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VACCINATION. By an Act of the General Assembly of New Zealand, it is made compulsory upon every parent to take his child, within six months of its birth, to the Medical Officer appointed by Government for the district, or to some qualified Medical -Practitioner, to have the child vaccinated, and on the eighth day following to take the child back again for inspection. For breach of this law & tine not exceeding 40s. may be recovered before any Bench of Magistrates. If the child be properly vaccinated, the Medical Officer or Practitioner is to give a certificate of the fact. If be not susceptible,; or unfit to endurg.dhe 1 process, another certificate is to be Wdl clear the parents of the conseiWtßßßy> Children, although vaccinated, certificates are not forwarded to ihe Registrar of the district arc still liable to a fine of 40s. Innoculation with the virus of smi.ll jinx is a crime punishable by a penalty The word “ parent ” means' father, mbthcr, or other person having the care, nurture, or custody of the child, SLAUGHTER-HOUSE LICENSES, “The Slaughter-House Act, 1877,” provides that “no license shall be issued in respect of any slaughter-house situated within half a mile from the outer boundary of any borough, unless such slaughter-house has been erected, or was in course of erection for that purpose immediately before the xst December, 1577. Ifsuchslaughter-houseiswithintheabove described limit, application for the license must be made to the Council of the nearest Borough. If a slaughter-house is within any County, except as aforesaid, the application must be made to the Council of such county. No license, 'not being the renewal of a previously existing license, shall be issued to any person, unless public notice shall have been given by the applicant for the same, once m each week for one month, immediately preceding the time when such application is to be heard.” MOONLIGHT EVENINGS. The Moan at 3 days old shines till about 8 o’clock. P The Moon at 6 days old shines till about half-past 10 o’clock. The Moon at 8 days old shines till nearly I o’clock in the morning. The Moon at 12 days old shines from sundown till about 4 in the morning. The Muon a: 15 days old is full, and shines all night. The Moon at 18 days old rises.about 9 p.m. and shines till morning. The Moon at 21 days old rises about 11 p.m. and shines till morning. The Moon at 24 clays old rises about 2 a.m. and shines till morning. The Moon at 27 days old rises about 4 a.m. and shines till sunrise. THE HOUSEWH|jjpjt‘^ABI,E. The following is a very valuable housewife’s r table, by which persons not having scales and weights at hand may readily measure the ’ article wanted to form any recipe without the trouble of weighing, allowance to be made foi ’ an extraordinary dryness or moisture of the article weighed or measured : Wheat flour, I pound is I quart. Indian meal, 1 pound 2 ounces are I quart. Butter, when soft, I pound is 1 quart. Loaf sugar, broken, I pound is I quart ■ White sugar, powdered, I pound I unce ate I quart. > Ten eggs arc 1 pound. : Flour, 4 pecks are 1 bushel. I Sixteen large tablespoonsful are I pint. ; Eight large teaspoonsful are I gill. Four large teaspoonsful are gill. Two gills are y z pint. Two pints aic 1 quart, i Four quarts are I gallon. A common sized tumbler holds % pint. A common sized wine glass is % a gill. A tea-cup is I gill. A large wine-glass is I gill. Forty drops are equal to I teaspoonful. Four teaspoonfuls arc equal to I tablespoon ful. REGISTRATION OF BIRTHS, MAR RIAGES, AND DEATHS. Births. —Parents and all other persons pre sent at a birth, are liable under the Act fo Registration under penalty of ,£10; failing, thi occupier of house in which such birth tool place is liable. Births are registered free uj to sixty-two days, day of birth and of registra ti*n, both inclusive'; afterwards up to si: [ months, on payment of ss. penalty, and afte declaration as to truth of particulars being duty made ; and beyond six months only aftc conviction before a Magistrate, and on pro duction of certificate of conviction signed bi Magistrate or Clerk to Bench, and within on< - month of sucn| conviction. There are othe: provisions as to registration of children fount exposed, and registration of names within om year of birth. Marriages. —Marriages must be solem nized with open doors, between eight in the morning and four in the afternoon, in the presence of two or more witnesses. Person: objecting to be married by a clergyman, can be married in a Registrar’s office by a Registrar. Persons desirous of being married must give notice to the Registrar ofjhi district, and take out a Marriage Ceiti fic a btjt be fore doing so, must have resided indistrict three clca: days immediately preceechng the application for certificate. The fees are-for Notice and Certificate, £1 2s 6d ; Marriage by Registrar, £1 • and 2s 6d for Copyof Marriage Registrar. Persons wishing To be married out of the district in which they live, can only do so bj residing in the district in which they wish to be married for three clear days, and obtaining certificate from the Registrar of that district. And persons living in different districts must either both reside for three clear days in the same district, or else obtain two Certificates, viz :—one from the Registrar of each of the districts in which they reside. Any person making false affirmation, declaration, or representation before a Registrar, is guilty of misdemeanour. 1 Deaths. —The occupier of house in which death occurs, and all persons present at a death, are liable for the registration within thirty one days;; and failing these, the Undertaker or person so acting, under penalty of £lO •, but any of the persons liable may depute, in writing, some person acquainted with particulars required to attend and register ; and the person registering MOST in all cases take to the Registrar the Doctor’s Certificate of Death. In all cases of burial, the Undertaker or person so acting, must return to the Registrar within seven days, the Burial Certificate, duly signed by Undertaker and officiating Minister, or two householders present at such burial. Undertakers not returning such Burial Certificates within seven days are liable to a penalty of £5 : and Clergymen officiating and not signing Burial Certificates are also liable to a penalty of Any person not attending to register, after notice from Registrar is duly given, is liable to a penalty of £2O There are various other provisions defining powers and duties of Registrar, and imposing penalties for neglect in complying with various provisions of th*- Act.

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