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for fine weather were ofiered in several of the CbriatchnrcJvf 'btalrohe* arO»' {Sabbath last. Cnibsrr; -£Wb m ■ infbrthi3^£ESfc : p following gentlemen have been selected to M ■epresent the Eleven v. Twenty-two, to be % played today, vis, MesJfrs:’ : D. Atnos ‘ ,^eaptai(ftfM * s '' A. 1 Andrews, JS. G,- Crisp, F. Shury, P.. Hoakyns, B. Mayo, J. ®’ f H. Wright, J. Lusk, G. Guy, H. Fowler,. T. Brbadbelt,’M. Gfminejr, Fooks, G. Bowling,; A, Groves, C. Dixon. P iW. H. Zouch, ’J, Wilkie, J.

District Code a* Sittings. —TI io mo nt hly sitting of, the District Court which ought to'jwro taTton - place yesterday iniS' nhigttiUSjmi postponed' bn Account of' the ’Judge Ward. ' To-day being ■> pdbuc'holiday the Court lias beSrt fixed • for’ tb-ttpiTOW (Wednesday). ’ f , Tmt Fibe.—The inquest on the. late fire which was held yesterday, (a fu)l. report ; of being piiblisnqd jp this issue) attracted a large number, of listeners during th® hearing. ’ Tlip jury were ;ejppanelled at half-past eleven, had • half-hours at half-past 1, •pi) fgain' at ,2 p.m., and sat till 0-30 pm, and; again met, at Quill’s sample rooips at 8 p.m., giving their verdict at throughout j were, yery. wearisome to all •( .those. who had listened, throughout i' ; Alt Scavenger's Fees.' —Last night tWUtwißpil ..voted!the balance due the SiaCVOngerp BS): .odd, and.;:gave him < the dtrtJMof Jcollfectin? the'outstandittg Tees, at a'x«d»milsilifW of; five per cent,' Defaulters ottf ■ihafoSM.Vengers’a . roll will now -be vHHcd fhy;tfeei gentleman himself; The CdUdetFhave' dadided fin future to make them contt&ctctr;'collect his,own fees, a bd wtflhdnW prtgriosticate tliat ho will hayeatTffutytaskifhe Insists on prepayment; . 'thp; Mayjorai/ Banquet.—The.close of term will be celeJn, the ’to which his Worship has: iqvited %e Borough Council' lom, Bprpqgh officers,. and others.

Borough Gousrcit,: —Last night the Borough Coundil had a narrow sqndak for of’.‘its ’members were Syirig the peitifßy bf citizenship b.V doing duty .M jurors pp the fire' inquiry, and one.dthw 'ihferiibOr' Was hot to found. I^una&ly 1 :lfe : *: ! »b»VaJd WilliamsO* JoWed ipe three geritlemeiv whose presence 6n th’e J bf Jtirym&h 1 was riot wanted, HA; for helped the ‘ Council, cnppiejiaS' it was, to get through its businew. - <, l< F«* the'-last nieetirigr under the BreudeßCTbf'Mfc'lßhirdclc as Mayor; it ww wh mb^thihiy I .attended that; has yet hei4 SShei business dohfe Was got 'tbrbiigfi than' Ve have eccentricities -of th© weather r ow. n nday did hot affect the Gh«reh-;*► ■mjt&mk. extent,,.iherp, being ; Mod cpnigregtftibas at both services. Ihe Bey., .W. :Ba«Tßher;; of Cfoistplurch,, occupied thh pulpit; both- morning and. evening, ‘‘ The !Transfiguration/’ and “ Christ .weeping over Jerusalem,” .being . the subjects- selected for the occasion. Liberal collections were' taken up at both services.. ;A* previously announced a tea and public -meeting, takes -place in the church f this-evening. . The .ladies of the congregatlon ere sparing neither time nor trouble in the preparation of delicacies; &c., anditis to be.hoped.the weather will prore propitious, so that the meeting may . .be* financialsucceaa. .

