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{Reuter's Telegrams.) London, Jan. 21. It is understood that the Home Rulers in tiie House of Commons have resolved to prevent work during the present session, with the object of obtaining increased attention to the state of affairs in Ireland. The metal market is strong. Consuls, 97 J. Adelaide wheat, 5Ss. Gd.; Adelaide flour, unchanged. Australian tallow has further declined —best beef, 35s 6d.; best mutton, 395. A terrible explosion occurred to-day at Leycett colliery, Staffordshire ; 75 minors were killed. Five per cent New Zealand 10-40 loan, 102 - ; new loan, 103$. The next series of wool auction is fixed for February 17. Arrivals to date amount to 50,000 bales. The total probable quantity to bo offered, including that left over from last auctions, is 250,000 bales. The quantity of new arrivals to bo included in the sales has been restricted by the Importers Committee to 250,000 bales. Burdin, Jan. 21. It is stated here that Germany intends to acquire some of the S jv th Sea Islands

in order to increase her influence in the Pacific. Dr. Richard Kraul, who has gone to Sydney, has been appointed ConsulGeneral to the German Empire for Australia. Obituary.—Jules Favre, mtat. 70. (A rgus Special.) London. Jan. 21. Mr Russell Lowell is the new American Minister for England. Government has refused a special postal rate to the Orient Company. A resolution to vote half a million dollars in Congress to the Irish Distress Relief Fund was referred to a Committee. The capture of Tchikislar is confirmed. A “ Times’ ” Berlin telegram says that the Minister of State has irformed the Saxon Chambers that the Federal Council is discussing a project to found convict colonies in the Pacific, but is still undecided. The telegram adds that Prince Bismarck will support a Polynesian company intended to further this object. (Age Special.) London, Jan. 20. It has been stated by the Prussian Finance Minister that the Reichstag intend to give an essential support to German interests at Samoa. Naval commanders have been instructed to use their utmost energy in restoring peace at the Islands. London, Jan. 21. The Agent-General has petitioned the British Government to consentjo sixpence for the Brindisi postage rates. South Australia is a party to the cable contract. Cardinal M'Closkcy’s enthusiastic support of Mr. Parnell has given umbrage to tho Vatican. The Pope is suffering severe nervous irritability. AUSTRALIAN. (Reuter's. ) Melbourne, Jan, 20. The Gippsland bushranger has surrendered. Melbourne, Jan. 22. Parliament will bo dissolved on Feb. 5. No performance took place last night at the Academy of Music, in consequence of the prohibition issued by Mr. Berry, Parliament reassembled on Tuesday, and there was a scene of continued excitement in the Assembly last night. Strangers were again excluded. The P. and O. Company’s steamship Assam has arrived at King George’s Sound with tho inward December Suez mails. The telegram of Jan. 21, which read as follows : “ Parliament assembled tod;iy,” should have been dated “Melbourne, Tuesday,” and not as given, “ London, Jan. 20.” Arrived —Rinsraroonia, from New Zealand. Sailed —Rotomahana, for New Zealand, yesterday. Adelaide, Jan. 21, The heat is intense. The thermometer registered 113 in the shade. Severe bush fires are raging. Sydney, Jan. 21. The sum of L 5500 has been remitted to the Lord Mayor of London as a contribution towards the Irish Reli f Fund. Thirty-six Chinese residents of Sydney subscribed together the sura of Lll4. Sydney, Jan. 22. In the Legislative Assembly last night the Hon John Watson, Colonial Treasurer, announced that Government had no intention to propose additional taxation in lieu of the intended excise duties or colonial beer or tobacco, recently rejected or withdrawn. A meeting will be held at Newcastle tomorrow to consider the best means of allevating the distress existing amongst the minors in the district. An attempt was made to-day by a mounted man to bail up some Chinese living near Gunclagai. Tho matter was reported to the police, who are now in pursuit of the supposed bushrangej’. Sailed—Wakatipu, steamer, for Wellington. ( Special.) Melbourne, Jan. 21. Mauritius telegrams state that since Jan. 8, 900 tons of sugar have been bought for Adelaide and Melbourne. There is a good demand for tonnage. The New Zealand grain market is firm and active. Now Zealand oats, milling, are wanted at 3s. Melbourne, Jan. 22. The Assam, with the Suez mail, was sighted off Albany at nine o’clock this morning. Sydney, Jan. 22. Four men, who were seen tramping with the telegraph line near Benalla, with horses near them, are supposed to be the Kellys. Inspector Cotton and some black trackers have started in pursuit. Mr. Buchanan lias tabled a motion of censure upon the Governor for commuting the sentences of Williams and Bennett. INTE RPRO YINCIAL. Auckland, Jan. 21. The only awards for New Zealand wool at the International Exhibition are to the Auckland exhibitors—M'Nicol, highly commended, and James Wallace, first prize, for Lincoln wool ; Charles Read, Auckland, first prize for Leicester wool. Mr. James Bailey, 0.8., formerly deputy Commissioner General, and Director of Land Transport with General Cameron through tho war, has returned here to settle with his family. At the Supreme Court to-day, Judge Gillies said that for the future lie would not grant discharges for bankrupts whoso assets were nil. He refused discharges to several debtors, and commented severely on the trustees reports. Auckland, Jan. 22. Mr. Winthorpe has imported from Sydney four cattle of the Alderney breed which took the first prizes at the exhibition. Captain Mackio, of tho ship Ben Nevis, is exonerated from the charges brought by two passengers. Samples from the supposed new copper lode at Coromandel have been sent to the Government for analysis. Mr. John London addressed the Bay of Islands electors at Kawakawa. He said it was by- dogged hard work that he succeeded iu getting LSOOO placed on the estimates for roads and bridges north of Auckland. Ho had not the same influence with the Hall Government as he would have had had the late Government remained in office. It is rumored that Mr. E. Hamlin, member for Franklym intends to resign and go to Napier to settle. Mr. Hobbs will probably come forward. A Native Parliament is about to meet to discuss native affairs of interest to the northern tribes. Auckland, Jan. 23. At the Police Court this raox-ning, in a charge of assault against a constable, the complainant admitted he had been drinking with prisoner prior to his arrest, and the Magistrate thereupon dismissed the information and dischai’ged the prisoner. Four more boys were brought up today, charged with absconding from tho Industrial Home and were remanded. Gbahamstown, Jan. 21. The prospect of the Miss mine from which such large returns have been obtained during the last three months, are still good, and from present appearances in the different workings now being carried on, they are likely to continue so for some time. The Old Whau tributees have signed an agreement to relinquish the low level in which rich gold has been got, and the Company will commence work thereon as soon as the shareholders

