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The usual monthly meeting of the County Council was held to day. Present—Messrs. W. C. Walker (Chairman), E. G. Wright, Alfred Saunders John Grigg, Duncan Cameron, Julian Jackson, and E. S. Coster. chairman’s statement. I beg to congratulate the Council on taking possession of their new offices—on taking over the Chambers I insured them in the Union Insurance Company for L7OO, the residence has also been insured for LGSO. Mr. Murray-Aynsley has signified his willingness to meet the Council in the matter of exchange of land for the road to form the southern approach to the Rakaia Gorge bridge. On receipt of this letter I instructed the Engineer to call for tenders for the work of forming the road ; these will be before you to-day for your consideration. The Hospital being so near completion, I obtained the services of a caretaker for that building, so long as he is required, until’the matter of forming a staff for working purposes has been arranged for. I should ask you to-day to state the office in which you wish the above to be insured. A report on the building from the architect will be laid before you. 1 have entered into an agreement with the owner of the land on the Porks side of the Ashburton for the purchase of the necessary land to form the approach to the bridge at Digby’s. Cheque for the amount agreed on on the certificate of the solicitor will be placed before you to-day for your signature. The Government have gazetted 80 acres as Ferry Reserve Lower Rangitata. This acreage contains the ferry house, which will, I presume, be now available for the use of the authorised ferryman. The County Valuer has delivered duplicate copies of the valuation lists of the different Road Boards in the County, and most of the Road Boards have been supplied with their several copies. As there is a difficulty in obtaining copies of “The Canterbury Trespass of Cattle Ordinance, 1872,” for the use of the poundkeepers and others,'! wrote to the Selwyn, Akaroa, and Wairaate County Councils asking them if in conjunction with the Council they would share the expense of printing 500 copies of that ordinance. The Selwyn and Akaroa Councils have agreed to the arrangement, and I think the Waimate Council will also agree to it. Tenders for the erection of the bridge near Pudding Hill and of the pound at South Rakaia will be before you to-day. Several renewal slaughter-house licenses will also be placed before you for your approval or otherwise. The Inspector of slaughterhouses just before his serious illness, reported to the Council that the holders of slaughter-house licenses were conducting business satisfactorily. ENGINEER'S IIEPOUT. Ashburton, 7th January 1880. I have the honor to report on the following works I. South Approach to Rakaia Gorge Bridge. I have prepared plans, sections, and specifications for this approach, copies of which have been on view at the Council’s offices here and also at Road Board office, Rakaia, for tlie use of intending contractors, and tenders for the -works will be laid before the Council to-day. With reference to the report of ihc Committee, laid before the Council at last meeting, suggesting an alteration of a portion of the recent work, about two miles from the ferry, I find the improvement required can bo obtained by altering the gradients merely, without any alteration of the line of road. I have prepared sections accordingly, and tenders for this work will also be placed before you to-day. 2. Pound, South Rakaia. In accordance with instructions received from the Council, I have made out plans and specifications for this pound, tenders for which are also called for to-day. These will include the cost of sub-division fences for eight acres of ground pertaining to the pound. j. The Pound A ; ear Waterton will be finished about the end of this week. 4. Bridge for Aborth Ashburton River, Hear Pud din-; Hill. Tenders for this bridge will bo laid before you to-day. e. Bridge over A\>rth Ashburton River, at t-Rigby's. Considerable progress has been made with this structure since the last meeting of Council, although some delays have also taken place during that time, arising partly from the flooded state of the river, but due principally to an insufficient supply of timber for the super-structure, the reason for this assigned by the contractor being his inability to procure railway trucks for conveying the timber from Oxford. Twenty-four of the piers have been securely driven. I have in hand the preparation of sections, Ac. , for the approaches to this bridge, and beg to request the Council’s sanction for the calling of tenders for these against their next meeting. 6. Bt idge over Taylor's Stream. The pile-driving for this bridge has latterly become loss difficult as the work has extended into the bed of the stream, and operations are now proceeding satisfactorily. Seventeen of the piers are in place, and good progress has boon made with the super-structure. 