"t" 1 *‘C*fcKßT--T : -A, match was played on Saturdayafternoon in the Domain between sidea chbseh by Messrs- G. Andrews and respectively. ' Several leading •memberaorthe Club were conspicuous by 1 tlwjht absence. ' We ' have : noticed that ' there' rife niritiynicmbeiu of the Club who 'the' flahriel' when more 'thim oMSiftoy'.’: importance u attached to fchdido riot considers, small '- fwwwyt hi ptriptice rit'odd times necessary,, 5 tlmt every member of ij CMspare the time : wiH put ' ! 'hphreyaht!e> hbt only in the big v ‘yijuaiUff bdt <ori 'rill other bCcassions where, Thfe scores made on *-■ 3l : r 2nd innings;. 27. Mr.. 3 AridreWs’ < side l —lst innings 41; 2nd —We were ' Idmwn ,on Saturday a patent wipe pipo- .’ cleaner brush, attachfcd,' piiich was f , fpM. .purchared. at the shop of a Ohrigt- *,, church: baker. ■} Tbla pipiCclpw'rter : when . .thrown am Jim: eyjidenfly been saturated frt Jris' the hard, coating of flbur, v PTOfT ;. ‘ftTfomdWl for a considerable ; ilGlppp' And apdiled'severalppufidsofthe heed; be ‘ 3hMHng‘Wnolrfng inmde;all

‘ - f,; 1 DifiWnct RAitWAYS-J-The following in a * Hitt district railways said to be ‘-intfe)(idfcd td-betakefi-civer by Gbvernnient, ■- ’■ttifftf/ cost: L74j00»; Waimate P ' briufelf; li 'ihildsi 'cost eLIOO.OGO ; Dufi- - twwo J ■' fitefcahtfanien, 41 miles, ' • Cost L 125,000; Waftnea Plains, 35 miles, .' cost L 109,000; Canterbury Racecourse, ‘■peveiPeighth’s tjf a mile, L 2,000; Shag. ' : Wile and seven-eighths, LBOOO ; J Puaysn Pdnhisula; three miles and one- : ■ LyffjpjW t KAitangata. four; miles 1 * and h4f>°,WP {: ,r*q om :o e •! of :■ r ■ -did weetfpg ;or v f directors -of the Caledonian Society -wji* liulff- 'in .-Quill’s 1, Hptel on _ -Saturday • nrthe 're fer the ' tethering/ -It was resolyep that ,id th«,flertdfces>o| the Ashburton brass band »J-should -bCi ;obtained .fpr .the gathering. .

Ki' yUßftrribme .other, business bad beendone', >' -thO Mdrbtfijr brbugjrt to the meetings no--1,, tace«reference by “ Cbjspa” in Saturday’s v inadb }Rfl;lie paTOgraph,a3.untrue v Some' J i e : .paragraph wnd*. ealcumtodn to injure; the ei'i«wUAy<Ptth .thepublio, and be JjfrjixintrMicWiby.tho secretary. . ,Th» chair-' i maii/Dtf .Stewart, -thought, the paragraph was perfectly ( harudesaj-and: ;«nly a piece of ‘f'Ohiapaf’achaff. ■>, Mr, Frazer thought the mabtep was not, worth the time the' / I'mggtapg badr bestowed upon it... After a f ; }jyg]y discussion the matter was allowed’to drop. Mp •.fhofUßf* Quj}l > ./ appointed rtreasurer ppp tgp.j yiep Mf. p. «£fwmpbeU. resigned, The meeting fhfm' » t J) proceededitOsh*;Jhe,,amounts tobe giyen t |»£p*h»» va*iqu§ pygßts *p thp pro r wti • • , i , ~ ri M»e • day Bittiagjl PpHpcd the buwnearweti not important, and aw how ;h' ,£,i ims WWlthltt dlscnising ipoihti ;of order, 9 -/imothdHKmrheing taken in Committee tn phtbfc Slaughter home Act .Amendment nf* pipWahiii rend’.a time. The P' lßwtldent MagiiKJratesf "Afat. Amendment, arid the For eS t'Trees plantii ig Act Amendi lueftt Ittllswere read a third time. JAn n. adjotirtvaieiit took" place to allow members * ‘ trqfrnft.-'--- 1 .?».•

Fiek will take place to-morro'w afternoon at 6 o’clock sharp. , Seafield School —The following is an extract from the Inspector’s report on the tjfealiejd School taught, by Mr. Isaac :(V Atkinson,;—“ This school is conducted in a satisfactory, manner, and the attainments, for:a,-school of, about six months standing avie. ;yeiy creditable. The childijeil present , were orderly and attentive, and the general ■condition of the school is hopeful.. A clock and summary register are .required. : W. L. Ldge, Inspector. November, 1879.” , 100 per cent, of those presented for examination made satisfactory passes.

