Otago Daily Times , Issue 11686, 20 March 1900, Page 7

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AN INTERESTING LIST. ■ In connection with the reunion to be held by the above association on the 23rd (Anniver-* sary Day), to celebrate the jubilee of the arrival of the ships Berkshire (to Wellington, passengers brought on by schooner Perseverance), Lady Nugent, and Mariner (second voyage), tho following iv a list of the surviving passengers and their descendants. This lias been compiled with great care, but the secretary will be glad to be notified of any errors or omissions, so as to have correct en- I tries in the annals of the association:— Br.RKSUiKE (Peiisevekance).—Arrived 12th

■March, 1850. Survivors—Mrs Joseph Culliug (nee Margaret Ogilvie M'Gregor), Havnpden; Alexander M'Gregor, Mount Allan. Descendants-^Of the late N. J. B. M'Gregor (laien): Mrs Ellen Mowst, Silverstream (family—Miss Margaret, Alexander, and Robert laien); Mrs Elizabeth Cornish Dunedin (family-Miss Connie, Wellington; Misses Margaret and Theresa, Dunedin; Charles JS T. A Camp Porbuo' Park; Richard, Dunedin). Of Mrs Margaret Ogilvie Culling, Hampdeu • Miss Margaret Ogilvie Culling and Mrs Hannah Cantwell, DuncUin; Misses Nellie and Annie, Hampden; l'rancis G., Moeraki; Neil J. ]3. Hampden; Joseph, Empire upholder, Transvaal; Felix, Dunedin; Alphonsus,-Alexandra Lady NuGENT.-Arrivecl 26th March, 1850.' Survivors—Mrs Elizabeth Matthews, Morninglon, ■ relict of the late George Matthews, gardener, Dunedm; James Alexander Matthews (son), printer, Dtngo Daily Times, MorninKton ■ George Matthews (son), gardener, Rotorua ' Isabella Matthews, Mornington- Mrs Dugald Paterson (nee Elizabeth Wilson), Mornington, William Chapman, Catlms; Mrs George Kennard (nee Catherine Kussell), Dunedin; William Russell, town cleric, Winton; Mrs John Cassels (nea Margaret Kussell), Winton • Andrew Russell, Dunedin; Mrs Leslie Chcvie (nee Eliza Pindlater), Mosgiel. Descendants—Of the late George Matthews- Mrs James Cmle (Jeanie), Mornington; David Pressly, gardener, Hotorua; Henry John, State foicstcr, Momuigton. Of James Alexander Malthews, Mornington: Mrs Halley (Isabella) Mormngton; George Houry, New Orleans- Misses Laura, Lyla, and Herbert David Mornington. Of the late Mrs John Hartley Jenkinson (Jane, sicler to the late George Matthews, sen.): Sidney Hartley, sub-editor, Australasian Melbourne; Mrs Mary Grace Hay, Molvneux•H°n J; E Jonkinson, M.L.C., Wellington; Mrs Eliza Jane M'Gregor, Moiyncux; G-eor-e Henry, inspector of seock, Mastertou. Of the late William Chapman, North-East Valley James, merchant, Balclutha; Thomas, Transvaal; Angus X., newspaper proprietor, Victoria. Of William Chapman, Catlins: Two sons and three daughters. Of the late Andrew Russell, North-East Valley: Mrs Catherine Kemiard, Dunedin (family-Misses Mabel and Edith, Russell and Sidney. Dunedin). Of William Kussell, Winton: Misses Joy and Gladys, Hermon, and Charles. Of Andrew Russell, Dunedin: Miss Evelyn and Lindsay and Herbert, Dunedin. Of the late David Wilson, stonemason: Mrs Janet Cockroft, Clmstchurch. By second wif»: David and Mrs Alison Lily Durmijg, Caversham. Of Mrs Du^ald Paterson (nee Elizabeth Wilson), Mornington- Dugald, David Wright. John Mitchell, Hu°h, Donald M'Naughton, and Archibald, Dunedin ; Miss Catherine Mitchell. Naseby. Of the late Alexander Findlatcr, Dunedin: Mrs Eliza Cheyne, Mosgiel; James and Mrs J. Praser

(Mary), Catlins: Mrs Gcdrtcs, Clinton. Of Mrs Cheyne, Mosgio!: Winram, Middlemach; Frank, Alexander ]?.. and Leslie, Mosgiel. Mariner (Second Voyßge).—Arrived 6th August," 1850.