7. Bridge over South Ashburton River, Alount Somers. The contractor has lost no time in getting forward the ironbavk and other material for this bridge, a- largo quantity of which has just been unloaded at Tinwald, ready to be conveyed to the site of bridge. <?. Porks Protective Works. The recent floods have interfered considerably with the progress'of those works, and havo also necessitated some slight modification of tlm plans, but I do not anticipate that on the whole any extra expense -will result from this, so far as the Council are concerned, although some of the contractors must have suffered loss in carrying out the work under circumstances so disadvantageous. The state of the river is now very favorable for continuing the works, and those should bo pushed forward to completion without delay. At your request I have, in company with a deputation from the Upper Ashburton Road Board, examined a few points for river protection not jjroviously reported on, and which it appears that Board meant to be included In the present scheme. The chief of these is a gap in the south bank of the North Ashburton river, which opens into an old crock below the Winchmore Road, It is certainly of small extent, but, as it might become dangerous, I arranged to have it shut up at once. The other portion is on the north hank of the South Ashburton river, on the upper side of road leading to Mr. Reed’s mill. The property threatened there extends for a mile or so up the river, and is about half a mile in width, but it is situated entirely in the old river bed, and quite on a level with the present channel of the river. After fully examining that portion of the river bed which is situated between the present channel and the terrace (which forms the natural boundary of the river) the deputation seemed to think it would be highly imprudent to enter on protective works to any considerable extent at that place, or in places similarly situated below the terraces of the river. They wish, however, to secure the road at the entrance to the river, by placing faggots, Ac., in some portions of the river bank adjoining the road. The expense of this, and the cutting of a small grip in the river there, should not exceed L3O, and I would suggest that the Road Board carry out that protection themselves, even

if the Council should think proper to contribute half the expense, or Ll 5, towards it. 9. Drainage Map. I have not been able to devote much time lately to the surveys necessary for the compilation of a County drainage map, but I have, at intervals, done something towards it, by levelling over several miles in the Wheatstone and Ashton districts, and fixing bench marks there, more especially with the view of carrying out the details of the scheme lately reported on for that district. I shall continue to prosecute this work at every available opportunity, but if the Council determine to have it carrried through within an early period, and without intermission, I hope they will consider the propriety of granting me the services of an assistant engineer for a time, or otherwise get part of the work done by contract, as the extent is such that one person unaided could not hope to (overtake it all satisfactorily in addition to supervising the other works now being undertaken by the Council in the various districts of the County. 10. I have granted certificates of payments due to contractors for works executed since last meeting of Council. William Baxter, County Engineer. brotectivb works. It was resolved that the means of payment for the protective works on the Upper Ashburton be determined prior to the settlement of accounts with the Upper Ashburton Road Board for the construction of the bridge at Digby’s. TUB COUNTY HOSPITAL. Mr. J. Stanley Bruce, architect of the County Hospital, reported on the various works in connection with it. On the future extension of the hospital he suggested the building of a ward with requisite accessories, corresponding externally to present private and public wards, capable of holding 24 beds, and having a temporary division in the centre, so that it could virtually be utilized as two wards, one beingau accident ward. With perhaps the addition of an isolated fever ward, the hospital would then be sufficient for the county’s requirements for a considerable period. If the suggested extension should be made, the present public ward would be the best to utilize as a ward for females. The architect believed the six private wards provided would b e a great boon to the public, and thought their existence should be made widely known throughout the country, as they ought to be a source of profit to the institution. There was no building in the township more requiring to be lighted with gas than the hospital, but the Gas Company was unwilling to go to the cost of L3OO for laying mains for the sole supply of this building. The architect suggested that the usual course was for the parties interested to pay a fair proportion of the cost of laying mains, so that gas might be introduced. Regarding the work of building, Mr. Bruce complimented the builder, Mr. Carle ton, for the satisfactory carrying out of his contract, aud in regard to the Council offices he said he could nut ascribe too much praise to Mr. David Imsk, and the gentlemen who had acted as Clerk of Works for the manner in which the building had been completed. Regarding the gas mains, it was resolved to write to the Gas Company to ascertain the cost of laying the mains. THE RACECOURSE. The members of the Racing Club Committee petitioned the County Council for a lease of the racecourse, at a nominal rent, for a term of years. They were informed that it had been vested in the Council, and owing to a mistake in the Land Office the reserve had been gazetted for recreative purposes, aud not for racing purposes. The Club had expended L 317 12s. 