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Crowded Out. —Pressure on our spn.ce has crowded out a promised summary ox the Registration Act, and a largo quantity of other matter, including a continuation of our Rambling Reporter’s lucubrations on the Wakanui farms—all of which will appear in our next issue. Tim War Paint. —The Longbeacli ratecollector is mixing his war paint. We saw him purchase a large stock of law Court stamps. Ratepayers will doubtless be able to put the proper meaning on the official’s intentions. Moke Work for the R.M.—The Wakanui Road Board intend getting in their dues from the ratepayers forthwith ; and the collector gives notice to-day of the necessity for cashing up promptly. The reason of the notice is that the Government will not pay subsidies on rates collected after March 31st. Villa Sites. —That prettiest of all the suburbs of Ashburton, on tiio banks of the Wakanui crack, the residence of Mr. John Walsh, is to lie cut up, and sold on Feb. 19th next. Messrs. Sdmision Bros, and Gundry advertise in this morning’s columns that they will sell 49 allotments .thereon that date. Tin's sort of chance is not to lie had every day. A Ga?.ib of Grab. —One of those undesirable sort of visitors, of whom wo have a surplus in Ashburton just now, was run in yesterday by the police. Mr. Tennant appeared as a witness in the sly grog case about noon, and in the evening had, after doing the block, succeeded in reaching Buticr’s Hotel, where ho snatched a pound note from Miss Butler and bolted, but was promptly arrested, and will have to explain to the R.M. the peculiar manner he has adopted of collecting subscriptions from publicans, and he will probably become a tenant cf her Majesty’s for a period. Ax Infernal Machine. —By the courtesy of the police wo inspected last night a structure intended to produce the liquor our American cousins call “chain lightning.” It is an illicit still which, was captured by Trooper Farmer, up in the direction of Alford Forest, and had . not as yet produced any crop, having onty recently arrived at its owner’s manufactory. The machine is of a very primitive construction, consisting of a tin boiler with a capacity of about 20 gallons, and a make shift arrangement for a worm, which looked like a lot of old fashioned candle moulds soldered together. What between the material of which the “ still ” is made and the sort of stuT of which the proprietor would have made his spirits, we imagine that there would have soon been a considerable amount of emigration from Alford Forest district to the Lunatic Asylum. Trooper Farmer was a, lucky man in this capture. Ho rvas in search of some stolon drapery and discovered the articles he was in search of, which concealed the more important capture of the still. The R.M. wll sit on the Lite owner of the still on Tuesday next. Ashburton Horticultural Sooiutv.— The adjourned meeting of members of the above was held in Mr. Ansteo’s Boarding House on Thursday. There was a very good attendance. Mi - . 11. J. Weeks was called to the chair. The Secretary having read the advertisement calling the meeting, as also the minutes of previous meeting, which wore confirmed The Chairman explained the business on which the meeting was convened. The Secretary was instructed to convey to Mr. E. G. Wright the thanks of the Society for accepting the office of President, and for his annual subscription of L 5 ss. It was resolved —“That the Auditors for this year be elected by the Committee.” The rules, as drafted by the sub-Committee, having been read seriatim, were adopted. It was resolved —“ That the Managing Committee be recommended to get 150 copies of the rules and byelaws printed, and to charge sixpence per copy for same.” It was resolved— “ That to* foster the interests of the Society and encourage horticulture, it is desirable to hold a show in March next ; and that byclaw Ho. 2, having reference to exhibits, be suspended in its action for three months, to encourage exhibits at the first show." Messrs. G. Smith, J. and T, Sealey, Charlton, Jacobson, and J. G. Ansteo were appointed a sub-Coramitteo, to arrange prize schedule —three to form a quorum, and further, to make all necessary arrangements for the holding of the show. The meeting then adjourned sine die. A meeting of the Managing Committee v/as then held —Mr. G. Smith in the chair. It was resolved—“ That the show be held on Saturday, March Gth, at the Town Hall, if procurable on that day." Messrs. J. Sealey, Collins, and the Secretary, wore appointed to obtain the use of the hall on the best terms, and make arrangements for advertising at the lowest cost. Mr. Poyntz moved and Mr. Chapman seconded—“ That the recommendation of the general meeting—re printing rules and bye-laws—bo adopted ; and Messrs Anstoo and Con its were appointed to canvass for advertisements to be printed in connection witii the pines. It was agreed to meet again on Tuesday evening, the 10th, at 7,30 p.m.

