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President —E. G. Wright, Esq., M.H.R, Vice-President —J. Garter, Esq. Judge of Horse Races—Mr. 11. E. Wright. Judge of Athletics—Mr. A. Grant. Starter of Horse Races—Mr. S. Saunders. Starter of Athletics—Mr. M. Stitt. Clerk of the Scales—Mr. A. Frisby. Clerk of the Course—Mr. H. Rainey.—Committee —Mi'. James Scott (Chairman) Mr. J. Williams (Treasurer) Mr. S. Saunders, Mr. A. Grant, Mr. H. Rainey, Mr. J. Cavauagh, Mr. A. Frisby, Mr. T. Williams, Mr. J. Walker, Mr. H. E. Wright, Mr. G. James, Mr. C. Martin, Mr. J. Stoddart, Mr. J. A. Hewitt, Mr. J. B. Rogers ■—(Secretary). The annual sports at Winslow were held on New Year’s Day, and the ‘Committee fully maintained their liberal reputation by the bill of fare presell ted,-.and the efficient manner in which the members of the various Committees conducted the events of which they had the supervision. The weather in the morning was anything but promising, the rain having fallen heavily all night, but by 10 a.nx. the sun came out brightly, and the day, so far as the weather was concerned, was most enjoyable. The Ashburton townspeople turned out in full force, and all manner of means of locomotion were put into requisition, the railway being.-of course the most popular, and the railway authorities deserve the thanks of the public for their arrangements. Besides the railway there were vehicles on the road of every degree, from the well appointed carriage and pair down to the humble farm dray, and the irrepressible pair of donkeys were conspicuous in a neat little buggy. There were equestrians on horses, some of which were steeds of fashionable breeding and high condition, whilst others were remarkable for the amount of bone visible. However, by noon, there mustered some 1200 or 1300 people on the ground, and we found ou arrival that our old friend Harris was dispensing creature comforts, and had as much as he could do with his staff of assistants. Mr. Savage had a refreshment booth, and his viands must have been of good quality from the liberal manner in which he was patronised. A conspicuous feature about the sports was tho comparative absence of the gambling fraternity, the only representatives being a totalisator, which did not seem to do an overwhelming amount of trade, and a man with dice, who was promptly suppressed. He aftervvai’ds tried to eke out an honest livelihood at the highly intellectual amusement of “ Dood!e-em-buck.” The wild beast show attracted some attention ; tho “biggest lion in creation,” being duly stirred up at. intervals, gave an occasional roar, which was varied by the strains of a barrel organ. During tho day the enlivening strains of the Ashburton Brass Band caused a diversion whenever a lull took place in tho events, and a series of impromptu dances were got up at frequent intervals. Children’s sports, not included in the programme, wore carried out throughout the day to the intense delight of the juniors. To come to the legitimate business of the day, tho first event was the hurdle race, which brought four to the front, and we had in Tam o’Shantcr the best hurdle racer in the district present. Tho following is a description of the vai’ious events won :

Hurdle Rage of lOsovs. (open), 1]- miles, over G flights of hurdles. Mr. H. A. Andei sou’s Tam O’Shanter ... (Wilson) 1 Mr. Leahy’s Raven ... (Woods) 2 Mr. H; Muir’s Lone Hand (Owner) 3 Mr. R. Pullar’s Donald... (Bell) 0 Raven got slightly the best of the start and took the lead over the first hurdle, the same order being maintained for the first x'ound, Lone Hand close up, Donald refusing at the first hurdle. In the second round, Lone Hand made his effort, and a grand struggle took place between the three at the last hurdle, the whip being used freely, Tam o’Shantcr winning-by two lengths from Lone Hand, four lengths separating Raven and Lone Hand. Donald was still toying his second hurdle when the race was won.