3d. in improving the reserve, which comprised 146 acres, and they desired a lease so that they might be enabled the more safely to make such further improvements as may be necessary. Mr. Wriglit was of opinion that the racecourse should be leased to the Committee at a nominal rental, but a condition should be laid down that any charges fixed for the admission of the public, &c., should first receive the sanction of the Council. It was ultimately decided to lease the ground for a term of 14 years at ten pounds per annum, that sum to be expended annually in planting, and the Council also to reserve the right of revising the price of admission of the public to the races charged by the Club. HIGH SCHOOL, The Secretary to the Board of Education wrote informing the Council that they would shortly have to exercise their privilege of nominating two members of the Ashburton High School Board in terms of section 3 of the Ashburton High School Act, 1878. Messrs. Wriglit and Saunders were appointed members of the Board of Directors. BOUNDS. Mr. W. Price, poundkeeper, asked for a reduction on the amount of his rent of the Ashburton Pound, seeing that other pounds were being erected in the district. It was resolved to consider the application after the new pounds were opened. The Mount Hutt Road Board _ wrote asking that a pound be established in that district. The Clerk was instructed to ascertain where the Board wanted the pound erected, and the acreage required. RIVER BRoTECTION CONTRACTS. Mr. William Sutherland wrote asking the Council to consider the loss lie has sustained in completing the contract No. 1 of the River Protection Works at the North branch of the Ashburton, owing to the late floocis. Ho also asked for ah extension of time for the completion of No. 3 contract. An extension of three months was allowed on No. 3 contract, but the Council declined to meet Mr. Sutherland’s reference as to damages. DOG COLLARS. Mr. Walsh, of Rakaia, wrote complaining that, having read the acceptance of his tender for collars in the newspapers, he had proceeded to work and had made 700 collars in black leather according to sample. Eight days after lie had received a letter from the Council stating that his tender had been accepted, but the leather must bo brown and not black. He pointed out that he could not supply collars in brown leather at less than Dd. each, and having tendered in black, and made 700 in that color, an unfairness was done to him. It was resolved to take over the 700 collars at the tendered price, and let the rest of the tender bo executed by Mr. J. Tait, Ashburton, in brown leather. WAKANUI CREEK. Mr. Corbett, Wakanui Creek, wrote asking the Council to take steps to direct the flood-water from the creek, as the water from the creek had damaged his property. Mr. W. Stoddart also wrote re the obstruction of the creek on his land at Willow Earm. The Council decided in regard to Mr. Corbett’s letter that it was a matter in which they could not interfere, having given no authority for him to take the water. WATERTON BOUND. Mr. Holland was appointed poundkeeper. THE MOUNT SOMERS RAILWAY. Mr. Wright road the following memo, which had been forwarded to him by tho Hon. Mr. Oliver’s direction : Memo, for Hon. J. Macandrew : An urgent treasury question has to be answered, to do which, please inform me on the following point :—Tlie Mount Somers and Ashburton Railway was

originally intended to be made by the County, and L 12,000 worth of raila were ordered, of which amount Government had in hand say L7OOO, and proposed to stop the balance of cost, amounting to about LSOOO, out of subsidies. Last session, there was, however, a vote taken for the line, and the first sod of the contract was turned the other day. What I wish to know is, what arrangement was made by you verbally with the County, as there is nothing in writing ? Does Government take the rail and pay liabilities thereon, and make the line, or istGovernment to stop the cost of the ordeivfor rails from subsidy, as originally agv&f 'i J. Knowles. June 12, 1879. The letter was forwarded to Mr. Wriglit by the Hon. Mr. Oliver's direction on Nov. 20, 1879. It bore a memo, by Mr. Macandrew to the effect that the understanding was that all material ordered on behalf of the County should be paid for by them and handed over to the Government towards the construction of the line. This memo bore the date of 16th June, He (Mr. Wright) had replied as follows ; ” Ashburton, Nbv. 27, 1879. “ The Hon, Colonial Treasurer.—l am instructed to call your attention to the unwarranted action of the late Government in withholding from the Ashburton. County the moneys due to it in the shape of subsidies, and 20 per cent of land fund, for nine months ending 30th Sept, last, amounting to L 4078 9s. over and above County’s share of LIOO,OOO surplus Canterbury land fund, so long overdue, amounting to L 14,938, or a total of L19,01G. lam aware it is intendedto pay the latter sum of L 14,938 out of the first instalment of the new loan, and only introduce this item so long overdue to show the greater injustice of withholding subsidies, &0., justly due to Ashburton, while it is notorious that large sums have been spent illegally in other districts. The sole cause for these moneys being withheld appears (from inquiries made at Wellington) to be the arbitrary and totally unjustified order given by the late Minister of Public Works on 9th