Benefit Concert. —An entertainment was given last-night in the Good Templar Hall; : iff aid of the family of Mr. J. Hyde, a ’sUffferer 'by thb latdfire; Owing to the inclemeiicy of the Weather the attendance Vas limited, The chair was ably filled by the Rev. B. J. Westbrooke, and a really good programme was provided. Mr. H. Stephenson ptesided at the piano, and the following songs, &c. . were rendered. Part song and chorus, “Men of Harlech,” by the Templar Glee Club; duct, “The Gipsy ;Countess,” Sister Vaughan and Mr. .Stephenson; reading, “Sprouts on ; chignons,”Brother Poyntz; song, “The Union Jack of Old England,” Brother Jessop ; cornet solo. Master G. Savage ; song, “ Love at home,”’ Sister E. James ; song, My grandfather’s clock,” Mr. Stephenson ; recitation; “Women’srights,’ Brother Henry; song, “ Silver moonlight winds are blowing,” Master Gates; reading* by Bros. Andrews and Williams ; duet, “ The Gipsies’ Warning,” Sister Vaughan and Mr. H. Stephenson ; sbng, “ The Same old Game,” Mr. H. Stephenson ; song, “ The German hand,” Bro. Jossbp ; recitation by Sister M. Anderson. The entertainment passed off most successfully, Master Gates deserving special ffotice.’ Sister E. Jones was loudly applauded The gem of the evening was Mr. H. Stephenson’s song “My grandfather’s clock. ” The usual vote of thanks to the chairman was passed and the National Anthem terminated the meeting. Auction Sales, —At Mr. Harrisjm’a sale •n Saturday a large number <>f interested parties congregated, the licensed victuallers being present in full force. The auctioneer commenced business by selling a few lines of poultry, aiid the value of hens in good condition is fixed at 3s fid per pair. * The , auctioneer , next Went fipr the ‘framework of a horse, and succeeded. fa .disposing tofthe article for 57s and aq. specimen of the equine duffl, a bridle and saddle thrown * in, 'brought 40s without costa. A,, good Sample of cheese found buyers at from fid to' 7d per lb. The privileges for the Wiiislow' Sports and the’ Caledonian’ fathering were then submitted, and' the following is a list of the purchasers and prices realised: Winslow Sports Pub : lican’s booth, Mr. Harris, ,L2; confectioners’ booth, Mr, Savage, L 4 17s fid ; right of cards, Mr. Dudson, . 55.; right of sports, Mr. .Wilkie, 30s. Caledonian Sports—Publican’s booth, No. 1, Mr. Scott, L2l; refreshment booth, |No. 2, Mr, Davidson, L 3 155.; refreshment booth, No, 8, Mr. Savage, L 3 10s.; right of sports, No. ,4, passed in at L 3 ; gates, No. 5, Mr. Quill, L 29 >, right of cards, No. 6, passed in, 12s fid. ■ Tenders. —The tender of Mr. R. McLaren for the extension of the tf Guardian ” offices has been accepted. Timaru Press y, Christchurur Press. —Elevens from the Timaru Press Club qjid the staff off the Christchurch Press played a friendly game at cricket in the Domain on Saturday, with the following result,Timaru; 28 > Christchurch, 41. The best part of the play was the bowling, Knights, of the Tiuiani, getting 8 wickets : Timaru —Nqrfie, b Board, 3 ; Hardqastlc, b Ednionds, c Smith, 2 ; Osborne, c Edmonds, b Smith, 0 ; Knights, c and b Smith, 0 ; Ellis, b Board, 0; Campbell, b; Smith, 3 ; Chapman, b Smith, 4: ' Robin*, b Board) J; Hill, b Board, .5; Long, b Smith, 3; Jones, not out, Q. Extras, 7 ; Total — 2s, ohristchurch,r=-Byton, p knights, 5; Aaq#h, b 'idb,,; i ; Bdmbn'da b do.', 0 ; Board, .fe dp. y 3 { Smith, b do., o; Bffckland, c Robins b Knights, 2 ; Ryce c and b Knighis, .’ 5,; Rpjhtesrth, b £}U}sl • 4 ; Carnarvon, b Ellis, 2 ; Meadows, riot put, 0. . Extras, 12. Total—4l.

The . ; Blenheim Libel, , Case. —The ipy in.the.Eayl v. Doherty libel case at Bjgnipeim Retired at , half-past five on. Thursday, and after three, hours’ absence brought in a verdict of l( guilty ’’ on all the counts against Doherty. He addressed the court for an hour, . but, he was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment in Pietpn .Goal with hard labor. , The Judge in passing sentence, remarked that if the, charge of. trying to obtain money .from. Earle had been included in the indictment, he would have given , a much heavier sentenoe, The verdict of the jury .was contrary to general expectation, and a petitipp ip Doher,ty ! s fcyor gppkep of. ,F#nny Tpwifgenjia evidence was of most yile eepduet op tlio part of Earle towards

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Ashburton Guardian, Ashburton Guardian, Volume I, Issue 35, 16 December 1879

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Ashburton Guardian Ashburton Guardian, Volume I, Issue 35, 16 December 1879

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