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0 t The usual fortnightly meeting of the j Borough Council was held last night. y Present—-His Worship the Mayor (preJ siding),. Messrs. Roberts, St. Hill, .Fried--1 lander. Parkin, Williamson, and the o Borough Solicitor (Mr. Crisp), e mayor’s statement. His Worship, in his opening remarks, said he had interviewed the County ’ Council regarding the sale of the water g pipes and the subsidy due to the Borough by the Longbeach Road Board. He had £ been so far successful with the question of 0 the pipes that it had been left in the a hands of himself and the Chairman of the g County Council to deal with the matter. g The deed had been received from Messrs. 1 Garrick and Oowlishaw, relating to the supply of water from Saunders Bros’, millrace, and was ready for signature by e the parties interested. His Worship thought that the Borough had not been treated fairly by the County Council with ’ reference to the subsidies, owing princi- ’• pally to the arguments of the Chairman e of Longbeach Road Board. However, he ;T would not allow the matter to rest, but would write to the Government to ask for 3 what purpose the money had been allotted. 3 The Mayor also noted that no subsidy had been received from the County Council ■ for planting purposes, aiid as the matter e had been held over by the Council, the e Mayor thought the chances of getting the ■ subsidy were not very bright. The balance 3 in the Bank at present was L 450 lls. 4d.; a the amount of rates received since last meeting being Ll 7 55., and dog fees 10s. THE BY-LAWS. y A letter was read from the Under e Secretary, acknowledging the receipt of r a copy of the By-laws passed by the a Council. ’ „ Mr. Friedlander mo.ved that the Bya laws be published, and come into force on Saturday, 24th July. Mr. Parkin seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. THE WATER SUPPLY. r Mr. Crisp read a letter from Messrs. n Garrick and Cowlishaw, forwarding a e deed granting to the Council the use of ‘ the water taken from Saunders Bros.’ millrace, on certain conditions, d Mr. Parkin moved—“ That the seal of a the Council be affixed to the counterpart 0 grant of easement for taking water from a Saunders Bros.’ millrace.” v Mr. Roberts seconded the motion, and e it was carried. LICENSE FEES, i. A memo, was read from Mr. Alexander Rose, Collector of Customs at Lyttelton, d stating that the following had been paid t to the Borough’s credit with the Bank of t New ZealandPublicans’ licenses, LIBO ; e auctioneers’ licenses, LBO ; total, L 260. g Ordered to be acknowledged. 1 CHARITABLE AID. A letter was read from G. S. Cooper, d Esq., Under-Secretary, asking for a re- . turn showing the amount of money ex- :) pended in the Borough during the year g ended 31st March, 1880, for the indoor e and outdoor relief of the poor ; when the e relief was obtainable ; and the number, k sex, and nationality of the recipients of ; such relief ; the return also to show s whether the sums were paid by Governa ment, by local bodies, or otherwise. His Worship though s it would t not be !- very difficult to answer such a communie cation as this, as nothing had been ex--3 pended for such purposes, as far as he n knew. i a lawyer’s letter. A letter was read from Messrs. Btan- , son and Purnell, stating that they had res ceived instructions from Mr. George Compton to draw the Council’s attention a to the state of the open drain opposite his s land, on the East Town Belt , and requeste ing. the Council to have the said drain covered over, so that their client might enjoy the Belt road, as heretofore. The letter stated that by the drain being ’ left open, life was not only endangered, 1 but Mr. Compton was deprived of the full use of the roadway, and the footpath | running past his land had been encroached y upon. The letter concluded by expressing ’ a hope that the matter would receive the p Council’s immediate attention, so as to render further proceedings unnecessary, j The Borough Engineer stated that at ' present a cart could not get to Mr. Compton’s house without a culvert were put in. Mr. St. Hill moved, .and Mr. Parkin j seconded, that the Engineer be instructed to do what he thought would be necessary to make the road passable without delay. Carried. A CHEQUE WANTED, A letter was read from the Secretary of the Fire Brigade, asking that a cheque for L 25 be forwarded, being the amount I duo by the Borough as subsidy to the Brigade. i Mr. Hill proposed that the matter be I deferred until next November, s There being no seconder forthcoming , for the motion, it accordingly lapsed, i Mr. Parkin moved that the amount of i L 25 due to the Fire Brigade be paid. I Mr. Roberta seconded. Mr. St. Hill would propose an amend- ’ ment. The Fire Brigade had always been most courteously and liberally treated by the Council, but the tone of their letter was too peremptory. He had no particular objection to the Brigade getting the money, but he thought that body, knowing the impecunious state of the Council’s finances, should have exercised a little leniency, and waited for the money until the Council was in funds. He had been told that the Brigade had a credit balance, andthereforethatbody was able to wait. He would move that the consideration of the Brigade’s demand he held over till next November, when the Insurance Companies grant would be available. Mr. Parkin was about to speak, when his Worship reminded him that the amendment was not seconded, when Mr. Parkin said he would second the amendment. Mr. St. Hill’s information on the state of the Brigade’s finances was .pot correct, as being treasurer to the Brigade, he knew that demands on that body could not be met on account of insufficiency of funds. The amendment was carried. FIRE INSPECTOR. The Secretary to the Ashburton Fire Brigade also wrote, forwarding a resolution of the Brigade, asking that a Fire Inspector be appointed for the Borough, \ and suggesting the propriety of the Captain of the Brigade, Mr. James Wilkie, being appointed to the position. Mr. G. Parkin explained that it was ■ necessary a Fire Inspector should he appointed, as at present, if a fire occurred, • no one was authorised to order the pulling ! down of a building to prevent the spread of the fire. | Resolved that his Worship be requested to take action in the matter. ' ( ASPHALTS. Mr. James Bradley wrote, stating that * he had received orders for laying down c asphalte in East street, and requested the 1 Council’s permission to do "the work, subject to the approval of the Engineer. Resolved, that the permission sought for by Mr. Bradley be granted. THE borough’s COTTAGES. I Mr. St. Hill reported from the Works Committee that he and Mr. Parkin had r examined the Borough cottages, and t found that the way in which the window? a and doors were broken was through horses s rubbing up alongside the buildings. It a was dangerous also to children to allow I the horses to be about, and he would c suggest that the owners of horses he s cautioned that if the animals are found b there, after a short notice, they would be i impounded. u