June last to impound those moneys in payment for rails ordered for the Ashburton and Mount Somers Branch Railway, a precedent for which he had no warrant, either in law or equity. In order to place you in possession of the facts leading to the purchase of these rails, X will briefly recapitulate them. In 1874 the Canterbury Provincial Government voted LIO,OOO as a first instalment towards the construction of a railway from Ashburton to Mount Somers, and rails for the full amount were purchased, and delivered at Rolleston, on the main south line. No farther action was taken till early in 1878, when the County Council resolved the lino should be made, and applied for rails delivered three years previously at Rolleston, when it turned out that they had been appropriated by the Public W*rks Department, and used on colonial railways throughout Canterbury. The County Council, as the custodians of County property, were clearly entitled to demand the cost'price of these rails and interest, which would have amounted to upwards of Lll,ooo. However, the Public Works Department assorted that, owing to the then low price of iron, they could replace them for about L 6400, and offered to purchase rails to that value on behalf of the county, oxpay over that sum in cash, and to avoid litigation the Council decided to accept this offer and requested the Government to purchase rails to the value agreed. At a later date the Council requested Government also to obtain sufficient additional rails to enable the Council to construct in all twenty miles of this branch line with sidings, and guarantee the. payment, estimated at LSOOO. The 'CgjAnl also negotiated the acquisition of quired for the line free of cost, either for land or fencing. So much has been done towards making the said railway where the Minister of Public Works in 1878 decided that this line should form part of the colonial railway system, it being made evident from Mr. Blair’s estimate of L 40,400 for the whole twenty miles that the line would be the most inexpensive in the whole colony,. while the prospective traffic was great, and in an-. ticipation of its construction from 1874 to 1878 the district had already contributed to the colonial exchequer more than sufficient to pay for the work twice over. There were good and sufficient reasons to justify the determination of the Minister for Public Works to adopt the line. But now comes the most extraordinary proceeding on the part of the Minister for Public Works in attempting to confiscate all the rails which the County Council had obtained for the work as a county railway. It will be manifest that while the Council would have been justified in buying rails, and acquiring land for a work which would have been county property, and as such could have been let, or otherwise dealt with in the interests of the district, they would clearly not have . been justified in defraying at least one-third the cost of constructing a railway to become the property of the colony. Nor, in point of fact, were they ever consulted in the matter. Under these circumstances, and for the reasons assigned above I have the honor to request that you will direct that the moneys now due to the county be paid at once, and that it may receive full value for all the materials taken over for the construction of the Mount Somers line.—l have, &c., “E. G Weight, ' ‘ ‘Treasurer Ashburton County Council. ” Mr. Wright further explained the action he had taken, and was happy to. state that though no official communication had been received the money would be forthcoming for the County’s use. DOMAIN BOARD. Mr. 3. G. Wright wrote stating that he would oppose the Plantation and Domain Board parting with its endowment for any purpose, but he would agree to let the Wakanui Road Board have 5 acres at a low rental on lease. It was resolved to aslc the Wakanui Road Board if they still required to have a portion of the reserve for the purpose of erecting offices ! WATER SUB PLY FOR BRAINS. Mr. Wright explained that the Bill which had boon passed for the water supply on the plains, authorised the Comity to commence the works and expend the LIO,OOO voted, but did not empower them to strike a rate for that purpose. A new Bill would be necessary next session, to give the ratepayers borrowing powers, but ■ r it was thought by Parliament that as there were some 40 public bodies who were anxious to “ tap the barrel it would , soon be found empty. He then proposed that a Committee consisting of the Chairman, Messrs. Saunders, Grigg, and the mover be appointed to initiate an amended Bill for the water supply. He wished to have power to deal with the Bill in the House either as a private Bill or as a local bill. He would prefer it to be the latter, owing to the cost of getting private Bills through the House. Mr. Saunders thought it advisable to incur the expense of preliminary statements and advertisements, so as to allow Parliament to treat the Bill as a private one. The resolution was then put and carricch_^ DROMORB GOODS SHED. Mr. Wright stated ho had used Lis endeavors to have a shed erected at Dromore. He had been promised by the Minister for Public Works a good supply of trucks and tarpaulins, but not being satisfied with that, had applied for the shod according to promise. He had telegraphed to Mi-, Blair, who had replied that he had received no instructions; so . that the shod would not be erected this year.

