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HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Saturday, Dug. 13. 1 The House met at 2 p. m. QUESTIONS. Replying to Mr. Macandrew, The Hon. J. Hall said Government did not think it would he expedient to lay correspondence re the. ham on the table. HI.STRICT RAILWAYS. On the question of going into Committee of Supply. Sir O. Grey moved—“ That the names of shareholders in the district railways proposed to be purchased by Government, be supplied for the information of the House. ” On being put, the motion was lost on the voices. The following railway votes . wer§passed: Kawakawa, £10.500;,. Wan, garei to Kamo; £40,000 ; Kaipara to Waikato, £202,000 ; Waikato to Thames, £115,600 ; Taranaki, LSOOO ; Wellington to Napier, LG5,000; Welling-, ton to Woodville, with to Greytown, L 225,000 ; Wellington to Foxton, L 55,000 ; Foxton to. New Plymouth, L 148,000 ; Carlyle to Waitara, L 23,3,000 ; Nelson to Greymouth, with Greymouth harbour works, L 147,000 ; jPort of Nelson, to Roundull, construction and land, L 55,215 ; Greymouth to Hokitika, L4G,500 ; W T estport to Ngakawa, L 14,000; Picton to Hurunui, L 37,500 ; Hurunui to Waitaki, with branch lines, L3(51,000 ; Canterbury interior main line, L 42,600. On the vote Waitaki to Bluff, with branch railways, L 498,000 item, “ compensation Otago .Harbour Board, L 25,000,” Mr. Macandrew spoke-in strong terms against it. Mr. Hutchinson moved—That the item be reduced by one-half.”. On being put the motion was carried on the voices, EVENING SITTING. A division took place, on the question whether the item, roads, ..bridges, and wharves, L 50,000, should lie struck out — Ayes 21, Noes 44. . .. Mr. Shrimski moved: —‘ ‘ That the items, roads and bridges in unsettled districts of Patea and Taranaki, L 50,000, be struck out” The House divided—Ayes 18, Noes 45. The vote passed as printed, The votes--Nelson South-West Geld-, fields roads and bridges, L12,2G4 Westland roads and bridges, L 9,000 ; Hokitika-. Christchurch construction, supervision, and damage by flood, L 12,000 ; Roads to open up lands before sale, L101,G42 ; (amount required for present financial quarter, L71,G42 ; Water rqcea—North Island, L10,38<!; Middle Island, L29,500'; WGrG Miscellaneous Public Works, L 239,512 (required for present financial year L 200,312). Mr. Do Lautour moved LIO,OOO be struck out. ” , At 11.45 Mr. Macandrew moved that progress be reported. The House divided —-Ayos 20, Noes 37. Mi - . Macandrew said that although not ; a Sabbatarian, sitting on Sunday morning j was most disgraceful; and he would ask all of his opinion to leave, and allow Govern- , meat to get through the estimates as best i they could. . ~ Dr. Wallis said ho was doubtful when j Sunday began. ; By some it was. assented that it began at sunset; by others a small j section, at midnightand again, by ; others, at sunrise. , Mr. Macandrew,and. one or two others then left. , ( The, Hon. J. .Hall said that if thqy r .' would not obstruct business as they ' had done there would bo no need to i encroach on Sundays. It was perfectly ' childish to object to go on with the busi- - ness because it was a quarter past twelve on Saturday night, They had lipped,, in ] deference to the wishes of members, to j get on with the business, and soi close the .' session on Monday.. That would be run- j dered impossible, . j Mr. Stewart,,. Mr. Moss, and Mr. ] Tawhai .objected to the House sitting on Sunday. i It was eventually agreed to report pro- j gross. The House adjourned at 12.25 • a. m. till Monday at 11 a.m. ] Per Our Special Wire. ,; LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, ! '■ MdNTjAV* Diec. 3‘5. I lii the Covpibid to-day, business began at 11 a.m, The Property Assessment,-,. ; GustpnfS, Tobachd; - Public Revenues* and ! Treasury Bills- wore passed through all i their stages. Thp Tb A?o, Reclamation !' 1 Bill and thp sjtea; for Wof-king Men's Cfixb BrU weye read a second fln,K\ The Wanganui 'Endowed ’School and the : Gtagp. Harbour Improving Bills were : shelved. Council adjourned from 5 to 7.-30. . EVENING SITTING. THIRD READINGS. Thames Harbor Board Bill, Auckland Harbor Board Bill, and Working Men’s Club Sites Bill. The Otago University Reserves Bill \va* thrown out by 10 to 5. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The House mef at 11 a. m. VSE FOR THE LOAN. . Mr. Ireland asked the Minister for Public Works if, in the event of tfip L’5»000,000 i loan being obtained.! they (the Govern- ) merit)' will cause a survey of the railway I line from Lawi'ence to Ettrick and Rox- ■ burgh to be made. 1 Mr. Oliver replied that inquiries would.