have confirmed the action of the Directors, in proposing to re-form the Company and increase th e number of shares in order to make the necessary payment in stores as part consideration for suchrequirement. There is no doubt as to the richness of the lead left by the Alburnia Company on the Old Whau claim boundary, and very little doubt as to the future runs of gold to be opened up. Graiiamstown, Jan. 22. At a meeting last night of the sympathisers re Irish distress, L3O was subscribed in the room, and to-day subscriptions are coming in freely. Among the applications for head mastership of the High School, eight of the gentlemen were Bachelors of Art, but no choice is made yet. The question of the legality of the forfeiture of old Whau shares will be tested. The price of the shares has been falling of late. Napier, Jan. 21. A girl named Gilmore, a servant at the Royal Hotel, has reported to the police that when going from the hotel to tire Spit at half-past eight last night, a man sprang out from the side of the road and attempted to commit a rape. She struggled with him, losing her hat and handkerchief, in which was LI. Her dress also was torn in the struggle, and finally she hit him in the neck. She eventually got free, and on running back to the hotel the man -followed, but she outstripped him and he soon gave up the chase. At the hotel was a man named Marsh, who returned with the girl to the place where the assault was committed, and there her handkerchief and money was found. Sergeant O’Malley has been looking for the man, but has not succeeded in arresting him. The girl can give but a very indifferent description owing to the darkness and her fright, but she is positive about biting him severely on the neck, and that will be a mark of identification. New Plymouth, Jan. 22. At the District Court this morning, Mr. Standish withdrew the prosecution against James Hill, late steward of the Hospital, who was charged with indecent assault, and over whose case two juries have failed to return a verdict. The Government take possession of the Waiuiate Plains at once, and have haddis tributed amongst the natives printed notices to the effect that the Government has decided that the commission shall hear only the complaints any native may have to make as to individual titles to any land, but that any question relating to the confiscation will not be listened to. Wellington, Jan. 21. His Excellency the Governor has given ten guineas to the Irish Distress Relief Fund. Wellington, Jan. 22. Young Frazer started again at seven last night. At eight, when his 24 hours were up, he had completed 72 miles. A strong gale is blowing, and all rowing has been postponed. However, the sailing race will take place. The three-masted schooner Ellcrton, which was competing in the coasters’ race, went ashore at Oriental Bay. She had a bad position, and shortly after the start, in attempting to come round, the vessel would not stay. She is on the South Beach, but will not sustain any injury. The Stella is going to Opunaki to-day with 80 Constabulary. The “New Zealander” this morning states that the decisive measures, relative to the "West Coast confiscated land business, some time pending, are about to be taken. It lias been resolved to give full effect to the terms of the proclamation summoning all natives who have claims to tender them in due form, and thus it is expected that a virtual separation will he effected between the Taranaki natives and those of the Ngatemuri, to the weakening of Tc Whiti’s power. Roadmaking is to he vigorously prosecuted by the Constabulary, commencing at Opunaki and Tahi, working towards each other. After the section of road between Waihi and Opunaki is completed, the construction of another section from Opuaajki north to Sfconey River will be undertaken. There are some 700 stationed in the district. Wellington, |Jan. 23. A large sperm whale was seen in the harbor this morning. The outrigger was rowed to-day. Wellington and Wanganui started, and the former won by thirty lengths. The Volunteer whaleboat race was a most exciting one, the Wanganui Fire Brigade having a lead of about half a lengh of the Wellington Naval Brigido, which they maintained throughout. It was the most interesting race ever witnessed hero. A young man named Fred. Buckland was sentenced to four weeks’ imprisonment for playing “ under and over” in a public place. Several others were detained in custody on suspicion of having false dice, etc., in their possession. Nelson, Jan. 22. The reception committee, in connection with the Rifle Association, comprises some sixty influential citizens. A cordial reception will be accorded to the representatives. Thomas Bray, a lad about thirteen years old, received one month’s imprisonment for breaking into Foxhill railway station, and stealing L 5 in silver. The boy pleaded guilty, and the circumstances show great cunning. Ho gained access to the office through a window. Timauxt, Jan. 21. Fifty feet more of the breakwater have been completed within the last month, and there arc now nearly' 17ft at low water at the outer end. Timarxj, Jan. 22. The ratepayers of the Timaru borough decided to-day, by 303 votes to 61, to raise the L 60,000 loan for waterworks. Dunedin, J<in. 21. The New Zealand Wesleyan Methodist Conference was opened to-night by the Rev. Mr. Morleyof Auckland, President. The Rev. R. W. Lee of Wanganui, was elected President, and the ex-president was elected Secretary. Dunedin, Jan. 22. The “Daily Times” calls on the customs authorities to make an enquiry into the condition of the barque Speedwell, now being fitted out for a voyage to Newcastle, she being described .as unseaworthy. At the City Court, Mathew Pearson, carter, was sentenced to seven days’ imprisonment for having an under and over board at the Blueskin Show. The North Dunedin Rifles send five representatives to the Nelson meeting. There is now accommodation for 5000 children in the Dunedin schools. The retiringschool committee recommended their successors to bring the compulsory clauses into force in March next. The passengers by the ship Marlborough were admitted to pratique to-day. The second session of the Wesleyan Conference was continued to-day. The first draft of stations of ministers for the ensuing year was read, but is not yet adopted. The Presbyterian Synod was brought to a close last night, when the Rev. J. Christie, of Waikouaitl, was elected Moderator for 1881. A commission, consisting of Professors Masson and Hodgson, of Edinburgh University, Sheriff Campbell, of Edinburgh University, Professor Morley, of London University, and Dr. Abbott, Principal of the City of London School, was appointed to advertise for and select a suitable person to fill the new chair of English Literature at the Otago University. The Bible reading in schools committee were reappointed. The Rev. Dr. Stuart was appointed Commissioner to the Pan-Presbyterian Council, to be held at Philadelphia in July next. The Revs. J. Ryley and Greig, and Mr. A. Rennie to represent the Synod at the next meeting of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church at Auckland, and

