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Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume LVIII, 26 January 1910, Page 4

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Shipping. NEW PLYMOUTH - ONEHUNGA AUCKLAND SERVICE. NEW PLYMOUTH TO ONEHUNGA, AUCKLAND. • (Weather, etc., permitting.) S.S. RARAWA Leaves New Plymouth Breakwater Every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY, after arrival of Express. ROM ONEHUNGA (AUCKLAND) TO NEW PLYMOUTH. S.S. RARAWA Leaves every SUNDAY, TUESDAY, and THURSDAY, connecting with the Wellington express at Breakwater. Further information can be obtained from UNION S.S. CO., LTD., NORTHERN S.S. CO., LTD., Joint Agents. FARES: Saloon: Single 20s, Return 355. Steerage: Single 15s, Retxirn 22s 6d. N.Z.L. & M.A. C, LTD., Agents. ORTHERN STEAMSHIP- COM- PANY, LTD. After March 1, 1909, the Auxiliary Vessel ALBATROSS will trade regularly between Onehunga and Waitara (wea- ther and other circumstances Tpermit- ting), calling at Raglan and Kawhia with cargo, when necessary. The Al- batros will not carry passengers. The rate of freight' will be 12s 6d per ton. The s.s. Rimu, trading to Wanganui, will leave Onehunga about the last weeic in every month, calling at' Kawhia and Breakwater, and. will leave Breakwater monthly (after arrival from Wanganui) for 'Kawhia and Onehunga. Weekly connection to and from Kawhia (at direct rates) is also obtainable per s.s. Rarawa, via Onehunga, transhipping there per s.s. Claymore. I H. E. VAUGHAN, Agent, Waitara. HE NEW ZEALAND SHIPPING COMPANY, LTD. STEAM WAITARA TO LONDON. The-firsl steamer to load this season at the Waitara Roadstead will be the ' S.S. "RAKAIA" (8585 Tons), ABODT 10th JANUARY, 191 U. • - Wool and other general cargo to go forward by this opportunity should by delivered to the Harbor Board Shed, Waitara, with as little delay aa pos- sible. AH instructions regarding dom- ments must be sent to this Company's Waitara offio«. For ffHE NEW ZEALAND SHIPPING CO., LTD. CHAS. V. HOUGHTON, Local Manager. Auckland. PATEA 1 SHIPPING COMPANY, LIMITED. The S.S. ARAPAWA makes monthly trip from Lyttoltoyi to Patea via Wel- lington, carrying cargo at lowest cur- rent rates. w ,,i.~ . „ Leaves Lyttelton on TUESDAY, January 18,^at nooh, for Patea. J. K. MITCHELL, Agent. ATEA SHIPPING COMPANY, LIMITED. FROM PATEA TO WELLINGTON, WEST COAST, and ALL PORTS. S.S. KAPITI (insulated), 114 tons. S.S. MANA (insulated), 77 tons. S.S. KIRIPAKA, 75 tons. Through rates from all ports. Consignments of outward cargo should be advised to J. K. MITCHELL, Agent. NEW GOODS NEW GOODS NEW GOODS NOW SHOWN AT ARTHUR'S. / ] CARPETS and LINOLEUMS, a splendid range HALL CARPETS, MATS and RUGS ! of excellent quality. ! NEW CHESTERFIELDS EASY CHAIRS DUCHESSES BRASS-RAIL BEDSTEADS NEW CASEMENT CLOTHS TAPESTRIES, COVERINGS A Choice Lot of RATTAN WARE, HALL STANDS, FERN STANDS, etc. ! CHAIRS. CHAIRS. FURNITURE BETTER, FURNITURE CHEAPER. B URNITURE MADE TO LAST TOUR * LIFETIME. A well-assorted stock of New Dining room and Kitchen Chairs. Country Orders receive special attention. A RTHUR'S XjIURNITURE T^fAREHOUSE, PRINCES STREET, I HAWERA. Telephone Wo. &*• GET THE BEST. TMPE&TAI, GOLD MESDAIj ALE -*- (Nob- Aerated). Naturally Matured in Wood. Has No Equal for Quality and Fine Flavor. ASK FOR HANCOCK'S IMPERIAL BEER. Note their La,bel and Refuse- all Imitations.

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