Survivors—Henry Charles Hprtslet, Naseby; ■Mrs Samuel Perry. Port Chnlmcrs; Robert Barnes Twelfth, Berwick:* Mrs J. A. Dallas (Ann Hcennn), Dunedin ; John Heenan, Portohello ; Edward Hensm, Mfuingatua; Miss Winifred Heenan, Dimertin; Michael Heenan. Waimea Plains; Mrs Joseph Baxter (Jane Heenan), Miuvng.itiift;" Mrs Jamns 'Henderson (Jane M'Kenzie), Henley; James Willocks, Stirling; Mrs' A". Landols (.Taunt Willocka), Dunedin; Thomas Shcrriff, Coolfrardic- Mrs Elizabeth Millar (Shcrriff), Catliiis; George Slierriff, Ro3lyn;' Mrs Margaret Doudney (Slierriff), Duncdin; Robert Slierriff, Wakari; "Mrs Ellen Stevens (Thimble), Wellington; Mrs Matilda Smith (Trumble), Melbourne; Mrs Eliza Hayhow" (Trumble), London; Thomas Anderson Trumbte, Haldane; Mrs Mary Ami Tibbitts (Trumble), Melbourne; Mrs Victoria Green (Trumble), Liverpool. Descendants—Of H. C. Hertslet, Naseby: Miss and Miss Edylh, Dunedin; Mrs Grainger, Bristol; Mrs Robt. Fulton, Dunedin; Charles C, Greymouth; Harry, Wairaate. Of the late William Willocks, Inchclutha: William and John James, Stirling. Of James Willocks, Stirling: Two sons and seven daughters. Of Mrs Janet, _Landels (Willocks), Dunedin: Misses Mary" Alice, and' Janet," Dunedin; James and John Douglas, Kaitangata. Of Robert Barnes Twelftree, Berwick: Mrs Elizabeth Drummond, Clinton; Mrs Louise Spark, Toiro; Mrs Amelia Joseph, Taieri Beach; Mrs

Georgina Kirk, Mayfield, Taieri; and three sous and three daughters .unmarried. Of the late Mrs James Wright (nee Catherine M'Gowan), Clutha: Mrs George Wilson (Catherine), Milton-; Sinclair, Balclutha; James. Stirling; Mrs George Anderson (Henrietta), Stirling; Simon, Balclutha; William, Balclutha; John, Napier. Of Mrs Edmund Smith (nee Matilda Trumble), E. R. and Fredk., Dnnedin: Robert ' Bifield, Napier; Mrs Sarah Ellen Muir and Mrs Mabel Florence Muir, Melbourne; Alfred Moffat, Hawke's Bay. Mrs Eva Matilda Herdman, Naseby; Ernest Harrison, Fielding. Of the late William ..Sherriff: Cooper, Duneclin: Mrs Elizabeth Miller (Sherriff), Catlius (family, David, North Island; William, Dunedin ; George, Invercargill; Augustus, Melbourne; Elizabeth, Catlins). Of 'George Shevriff, Roslyn: Mrs Robina Dawson and Miss May. North Island; Isabella, Melbourne; Eliza and Margaret, Dunedin ; Arthur, Albert, and Ada, Roslyn. Of Mrs Margaret Jones (Sherriff). now Mrs Doudney: William Jones. Australia: Isabella Jones, Tasmania; Mrs Mary Ann Northcote (nee Jones). Aehburton: Mrs Margaret Adamson (nee Jones), Dunedin. Of the late William Heenah, Maungatua: James, Nightcaps; William, Christchurch; David, Henry, Thomas, and Mrs Mary Mathieson, Maungatua ; Mrs Joanna Wellbroke, Mataura. Of the late Mrs Joanna Browne (nee Heonan), Dunedin; Hisses Carrie,. Flora, Winifred, and William Frederick, Dunediu; Alfred, Christchurch. Of Mrs Dallas (nee Heenan.), Dunediu: Four sons and three daughters. Of Edward Heenan, Maungatua: Family, 13. Of Michael Heenan, Waimca Plains: Family, 11. Of Mrs Jane Baxter (nee Heenan), Maungatua: Family, three.

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