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West Coast Times , Issue 6378, 30 December 1886, Page 3

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Notices. HOKITIKA CALEDONIAN SPORTS ASSOCIATION. To be held on the Church of England Reserve, Upper Gibson's Quay, ON FRIDAY AND SATOBDAY, December 31st, 1886, and January Ist, 1887. Foe thb Benefit op the Hokitika Fibe Bbigade. Fhbsident— James Clarke Vice-Pbesident— W. Hilldrup. bXEWAHDS : E. B. Saromonp, J. Evan?, H. Hyams, H. Levy, and J. J. Breeze, jan. Handicappbbs — H. Hyams and Wm Hilldrup. Judge job Bactng— JS. B. Sammine. — H. Levy. Jddqes pob Wbebtung : Cumberland— A. Head and T. Jackson. Collar and EUow— J. J. Breeze aud E. O'Connor. Hon. Teeabtjbee— H. L. Michel. Hon. Seceetaey — J. Barton. FIRST DAY. 1. Maiden Eace (200 yards)— Open to all who have not won an advert ieed race ; entrance, 2s 6d ; first prize, £2 ; second prize, £1 ; thud prize, 10< 2. Qnons (21 yards)— Entrance, 2s 6d ; competitors to bring their own quoits, weight not less than 6ilbs ; first prize, £1 10s; second prize, 15s; third prize, 10s. 3. Wbestling (Cumberland style) — Entrance, 10a; firat prize, £10; second prize, £5 ; third prize, =£3. 4. Handicap Hubdle Bace (300 yards) over five hurdles, about 3lt hi^h — Entrance, 2s 6d ; firot prize, £3 10s ; second pr'ze, £1 ; third prize, 10s. 5. Boys' Race, under 14 years of age, picking up 15 stones placed 5 yards apart, running — First prize, a fine timepiece ; second prize, 10s ; third prize, 5s : entrance, Is. 6. Highland Fling— Entrance, 2b 6d ; first prize, £2 ; second prize, £1. 7. Hop-Ktep-and-Jtjmp — Entrance, 2s 6d ; first prize, £1 10 a; second prize, £1. 8. Hokitika Handicap Eace. four re- sults, 100, 200, 400 aDd 600 yards — Winner of any event to score five points ; secoDd in any event to score three points ; and third in any event, two points : nomination, ss; and ac- ceptance, ss ; first prize, £8, and Cap (presented by M.r W. Hilldrup), second prize, £5 ; third prize, £2. 9. Vaultingwiththk Pole— Entrance, 2s 6d ; first prize, £2 ; second prize, SECOND DAY. 10. leish Jig— Entrance, 2s 6d ; first prize, £2 ; second prize, £1. 11. Obe Mile Handicap — Nominations, ss, and acceptances, ss ; first prize, Cup (presented by Mr Coltman, Revell street), and £7 ; second prize, £3 ; third prize, £2. 12. Wbestlihg (collar and elbow)— E- ntrance, 10s ; first prize, £10 ; second prize, £5 ; third prize, £3. 13. Rtxnning High Jump — Entrance, 2s 6d ; first prize, £1103 ; second prize, 15?. 14. Hokitjka Final Competition. 15. Putting Stone (weight, 201bs)— En- trance fee, 2s 6d; firat prize, £1 ; second prize, 10s. 16. Stasding Flat Jtjmp— Entrance, 2s 6d ; first prize, £1 10s ; second prize, 153. 17. Boys' Egg and £poon Race (150 yards), under 14 years of age— First prize, silver watch ; second prize, 10s 5 third prize, 5s ; entrance, la. 18. Half-mile Handicap— Nominations, ss, and acceptances, ss; first prize, r Cup (presented by Mr H. Levy, Westland Hotel), and £7 ; second prize, £3 ; third prize, £2. 19. Consolation Handicap, of 250 yards, for all beaten competitors that have not taken a prize ; entrance, 2s 6d f first prize, £3. And a vaiiety of Juvenile Eaces both days,

Good Band Engaged, and Plati-orm ioe Dancing (Feee.) Games to Commence at I o'clock sharp each day. Entrances for the Maiden Race, Hurdle Eace, Hokitika Handicap, One Mile Handicap, and Half-mile Handicap must be sent to the Secretary, Mr J. Barton, containing all particulars and performances of competitors, to the Ked Lion Hotel, on or before 9 p.m. on Friday, 24th Decem- ber ; handicaps to be declared on Monday, the 27th December, and acceptances to te paid by 9 p.m. on 29th December. Six entries tor each of these events or no race; wrestling, six entries or no event; all other events three entries or no event. Stakes to be paid less 5 per cent. J. BARTON, Secretary. D. J. EVANS, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, AND DEALER IN FANCY GOODS, REVELL STREET. EVANS 1 for Christmas Cards. Best Selection in town. EVAN B1B 1 tor Fancy Goods, isew Sup- ply just to hand. VAN a' for Reward Buoss. Direct importation just opened. VANS' for Desks, Work-boxes, Fancy Bags, Toys, &c. EVAJNtS' for ccraps. Magnificent coll- ection just arrived. EVAftS' for AlbuiDS. Cheapest and Best in town. VANS' tor Birthday Cards. New stock, beautiful fancy card^. W TjVVaJnl3 Uon'c furgct, u<.veil street. JCJ Shilling Tabe. Sixpenny Table. EVa(^ S' for Newspapers. Canter imry Times—Christmas Number.

D. J. EVANS. * MINES DEPARTMENT, N.Z. CASCADE-PYKE VALLEY ROAD CONTRACTS. nnENDERS are hereby invited for the A Construction of Four (4) Miles of the Caacade-Pyke Valley Road, com- mencing from the Cascade River Crossing. The whole distance or each mile separately may be tendered for. Tenders to be marked on the outside, "Tenders for the Cascade«Pyke Valley Road," and addressed to the Survey Office, Jackson's Bay. Tbey will not be received later than the Fifth (5) Day of January, 1887. Plans and specifications are to be seen at the Survey Office, Jackson's Bay, and at my Camp, Cascade Eiver. G. T. MURRAY, Road Engineer. Cascade River, 7th Dec, 1886.

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