the Revs. W. Bannerman and W. Will to attend the Presbyterian Conference at Melbourne in November next. A case of an unusual nature occurred at to-day’s sitting of the District Court, the jury serving on it positively declining to bring in a verdict in accordance with the Judge’s ruling. The case was Maurice Tondut v. New Zealand Insurance Company, claim L2OO on a policy of insurance. The Judge directed the jury to find for defendant, but they found for plaintiff for the amount claimed. Dunedin, Jan. 23. A skeleton has been found at the head of Bannockburn Creek. From papers found on the clothes, the body has been identified as M'Keown, a minor, who was missed during the snow storm three years ago. Mr. Hugh Bell, an old resident of Bannockburn is missing. He is supposed to have been drowned in crossing the river to his farm. A good deal of speculation is going on in Macotown reef shares. Tipperary and Gladstone scrip are changing hands at 255. to 30s. per share. Captain Russell, Underwriter’s Association Surveyor, says the Speedwell’s repairs are utterly inadequate, and she is the worst case of unseaworthness that ever came under his notice. The Marine Department casts the entire responsibility on the Government officers. Six insolvents have tiled this week, including Simeon Isaacs, publican, Dunedin. Liabilities L 3162, assets L24OG. The papers are authorised to state that the question of the railway head-quarters has been decided by Government, and Mr. Conyers will come back to Dunedin. Otago railway work will be executed at the' Hillside workshops, which are to be repaired and refitted up for that purpose, and the work for Christchurch section will be done at Addington, and Government intend to make the Dunedin station as complete and convenient as the Christchurch one is at present. Capt. Penrice, of the Comadre, died on the voyage out. Tondut v. New Zealand Insurance is to be rc-tried to-morrow.

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TELEGRAPHIC., Ashburton Guardian, Volume 1, Issue 52, 24 January 1880

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TELEGRAPHIC. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 1, Issue 52, 24 January 1880

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