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Modical, For coughs,: bronchitis, inFLUENZA, COLDS, &c. JpOWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. jpOWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. jpOWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. THE Oldest and Most Effectual COUGH REMEDY. Xp XTRAORDINARY TESTIMO--Ei NIALS.. HEK MAJESTY S GTJN BOAT NETLBY. "Wick, Scotland. Dear Sir,— Having had a most distressing and severe cough, which caused ■me . many sleepless nights and restless days,. I was recommended by his LORDSHIP the EARL, of CAITHNESS to try your most invaluable Balsam of Aniseed, and I can . assure you, with the . first dose, I found immediate relief, ev.en without having to suspend my'various duties ; and the first small botile. completely cured me, therefore I have the greatest confidence in fully recommending it to the million. Signed, , ' W. LINZELL, H.M.G.B. NBTLEY. POWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. Dire de Montabob writes i “ Chateau de Moritabor, Aveyrpn;* Sir,—Having suffered for some time from an obstinate cough, accompanied with fever, continuous head-aches, and sleepless nights, I resolved after having vainly tried several other medicines, to have recourse to your BALSAM ; vof ANISEED. •• I cannot resist, sir, the desire of making you acquainted with the really marvelous results which I .derived from it. From the first dose I felt great relief, the bad symptoms grew feebler, the irritation of the throat was calming down, and' I recovered the sleep which-,-had nearly left me. The third dose delivered ' me completely, and I am now completely restored to health. - i Receive, sir, with the expression of my gratitude the assurance of my distinguished DUG DE MONTABORI” 'OR COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, INFLUENZA, COLDS, &c. 'OR COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, -INFLUENZA, COLDS, &c. • POWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. “ Sir, —I have for a long time suffered from a severe cough and tried all manner of remedies. Dr. Liberecht adviscd-PO WELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED; it cured meafter a few days.’ You are at liberty to use . this letter in hopes that others may benefit by it.——• I am. Sir, Yours. &c., * .V ALBERT COUNT POTOCKT.” pOWELL’S BALSAM OF ANISEED WILL LOOSEN the PHLEGM immediately.—The Dean of Westminster’s Verger writes: “I -was advised to try'the Balsam of Aniseed; I did, and have found great relief. It is most comforting in allaying irritation and giving strength to the voice.'?’ Lionel Brough, Esq., the eminent''actor, writes : I think it an invaluable medicine formembers of my profession, and: have ■ always recommended it to my- brother , and ; sister* artistes.” . , ;. -j-t. Truly an, extraordinary .expectorant,—Mr; Ed.ward M.' Ullett, of Bury, Hunts., writes to Messrs. .Palmer & Son, Ramsay “ Having been in .the habit o using Powell’s Balsam of Aniseed for a'great number of years, I have great pleasure in bearing testimony to its incomparable effects ajs an expectorant. I always find a single dose-gives immediate relief, and a small bottle effects a perfect cure.” , ■ - * POWELL’S BALSAM of ANISEED. — The effects of one teaspoonful taken,in a little water before going to bed is extraordinary. No family should be without it in the winter. Sold by Chemists and Medicine, Vendors throughout the World, is and. as ‘3d per per bottle; a great saving in taking family bottles, ns each. - Established over 50 years. ■ Prepared only by THOMAS ’POWELL, Blackfriars Road, London. A SK for POWELL’S BALSAM-■ o ANISEED SOLD by all CHEMISTS and STOREKEEPERS. Observe the Trade Mark; “Lion; Net, and Mouse.” Wholesale Agents - in the . Australian and New Zealand Colonies--Elliot Brothers} Eyers & Solomon ; Felton, Grimwalde, & Co. ; P. and S. Falk, Faulding & Go. ; Rocke, Tompsit, & Co.; Rosentiiall & Co.; Kempthorne, Prosser, & Co. i S. HoffeNung & Co.; Hemmons, Laws, & Co.; Berkley, Taylor, & Co. ; aiid all other wholesale houses. Proprietor—-Thomas Powell, Blackfriars Road London.; KEATINGS COUGH LOZENGES, COUGHS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, ACCUMULATION OF PHLEGM, v Composed of the purest articles. . These ' Lozenges contain no opium nor any deleterious -■■■■> drug, therefore the most, delicate can take them with perfect confidence. Their beneficial effect is speedy and certain. This old unfailing family remedy is daily recommended by the most eminent Physicians. • 1 (In use nearly 60 years); * 1 MEDICAL TESTIMONY. j. July 25th, 1877. 22, Cold Harbour Lane, London. Sir,—Your- Lozenges are and their beneficial effect most reliable. -I strongly . recommend them in cases of cough’ and asthma. You are at liberty to state Ibis’as my opinion, formed from many years experience. J. Bringloe, M.R.C.S.L., L.S.A., LIM. Mr. T. Keating, Indian Medical Sefvite. Dear Sir,—Having, tried your Lozenges : in India, I have much pleasure in . testifying to their beneficial’ effects-in'-cases of. incipient consumption, asthma and, bronchial affections. I have prescribed them. largely, with the.besl results. . - ‘H W. B. G, ; —, Apothecary. H.M.'S. KEATINGS COUGH LOZENGES.are sold by all Chemists, in tins of Various.sizes, each having the words, “Keatings’s Cough s Lozenges ” engrrvenon the government stamp, t KEATING’S WORM TABLETS, * A PURELY VEGETABLE SWEETMEAT, ooth in appearance and tas£«, furnishing amost - agreeable method of administering the.'.only certain remedy for INTESTINAL- orf THREAD,WORMS. It is a perfectly safe* and mild preparation, ■ and is especially adapted t for children. Sold in tins byall Chemists,; ; Proprietor, THOS. KEATING; London, Export Chemist and Druggist. f ; GRATEFUL—COMFORTING. EPPS'S 00 00A. BREAKFAST. ' BY a thorough knowledge of the natural r laws which govern the operations of ii digestion and nutrition, and by a careful -v application of the fine properties, of; well v selected cocoa, Mr. Epps has .provided v: our, breakfast tables with: a .-delicately?;' flavoured beverage -which may -'save us ■ many heavy doctor’s bills. It -is by. the V j udicious use of such articles of - diet 1 thata constitution .may be gradually • built up ■ until strong enough to resist every -• tenpency to disease. Hundreds -of l subtle i maladies are floating around us j. ready to;, attack wherever there is a weak.-point. * We may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves well fortified - with pure, blood and a properly nourished frame.— f See article in the Civil Service Gazette: Made simply with boiling water ontailk. ? Sold only in packets or tins, labelled ; r JAMES EPPS AND’CO. HOMCEOPATHIO CHEMIST, ■ LONDON. : . ■■■■■ - - . I. -• W i r

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