Winslow Cur. 11 miles.. 20 sovs. Weight for age. • Mr. M'Causland’s Orange Peel, aged, 9st. 41b. (Bell) 1 Mr. A. Grant’s Steamer, aged, 9st. 41b. - Mr. H. A. Anderson’s Tam O’Shanter, G years, 9st. 41b, ... (Wilson) 0 Mr. R. Little’s All Fours, aged, 9st. 41b., ... (Appleton) dis. Orange Peel got all the best of a bad start, and All Fours the worst. Steamer and Orange Peel passed the stand the first ■ time in company, both pulling h'fcL' Tam O’Shanter here bolted off the course. On the second time round, the Peel led by a length, All Fours a bad third. On the last round Orange Peel came away, and won by a length and a half, Steamer second, All Fours nowhere. A protest was entered against Orange Peel on tho around that he was not a district horse. The protest was disallowed. Hack Race of osovs ; 1J miles. Mr J. Carter’s Decimena ... "" 1 Mr. Frazer’s Donald ... 2 Mr. Hearn’s Ace of Hearts, Mr. O’Leary’s Jessie, Mr. Edgeworth’s Miss Elswick, Mr. J. Williams’ Merrylegs, Mr. J. Devery’s Nellie, and Mr. W. Begg’s Messenger also ran. ' i Decimena won by five lengths,. hard held, Donald second, the rest tailing of in a very extended file. Mr. Carter’s win was a popular one, as it is the first his favorite stable has scored for many years, and allhough he starts with a hack race, we may venture to predict that with the quality of the stock he possesses he will take front rank in sporting matters in this district before long. Trotting Race of ssovs.; distance 2 miles. Mr. M’Rae’s Polly ... (A. Wood) 1 Mr. Sycamore’s Tommy (Owner) 2 Mr. J. Scott’s Darkie .., (Crawley) 3 This was a hollow affair, Mußae’s old mare doing as she liked with Tommy. Mr. Scott’s horse was only put in to make the necessary number of entries, and could not get in sight of the other two. AVon by 100 yards. Publican’s Purse, for horses owned between the Hinds and Rangitata. First prize, Gsovs., given by Mr. Harris; second, a bridle, given by Mr. Stephens. Mr. A. Grant’s Steamer ... (Ede) 1 Mr. Sealey’s Raven... ... (Wood) 2 Manilla, Miss Elswick, and Duimcna also started. Won by 3 lengths. Consolation Race of Ssovs.; for all beaten horses ; catch weights ; one mile. Mr. J. Frazer’s Donald ... (Tindall) 1 Mr. H. lyiiur’s Lonehand ... (Lewis! 2 Mr. J. Devery’s Nellie ... (Toppin) 3 Mr. Bigg’s Manilla and Mr. Sycamore’s Tommy also started. Nellie led away with a good start on the first round. Lone Hand led, Donald in close attendance, and he gradually gained on the old bay and won by two lengths, his rider being a very small boy, who sat • all over the saddle, but managed to stick on and win. This finished the horse racing which was superior for the sport it provided the public with, than many more ambition* committees occasionally attempt to palm off upon the public as sport.. The athletic sports then commenced and we must here give our thanks to Mr. J. B. Rogers for his courtesy to our reporter, and congratulate the Winslow Sports Committee on having a Secretary who knows his busi- • ness. The first event was the 100 yd race, bringing seven aspirants to face the starter. R. Macfarlane ... ... ... ... 1 0. Risely ... ... .... j ... 2 H.’ Stent, J. Harris, J. Banjul. Leach, and A. Anderson also started.- T h'e fpace was fast, and Macfarlane won by a yard Standing High Jump. J. Loach, 4ft. liin.' ... ... ... 1 Ike Anderson, 4ft, Oiin. 2 P. Collins and G. Harris also competed; the former was very abusive to the Committee. Three-Legged Race. Muir and Stent ... ... ... 1 McDowall and Risely ... ... ... 2 Men’s Hurdle Race. C. Risely ... ... 1 J. Leach ... ... ... ... 2 Maloney, Barr, and A. Macfarlane also ran. Good finish, won by a yard. Sack Race. R. Edgworth ... ... ... ... 1 R. Powrie ... ... ... ... 2 Cleave ... The winner of this event proved himself a perfect kangaroo and Powrie who did the double shuffle business' came in a good second after having a tumble or two. Egg and Spoon Race. G. Jauxes, H. Muir, Powrie, Lecher, and Edgworth competed, hut the race was declared xxot run iix accordance with the rules, and no prizes were awarded. Running High Jump. J. Leach, 4ft. BJin.. ... ... ... 1 T. M‘Dowall, 4ft. 8-Jin. 21 , H. Stent, 4ft. BMn “ 2 I ec l llal A. McDonald ... ... ... 0 This was a well contested match. M'Donald retired early. Leach first • cleared the top height, the other two only being able to get within an inch of his leap. On jumping off for second place M'Dowall and Stent both cleared the same height as the winner, and dhided the second prize. Married Women’s Race. Mrs. E. Harris 1 Mrs. Griffin 2Mrs. A. Ede ... 0 A grand race, the winner showing good jockeyship, winning by three lengths, the second coming in a good second, the third not having sufficient pace for the ‘ company, was distanced. One Mile Race. J. Groves ... 1 W. Bayliss ... ... ... ... 2 B. Stewart ... ... ... ... 3 After one false start the three got away, Groves having the worst of it, the first time round Stewart and Groves passed in company, Bayliss a bad third. The finish brought Groves in a winner by 20 yards, tho third man nowhere. Vaulting with Pole. H. Fowler, Bft. Sin. ... . ... ... 1 John Hunt, Sft. 2in. ... ... ... 2 Mat Moroshcad... ... ... ... 3 A good contest, Johnny Hunt vaulting well, and if he improves in the same ratio for another year or two Johnny will take a deal of beating anywhere. Single Women’s Race. Maggie M’Tcaque ... ... ... 1 Anno Hepburn... ... ... ... 2 The other female pods were Lucy Ede, F. Bartlett, Mary Ede, Rose Cribb, Maggie Foreman, Mary Px-adgctt, and Jane Morris. A dead heat was the result' of the first attempt, tho fillies making a grand finish, axxd on the run off the smallest but the best bred of the two came in a winner hard held, displaying both good training and muscle. Men’s 220yds Rice. J. Loach... ... ... ... ... 1 Macf arlan e ... ... ...... 2 <■ Robinson, R. Edgworth, and 0. Risley « also ran. Woxx by 3 yards. Running High Jump. Maloney, Rift Gin. ... ... ... 1 r Leach, IGft. 2in. ... ... ... 2 Hop, Step and Juju*. Maloney, 37ft. 9in 1.,^ Ike Anderson, 37ffc Bin. ... ... 2 t Leach ... ... 3 Old Men’s Race. T. Hay man ... ... 1 Menzics ... ... ... ... 2 i Lewis ... ... ... ... ... 3 Consolation Rack. Ike Anderson ... ... ... X The proceedings wore brought to a conclusion by a display of fireworks,, kindly supplied by Mr. J. R. Steel, of s ~ Ashburton, consisting of rockets, rine wheels, &e., and a most enjoyable ■ days sport was brought to a conclusion. 1

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WINSLOW ANNUAL SPORTS. Ashburton Guardian, Volume 1, Issue 43, 3 January 1880