The String Binder. —The Gammon and Peering string binder has gained flrst honors in a trial at Oamaru. Losr in the Bush. —Two men who have been, lost in the bush several miles from iSelson since Mcnnay last have ynsi. been found. For Sals —A gentleman with the very suggestive name of “Baruum” writes from Wellington to the Christchurch Acclimatisation Society, offering for sale a “ Tasmanian devil and a Madagascar cat.” The Society isn’t on. Assessment Court. —There have been plenty of complaints about the new rate roils ; and any ratepayer having an objection to make is recommended to lodge it at once, as it will be seen by 7 a notification in another column that the Court is to sit for hearing complaints in the various districts at early dales. Complimentary Benefit to Mr. and Mrs. Florence. — A complimentary benefit will be given to Mr. and Mrs. Florence on Tuesday next in the Town Hall. Mr. Florence’s brilliant tenor will bo remembered in the “Doctor of Alcantara ” on the occasion of the first appearance of Mr. D’Orsay Ogdon’s tronpio in Ashburton. Mr. and Mrs. Florence will bo supported on their benefit night by the local talent of Ashburton, and the occasion will bo patronised by the Mayor and Council. C.Y. 0. —The Ashburton Cavalrymen met for drill on Wednesday 7, and Capt. Slater kindly visited the district to inspioct flics local contingent. He was accompanied by the 2nd Life Guardsman, who did not seem to get along with his recruits as well as did Troopier •' cotfc. We judge no from the fact that a couple of troopicvs left the ground during poarade, and one of them was making use of language in reference to the new man which was not coiupflimentavy. Rakaia Presbyterian Church. —At a pro re nata meeting of the Christchurch Presbytery held in St. Andrews Presbyter! m Church, Christchurch, on Thursday, the call to Rev. B. J. Westbrooko from the congregation of Rakaia to bo their pastor was sustained by the Presbytery, and accepted by Mr. Westbrooke. The commissioners from Rakaia were Messrs. A. Orr and James Wilkinson, who in supr•porting the call said it was a pierfectly unanimous one on the piart of the pioo-plo. The induction is to take pdace on the 18th March, by which time it is expected harvest will be over, and rirobably a tea meeting will be held on that day to celebrate the event. Juvenile Templars.— A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Juvenile Temple was held on Wednesday at the Tempilar Hall, to recommend a member for the office of Supierintoiulent of the Juvenile Tenrple, in pdace of Bro. J. Ashwood, resigned. Bro. Poyntz was voted to the chair. It was resolved —“That Bro. Henry be recommended for the position of Superintendent.” It was further resolved—“ That tie Executive and Honorary members bo asked to piractically assist Bro. Henry in his arduous task.” The meeting then dissolved. Neglectful Householders. —Monday, loch March, has been fixed by the Board of Education for School Committee elections in the following p,laces, where none took place on the proper date :—Ashburton Forks, Ashley 7 Bank, Dunsandel, Gobble’s Valley, Irweil, Kaipiui Island, Kyle, Little Akaloa, Longhead), Mount Somers, New Brighton, Port Levy, Rakaia Little, Saafield, Solwyn, Southbrook, S-oringston, Stoke, Tin wait!, Waikukn, Wooden, West Melton, and Willo why. The Comet.— A Wellington telegram of Wednesday says : —Great sensation was created last night by the appearance of a singular beam of softly shaded light in the south west, looking like the tail of a comet. If so, however, the nucleus must have been far below the horizon. The apparent length of the tail was about forty degrees. The pn-incipal New Zealand savans here arc not quite certain yet what it is. Our chief astronomers—Dr. Hector and Archdeacon Stock—at first compdctciy differed. The doctor was convinced it was only the zodiacal light unusually bright. The Archdeacon was equally sure it was the Aurora Australis, and each learned gentlemen was pirovidod with an array of evidence and authorities in support of his views. Later in the day, however, telegivphic ropwrts from other pflaces, Sydney particularly, seemed to induce the unanimous opinion that it was a comet after all, but one not yet known or registered in astronomical lists. The re-appearanco to night is watched for with groat interest. The Colonies and the Relief Fund. —lt is to the credit of the Australasian colonies that they virtually koepnng going the distribution of relief among the distressed p'leopne of Ireland to-day. A cablegram irforma ns that the Mayor of Dublin stated that but for the ready and abundant liclp received from the colonies in this hemispflicro, he would not have been able to sustain the distribution. This is only 7 another reason, added to the greater one of humanity, why tvs should continue our efforts to help) the starving ones. It gives ns great pleasure to learn that a requisition has boon piresented to the Mayor, calling upon him to convene a pmblic meeting, and an advertisement elsewhere announces that a mooting in aid of this object will bo held at the Town Hail, Ashburton, on Wednesday, the 11th inst., at 8 p).m. Vestry Meeting—South Rakaia.