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Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XXXI, Issue 178, 29 July 1897, Page 3

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"'■; AUCTION SALE..QF:" .^ B THE GOKDON^OWNS ■ jj .. .."'BDH-,' , ' , >,^ By order of the Mortgagees. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. ) — '— -','■"■ - - ' MB-SRS BHARP k ;s6NS;bave re- ceived icptnictiorm from' the Mort- .: 1 gageeitoßellbyfublioAuotfoD, : . j.' At their Booms, Hardy-street, s c Oa SATURDAY, 28th August, lß97, c ' at Noon, . , c Jfce "holeof the GORDON DOWHS SHEEP RUN, containing B^6o Acres of , FREEHOLD, 480 Aorea of DEFERRED PAYMENT Laasehold, and 197 tores of Leasehold, only having a short time to' ' ran. togetftsr with the Buildings and -" j a Further particulars in a future issue, v c SHABP tSONS, > Anctioneera. i — — : : — •-.'■ I* - i .. ! AUCTION SALE OF / { FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. * ]yfESSR9 BHarT* SONS have; re- . Xjl ceived instructions to sell by Pafalio ' Auction, On account of MR HICSB PARKER, ' At his Farm. Stoke, On WEDNESDAY, Aognst 18th, 1697, •t I p^L, FDRNITUttE, Etc. 1 Jockey stove, ki'ohen. table, crockery, jam.jom jars, tabs, bedeteade, waahboards, newchdrn, ohairs, tables, oheat drawere, iron boiler, olooks, garden tools, D.B. gnu, ' teases, plough chains, waahstands, . books, ' pictures, blankets, pillows, camping tent, 6 X Cow c 1 Heifer Calf . c SHARP & SONS. Auctioneers; FORJSALE. A FARM AT THE MOUTEBE. c 1%/rESSRa BHARf &SONS have re- a XtLL ceived instructions to sell by Pri- voce Treaty the FARM situate at the Moncere, now in the occupation of Mr Philip Beet, comprising 900 sores (more or' Ute), together with the builuingß, stable, etc , thereon. There are about 130 acres of rich Bwunp land, all of which has been ploughed and laid down in English & grasses. , For further particulars apply to SHABP * SONS. - . i ' 9 ' TOJLET. rHE HOUSE in Bridge-attest East lately occupied by Mr Cloustoa. SBARP k SONS. FOR, SALE. A BARGAIN lEIGHT-HOBSE POWER Portabl ENGINE in good order, made n ton and Shuttleworth. , Apply to SHARP k SONS !. IATIQKAL I FIRE & MARINE !' INSURANCE COMPANY ~ ' OF NEW ZEALAND. Capital ... ... £2,000,000 - Paid Up Capital ... £194,00 Country Agent— Wh. COLEMAK SHARP & PONS, Chief Agents. FOR SALE OR 10 LET .. — ¥ ' ' „£-",.,■> c rpHE "LIMES," Collingwood^itreet, c X lately oocnpied by Mr Gilbtrt. The House contains 8 rooms, and has gas and water laid on. Ka&y terms for purohaae price and rental low. ' . X Apply to SHABP &SOK3. -FOK SALE » CHEAP, CITY BUILDING ALLOTMENTS £ XJIRONTAGE3 to Goilingwood-atreet . J X Halifax-street, and New-street. ,[ Apply euly to SHABP & SONS. i for^aleT^ QQQ ACRES of LAND, DOVBDALB _ tJKJjU 60 Acres of which are etumpe and ploughed, 2 Acres in Hops, 40 ' of Bußh (rimu and biroh), and the balai. ' laid down in English Grasses. . Ring Fenced and subdivided into 9t Paddocks. Nine>roomed HOUSE, Bat*. Stable, and Hop - Kilm ' Carrying 60S Sheep, 20 head Cattle,»nd 4 Horeeaf Fal partianlarß can be obtained from ; SHABP & SONS / , Auotioneei FOR BALE. ) npHE HOUSE at present in tha oooa A pation of MRS GIBBS; ia quite new, and has % Veranda on three aideni It . - oontaina eight rooms, with bath room, j=i Bonllery, and wash house. Also copper a t dairy, and other conveniences. ..There are also a vinery, large ooaoh . ■ house, Btable, workshop, and many other conveniences, the whole quite new. and perfeot order. a, The land isj completely fenced and . ■8) divided— -wo aoreß ptddook and one sort '• «- laid out in garden and shrubbery. *■ Fullparticulare from. ; -.■ - . . SHARP & SONS, ' . I>Md Agents. * SALE OF LAND. 3 MOUTEBE, ' d. C* HARP k SONS have received instrao O tious to sell Privately, '' ■ , o ro 100 40RE8 Or? LAND, parfebf Fee. w tions 122 and 172, Upper j out ere, with 70 .- Crossbred Sheep, 4-roon:ed Houae, Diirj - d, and Outhouse. V '" : -.' ' v For partioulaiß'apply to. . . •- . , ' : id ISHARP & SONS, " is . -. Anotioneera ".: -^ S TO SHEEF FARMERS, v By €L ftC ACRESJOE FRBBBOiiDV -:■ i , f DiUvU LAND;,moßtly:lownfl iB " s dulating hiliß. with rioh" river flats, 'iruis"-;!'' 5 D> Property is offered in^lotvt^s'ni|!''pu.-F"ia : -: chasen, and a< large? J proportt6ri'jioi ii'=thg^ *• money can rarrmin at l«i'Mw»*»;t«.."Q|,?iitee? 'i : - '-3 ™ estt Fntt partioulars can be obteuie?; : from " '•- ' ' -'-*-*i - : , "'-■''*- -";'.-.-■-* - '-i •n ■■■ ■! .- 1 A-I ; ,BXvIUJLS.,-V:'r.^ s >.'r;-,V( ( - ) f^S; Ja f I 1"*- 1 ;uesu»W(i 'Gentlemia V'^Omn^^^lu m. at ;pr^n^<^i^^|cP^^^i|| '•^ Bedayijflb^'W'BnTOD^ viA itaSu i2^ * v

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