Otago Witness , Issue 2490, 4 December 1901, Page 31

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AN" INTERESTING LIST. In connection with the reunion, to be held on Thursday by the Otago Early Settlers' Association, to celebrate the jubilee of the arrival of the ships Salopian, Dominion, Clara, and Simla, the following is a list of the surviving passengers and their descendants. This has been compiled with great care, but the secretary will bs glad to be notified of any errors cr omissions, so as to have correct entries in the annals of the association: — Salopian, from Wellington, 11th March, 1851. — Survivors — John William Laing and Mrs Laing (Janet Miller), Dunedin. Their descendant — Mrs Parkinson (Mary), H?.wera ; William, Masterton ; James, Invercargill ; David, New Plymouth ; Mrs Durrand (Margaret), Jane, Helen, Wilhelmina, and John, Dunedin. Dominion, from London, 28th September, 1651. — Survivors — Mrs F. L. Mieville (Fanny Stokes Richardson), London; Hon. Geo. Fredk. Richardson, Levin; Mallcott Richardson, iWyndham; James Richardson, Dunedin; F. L. Mieville, London; Alured Mathias, Hamilton South. Clara, from London, 16th November, 1851. — Survivors — Mrs Robert Sutherland (Eliza Ross), JWaitapeka. Descendants — Of the late Mrs 'John Barr (Christina Gordon), Balclutha: Mrs Whiting (Bella), Roxburgh ; Robert Garden, Hawera ; John, Marlborough ; Mary and

Christina, Balclutha; Mrs E. G. M'Pherson "(Fanny), Wyndham ; J ames Baxter, Oamatu ; Catherine, Auckland; and William, Sydney. Of the late Henry France, Oamaru : Mrs ±5. •jj -Billings (Helen), Jane, James Udell, Frederick, ' «md Mrs R. V. Farouhar (Florence Jessie), •Oamaru. Simla, from London, 23rd November, 1851. — -Survivors — Mrs James Aitken (83), Taieri; -Mrs Thomas Aitken (her daughter, Christina),. ■Taieri; William (her son), Mataura; William Alexander Todd, Mosgiel; Mr and Mrs John Shaw, Fairfax, Southland ; Mrs Jas. B. M'Neil ''<Margaret Blair Macdonald), Balclutha; Mrs P. Whalan (Mary Ellen Macdonald), Waihola ; Mrs Charles Morgan (Agnes Elizabeth Mac. Donald), Taieri Mouth ; Mrs David Dunn (Flora ' Mercer), Romahapa. Descendants — Of the late 'James Aitken, sen., Taieri : Mrs Jno Brown Mosgiel; Mrs Wm. Cable (Maggie), [Wellington; James and Peter Thomas. Wai- Itaka; Mary and Andrew A., Taieri. Of Mrs Thomas Aitken (Christina), Taieri: William, •Huuterville ; James A, Isabella, Jessie P, •Robert, Maggie, John, Andrew A, and Christopher. Of William Aitken, Mataura : Andrew, 'James, Peter, Alexander, Christina, and Finlay [D, Mataura; William, Orepuki; John, Limeihills; Mrs Alexr. Compton (Isabella), Pine (Bush. Of the late Charles Todd, Taieri: Mrs Clapperton (Annie), Mrs Samuel Young '((Maggie), and Andrew, Catlins. Of William ''Alexander Todd, Mosgiel: Mrs Henry Purvis Dunedin; Andrew, Invercargill; tAnnie, Waikouaiti; Mrs David Stewart (Maggie), Belleknowesj Daisy, Balclutha; Mary, Catherine and Nellie (twins), and Beatrice, Mosgiel. Of the late Robert To^d, Taieri • {Mrs John Allan, The Holmes, Taieri; Andrew said Ann. Johnstone Farm, Taieri. Of John »nd Mrs Shaw, Fairfax, Southland: John, Otautau; Alexander, Dunedin; Mrs James Gow "(Margaret) and Mrs Thomas Thompson (Jessie), •Mosgiel; Mrs Wm. Oughton, Wright's Bush; ■Peter, Arthur, Elizabeth, and Helen, Fairfax, ■Southland. Of Mrs David Dunn (Flora Mercer), Romahapa: Mrs H. F. Kitto (Jessie), Miller's Flat; Mrs W. Ogilvie (Annie), Isabella, •Flora, John, Elizabeth, and George, Roinaihapa. Of Mrs Margaret Blair M'Neil (Macdonald) : Alexander Robert, West Coast ; and 'James Blair, Balclutha. Of Mrs Charles Morgan (Macdonald), Taieri Mouth: Mrs Geo. M'lntosh (Susan Catherine), Kuri Bush ; David (Edward, Te Houka ; Margaret Alice, Dunedin; Rfc» JR. H. Fairbairn. (Agnes), Akatore ; Fredk.

Alex, ChaTles Lamond, Robert M'Neil, Alexander Telfer, John Henry, Ethel Harriet, Blair Rigby, Alma Florence, and Kate, Taieri Mouth. Of the late David Oughton, Taieri: James and William, Wright's Bush.

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