THE VALUATION HOLL. The Cliairman considered the roll most unsatisfactory, as, with respiect to the Mount Somers roll, it had been made out in one roll, and not for the five wards, as specified by the Act, notwithstanding a caution from himself to the valuer a month ago on the subject. Mr. Grigg also agreed that the roll was far from complete, the schedule not having been complied with. He suggested that it be referred to some officer in the Land for correction. In its present form it would be of no avail to sue for 1 It that Mr. Leach be informed he must fill upi all blanks in the roll, and complete tho valuation list by the 15th inst., in accordance with the Rating Act, 1876. PAYMENT’S. A number of vouchers and accounts were passed for payment. TENDEEH. The following tenders were opened ;—• Pudding Hill Bridge—Thomas and HTI (accepted), L 5320 175.; A, Stenhouse, LGO37 ; StifFest, L 7378 4s. sd. South Rakaia pound—Sharp and Campbell, L4IG 95.; Nelson, L 325 ; Grigg, L 430 ; Tippiet and Co., L 412 ; Chas. Littlecot (accepted), L 317 ; AVm. Jenkins, L3GS. Rakaia Gorge Bridge approaches—Five tenders were received, and the following were accepted :—No. 1 section, Ware, L7BB 75.; No. 2, Y. Solange, L 424 10s.; No. 3. Y. Solange, LlB3. NOTICES OF MOTION. Mr. Wright gave notice that he would move at the next meeting of the Council ; 1. “That tho Council take into consideration at its next meeting the arrangements necessary for rendering the Hospital available for public use. ” 2. “ That the Minister for Public Works be asked why no steps have yet been taken towards the extension of the Rangitata Bridge, in fulfilment of the promise made by him.” 3. “ That the Clerk lay on the table at our next meeting, a return showing the sums paid for advertising during the year 1879, showing the several amounts paid to each newspaper.” WATEETON POUND. Fees at the Waterton pound were decided to he the same as the other parts of the County. SLAUGHTERING LICENSES. A number of licences were granted for slaughtering cattle. MISCELLANEOUS. Some routine business was gone through with reference to the Ashburton pound, the closing of a road at Methven, and authorising the striking of a Is. rate for the Ashburton Forks protective work. THE OFFICES CONTK 'CT. Mr. Cameron drew attention to the tenders for filling in tho section and fencing the site on which the offices have been built not having had due publicity, and that contractors had not had an opiportunity of seeing the plans and specifications for the work. Mr. J. Stanley Bruce wrote on the subject, and stated that the advertisement in question had appeared sixteen times during a period of ten days, and had been in tho “Press” several times, a paper which had tho largest circulation in the borough, over 300 copies being distributed daily. The matter was loft over till next meeting, and the Council adjourned. AVAKANUI ROAD BOARD. ANNUAL MEETING OF RATEPAYERS. The annual meeting of the ratepayers of the AVakanui Road District- was held in the Wa 1 " l niit schoolroom at noon yesterday. was a large attendance—Mr. H. T. Winter, Chairman of the Board, presiding. The meeting was held at the school, as the Act provides that such meetings and elections shall be held in the district, and as tho Board’s piresent offices are situated within the limits of the Municipality of Ashburton they are not within those prescribed in the Act. It was thus found necessary to hold tho meeting elsewhere, and AVakanui school was selected. As a consequence, the residents of the Crock wore fully represented, but Seafield did not send a large number of ratepayers to represent that important portion of the Road District. Mr. C. C. Fooks read the annual statement of accounts as follows. JANUARY Ist, 1880.