Mr. Parkin corroborated th'e statement ■■of Mr. St. Hill, and draw the Council's attention to the fact a cottage which had been sold a short time since, oh the understanding that it be removed, was still on the ground, and had:been converted into •a stable. ■ It was resolved .that the occupiers .of the Borough cottages be informed that if they allowed their horses to continue on the reserve, the Council .would give the owners of the horses notice to quit. ENGINEERS’ REPORT. Kerbing and Channelling. —The contractor is making good progress with this work. The frosts have damaged the facing of a portion of the concrete, which will, however, be made good by the contractor, who has now made better provision for its protection. A suggestion has been made to us to postpone the completion of the work, but we believe it more advisable to get it done during the damp weather, and before the commencement of the usual spring nor’-westers. Water Supply. —We have made up the contract accounts, amounting to L3OC 14s. 9d., and have given Mr. Wilkie a final certificate. We'have to explain with reference to Messrs, Saunders 1 letter re taking the water from the millrace, that we acted under the Mayor’s authority in allowing the service gate to remain open ; also, that no men were sent to the intake to increase the flow, as represented by Messrs. Saunders ; the overseer, acting under our instructions, went to see that everything was clear, and nothing was done by him to the effect stated. Shingle Supply.— Mr. Black has delivered about 75 per cent, of the quantity contracted for. We find that there will be none to spare for shingling the continuation of Burnett street, and we propose only filling up and making good holes and bad places on the Alford Forest road, as it would be necessary, before giving this road a proper coating of shingle, to remove vegetation and reform some portions. Some shingle is required in West street, between Burnett and Havelock streets. Timber Contract. —The delivery of timber has not been satisfactory. We have had to reject a considerable proportion, and have been delayed in making culverts and kerbing Burnett street. We have given notice that the Council will purchase and charge against the contract if a satisfactory supply be not delivered at once. The Labor Oarig have been engaged in reforming and making good roadway and footpaths in East street, fencing at outfall drain, forming footpaths from Postoffice towards Baldwin’s Hotel, stacking and spreading shingle, putting in culverts, etc. Baring Square. —Eleven tenders, were received for trenching the border and round the trees. That of Anthony Lee for the sum of L2 10s. was accepted. Tenders were advertised for a further supply of cement ; only one tender was received from Messrs. Montgomery and Co., at 235. 6d. per cask. The report was adopted, and the Engineers were instructed to see to the shingling of West street, as suggested by them. CEMENT. His Worship stated that when the tender for cement had been submitted to him he had advised that the acceptance or otherwise be deferred, and he would suggest that tenders be invited in Christchurch. Resolved that an advertisement he inserted once in eafii of the Christchurch papers inviting tenders for a supply of cement, not to exceed 100 casks. TENDERS. The Mayor remarked that in future the Works Committee would be looked to for opening tenders, as when left to the ordinary meeting of the Council, very often minor; details . were ; overlooked,: which sometimes caused subsequent trouble. It was resolved that the Works Committee meet in future at six o’clock on the meeting night of the Council. THE ENGINEERS. In reply to Mr. Roberts, is was stated the engagement with the Borough Engineers could terminate at a moment’s notice. PRINTING AND ADVERTISING. The Mayor read a memo, by the Clerk stating that as voting papers would be necessary for the forthcoming election, he wished for instructions where they were to be obtained ; also, requesting the Council, whenever advertisements were to be inserted in the papers, to give him instructions as to which journals such advertisements were to appear. The Clerk stated he had been accused of favoritism, and he would feel more comfortable if the Council would give expression to their wishes on the subject. After Messrs. Friedlander and Parkin had expressed the satisfaction which they felt regarding the Clerk’s action re printing and advertising in the past, His Worship said he was of opinion that one paper should be appointed as the official gazette of the Borough for six months at a time. Mr. Williamson concurred, but would like to limit the term to three months. LICENSES. The Mayor said it would be advisable to notify by advertisement that as the Bylaws were to come into force on the 26th inst., applications for licences should be in by that date. ACCOUNTS Were then passed for payment. NOTICES OP MOTION. Mr. Williamson gave notice to move at the next sitting of the Council—“ That one local paper be the official gazette of the Council for the term of three months, and that the Ashburton Mail be the Council’s gazette for the first three months, being the first paper established in the Borough.” His Worship gave notice to move—- “ That the Council take up the question of maintenance of the main roads within the Borough.” The Council then adjourned.

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ASHBURTON BOROUGH COUNCIL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 1, Issue 125, 13 July 1880