— A meeting of the vestry of the piarish of South. Rakaia vas held in the Hoad Board office on Thursday afternoon. Present— The Rev. W. H. Elton, incumbent, Chairman ; Messrs. C. N. Mackio, C. A. Hardy, A. Makoig, E. T. Coster, and Win. Cox. It was resolved that the liar vest festival bo hold on the Ist of April next, the service to he at 4 p).m.; a tea meeting to he held at 5'30, and a gift auction at 7 p.m.--the charges to the tea to be, adults 2s. GJ. children Is. It was resolved that the rev. Chairman, Messrs. Mackie, Cox, and Makoig be a Committee to call for tenders and see to the building of two additional rooms to the pxvrsonage. After a lengthy discussion it was decided that the matter of the pxirish taking over the church at Sherwoood should be pflaced before the piavishoners at the Easter meeting for an expression of their opiinion. The Chairman informed the meeting that he had great hopes of obtaining a grant of LIOO from the Church .Property Trustees for the erection of a school church at Methven, and also for one it Cliertsoy. Death of Charles Reed, Esq.— Wo are sorry to chronicle to-day the death of Charles Reed, Esq., of Westerfield. The deceased gentleman, as is well known, has been in weak health for a scries of years, but only recently did his illness take a serious color. When it became alarming ho removed to Christchurch for the benefit of medical treatment, where he resided up to the time of his death, which occurred on Thursday at Malvern House.’ Mr. Reed has boon qn the plains for more than 20 years, and no one was Letter acquainted with their history than was he, and no one took greater interest in their progress. He was a busy and hard-working public man—too much so, for his health—and in his death the district loses a fast friend. Mr. Reed was a staunch churchman, and a friend of the poor, and his aid was always to be counted upon for any good purpose—no matter in what direction. When he did a good action he never asked the creed or nationality of the man he befriended, and ho knew how to value merit for its worth. There are many indeed who will miss the kindly voice and happy smile of Charles Eeod.

The Saleyard.s. —Messrs. Mats maul Go’s, next sale will take place on 'Tuesday 17th instant, at Ashburton and not at Timvald, as was advertised in our hist issue. Accident at Alford Forest. —A man was brought to Rakaia on Thursday afternoon from Alford Forest who had met with a severe accident. He was driving a dray, when the horses started off, and the reins catching his legs he was thrown down, the wheel passing up) his right leg and across Ills back. He seemed to be suffering great piain, particularly when the stretcher he was lying on was moved. He was taken to Christchurch by the Express. Sick Pupils. —At the meeting of the North Canterbury Board of Education on Thursday afternoon, a resolution was carried to the effect that pupils recovered from contagious diseases should not be readmitted unless they could produce a medical certificate or other evidence to satisfy the master of the school that no danger of contagion would result from their attendance. 1.0. G. T. Degree Temple. — A meeting of Good Templars was held on Wednesday at the Templar Hall, to institute a Degree Temple. The meeting opened in the second degree, under the presidency of Bro. Sando. One brother received the second degree. The meeting then opened as a Committee of third degree members, when the District Depmty having read his authority from the Grand Lodge, proceeded to institute a Degree Temple. It was resolved that the name of the Tom pile be “ The Unity, No. 11. "’ The following officers were then duly.installcd, viz. ;—Bro. Poyntz, D.T.; Sister Tippetts, D.V.T.; Bro. Henry, D.S.; Bro. Leitch, D.F.S.; Bro. Jessup, D. Treasurer; Sister Saundcrson, D. 0.; Bro. Ashwoo l, D.M. ; Bro Hawkins, D. G.; Bro. Gilds ell, D. Sentinel; Bro. Mason, D. A.S.; Bro. G. Andrews, D.D.M.; Sister Sando, D.8.H.5.; Bio. Elston, D.L.H.S. It was arranged that the meetings of the Temple should be on the second Wcdncs clay in each month, at the Tempilar Hall at 8 p>. m., commencing on Wednesday, February 11th. After piassing some necessary by-laws, owing to the lateness of i.lie hour, the Tempilc adjourned to "Wednesday next. It is hop’cd that all qualified members will supiport the Tempflo, as the fees have been placed at the lowest possible figure to cover expenses, and the success attendant on a well constituted Temple is a bulwark of Strang' h to the Order in general.

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