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Feilding Star, Volume XII, Issue 2878, 24 February 1916, Page 2

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THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY for SPECIAL BARGAINS At close ol" SPENCE'S . oi ■ Ci A T 1? HANNAH'S SUMMIT SHOE SALE for BARGAINS IN FOOTWEAR ¥et OiJilmw asf PIHCES Hundreds aro'now using this Store as tr medium lo supply their needs. 484 -.' Individual Cash Sales were made over our Counters last Saturday. SARDINES , '-.".'.' lv Pure Olive OH, - V • ' X TINS FOR j /. RIMHERS CASH STORE PALMERSTON NORTH THE STORE~~THAT' GROWS SOLDTERS' WATCHES. I VST TO HANirTßadrnm di_l and ll hands, in nickel, Bilver, »nd /old tilled. , Reliable movement. hiarwiteed.. - _..«.„_ GEO. SHORT, F-Udinu't Quality 'J*«r«ll«!» FOP'WEAW FOOTWEAR FOOTWEAR •t ' ■ • . * BOOT EM; . !_/ PORIUM. MANCHESTER STREET. i Thp Styles are right The Quality is right. _ The Fittings ar«. right and The Prices ara right a_, ~ Purchase at OAM?BKLL»S. and Satisfaction »BBur«a. !EW ARRIVALS Ex "R6muersl." ENGLISH DINNER WARE. New JDesigns and Colourings. ENGLISH GLASSWARE. COPPER & BRASS ORNAMENTS v Antique Novelties. Ex Kia Ora:— LOCKWOOD'S TABLE & DESSERT CUTLERY , POCKET .KNIVES, CARVERS, :.„_;.. SCISSORS, Etc. CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON'S ' CUTLERY..'' . FROM JAPAN:- D*-ess Baskets., Suit Cases, Teapots, Tumblers, etc. • INSPECTION INVITED, BRAMWELL BROS., LTD. DIRECT, IMPORTERS FEILDING COLLIER'S PIANOS _. i ;• ' ;■'...••. ; '#.. WHEN in Feilding, call'at our Local Showroom (MACLEAN'S, Bookseller) and inspect the following Instruments:" — BRINSMEAD, PLEYEL, CHAPPELL EAVESTAPF, METZLER, and . STEPHENS. ■■-.-: Easy Terms,' from £1 per month. Resident Tuner, G. M. LOTT (late of J. Brinsmead and Sons). ; , JOHN T. WOODMASS, Professor of Music, RESUMES TEACHING at his Rooms, Svendsen's Buildings, MANCHESTER STREET, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1. Piano, Violin, Clarinette, and all ' String Instruments. MUSIC. MISS M. H. PATERSON resumes ' Lessons in Voice Production, Sinking, and Piano Tuition on Feb. 7, at 37 Denbigh Street. . -, ' , MISS CALVERT, Teacher of Pianoforte and Theory. NEXT QUARTER begins FEBRUARY 7. v : '■-. The Hollies, KIMBOLTON ROAD. VOICE PRODUCTION, SINGING, ANH PIANOFORTE. MR GERALD B. TURNER resumes Teaching on FEB. 1. Address. 53 Marlborough Street and Dominion Buildings, Macarthur St., ';, FEILDING. ■ MISS O'HALLORAN, Licentiate of Trinity College, London. Teacher of Pianoforte and Theory. NEXT TERM commences FEB. 7. 29 BEATTIE STREET. PIANOFORTE AND THEORY. MISS MARGARET HILL resumes Teaching MONDAY, JANUARY 31. 27 Marlborough Street. "* TO LEASE. OO ACRES, li miles from Post ZiaCi Office, 7-roomed house _and necessary buildings. Will lease for a term at £70 per annum. AP MTTCHELL & WILLIAMSON, Agents, Feilding. IT is easy to economise if yon drink NELSON MOATE'S Tea. Costa you loss than a farthing a cup. Prices 1/9. 1/10, 2/-. and 2/2. I' ADIES' Grey Suede Court Shoes. J Cuban heels. Usually 12(6. , ;- HANNAH'S Sale Price 8/11 il mHFTEIXCELSIOR Motor Cycle is I A the favourite heavy-weight I machine. The "Little Douglas" is still ll' the .favourite light-weight. W. H. II BAIN and CO. ||. LAG bralS t D PICKLES are the $,73L- best, proved in every keep eon- It test, Years ago tbey led tho way, Kind they are just the same to-day.

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