New Zealand Tablet, Volume XXIV, Issue 7, 11 June 1897, Page 29

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We reproduce the following little sketch which appeared recently in The Nation over the well-known initials, T. D. S. I. Yes, I was bo'n in Pimlico, MacCawthy is my nime ; I've neva seen old Ireland, but I love it all the sime ; I wish to 'eaven that all men bo'n within its sicred shawe Would love it awf as well as I ; they could not love it mawe. 11. There's not a mo'nin' of my life but what I've got to 'ear The blare of trumpets, fifes, and drums from pawks and barracks near ; It's alwyse " Rule Britannia," or else " Gawd Sive the Queen "—" — I'd rawther 'ear " The Minstrel Boy," or "The Wyrin' of the Green." in. I don't believe we Irishmen can, any dye we please, Blow this 'ere country all to bits, or beat her to her knees ; But this I s'y — if Ireland's sons to Ireland's cause 'old true It will be won — it my be soon, with English 'elpers too. IV. Some Irishmen, before they've been in England many d'ys. Try 'ard to mimic English speech and copy English w'ys ; But as for me, whatever stoile or slang my be in vowge, I do my best, you must allow, at keepin' up the browge. v. Yes, there are some not long from 'ome, and come of decent stock, Who cawn't get up on Sund'ys until awfter twelve o'clouk ; And some who'll s'y, without a blush of ahime upon their cheek, They'd feel unwell if they 'ad fiah for dinner once a week. VI. I ain't a bigot ; not a bit ; but it appears to me That sort of folk are just about as mean as men can be ; Such faithless w'ya they would not try — or rawther would not dare — To carry on in Limerick's vyles, or midst; the 'ilia of Clare.

VII. They're but a few, I'm glad to s'y. In London and around, All over England's broad expanse, the good old sort are found— True-'earted sons of Granuile, and proud to 'aye it so, Like Patrick Jimes MacCawthy, of Brick street, Pimlico.

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