct W. P. WILSON, Forms of Application may be obtain letter, at . the Offices of the Company. 1230 GRATEP UL—COMFORTING. ■E PPS'S COO 0A . BREAKFAST. BY a thorough knowledge of thenatural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a careful I application of the fine properties of well selected cocoa, Mr. Epps has provided bur breakfast tables with a delicately j flavoured beverage which may save us many heavy doctor’s bills. It is by the judicious use of such articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually built up until strong enough to resist every tenpency to disease. . Hundreds of subtle , maladies are floating around us ready to : attack wherfeyer, is a weak point. We may escape many a fatal shaft, by keeping ourselves well fortified with pure blood and a properly nourished frame. See article in the Civil Service Gaxette. Made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold, only in packets or tins, labelled : JAMES EPPS AND 00., HOMOEOPATHIC CHEMIST, LONDON. 91 Oo F F P OR COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, INFLUENZA, COLDS, &c. OR COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, IN- . .. FLUENZA, COLjQS, &c. OWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. Duo he Montabor writes ;—r' **' Chateau de Moiitabbr, Aveyron. Sir, —Having suffered for some time from an obstinate cough, accompanied with fever, continuous head-aches, and sleepless nights, I resolved after having vainly tried several other medicines, to have recourse to your BALSAM of ANISEED. I cannot resist, sir, the desire of making you acquainted with the really marvelous results which I derived 1 from it. From the first dose I felt great : relief, the bad symptoms grew feebler, the ■ irritation of the throat was calming down, and I recovered the sleep which had ] nearly left me. The third dose delivered me completely, and I am now completely restored to health. : Receive, sir, with the expression of my ; gratitude the assurance of my, distinguished sentiments. DUO DE MONTABOR

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