r' heniale, and if it was found to be a de- - sirame work for construction, and funds • at the disposal of Government, then the survey 'v<.nld he ordered. i _ « ' <-r,i) , l vlr. r -:t ■•!.!.asked the Munster of Do r I , -,'e (I.) V\ nol her he has boon inf-omed • I tr- i TluVaior.'Navr' lifigadc boat, i li-' - | mope;-;- -d ' o company. 1! and. i case, .ho would cause the necessary sum to be provided to render the boat of service, on the condition that the members of the brigade do all- the work of repairs , and sailmaking free of charge. Mr. Hall said an application on the subject had been .made. , Government, would not be. justified in placing any sum on the‘ Estimates for the purpose,, but they would • .cause, inquiries to,be made ; . and if found necessary, other provision would be. made ...v.p .yMOKKy.oN cSristmas day". ;■ ” . :,.:..®epiying.':tq,Mr. Allright, ’ ■■■? (Mr.. Union, gteiiiiishipl ■ Company lumo made application-'for. Go-' .vernment officers to work on Christmas Day at-the Bint of Lyttelton until ;9' o’clock on that'morning.- ' A GENERAL AGRICULTURAL AND PASTORAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE COLONV. Mr. Acton Adams asked whether the Government vvyiil take into consideration the desirability of promoting the establishment of a National Agricultural and Pastoral Association, and whether they will place a sufficient sum on the Supplementary Estimates for that purpose. Mr. Hall replied that Government fully . appreciated the importance of the question, and recognised that it would he their duty to encourage such an institution. No association of the kind had yet been organised. Such being the case, be would not be justified In asking the House to vote any money for the purpose. TUB ELECTION, TBLEGR* MS. Replying to ( Mr. Tole, ' Mr. Hall said Government did not intend taking any farther action with regard to the report of the Electioneering Telegrams Committee., WHO MAV NOT BE A COUNTY CHAIRMAN. , Replying to Mr.-Swanson, ■Mr. Hall said it was contrary to the Civil Service Regulations for a General Government Returning Officer to act as a chairman or member of a County Council or a Road Board., WAU'U RIVER. Replying to Sir G. Grey, Major Atkinson said steps would be taken to examine the entrance into the Waipu River, to ascertain what improvements cun be effected in its navigation. TELEGRAPH EXTENSION. Replying to Mr. M‘Dpnald, Mr. Hall said Government would not promise at present to extend the telegraph line to the township of Ormond, in the Poverty Bay district. The House re-assembled WAYS AND MEANS. The House went into Committee of Ways and Means. The Public Revenues and Treasury Bills passed without amendment. They were reported, read a third time, and passed. . A LOST BOAT. On going into Committee of Supply, Mr. Tole moved consideration of the claim of Edmonds, in respect of a boat belonging to him, which had been captured in the year 18(35 and destroyed by hostile natives. The value of the boat was LI2BO. Mr. Bryce said this was only one of a number of similar claims, and Government desired to see the whole of them dealt with on a general basis. These claims were now based on a most exaggerated estimate, and this was no exception to that rule. Still he thought there was some basis for, and would like to see some general scheme adapted for adjusting them. His opinion was that the total award of these just < claims would ho be between L 50.000 and LOO,OOO, Mp Kelly move<| as an amendment “That all these claims be enquired into by Government, and that provision be j made for their.discharge. ” i Sir George Grey thought it better that i each claim should be decided on its" own i merits, and as it came before them fdr that' i purpose., he would support it sum' being ■ placed on the Estimates. , 1 i Mr. Tole asked leave to withdraw the *1 motion, which was at first refuse’d, but afterwards agreed to. , 1 THE’ ELECTION TELEGRAMS. ] Mr. Speight moved— 11 That the House proceed to consider the Elections i .Telegram Committee’s report. ” ~ - Sir G. Grey alluded to the telegram, I sent by mistake by his secretary, as a j public telegram. He ought to have been i asked to pay for that telegram before it, j was produced, and the Premier having' i neglected to do so, had violated every I principle of honor as between gentlemen. 1i ■ Then, when he tried to bring tip the 3 matter of these telegrams the Premier ic. tried to slink away. Ho tried to debar ; J him from bringing on the ivvdt r. It |o was true he afterwards thought better of n it, still that did »ii>t change the fact that f in the first' instance he tried to burke the a point. The member for Geraldine might i laugh. That hon. gentleman, invariably a laughed at wliat was wrong, and sneered v at what was right. What he complained c !of was, this attempt had been made to u injure others. For himself he did not <i care if every telegram, public and private, t had been produced. He hoped the House ] would pass strong censure on Govern- t I mend fdr its actions in the matter. h MIC Hall had after day to submit to in- | suit and slander at y'the hands .of the t ! mover of this moiion-ixnd his followers. j f ’ Mr. Macandrew said this was a case v.f l\ party spirit over-roftching itself. This was, ! t itself the whole bother. It had arisen out , f of a'Parlianientry question of LHO. He j was perfectly'satisfied in his own- mind i that the previous Government had made i Use of the Telegraph Dojcntuieiit, although front the iqitvVw of things the,fact, could ( now be Ciljettriy established. ■ , -< Mr, Saunders said the-q.uestiqn was not j about whether or not the , colony had lost f L3O. What was wanted was to, ascertain i the nature of the-influeuco brought to hear « on the late elections hy Ministers. Two t of these telegrams were directed to editors j of newspapers, asking them to support one particular class of candidate ,to t,he , prejudice of the other. That was file ( nature of the influence they desired to in- ! rive at and not the mere question of a paltry sum of money. [1 The debate was interrupted by the 8.30 | p.m.