giiaikman’s KEroiiT. The Chairman read his report as follows : “ You will sec that since the Board has been constituted wo have endeavored to judiciously expend our funds m those places whore the work has been most needed. For the future, as there will probablv be but little more than the rates to provide for the requirements of the district, it will be the Board’s desire to have it expended with care and discretion. In consequence of the depressed state of the times, and not to burden ratepayers wit-n undue taxation, we have struck a rate of ninopence in the pound, which wc trust will bo sufficient to carry us on to the end of the year. There are a few contracts which wo have lot that i wish to bring before your notice. Ist. Contract for maintenance of roads in the district. This is a work that has been much needed, and which wc arc sure is preferable to employing day labor in repairing roads where necessary. 2nd. Contract for drain along Lcadley’s road. This work, which is intended for the drainage of the district, and to carry off storm water between Butterick’s and the sea, is one that we were urgently requested to carry out, and no doubt, if delayed, it would have caused a very considerable loss to a number of ratepayers in that locality. The matter was brought before the County Council some time ago by the old Ashburton Road Board, but as there seemed little probability of that body undertaking the work for some time to come, we deemed it advisable to commence the contract at once, as wo feel confident that the County Council will assist with a grant in aid. The work, in my opinion, is one that properly comes under the control of the Council, but as wo have undertaken it, there is little doubt when the subject of drainage is dealt with by them, they will refund ns the amount we hare thought it judicious to spend on a necessary work like this. “ At the last meeting of the Board the question of building offices, Ac., more centrally situated than those we now occupy was brought up, and it was resolved to apply for a part of reserve 1707. As there seems a difficulty in disposing of the present offices, Ac., and it also means a considerable outlay, wo would wish to to take the opinion of ratepayers on the matter. “ You arc called upon to-day to elect three members in the place of Messrs. E. Saunders and Joseph Hurst (who retire by rotation, but wno are eligible for re-election) and Mr. David Wilson, resigned.” In reply to Mr. Sandrcy, the Clerk stated that the site of reserve was near Messrs Holmes’ and Power’s farms. Mr. James Brown proposed, and Mr. John Harrison seconded —“ That tho question of building new offices he deferred till next year.” The mover considered that the present offices wore in in the most suitable site, as persons having business with the Board usually had something to do in town, and could thereby kill two birds with one stone. The resolution was carried unanimously. Mr James Brown was of opinion that the Board should be brought under the Local Elections Act, as if all costs were to ho paid out of rates it would behove the ratepayers to watch how much they paid and where the money went to. Mr. Hugo Friedlaudcr pointed out that by bringing the district under that Act a great deal of unnecessary expense would be entailed on the Board in the shape of preliminary expenses, advertising, and extra palling booths. The Chairman pointed out that by the Act it was necessary to present a petition signed by two-thirds of the ratepayers before any action could be taken. The matter then dropped. Mr. S. Wright asked why the lowest tender for Leadley’s drain was not accepted. The Cliairman stated that as the work was one whisk had to he done quickly, it was decided to accept the one which was considered to bo the most likely to be carried out within the specified time. Mr. D. Wilson did not consider tenders should be rejected because they were considered too low. Mr. Sandrcy thought that in cases where work was not done, the Board should fall back on the sureties. Mr. Saunders thought that the Board should have discretion allowed them in these matters, as it often happened that deposit cheques "were sent in, which were afterwards found valueless. Mr. Friedlaiuler said that as the work had been delayed for some months on account of various interviews having to ho held witli the County Council, the Board