EVENING SITTING. The House returned at 7.30. The debate was resumed by Mr. Hutchison. He advised the Premier to say that lie regretted tlie telegrams had been given, up, and he (Mr. Hutchison) believed that | would satisfy the House. " ’ .''luuneiit put jind negatived on the ■ i.ei , i'lii* original motion bein'' put. , \p !. ' ■ i: .a;.;,.. ~,.orher - < . •••>• ■ !:;■ v.,.«.•••;toent : • an e: '•.••• of the I 0.iv.:5”- : motion. v, i!i\ V, to allow tn.e y.iicr business to ho .rone on with, the suggestion was agreed" to, and the .business, on the order paper proceeded. THE PROPERTY TAX. Mr, Dick said that in Committee he would propose the amount he reduced one, halfpenny. Mr. Pitt said he would vote for the amount, being made one halfpenny. Sir G. Grey condemned the Bill.; It was altogether unnecessary.. An income tax would have been fairer. He would rote against the Bill hi every form when the question, was brought;up in Committee. As to whether the amount should be ,Id or id, he did not know how he would go. Ho w ould be guided by facts then adduced. He, thought the cost of collecting would be very large. Indeed it most unfair to ask a man to value Iris own property. Major Atkinson said it was monstrous for members of the Opposition to say there was not need for increased taxation. These gentlemen had spent during th« the time they wore in office 3i million* of money, and left liabilities to the extent of 2i millions. In the face of that, it was perfectly absurd for them to speak about dispensing with increased taxation. There was, as shown by figures he had brought down, a deficiency of L 140,000, independent of supplementary estimates, which may be set down at an additional L 70,000. With strict economy they hoped to be able to reduce that deficit. On a division that the Bill be read a second time—Ayes, 41; noes, 22. The Bill was read a second time and committed. Mr. Dick moved the words “ one penny” be struck ont in clause 2and “ one half-penny ” inserted. Major Atkinson said at the penny rate Government would not be able to raise more than to L 208,000. He hoped they would not insist in the proposed reduction.

The House divided on the question that “one penny” stand part of.the question —Ayes, 24; Noes, 3(5. The words ’“one penny” were therefore struck out; and on i.'iu < nestion that “a half penny ” be inserted—Ayes, 24; Noes, 3(3.

Mr. Hall said the reduction from Id. to id. was a great disappointment to Government. He had no doubt hut members were sincere in their, avowal that next session, if Government found that id. was too little, a penny would be voted. Major Atkinson moved a further amendment—that the sum be fd. A Mr. Dick said lie fully admitted there would bo a deficiency, and in bringing forth the motion ho did, he had kept that fact view. (Left sitting).

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PARLIAMENT., Ashburton Guardian, Volume I, Issue 35, 16 December 1879

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PARLIAMENT. Ashburton Guardian, Volume I, Issue 35, 16 December 1879