did not wish to run the risk of delay in so important a matter, by letting the work to a contractor whom the Board considered could not carry out the work at the price tendered for. Mr. D. Wilson considered the Board had made a mistake in letting the contract for “ maintenance of roads ” to one contractor. It 'would have been hotter to let the roads in small sections. Mr. Winter explained that not half the roads had been tendered for, as Mr. Wilson as a member of the Board was aware. Mr. Wilson said he was not present on the day they were let. Mr. Earl! did not see -what difference it made whether one man had the contractor ten. Hr. J. Brown asked why the Beach road was not re-formed the full width. The Cliairman said it was on account of the expanse. Mr. Harrison said ho was a member of the Board when the road was originally formed, and the reason was that they had considered it advisable to have a footpath on roads for a certain distance out of town. Mr. Earll thought the road should he formed the full width, no matter whether the fences were washed away or not. Attention was called to the gorso growing on the footpaths near town, and it was explained that action was being taken to compel owners of land to clear the obstructions. Mr. Sandrcy called attention to the dangerous state of the cutting on the north side of the Homestead. It was explained that as an arrangement had been made to pirevent flood water further damaging it, the work would at once ho pint in hand. Mr. Sandrcy pwopioscd and Mr. James Brown seconded—“ That the report and accounts as read bo adopitcd, which was carried unanimously. ” The nomination for members to take the places of Messrs. E. Saunders, J. Hunt, and D. Wilson were then taken. Mr. Saunders proposed, and Mr. Meredith Wilson seconded—Mr. James Brown. Mr. E. Saunders proposed, and Mr. Peter Innes seconded —Mr. Joscpih Hunt. Mr. T. Walsh proposed, and Mr. T. Wilson seconded —Mr. Samuel Wright. Mr. V. Wilson proposed, and B. Lutterworth seconded —Mr. George Earll. Mr. 11. Friedliindcr piropased, and -Mr. J. Hunt seconded —Mr. Edward Saunders. On a show of hands being taken, the following resulted ; Mr. G. Earle 23 Mr. James Brown 21 Mr. S. Saunders ... ••• 17 Mr. J. Hunt 3 5 Mr, S. Wright 8 Mr. Hunt demanded a poll, which being taken, Mr. S. Wright having withdrawn, resulted as under-: G. Earle 128 J. Brown... ... ... ••• HI JosepJi Hunt ... ... ••• S 3 E. Saunders ... ••• ••• do The three highest wore declared elected.

1879. Receipts. Aug. 4—To amount paid to credit when district severed ... SG9I o 6 Sept. 1G—To amount paid by Longbeach Road Board on readjusting accounts between the Longbcaoli and Wakanui Road Boards ... 183 15 4 ,, Rates 13 2 o ,, Rents 28 12 0 ,, Inncs’ share of erecting bridge ... 7 0 0 ,, Deposits on contracts... 21 0 0 ,, Interest... 2G 14 ii £3971 8 0 ExPENorrmn. By Gardiner’s Road... 333 9 4 „ Lo Breton’s Road 140 11 0 ,, Milton Road 4G 7 3 „ Wakanui Station Road... 20 6 0 ,, Corbett’s Road DO 11 6 ,, Wakanui Township Road 07 15 0 ,, Wakanui Road ... 17 4 1 ,, Seafield Road ... 27 16 10 ,, Wakanui School Road ... IS 5 4 ,, Christy's Road ... 5 10 0 ,, Smith’s Road 2 13 0 , Wilson’s Road ... 7 16 4 ,, Chertsey Road ... 10G0 11 7 ,, Leadley s Road 1G8 3 4 ,, Beach Road 94 G 10 ,, Stanley Road 0 13 0 „ Racecourse Road 4 2 0 ,, Rule’s Road 41 10 0 ,, Fitzgerald’s Road 53 4 6 . , River Road 0 8 0 ,, South-east Town Belt ... 62 15 0 „ Mill Road 113 10 3 0 ,, Leatham’sRoad... 13 b ,, Gibson’s Road ... 198 S o ,, Denshiro’s Road 25 0 0 ,, Maintenance of roads... G1 0 0 ,, General expenses, viz., salaries, stationery, advertising, safe, incurance, timber, Ac., Ac. 250 8 11 .. Balance at Bank at this date 1CG9 9 o Assets. £3971 8 0 £ s. d. Balance at Bank, January 1st, 1SS0 1069 9 3 Government subsidy 723 6 Outstanding Rates 1878-79 210 0 0 Rates, 1879-80 1073 15 3 Longbeach Road Board on account of timber 47 4 0 £3123 14 11 Liabii.ttes. Contracts let—■ Rule’s road 378 12 0 J.eadloy’s Drain ... 650 0 0 Maintenance of roads ... 400 0 0 Denshire’s road ... 126 14 0 Siaifo’s road 72 8 4 BSlm road 192 12 4 Beach and Trevor’s road.. 78 7 4 Corbett’s road 23 15 0 Culverts, Ac. 50 0 0 Gravel Pits and fencing same 130 0 0 Advertising, printing, and stationery... GO 0 0 Salary 200 0 0 Incidental expenses... 40 0 0 £2403 9 0

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